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  1. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h
    #2States takes a super start in morning shows across the country.


    • 2 States Has Third Best Opening Of 2014
      Friday 18 April 2014 12.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      2 States opened very well at multiplexes with collections around the 50-55%. The opening is much stronger than would be expected for the cast with metro multiplexes recording very good collections and even other major centres collecting well.

      It is a holiday for Good Friday so that will have benefited the film but the benefit will be more from the afternoon shows onwards. The single screen opening is likely to be weaker.

      The opening is the third best of 2014 after Jai Ho and Gunday. The single screen opening is likely to be weaker although it may also be helped by the holiday but not to the extent of multiplexes as it has little face value and the content is not for single screens. The film will have a very good first day and it remains to be seen how big a success the film can emerge.


  2. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h
    #BhoothnathReturns Fri 4.07 cr, Sat 5.85 cr, Sun 8.10 cr, Mon 4.40 cr, Tue 3.02 cr, Wed 2.25 cr, Thu 2.45 cr. Total: ₹ 30.14 cr nett.


    • and here’s the unsurprising BOI commentary on a Bachchan film:


      of course they have absurdly enough a higher bar for smaller films but with a Bachchan in it their ‘best’ instincts come out!


      • Satyam, The movies total looks good if you see the size of the movie but not if one sees the cost…This is a 35 cr movie so it had to reach 50 for a hit status, 40 for a average tag. Its been hit today massively with 2 States…The same was true for Queen after 1st week but it did incredibly well later on in the second week and then went on to do 60 crores.


        • And the way it held on Monday I was almost sure it will do 45+. But from Tuesday it hasnt done well…That number of 3 cr by Taran cannot be explained by the drops if one sees the Gurgaon numbers. The drop is more than 50% Monday to Tuesday…and Gurgaon is a multiplex barometer…And BR2 was doing well in multiplexes till that time….Whether one takes 30 crores or 26 crores, the movie will find it tough to reach 40 crores…


          • Taran is giving producers nos like always..BOI numbers are almost accurate..Today 2 states has taken about 90% screens from BR and this movie will hardly reach to 31-32cr mark and is a sureshot flop..


          • samar,
            no one listens to you


  3. Bhoothnath Returns Screened At Rashtrapati Bhavan
    by Box Office India (April 18, 2014)

    The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee watched T-Series and BR Films’ Bhoothnath Returns at a special screening at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi recently. The President generously took out time from his busy schedule for the special screening and also offered words of encouragement for the entire cast and crew, felicitating them post the screening. Present at the special screening were the team of Bhoothnath Returns including Amitabh Bachchan child actor Parth Bhalerao, director Nitesh Tiwari, producers Bhushan Kumar (T-Series), Renu Chopra, Abhay Chopra, Kapil Chopra (BR Studios), Ajay Kapoor (T series) and Vinod Bhanushali (T Series). The film which released on April 11, is having a succesful run at the box office and also had a success bash recently to commemorate it’s superb opening.

    Produced by T-Series and BR Films Bhoothnath Returns is an entertaining tale of good against evil, weak against powerful, past against future directed by Nitesh Tiwari and it sees the return of Big B aka Bhoothnath who with the powerfully talented child actor Parth aka Akhrot strive to see a change in the country.


    • Vijay Sahib, At least you are responding means you are listening..Enough for me!


      • samar,
        do not worry I will not tell anyone.one is just enough for you.


        • Vijay Sahb, this is a thread where boxoffice is supposed to be discussed and i am doing the same thing..If you have some extra information then please share it here and enlighten us, otherewise these types of comments harm the purpose of discussion.I am saying just what boxoffice reflects and you have been taking this personally which should never be the case when one is a member of a forum.


          • Rakesh Roshan did the same thing when he hijacked all media and trade sites and forced them to say that K3 has collected 260 cr in India..At that time BOI was the only site which gave correct nos and hatsoff to them for their honesty and courage..After all that when the dust settled, everyone agreed that K3 didn’t touch 190cr mark..Still K3 was a blockbuster at 185 and there was no need for the makers to inflate nos to such heights..Here the scenario is more ugly, a success party has been thrown in despration to give a notion that this film is a hit, whereas, the reality is far from their cry..


  4. Bombay Velvet to release on November 28By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Apr 17, 2014 – 12:14 hrs IST#

    A thrilled cast and crew of Bombay Velvet celebrated the wrap up of their shoot after they completed it recently. Being the magnum opus of Anurag Kashyap, the cast was excited about the fact that they could finish the schedule on time as per Anurag’s vision. Hence, the film which was to release during Christmas Week has now been preponed to November 28.

    In the times, where movies are constantly getting postponed for various reasons, this film has been running completely on schedule. Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios, stated that this special film required an equally special release and hence will be hitting the silver screens in the Thanksgiving weekend. Based on the backdrop of the 70s, Bombay’s charm of that era was re-created in Sri Lanka where the crew was stationed for a long period of time.

    Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Bombay Velvet stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Raveena Tandon, Karan Johar and Naseeruddin Shah among others.


  5. Haven’t read any of cretin bhagats novels (I don’t read fiction)–but seems this film 2 states shall be interesting to its target audience …
    Saw bits of kjos coffee with Alia /parineeti.
    Found Alia totally innocent, ‘raw’, simple, uncomplicated, ‘virginal’…
    After my somewhat successful appeal for bhootnath returns(that I haven’t seen) —

    (I’m unlikely to see this either) but Folks, go support Alia bhatt in ‘2 states’ & give us the review/feedback…


  6. omrocky786 Says:

    Bachchan’s yesterday’s blog is superb yet again..lining up to see the PM


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Daaku, directed by Basu Bhattacharya..wow never heard about this movie?


      • omewhat offbeat.. based on an Amrita Pritam story/novel. The one I like more is Mahesh Bhatt’s debut, Manzilein Aur bhi hain (again with Kabir Bedi).


        • Satyam: Had no clue about this film. Do want to watch it…thanks (but doesn’t Kabir Bedi look a little too upmarket to be a ‘daaku’!). I saw Misaal a few days back and found it very entertaining…thought Anupam Kher did a number on Naseer here.

          Really liked Enemy. Villeneuve’s film follows Saramago’s novel only in a very loose sense and is far less about questions about ‘identity’ than about themes of free-will and human nature. And thankfully it plays out like pulpy-horror film. And yet again after Prisoners, Villeneuve has made a film every frame is stunningly shot. I thought Gyllenhaal was very unlucky to lose out on an Academy nomination for Prisoners last year and he is excellent here as well- unlike most actors who use a double-role to showcase their histrionics, he astutely underplays it making sure that audience is always slightly unsure about the ‘identity’ of the 2 doubles. But this is really how you adapt a novel


  7. Arjun Kapoor reminds me of Raj Babbar.


    • 2 ststes has collected 11.50cr in its first day..Really fantastic nos of a film like this where there is no big star in the film..From here 90cr mark shall be a cakewalk for this..The budget of movie is 36cr including print coat and publicity and hence a superhit on cards here.


  8. MUMBAI: The cyber cell on Thursday arrested retired merchant navy officer who had allegedly posted a defamatory post on social media about actor Aamir Khan and his TV show.

    Ajit Vadakayil (58) from Manipal in Karnataka was arrested under the IT Act.

    Senior inspector Mukund Pawar said Vadakayil was granted bail. JCP (crime) Sadanand Date the chargesheet will be filed by Monday.

    On March 9, Khan had complained that false messages were circulating through electronic media, claiming donations sought in his TV show were going to a trust working for a particular religion.

    Cops traced the IP address to Mangalore from where they nabbed Vadakayil.



    • Bhoothnath Returns has collected around 55-60 lac INR on its second Friday which aare very poor nos.Now looking at this, 30cr mark looks tough now.


  9. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h
    #2States is SPECTACULAR in India. Fri Rs 12.42 cr nett [early estimates]. 3rd highest opener of 2014 after #JaiHo and #Gunday.


    • 2 States Has Excellent First Day
      Saturday 19 April 2014 11.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      2 States had an excellent first day as it grossed around 11.50 crore nett with extraordinary numbers at multiplexes in all metros. Delhi city, Mumbai city, Bangalore and Pune were all extraordinary. the collections were lower in mass belts but still good for this type of film.

      The film was aided by a Good Friday holiday but that would have been to the account of around 20% so even if we don’t take the holiday into account its a very strong start.

      It will be interesting where the film goes on Saturday as the holiday boost means the potential Saturday growth is already there in Friday’s collection so a similar Saturday or slightly lower Saturday figures are on the cards. The weekend can go to around 35 crore nett.


  10. 2 States Has Excellent Initial At Multiplexes Bhoothnath Returns Drops Midweek
    Saturday 19 April 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    2 States had a strong start in the morning and maintained well throughout the day due to holiday. The film had 50-60% collections on day one which is excellent. The single screens did not collect much but the multiplexes were extraordinary which led to multiplex dominated circuits having fantastic collections.

    Bhoothnath Returns picked up fantastically well over the weekend but collections started falling from Tuesday onwards. The film grossed around 26 crore nett in week one and lifetime business looks to be around 35 crore nett.

    Main Tera Hero has taken its two week business to 48 crore nett. The film will cross 50 crore nett for lifetime business. SEMI HIT

    Queen went over 60 crore nett in week six. HIT


    • Taran will probably have Bhoothnath around 40 by the end.


      • is that includes overseas aswell or just domectic,I think bhoothnath return has trended well considering the subject.
        boi has the number very low for BR but that is expected being anti-bachan site.


  11. Bachchan’s look from his upcoming TV series. Kashyap is the creative director here Also stars Sarika and Tigmanshu Dhulia.



  12. Bhoothnath is all set for good second weekend .. almost 6 Crore weekend is on cards (1.45 Crore Friday) ….. This is kids/family movie and will do well over weekends, expect steady business till next 3 weeks. Now it has very much chances to cross 45 Crore.


  13. Saturday boost the business , Sunday will be better again for Bhoothnath .. Producers number will be 42 Crore in two weeks. BOI might give 35-36 Crore in two weeks … No new release in next 2-3 weeks will give it steady run over weekends .. fingers crossed.


  14. Saw Asghar Farhadi’s The Past. I tell people, that we claim to be emotional people, but our directors don’t know how to show them in movies.
    The movie is like an onion peeled slowly by master chef. Highly recommended if you want to see good family drama which can masquerade as a thriller at times. warning – Movie starts slowly.

    ps – Satyam saw you had it in the viewing section. Any comments?
    Liked this review: http://newton.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/16464/the-present-flies-the-past-remains-


    • I liked the Past more than A Separation in many ways even though these are complementary films. and it really ended very well.


  15. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    2 States pleasantly surprised me. The trailers had indicated a rather bland affair, lacking the wild imagination and comic energy of 3 Idiots. The film , as I found out, was trying for neither. What it does try is to tell a story, sincerely. It’s a good story. The characters are real and relatable. The performances are heartfelt and convincing.

    The hero of the film, in more ways than one, is Chetan Bhagat, because the film follows the book verbatim. And also it is the true story of Bhagat’s life. The love story of a Punjabi boy from Delhi and Tamil girl from Chennai is just one part of it. There is his troubled relationship with his army father and his dream of being a writer. Arjun Kapoor nails the character perfectly , bringing out the angst convincingly. First Vicky Donor and now this – it is refreshing to see these soft-hearted Punjabi males falling for Bengali or Tamil women, without a shred of machismo seen in typical Bollywood Punjabi heroes, pining for their lady loves more than the ladies themselves, who are a little more confident and self-assured.

    I am not a big fan of realism, but I was quite drawn in by the natural progression of Krish and Ananya’s relationship as portrayed in the film. Both Arjun and Alia look their part, and Alia is such a natural, with her sunny, confidence personality, that you can see why Krish, coming as he does from a fragile home of estranged parents , falls hook line and sinker for her and contemplates suicide at the prospect of losing her. Thankfully, the film does not attempt the typical campus portrayal with a menagerie of quirky characters. The arc of Krish and Ananya’s romance is pretty much what the first half focuses on. I always liked the way Chetan writes sex. Here Ananya asks Krish , if it was his first time. ‘ With you? Of course.’ he replies. Prodded further, he tells her about Rashmi, the professor’s daughter at IIT, Delhi. I like the honesty, which is what marks out Krish. And I like the way it establishes the link with Chetan Bhagat’s earlier book, Five Point Someone.

    Shhankar-Ehsaan-Loy are in top form here, aided by the fresh and smart lyrics of Amitabha Bhattacharya. Dil ka dimaag se / Jhagda lagaaya kise/Peechhe ke darwaaze se ae./ Dabe paanv aaya kaise – Amitabha writes in ‘ Offo’. Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori / Maange hai teri manzoori – he pleads in ‘ Mast Magan’. Tujh bin suraj mein aag nahi re / Tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re – he laments in’ Chandaniya’. Nothing extraordinary about their picturization – but thankfully, they have been placed at the right places.

    The Tamil and Punjabi community tics are mildly funny, but they are played out not so much for raising big laughs as for providing genuine insights into the communities. Unlike what unthinking critics say, the parents are not portrayed as stereotypes. They are etched using archetypical Tamil and Punjabi templates, but they are genuine characters with individual signatures too. You can see what are the insecurities of each of the four parents are. Reavthy perhaps knows she is never going to be a great singer, and her husband resents the fact that his boss is going to make the presentation that he prepares ( the price that one pays for not having the guts to be an entrepreneur.) . Ronit Roy is the army man who can’t find his bearing outside the military life and alcohol only makes him more aggressive. Amrita Singh leans heavily on her son after being forsaken by her husband, and is very afraid of losing that hold over Krish.

    We feel for Krish who is trapped between these damaged characters. He is mortally afraid of losing Ananya, and he is equally afraid of hurting his mother who he knows has been hurt enough. You feel his weariness when he says to his mother , ‘ I am tired of filling in for father .’ The scenes of Krish with his father and mother are touching , both Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy playing their characters superbly. It also shows the tragedy of an earlier generation of Indians who let societal pressure constrict their lives so much that they wanted to control their children’s live in revenge. It also shows how the younger generation is learning to break out of this trap, managing to live on their own terms , and taking the older generation along with them. It is so heartening.

    Heartening it is also to see how aware and appreciative we have become of cultures of other communities. Both in Chennai Express and this, the girls look lovely in silk sarees and flowers in their hair, and the Tamil marriage ceremonies look gorgeous too with a sea of men in white silks and women in more resplendent colours.
    In the end, like Krish, the film too wins our heart , making up for what it lacks in flamboyancy, with its sincerity and utmost decency.


  16. Thanx for the ace review utkal uncle…
    Sir, I haven’t read any of bhagats novels but can get the drift ..and can sense what makes Cretin bhagat tick – Don’t have the patience to read a para, forget a novel…watching cinema is easier (sometimes).
    Did I u feel the movie is better than the novel ..
    just wondering -is the protagonists name in the novel also ‘krish’ or is it a new name…?
    I’ve only recently got interested in lyrics (& have learnt quite a bit from u thanks).
    As for music–have a knack for it -can sniff out good melodies
    This is one of SELs weaker album (though will grow after seeing the film..)-
    Chandaniya sounds good.
    Ps:alias styling & dress sense seems quite fresh here

    About bhootnath returns –folks don’t fight over pounds n pennies. A solo hero at 71 is still managing some reasonable numbers–credit to him..though nostalgia can take u only so far in today’s world..
    Though it will be worthwhile to know how many of ‘scion’ abhishreks solo-films have managed more than what amitabh has done in BR …? Any figures…

    Btw apparently main tera hero crosses 50 cr(wh)ores–congrats …
    Haven’t seen the film nor have I registered who the hero is!
    Coming back to the nargis-ileana matchup
    @ Q–yeah ileana was gr8 in ‘besharmi ki height’ (where nargis wasn’t there)

    But when it comes ‘head to head’ (pun also intended)–nargis ‘squeezes’ ahead slightly -she’s weak in acting & dance etc but doesn’t matter really lol
    –somehow ileana carries western outfits better than indian

    Shanivaar raati humein neend nahin aati..

    Ps: would like to give the role of national award winner saurabh Shukla in this song to Satyam…lol


  17. tonymontana Says:

    Alex you are funny. You’re a man of your own world. I can picture you a guy whose smile doesnt leave his face n who continues to smirk even after being snapped at.


  18. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 57m
    #2States *India* Fri Rs 12.42 cr, Sat 12.13 cr. Total: Rs 24.55 cr nett. India biz. Excellent!


    • alia missed the boxoffice bus in Highway and I am happy that she can enjoy that now.
      Deepika and Katrina can play mothers to young alia.


    • 2 States Emerges Biggest Hit Of 2014
      Sunday 20 April 2014 13.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      2 States had an excellent second day showing a collections just slightly less than Friday. Friday was a holiday but collections still stayed similar to day one. The first day collections were 12 crore nett and second day was 11.75 crore nett approx.

      The film is doing fantastic business in Mumbai and Mysore followed by Delhi/UP. Circuits like CP Berar, CI, Nizam and Rajasthan also have good numbers for this type of film though Rajasthan could have been a little better.

      The film has emerged the biggest hit of 2014 and has the potential to be the first SUPER HIT film of the year depending on how well it can sustain over the next ten days or so.


      • Satyam: This might interest you- Vikram Chandra (who has written the novel ‘Sacred Games’ and also co-wrote the screenplay of Mission Kashmir with Suketu Mehta) writes in his book “Mirrored Mind”-

        “A song in an Indian film is an interlude which exists outside of story-logic and story-time, but within the emotional palette of the film; its function is to provide subsidiary rasas that will strengthen the predominant rasa of the whole.”

        He also elsewhere (in an interview) says-

        “I feel very strongly about this notion of what is “too filmi” as opposed to what is realistic. In India, especially in the upper and middle class, we’ve had an education that’s trained us to see reality in a specific way, which mostly comes from the tradition of psychological realism. So when we see the other kind of representation – of mainline cinema – we deny its reality. But the idea that the novelistic/psychological-realism form can transparently give us what is “real” is very naïve. It’s a distressing aspect of critical talk, and given the history of colonialism, we should be more suspicious of this idea. Gauri Viswanathan has done some amazing work about the use of the novel as pedagogical in colonialism – to train young Indian men and women to see the world in a particular way.

        Often, what we think of as melodramatic films reach deeper truths while seeming artifical on the surface. And what is overly emotional/melodramatic anyway? I look around me at Indian families and by God, we’re so melodramatic in real life! Without wanting to generalise about 1.2 billion people, we do express emotion in a way that, say, someone in Massachusetts wouldn’t.”


        • thanks Saurabh.. these are great passages, specially the second one. I wouldn’t quite the frame the song video the way he has. I see where he’s coming from but leaving aside what I might find somewhat imprecise here (one shouldn’t be too quick to say that such a video exists ‘outside’ the narrative frame) it’s also important to account for the very significant distinctions. There are those song videos that are explicit ‘dream’ moments, those that simply interrupt the flow of the ‘story’ without really raising the emotional stakes of the moment (for instance in a typical Kashmir love story from the 60s the songs don’t elevate things in the operatic sense, they are just interludes), then with masala you have those that are either more operatically oriented or meant to heighten dramatic tension but also often intended to move the action forward. In some sense the latter option comes closest to the opera one inasmuch as emotion is intensified but at the same time the narrative moves forward and one gets the sense that it might not have done so as easily without that song which re-establishes everything at a much higher pitch or scale. finally (though this list is by no means exhaustive) there are also those climactic videos which provide a cathartic synthesis for the entire film.And so even as one might define loose rules for these musical elements one also has to delineate these differences which are considerable. Today for instance the music video follows almost entirely an MTV logic or else is part of the background score. Either way it is nothing like the grand tradition that preceded it and is simply one more measure of the ‘degradation’ of a great history.


  19. The movie Bhoothnath Returns has surprised everyone with its amazing business report on the screen in the first week and the movie is expected to reach 50 Crores Club in the 2nd week easily. Yes there was such expectations from this movie as its first sequel has also done good profit on the screen. The music given by Yo Yo Honey Singh also increase the craze of this movie among audience. Total 10 Days Business Report of the movie Bhoothnath Returns is expected to be Rs. 38 Crores (approx). The movie is good combination of comedy and drama to entertain people & its a good movie to enjoy at the theaters. The absence of other high & good story movie on the screen helps this movie to earn income on the screen. The story of the movie is also good with some current politics environment.

    Bhoothnath Returns Movie True Collections Till Now :::–

    Bhoothnath Returns Opening Day Worldwide Box Office Collection – Rs. 4.07 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 2nd Day Worldwide Box Office Collection – Rs. 5.85 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 3rd Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 8.10 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 4th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 4.40 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 5th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 3.02 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 6th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 2.25 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 7th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 2.45 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 8th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 2.2 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 9th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 3 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 10th Day Worldwide Business Report – Rs. 2.7 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns Total 10 Days Worldwide Box Office Collection – Rs. 38 Crores (approx)

    Bhoothnath Returns 10th Day Collection | Total 10 Days Business Report
    The advance booking of the movie movie Bhoothnath Returns is still going on but only about 20 t0 30 % per day. The upcoming weekend will boost the the collection of this movie as its expecting & it will be interesting to see how swiftly it crosses 50 Crores Club. The movie Bhoothnath Returns beats Queen Movie, Ragini MMS 2 & all the other movie which was released in last month. The movie is going quite good on the screen & its current Occupancy on the screen is about 40 to 65 % which is plus point for its earnings. Total Overseas Collection of movie the Bhoothnath Returns is Rs. 5 Crores (approx) while its Total Domestic Collection is Rs. 33 Crores (approx).

    Bhoothnath Returns 10th Day Collection | Total 10 Days Business Report

    Moreover, Lets see How Much Bhoothnath Returns earns on upcoming 11th day, 12th day or 13th day. However, our Box Office Report is not final but it is very close to actual collection report.



    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      BR is spot in! Very overrated movie with some but not enough redeeming features. Utkalda seems to have watched a different movie. Overly long with tiresome,irritating predictable stereotypes and too melidramatic at times. The big redeeming feature is Aaliya who as BR says is the real deal.
      Very spontaneous. Kapoor is likeable but has read the part wrongly. Instead of being subdued looks sedated and at times even stupid. SEL have done a fairly good job. The director is no Hirani. Ronit Roy is very good. Wasnt too impressed by Amrita Singh. May be let down by writing but it was like a one note instrument.
      Feel kind of sad for tjose going ga ga over this mostly pedestrian effort!


      • “BR is spot in”

        For a while I thought Bhoothnath returns .. 😉


      • I watched the film, and liked it a lot. I just connected with the plot, and was bowled over by some of the visuals, especially the last wedding scene. Looked absolutely breathtaking, with a very nice tamil song playing in the background.

        Also I have seen plenty of Amrita Singh-types in the Punjabi community who say very racist things about South Indians. For example calling all of them “Madrasis” is something I have seen first hand. And even though this film features racist or regressive characters, the film itself is not.

        IMO the liberal media is out of touch with the real India or at least the real North India I guess.


  20. I an bet on Arjun Kapoor as future Superstar of bollywood..There is a vaccum for this tag now as all three Khans are like to fade..Myself being a Hrithik fan always felt that he’ll takeover khans but that never happened.He went on self destruction by not doing films regularly.Then came Ranbir but i find him monotonous in his acting skills and hence can’t last long.Arjun Kapoor shows enough potential to take the throne though being few films old.


    • 2 states has collected 37 cr on its first weekend and i am sure this movie will touch 100 cr now at any coast.On the other hand Bhootnath returns has collected 1.30cr on its 9th day thus taking 9 day total to 28.50 cr..This movie can add maximum 3 crores more.


  21. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
    #2States has a FANTABULOUS weekend. Fri Rs 12.42 cr, Sat 12.13 cr, Sun 13.51 cr. Total: ₹ 38.06 cr nett. SUPER HIT.


    • 2 States Has Excellent Weekend
      Monday 21 April 2014 11.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      2 States had an excellent weekend grossing around 37 crore nett and and showing healthy trending over the weekend. The film has done extremely well in the urban centres but mass circuits are also good as multiplexes in these circuits have returned good numbers.

      The best performers are Mumbai and Mysore with Mumbai grossing over 13 crore nett and Mysore collecting around 3 crore nett.

      The opening is the second biggest ever for a non star cast film with Grand Masti (2013) ahead of it and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013), Student Of The Year (2012) and Shuddh Desi Romance (2013) are in third, fourth and fifth places respectively. The film has a Northern flavour but business in the North is lagging circuits like Mumbai and Mysore probably as its star cast films that comparatively open better in North.

      Looking at the weekend trend the film should hold and is the biggest hit of 2014 and could even emerge a Super Hit in the long run.


    • The movie seems to have done extremely well and put up some huge numbers in the current market scenarios. Is this a real deal or more of a Krish inflated effect because suddenly from 6/7 cr daily we have jumped to 12/13 cr for similar genre movies.

      I mean yes Alia is the young happening thing currently but Highway could not muster much support. Or is it Arjun who has gained in star power?

      Or did we simply underestimate Chetan Bhagat and his writings……


      • Anyway we look at it there has been shift to younger actors and throughout this 3 months period most of these movies have put decent numbers on the board.

        Senior actors esp Akshay and Salman need to pull up socks otherwise they risk being phased out by the young guns. Others Ajay, Aaamir and SRK can still pull a trick here or there with their acting chops…


  22. Nowadays I post less but sometimes do this ’roundup’ wherein I ‘cherrypick’ random ‘lucky!’ comments & opine on them-my 2 cents only, not bearing on anybody.

    “you are funny. You’re a man of your own world.”- this is my patented madness. Some of this ‘fun’ is REAL, some of it is JAPERY and some is a FACADE.
    ‘Which one is what?’–I leave it to the judgement (& the intellect) of the reader….

    “(though this list is by no means exhaustive) there are also those climactic videos which provide a cathartic synthesis for the entire film”–that’s a v good passage & ‘classifies’ & ‘traces’ the journey/changes of these ‘videos’ succinctly.
    Imo the Bollywood SCHTICK of ‘song & dance’ routine is v effective & precious. However the films don’t owe an ‘allegiance’ to this or the other ‘tradition’ –but ultimately to the end ‘consumer’ ie the viewer (& his/her whims & changing)..hence the ‘change’.

    “alia missed the boxoffice bus in Highway “— what Alia gained in highway is beyond box office-(like deepika in cocktail)…time will unravel its long term effects..as 2 states will also start to show…

    Finally—@ utkal uncle-I haven’t seen this film/read the novel (& trying not to)..
    “that you can see why Krish, falls hook line and sinker for her and contemplates suicide at the prospect of losing her.”–& even goes to the extent of seeing a shrink & starts ‘writing’?Hmm… I think bhagat writes v effectively for his audience…
    As mentioned earlier-this film should be atleast a hit, even a superhit. Credit to Arjun kapoor –he seems to have worked hard & gelled with the role (just like the music)- (both aren’t exceptional otherwise) –but seem effective to this films tone…

    Music-Have skimmed briefly thro bits of 2 States-may opine on other songs if/when they catch my fancy later-have zoned in / heard only one of em till now…
    Likely to ‘grow’ after viewing the film—-types..
    SELs best effort since Bmb ‘slowmotion angreza’ ..
    This one is somewhat dedicated to utkal uncle –I won’t have registered this without his review.

    Agreed that the lyrics are better than everything else here (except Alia bhatt).
    Semi Sufi, semi country with an understated guitar SEL style
    (& the melancholic hangover…)

    Tujh bin suraj mein aag nahi re
    Tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re…


  23. “Saiyami Kher is my Sahibaan,” Rakesysh Mehra confirms
    By Subhash K. Jha, April 21, 2014 – 10:50 hrs IST#

    It’s final. After months of intensive search and rigorous churning Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has finally found his Sahibaan for his love tale Mirza Sahibaan.

    She is none other than Saiyami Kher, niece of the very talented actress Tanvi Azmi and grand-daughter of yesteryears’ leading lady Usha Kiron. Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra makes it very clear that Saiyami was not chosen for her illustrious acting lineage.

    Says Rakeysh, “We’ve selected Saiyami for her ability to project the delicacy, strength, turmoil, and resolve of the character. Just like Harshvardhan, it didn’t matter where Saiyami came from. She had to prove herself capable of carrying off the character.”

    Rakeysh confesses the decision wasn’t easy. “We searched for our Sahibaan for months. We finally shortlisted three girls, all strong possibilities as being the final choice. We put all three under rigorous training. That Saiyami finally got the role was a matter of just a slight edge. All three were almost equally competent. And I know the other two girls are also going to be major talents in our cinema.”

    Saiyami’s aunts Tanvi Azmi and Shabana Azmi seemed unaware that Saiyami had been finalized for the coveted part opposite Anil Kapoor’s son.

    “I knew she was under consideration. But I wasn’t aware she has been confirmed. That’s terrific news,” said Tanvi.

    Saiyami has been searching for the right break in Bollywood for two years now.

    She even did a Telugu film entitled Rey with Ramcharan Teja’s nephew Sai Dharam. But Rakeysh’s film is Saaiyami’s break into the big league.


  24. 2 States Holds Steady On Monday
    Tuesday 22 April 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    2 States held up well on Monday for a solid total in the 5.75-6 crore nett range. Although the drop is around 50% from Friday it is still good as Friday was a holiday and was probably boosted around 2 crore nett.

    The four day total is around 43 crore nett and the week should finish in the 55-57 crore nett range depending on how the next few days behave. The film is doing its best business in Mumbai and South as these areas had good numbers on Monday.

    West Bengal also held strong on Monday dropping just 40% from Friday. The underperformance has come in North India especially East Punjab and UP. Delhi city is decent but could have been better going by numbers in other metros.


      • Dilwale dulhania le gaya.


        • ‘Dilwale dulhania le gaya’ ….. lol
          More like an end to a long saga. There is a bit of history behind this alliance and somewhere along the path Abhishekh Bachchan is connected with this too…….There was a time in Yashraj corridors the Amit-Jaya story was being rewritten and Aditya Chopra was the sponsor-in- chief to such an arrangement. Rani was yrf darling and on top of her game and considered happening. Bubbly gave Bunty the much needed box office respite and accolades in the summer 2005. Abhi was being propped up to take over the reigns from SRK as Khan was turning into some sort of a bad boy in yrf camp due to his over ambitious plans for his own studio & various projects. (There was a clear cooling off period after Veer Zara from 2003 until Chak De). But it seems either Abhi slipped to Aish’s charms or there is a story that Jaya put her foot down and did not want her bahu to have kissed her father-in-law on the lips (Big b in Black). Result was a lot of broken hearts and shattered dreams. Abhi basically slimed out of this deal upon receiving ‘firm offer’ (trade lingo) from the beauty queen herself. Rani’s dreams crash landed from being prospective bride to the bollywood prince to being abandoned with no support. Add this to the stark reality of an actress life span in the limelight being very short when it comes to hindi cinema.

          This when Aditya Chopra coming out of his own broken marriage entered the picture and offered the much needed anchor and support. Aditya is an old baldie and no replacement for Abhi but being mr money bag of bollywood must have acted as balm to Rani’s bruised ego. The hot and happening yashraj empire may have also compensated to whatever she missed out on being a bachchan bahu and wife of prospective superstar which in turn unfortunately turned to unrealized dreams and yrf hit machine never considered the young brooding actor for any future project up until the customary presence was required for dhoom series.

          Matlab ke yaar aage se pyaar, peechhe se waar
          Sab ganda hai par dhandha hai yeh ….

          ** Disclaimer: Part fictional so pls don’t take any offence.


  25. http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/finally-rani-mukerji-aditya-chopra-got-married-in-italy-last-night/

    Finally Rani Mukerji & Aditya Chopra Got Married In Italy Last Night


  26. Little more elaboration on the film:

    1. The first thing to do is NOT to look at it a as a funny film like 3 Idiots dishing out laugh-aloud broad comedy. It is more like a later day Woody Allen film, replete with wry humour, and a study of human quirks and inadequacies.

    2. Chetan Bhagat wrote this book based on his own life and own experiences. So do not go around looking for loopholes. No, you cannot fault Bhagat on detailing.

    3. The reason the film works so well and connects with so many is because of the essential truth it portrays and the characters who are oh so human, and ot stereotypes . Amrita Singh is a typical Punajbi, but she has her own story of why she continues to live with her impossible husband. Ananaya’s father is atypical Tamilian Brahmin, but there are reasons why he is so reticent. So unwilling to take help, why drinks secretly and so on. Ronit Roy’s character of course is goldmine of human frailties. Failed ambition, failure to build a relationship with his wife or son, alcoholism, and more. All the four parents play their roles very well.

    4. Of course , the big charm of the film is the characterization of Krish and Ananya. Every little trait, every motivation of the two have been carefully mapped. Krish is trying to balance so many things, he is almost snapping with tension. He needs the sunny and confident presence of Ananya. The erotic impulses of the two have been captured with precision. Krish is honest. He wants a full-blown relationship and he expresses it directly. He is also honest about talking about his past girlfriend. Ananya too is confident enough not to hold back and not be too insistent on ‘commitment’. These nuances are wonderfully rare in Hindi films. And fortunately, Arjun Kapoor and Alai Bhatt decide to live the characters rather than act.

    5. Thankfully again, the social quirks of Tamila and Punjabi communities are not all on the much traversed tracks … Punjabis drinking daru or Tamilians going to temples. Things covered here are much more subtle. Take the business of Amrita Singh’s idea of how the ‘ boy’s side’ should behave. They should not give the better room to the girl’s side, the ‘groom’ should not carry the luggage of the ‘girl’s side’.

    6. As I mentioned earlier, everyone is so human, so real. No one is an idealistic hero. Amrita accepts Ananya because “ instead of one MBA, she now has two MBAs.” Of course she loves her son, does not mean she would not like to encash his achievements for something in the marriage market. Krish is not beyond agreeing to his mothers desire to have her daughter-in-law on a’ sword’s edge’ like other mothers-in-law do, knowing very well that Ananya would manage to handle her . And when Ananya asks Duke to accept his bride without adequate dowry, she knows what button to press. ‘ If it was not an arranged marriage, would you have managed to ‘patao’a girl like Minty?’ Duke knows the answer to that one, and what is good for him.

    7. And lastly , so many of us start judging a film ( not only this one) by what one expected it be or by what one wants it to be , rather than what it is and what the director wants it to be. So much more enjoyment to be had if one looks at a film with an open, unprogrammed mind.


    • It is a little funny to see an IIT from Bombay with an IIM from Ahmedabad being given a cubby hole at Yes bank! Really, thats what a combination of two premium acedemic qualification not in India but the whole world gets you?
      I understand the conflict based on North-south divide but it is overplayed and gets tiring after a while. And, it is so stereotypical. it might be based on Bhagat’s own life experience loosely but seems out of place in todays day and age. After a while, it starts playing out as a melodrama. The director has some nice touches but a lot of scenes are just handled in a heavy handed manner.
      A side note on Arjun Kapoor. He seems to have promise and is a more likeable presence than Ranveer Singh but has a very awkward body structure. Part of it stems from the fact that he used to be very heavy and lost a lot of weight but his gait is VERY awkward and thighs/mid section looks funny. In an ideal world shouldnt matter but in Bollywood, it can be a liability.


    • “So much more enjoyment to be had if one looks at a film with an open, unprogrammed mind.”

      yes I keep saying this to you on Raavan..!


    • I loved the scene where Arjun was angry at Alia for even entertaining another marriage proposal, and she tells him she is just doing it to please her family. Then he asks here why she is wearing such a nice Saree, and all she says is ‘Thanks’ and that it’s her mom’s’. Rare maturity shown by Alia’s character in that sequence, offers just enough explanation, and doesn’t give into his anger.

      For me, the movie had a number of such worthwhile small moments.


    • Agreed on the erotic aspect too…the movie wasn’t overtly sexual like Ram Leela but it was refreshing to see a Hindi film that shows physical intimacy in a matter-of-fact fashion.


  27. omrocky786 Says:

    Satyam- are you on Shashi K movies watching spree ???
    was that Ahuti or Chakravyooh where Rajesh Khanna (chor) always made a Knott of grass/ropes etc. and left it on the scene , and that is how Shashi K ( who is a Police officer) cathes him ???


    • It’s neither one of those. Don’t remember what you’re describing though would love to check it out. Shashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna didn’t do much together. I can only think of Prem Kahani at this point. At least in the 70s. In the 80s they of course did Alag Alag but that was a different kind of subject. are you sure you’re thinking of the right stars? You’ve certainly made me curious about this film!


      • omrocky786 Says:

        you made me curious too, I checked and I may have erred. I think it was “Chalta Purza”….The police Inspector was Rakesh Roshan and not Shashi Kapoor !!


        • have seen Chalta Purza, didn’t remember this bit. Will revisit it now. LOL! By the way Aahutee had Rakesh Roshan, Shashi and Rajendra Kumar as brothers. As you can see genetics in masala cinema was always very advanced. The US (and the rest of the world) is only now beginning to catch up!


        • By the way Rahu Ketu is pretty entertaining..


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Sayam My recommendations for you-
            Dharma, Reham kee Dori, Jugnu, Teesri Aaankh, Shalimar,Haath Kee Safai, Chambal kee Kasam, Maa( Dharmendra), Kartavya, Karamyogi, Dharam Kaanta, Jaani Dushman, Painter Babu, Yalgaar….LOL!!


        • omrocky786 Says:

          hmm, if you don’t remember then probably it is not Chalta Purza…Now I kind of want to know..LOL!!
          Aside- have been using a very good website- bwcinema.com, they charge $12 per month and have all kinds of movies.
          will check if they have Rahu- Ketu !!


  28. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Henry: Yes that saree moment was so subtle and smart. Thanks for mentioning it. And yes, there were many such moments where the characters behave so intelligent and mature, just as two MBA grads should.


  29. Re: so intelligent and mature, just as two MBA grads should

    Really,? Being an IIM graduate has nothing to do with maturity. Know plenty of them and are not necessarily more or less mature!
    Saree moment was good granted but the whole idea of her seeing another boy was as cliched as they come. The problem IMO is this subject has been done to death in films before. May be with less subtlety but too often just the same. And, is done to death in this film. NEVER ENDING.


  30. Thanx-Some good points by utkal uncle, Henry & miss dhoni…
    Can’t add anything-Came back to this again lol -Couldn’t get past this one track–
    After a loooong while, SEL have shown flashes of brilliance to fuse semi Sufi/semi county . This clamoured for Shankar Mahadevan himself in the lead vocals -anyhow it’s a reasonable replacement but I missed Shankar’s voice timbre & also in the higher pitch stuff
    The guitar is spot on though..And probably some accordion? as well

    Full version-awsum lyrics

    Jism ye kya hai, khokhli seepi
    Rooh da moti hai tu
    Mere saare bikhre suron se geet piroti hai tu
    O mahiya.. tere sitam, tere karam
    Dono lutere lagde ne…


  31. Also the guitar after one cycle needed to change the groove slightly to avoid the semblance of ‘pseudo-monotony

    ‘I’ve never been impressed by arjun kapoor.
    But as always I’m always open to good stuff
    call it good casting or chance-but he seems to be bringing out the right ‘body language’ & look for this part..
    Yeah he is a bit awkward & an average looker-but isn’t supposed to be playing either a ‘rockstar’ or a ‘superhero’ here.
    And also has the ‘angst’ given his own background with boney…
    Good casting


    • There s no further boxoffice update about Bhoot which means film has sunk completely.Though the film was not that bad but youth was not attracted to it and only kids liked it.It was due to kids that it saw a good jump on its first weekend but since then there was no noticeable performance at boxoffice. Infuture if any Bachchan movie has any chance to work at boxoffice, then it may be Balki movie.Balki is one of the best filmmakers of present lot and knows how to connect with audience..So fingers crossed.


      • samar,
        bhoothnath returns has been successfull so move on.
        every media has liked the film,opening day was dull but soom picked up.Amitabh is 71 and is no longer competing with khans or roshan..


        • ”Bhoothnath Returns” was not expected to take a good start at box office and that is what happened. Film had no buzz and no hit song which also added to the misery. Film had strictly average to good week one number. But film managed rather good 2nd weekend numbers.

          Film was released in 1280 screens and film jumped big on Saturday followed by equally good jump on Sunday. Film collected good 27.70 cr nett plus in week one which was good. Film has done good business but drop on weekdays did hurt the film otherwise total would had been in excess of 32 cr nett.

          Film added 1.35 cr nett on 2nd Friday and then film scored jump of 35% on Saturday. Film collected 1.80 cr nett on 2nd Saturday and 2.05 cr nett on 2nd Sunday taking 10 day total to 32.92 cr nett. Film is heading for 7.5 cr nett 2nd week which is good.

          Film will finish with 37-40 cr nett lifetime total at best which is underwhelming considering weekend total. Film will go down as average to above average proposition at box office.

          its not a flop ,samar…sorry to bring you bad news.



        • Vijay,
          Can you explain it here how is this film a hit? What is the budget of this film? Instead of throwing lame claims, you must come up with some figures that are based on facts.I also know Amitabh is 71 but here we are discussing boxoffice of a film where money has been invested..Shall we conclude the chapter and ignore the losses of distributers just because he is 71? What about Rajni then? Why Rajni still pulls a 100 cr movie..The answer is simple and that is Rajni is a huge star and can overshadow Khans and Roshans even at this age.


          • Boxofficecapsule is a crap site and always throws false nos..If we take these nos then BR has collected around 5 crores in its second weekend..If this would have been the case then Taran, Komal or BOI would have definetly reported it but they have been silent after its first week which speaks a lot..And i am surprised to see somebody celebrating average verdict of a movie..This movie had a solo release, was hugely promoted, has Amitabh Bachchan in it but still an average at boxoffice?


    • Felt something fresh n simple about alias styling n ‘minimal makeup look’ -this seems to agree

      Sounds a balanced review by Rashmi Darayani

      Ps:read bits of b Rangan- is it so difficult not to be over-obsessed with ones (pseudo)intelligence ?…

      On the other hand -Read a couple of pages of bhagats 2 States PDF (shudder!)
      Sorry for calling u ‘cretin’…
      Mr ‘Chetan’ Bhagat..


  32. 2 States Is Rock Steady On Tuesday
    Wednesday 23 April 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    2 States was rock steady on Tuesday as it grossed around 5.25-5.50 crore nett which is just 10% lower than Monday. The total so far is around 48.25 crore nett and the film should get a boost on Thursday due to elections in many states of India which can take it close to the 60 crore nett mark for the week.

    It may now emerge the second highest first week of the year after Jai Ho. The figures could be better than Gunday for the week despite it being lower over the weekend.

    The business of the film in Mumbai is almost double of Delhi/UP which is rare for this type of multiplex film. The approx daily collections of the film are as follows.

    Friday – 12,00,00,000
    Saturday – 11,70,00,000
    Sunday – 13,30,00,000
    Monday – 5,85,00,000
    Tuesday – 5,35,00,000

    TOTAL – 48,20,00,000


  33. First Among Sequels
    by Sagorika Dasgupta, Soumita Sengupta (April 19, 2014)
    What makes a sequel succeed – the franchise, director or content?

    The film industry is riding a success wave these days and, it seems, sequels are the order of the day. We recently had Ragini MMS 2 and Bhoothnath Returns, both of which did well at the box office. Both films have many factors in common. Not only were they sequels to an already popular first installment, they also did well at the ticket counter. But another common connect between the two is that they were both helmed by directors who had nothing to do with their first instalments.



  34. I’ve got some BO figures from Trade Guide for July 1988:

    Waqt Ki Awaaz (Mithun-Sridevi) is a semi-hit. Drops a bit after a strong start, but good figures nevertheless. 2nd week: Bombay Rs 485 349 (86%), Delhi Rs 503 201 (84%).

    Ghar Ghar Ki Kahaani (Rishi Kapoor-Govinda)- Very stable after a moderate start. 2nd week- Bombay Rs 365 428 (91%), Delhi Rs 347 960 (98%).

    Soorma Bhopali (Jagdeep)- 2nd week- Bombay Rs 181 329 (77%), Delhi Rs123 633 (87%).

    I can post some Trade Guide figures from that period onwards regularly as the figures come in. You can then come up with your own conclusions instead of relying on those bogus totals provided by IBOS or BOI.


  35. Rajen: I quite enjoyed 2 States, but then I’m fairly undemanding when it comes to rom-coms. I did feel that the film tried too hard to create differences between the 2 States: loud showiness, alcoholism and dowry are not in any way unique to Punjab, they’re very much present in Tamil Nadu as well (and you only need to venture into the ubiquitous TASMAC ‘wine’ shops to see this!). But I suppose that these very broad strokes are inevitable when you have a stereotype-based comedy, and I can’t say that I found them to be offensive or too puerile.

    Alia was hilariously unconvincing as an ambitious, university-topping Tamil-Brahmin girl, in my opinion. I’m unable to understand the rave reactions to her performance, since she wore the same, bemused half-smile throughout the film, even in the most emotionally wrought scenes. As for Arjun, he completely lacks any of the charisma required to be a movie star. But I did enjoy the portrayal of all four of the parents and they largely saved the film for me. Yes, their characters were cliched, but they were quite well-detailed within those cliches and each had interesting conflicts of their own.

    Even if you don’t sympathise with Krish’s mother’s regressive requirements for a daughter-in-law, you can understand where she comes from. This is a woman who has been humiliated all her life, and who has constantly lived in worry about the temper of her husband and now her son. A docile daughter-in-law would be the one family member over whom she could assert her superiority, and she feels that finding a rich Punjabi girl for her well-qualified son will give her the respect/ prestige that she has thus far been denied. So her motivations are very questionable, but she is not demonzied or portrayed as a one-note filmi maa. I felt that all four parents had such nuances, and it was interesting to see how they projected their own baggage onto their children’s relationship, which I think happens sadly too often (even in modern, metropolitian India).


    • Lovely review from ami. It is nice to see some one giving credit to the parents than to the leads.


    • Ami, what is your take on Ek Duuje keliye?


    • Ami: Great read here even though I liked the film far less than you (I far preferred Hasee To Phasee over this).

      “…since she wore the same, bemused half-smile throughout the film, even in the most emotionally wrought scenes.”-

      You are absolutely on the money here. Even after Arjun’s emotional breakdown (the one where he recounts how his relationship with his father fell apart), Alia has that same smile plastered across her face (I say this as an Alia fan)! And while you are right that the character of Arjun’s mother wasn’t demonized etc, the problem was that Amrita Singh was just terrible in that role (I can’t stand her on screen anyway). Revathy, however was good as always.

      BTW did you check out anything else recently, would love to know your thoughts especially on Aankhon Dekhi (which is the best film of this year till now as far as I am concerned) and Highway (which, inspite of its shortcomings, I really liked). Also quite enjoyed Queen, but also found it overrated.


    • My views on movie: 2 States was not bad but there was nothing in movie except jokes and manufactured emotions….and was somewhat long for content.


  36. Revolver Rani And 2 States To Compete This Week
    Thursday 24 April 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Revolver Rani will lead the box office race this week as far as the new releases are concerned but it will get competition from 2 States which can emerge the top film over the weekend despite being in its second week.

    Queen emerged a hit and was appreciated tremendously by the urban audience and Revolver Rani being Kangana Ranaut’s first film after Queen there will be expectations of a solid start by some. But the box office does not works that way and Revolver Rani remains a word of mouth film.

    Revolver Rani should easily take a better opening than Queen as it has more universal appeal than that film but it will be interesting to see which is better the first Friday of Revolver Rani or second Friday of 2 States.

    In East Punjab it will hit badly by Punjabi biggie Jatt James Bond which has a solid advance in the major cities of Punjab..


    • isnt it an irony that the showman Subhash Ghai finds a formidable opponent in Kangana? 🙂 In fact the 3rd film releasing tom looked promising – samrat & Co. but it might be crushed badly betn the above 2


    • I think Revolverrani should be another hkt for Kangana..She deserves that due to her capablities.


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