Heropanti (Images & Trailer)

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  1. Tiger is a superstar material by all means – move aside ranbir kapoor – this guy is going to be the eyecandy of the nation…….what a physique and what eyes!! Jaggu-dada! your son is a H E R O.


  2. AsliSamar Says:

    Let me tell you interesting trivia:

    Jackie and Sajid N wanted Tiger’s movie to be named HERO. Then Subhash Ghai was in talks with Salman Khan for the remake, so he couldn’t give it. Music rights with not with Subhas Ghai, so Jackie and Sajid went and got that famous flute from Hero and songs and used it in Heropanti.

    Now, Hero remake is being shot with Sooraj Panchali without the music and flute tune from the original movie.

    To think, everyone from Sajid Nadiadwala to Salman Khan to Jackie Shroff to Subhas Ghai are close to each other and yet this turned out this way. The more I think if Heropanti works, Salman’s remake of Hero might become obsolete by the time it releases. Whats Hero movie without the flute tune or background score?


  3. the boy looks like a cross between his father and mehsut ozil….

    not convinced of his dialogue delivery….but i guess the movie will speak for itself

    story should have been fresher/different


  4. Not really impressed with Tiger .. his face is kind of put off !! He looks like Ayesha .. and she was Yuckk. May be his acting compensate his bad face cuts ..


    • Agreed, his face puts me off too. TBH, I thought Alia Bhatt was ugly at first but then as a result of her over-publicity/promotion and always being in the media I became indifferent to her and didn’t find her ugly anymore. Given the (unnecessary) promotion and hype around this guy, the same will probably happen here.


  5. Great physique, not bad looking but not blown away. Jackie in his heydays was definitely better looking. Tired but tried and tasted formula here.


    • What’s with the pink lips? He’s outdoing most of Bollywood’s leading ladies in that department. He looks like a cross between a young Jackie and Danny Denzongpa — and that’s just freaky.


  6. Needs major improvement in dialog delivery. Good Physique does not count anymore, every one has biceps and abs nowadays. Certainly does not carry his father’s charisma. But he will be given umpteen chances to hone on his skills anyway. Nepotancy zindabad.


  7. tonymontana Says:

    Tiger Shroff looks kinda weird..


  8. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Bilkul bekaar. Anyone today wants to see this kind of film? And this kind of hero? Dont they realise those days are gone? you needa halfway decent film to launch a new hero. Not a lame formula. Just does not work.


  9. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news-interviews/Battle-between-Sonam-and-Deepika-intensifies/articleshow/33177046.cms?

    sonam has gone nuts!!! has to deliver one worthwhile performance yet and trying to take on DP who is a superstar already……


    • Well said. Sonam is a loose-lipped clotheshorse more than an actor. She can act decently enough, but she is not distinctive. Deepika is miles ahead of her as a star and performer. She looks tall athletic fit and lovely, wears clothes well and acts competently; plus, Deepika has good screen presence.


      • sanjana Says:

        It happens in show business to feel jealous or envious of co star’s success and pull them down. It is a fiercely competitive world out there. One has to be diplomatic instead of airing what is in their hearts so openly. Especially when one is not so successful. Even Waheeda Rehman reportedly said something about Vyjayantimala being too heavy for Guide.


        • that way Katrina/DP relations are still healthy – DP was heartbroken when she broke up with RK but she hasn’t gone to the print bitching abt KK – that is a sporty spiriti in her.


      • The females who grew up in the industry eg Sonam/Kareena/Alia et al have the least bit of tact. It’s not their fault, they just have not been exposed to the ‘real’ outside world in their entire lives. With the constant media focus on their filmi families, these girls have lived in a reality show all their lives. In contrast, a Deepika or Katrina are outsiders who lived normal lives, learnt proper conversations skills, diplomacy, tact, etc. No wonder these outsiders end up sounding sane to us common-folks, whereas the insiders appear totally whacko.


  10. Well Tiger does seem decent to me in this promo and has a good voice/ dialogue delivery at least. Not bad looking too though a tad ‘chikna’ for universal liking. Definitely the best among the new actors who have cropped out in recent times.

    The female lead is definitely not working for this type of project and her face too hard to portray love/innocence on screen. Weird choice unless there is some connection to the financing of the project.

    From the promos this seems like a tangled love story with hindu-muslim backdrop and that is always problematic in hindi cinema to say the least. None of these inter – religion stuff has worked in the past and too much baggage is there to have a universal liking….a must for love story to work big time.


  11. Also more players in the field is always better otherwise they will keep rotating the strike between a Arjun, Siddhartha, Aditya and Varun among males and Parineeti, Anushka, Shraddha and Alia among females.

    Just too many movies being made so I doubt things will ever improve in quality and content as there is so much work that unemployment is never an issue once you gain entry. Modeling career and brand endorsement by these actors again is added advantage so money/ survival is again not at stake.

    At one end of the spectrum multiplex culture assists small movies but at the same time due to ticket prices/cost majority never even ventures out for these small movies.

    Sometime it amazes me to think about the filmy economics… how are movies like Dishkiyaoon and Youngistan made and so heavily promoted…


  12. Too chikna.but action seems to be good. I saw the trailer without any sound. hehe


  13. Must say these new guys nowadays are doing a great job with their body…been hitting up the gym for years now, and it’s definitely not as easy as it looks even with all the meds in the world.


    • Agree 100%. Lot of actor/star takes hit for having 6 pack but the ones who actually does have it, they can tell you that it’s not easy at all. Working out plus having a strict diet is not easy to follow. It’s a one day, one week, one month commitment, it’s long term.

      I’ve tried it few time but gave up after a year.


      • meant to use “Z” instead typed in my gmail password, lol…


      • yes but my point would be a different one. It’s not ‘easy’ to work out and create a certain physique. But that is quite irrelevant to whether one is an ‘actor’ of any sort. One might be both, the two are certainly not contradictory but the problem is that with an audience and an overall mindset that favors a certain kind of physical aesthetic in these matters you often don’t get to the second stage if you don’t clear the ‘gym body’ test’. And while the latter constitutes a global standard at the current point the second proposition does not follow. So for instance no serious critic in Hollywood judges actors based on how much they work out. They don’t even award brownie points for this. It is a completely irrelevant category. Unless of course it’s intrinsic to the role in some sense. In the Indian mindset though there is a certain connection whereby one admires only the worth ethic of that actor who somehow works out a lot. And so on. To this degree when even older stars like Aamir or SRK adopt such a paradigm (Salman was always part of it) even though there’s nothing wrong with it on its own they succumb to it in certain ways. In other words rather than use their cultural capital to bring the audience over to their side they go over to the audience’s side. In Aamir case it might be acceptable to the degree that he’s associated himself with a more meaningful cinema and has that larger project. With SRK though there’s no such saving grace. Nonetheless what is common purely for the purpose of this argument is that each star has that ‘I-am-with-you’ message for the purposes of the present. So Ranbir or Ranveer do this but so do Aamir and Salman. What then of the Abhishek exception here? The star who often actively refuses to do this. Who even when he works out refuses the gym body aesthetic? Well here the Bachchan name allows for a certain resistance. In other words no matter how much people might dislike this choice and call him ‘lazy’ or whatever the Bachchan coding means that he minimally creates a certain disturbance when he does this. However without the Bachchan name even this resistance wouldn’t be possible. Because he wouldn’t be accepted into the ‘commercial’ fold at all. There is the alternative cinema option of course but that’s a different deal.


  14. Why is he wearing so much lipstick?


  15. he is the most promising newcomer – no doubt – has an aura of innocence around him – something we saw in Sallu in MPK and in Aamir in QSQT – this guy is gonna make very big – no doubts


  16. damn, kriti sanon is stunningly gorgeous! sort of like a cross between raveena tandon and rachel weisz


  17. RajRoshan Says:

    Not interested in the movie…but I really like Raat Bhar and Tabah songs…specially Tabah is wonderful


  18. Bandra.NRI Says:

    Talking about this movie, I heard/saw “Rabba” . Perhaps this song will get popular, but sadly the lyrics are so shallow that one wonders what really is the song trying to say.

    It appears that a very submissive Tiger standing in front of this girl is saying “Show me a glimpse” ?

    Now if he was by himself asking “Rabb” to bestow upon him an opportunity to see, even a glimpse of this girl, I can understand.

    But the way the song plays, it appears Tiger is calling this girl his “Rabb”, and he is begging her to show him a glimpse.

    So the question is “Glimpse of What ?” What is this juvenile desperate to see a glimpse of ?


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