Sanjay Gupta’s Khotey Sikkey with Abhishek, John, Anil Kapoor

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Sanjay Gupta films always make the right amount of noise before releasing. There is always a great pre release buzz for the movie because of the unusual casting and theme.
The director is now all set to make another gangster film which would be based on six gangsters. The director has already signed three A Lister actors for the film.
The film is being titled Khotey Sikkey. The director has managed to bring back the dostana Jodi, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham back on the screens.

The John Abraham – Abhishek Bachchan duo was last seen having a crackling chemistry in Dostana and ever since then the audiences are waiting to see them back on the big screen.
A source close to the director revealed to a leading daily-
“Sanjay is trying to put the right cast together. He’s managed to lock three actors. Besides John and Abhishek he has also signed Anil Kapoor. He’s in talks with other A-list actors to play the other three gangsters.”
The film will go on floors once Sanjay Gupta is done shooting for his Mumbai Centric action drama – Mumbai Saga which is based on the nexus between the police, the underworld and the mill owners.
The source further added-
“The film is in the same genre as Aatish and Kaante. Ever since Kaante, about six men who pull off a heist in the US, opened in 2002, there has been speculation about a sequel. Khotey Sikkey can well be described as Kaante 2,”
The shoot for the film is expected to start in mid 2015.
Khotey Sikkey is Sanjay Gupta’s dream project and he is working on the script of the film since last couple of years.
We wish Sanjay Gupta all the best for his dream project – Khotey Sikkey


7 Responses to “Sanjay Gupta’s Khotey Sikkey with Abhishek, John, Anil Kapoor”

  1. This could be fun. he should rope in Sunny Deol, Govinda and Arjun Kapoor to be the other three , and may be replace John with Irfan Khan


  2. Mahesh Says:

    Great….another multi-starter for AB. Why am I not surprised.

    I honestly believe AB is on the brink of irrelevancy. He certainly couldn’t hold his own in front of his contemporaries and now even the younger generation is much farther ahead than him. When you have new kids like Arjun delivering 100cr solo films/hits, Varun and Siddharth and Ranveer etc. getting greater mind share it speaks volume on how far AB has fallen. I’m not even talking about Ranbir who is miles ahead of AB in every department. Really dissapointed to see this. AB somehow didn’t seem to take his acting, his dancing skills, his physique and just is presence seriously. I’m sure his choice of films didn’t help matters either. In the latest KWK show he just appeared to be too defensive and unwilling to accept how he has been left behind. He just comes across as lazy and pompous and that everyone else is just about looks and not acting. I can’t see a single film… Solo film in his kitty that will change his market and star value for the better. IMO he should just hang it up as fat as acting is concerned and focus on production and his kabbaddi league. Sorry to see such legacy washed away… And this too from a hard core BigB fan like me.



  3. Aishwarya to star in Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, May 16, 2014 – 11:40 hrs IST#

    It’s been a while since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was last seen on the silver screen, but things are about to change. Contrary to what was reported earlier that Aishwarya would be making her come back to films with the Mani Ratnam’s Tamil film, news is that she will be doing so with Sanjay Gupta’s next titled Jazbaa.

    Confirming the development Sanjay says, “Yes, Aishwarya will be making her official come back with my film Jazbaa. In fact she will be the main hero and central character in the film. We will be making an official announcement of the same in a big way at Cannes this year.”

    Further talking about the film Sanjay reveals, “Jazbaa will be an action thriller drama, in which Aishwarya features as a very strong female lead. In fact her character is so strong that she is more like the hero of the film, than a lead actress.”

    Jazbaa that will be produced and directed by Sanjay will also feature two male leads and is slated to go on floors in January 2015. He will however, start shooting Mumbai Saga first in the month of August.


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