Images from Singh is Bling

thanks to Xhobdo..

7 Responses to “Images from Singh is Bling”

  1. What the hell does Bling mean in Hindi? And if it is English what does the title mean?


  2. Krish you were pretty spot on with 2 States box office predictions. I am still wondering how this has turned out to be a 100cr movie where I never gave it chance beyond 40-45 cr as best case scenario considering this is what some of the successful movies in this genre have been doing.
    To top that there was no chart buster here like tune maari entriyaan…

    Where did u get this buzz ? esp online I don’t see Arjun Kapoor doing much for the audience compared to Ranbir and now Ranvir


    • Alia Bhatt has a good following now…Every teen (the target audience) I know is gung ho about her. Added was a favorable release date before the IPL. Movies dont release during IPL so there was a chance that if it liked, it can sustain. Add to it, the KJo brand which is strong in this kind of movies. The trade was quite upbeat too and gave it almost 2400 screens…So 100 cr was on the cards if the movie was good.


  3. This is too funny…


  4. I think Akshay has taken an oath that he would serve crap to public and he is doing the same here as well.


    • What else can he serve? He is making sardarjis butt of jokes and no protest from them so far.


      • NyKavi Says:

        Once the election is over, the Akalis will rip some new one’s into Akshay. Singh’s new bling will then fill all those newly ripped ones.


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