Aishwarya Rai And Abhishek Bachchan Light Up Cannes 2014 (Huffington Post)

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Forget Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds—Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are the hottest couple at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival!

Bollywood’s First Couple attended amfAR’s 21st Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday evening looking as if they had just stepped out of romance movie.

Aishwarya, who has already turned heads in not one but two dazzling gowns at the film festival this week, stepped up her style game in a blush Armani Privé ensemble that we can safely call our favourite look yet. A bold red lip, perfect wavy hair and a smug smile completed her gorgeous look.

Hubby Abhishek didn’t look too bad himself in a black kurta suit that perfectly complemented his wife’s showstopping look.

The couple joined A-listers such as Marion Cotillard (who wowed in Alexander McQueen), Sharon Stone, Heidi Klum and Jane Fonda.

Ash and Ab really are perfect.


12 Responses to “Aishwarya Rai And Abhishek Bachchan Light Up Cannes 2014 (Huffington Post)”

  1. omrocky786 Says:

    The sherwani really suits Abhishek…..


  2. “Aishwarya, who has already turned heads in not one but two dazzling gowns at the film festival this week, stepped up her style game in a blush Armani Privé ensemble that we can safely call our favourite look yet. A bold red lip, perfect wavy hair and a smug smile completed her gorgeous look.”

    Kudos to ash & a ‘slap’ for her detractors and the ‘weight gain’ insinuations. ash seems to be ‘balancing’ life perfectly
    Now that’s what u call a ‘yummy mummy’ 😉


  3. Just saw this week’s front row episode and Aish confirms she is doing Ratnam’s next film 🙂


  4. Krishna Suresh Says:

    Abi : “should we kiss? should we not?”
    Ash : “should we act the fool? should we not?”
    abi : “well you are right, like always”
    Ash : “my good man”


  5. Bandra.NRI Says:

    I feel sorry for Abhishek Bachchan. As an star/artist it must be very difficult to be on the center stage, and then be asked to step aside because the paparazzi want the solo shot of just your better half.

    I think he is brave to put himself through this.


    • that’s true as a general matter though I don’t think he personally has a problem with it. He’s probably one of the most secure stars one is likely to come across and possibly the most. Because the historical burden on him is unique. To be level-headed with that kind of weight is quite singular. Having said that too much ‘security’ is not always the star’s best friend. It is precisely ‘insecurity’ that sometimes pushes one further.


      • Bandra.NRI Says:

        A good example would be Johnny Depp. He has becomes too secure playing the off the wall characters, and consequently he has stopped being creative, and has stopped being interesting.


  6. This good-looking couple. If only atleast one of them was an actor to reckon with. Since the father’s career revived several years ago, this family has rallied itself with a vengeance. It is fine. B, the father deserves the worth, but am curious how the Bachchan ‘brand, the ‘aura’ (this is not the word I want but can’t think of) that the old actor has established will stay on post his presence. Abhishek and Aishwarya have always been shielded from flak one way other the other. There is this obvious feel, no matter how these two perform professionally (together or individually), their mere presence on mainstream media elicits responses of approval. Its the ‘Bachchans’! This isn’t being derisive. Abhishek, I think does understand shades of this, thats what comes across when he speaks. The Power Couple of Bollywood, the title ofcourse is courtesy B Snr. How these two will stand in the future, when B Snr isn’t around (It is a fact that I’m thinking of, not a wish) doesn’t seem to be a very clear cut picture.


    • Some worthy observations by bandra nari, arti & Satyam
      Well, there’s been a king, kingdom, unofficial coronation, a beautiful princess et al-it’s just that the ‘prince’ could never turn up!
      Yeah abhishrek has been content not to threaten the status quo (he couldn’t anyways)
      But to give him credit, he has realised his limitations & not done anything ‘silly’. In other words, he hasnt given it away. He’s just content to quietly ‘milk’ the current scenario @ a quieter lower scale (no pun intended).
      Soemtimes patience & ‘masterly inactivity’ is more difficult.

      Btw bandra nari & arti–gals, what dya think of the ‘new talent’ kirti/kirti sanon


      • Bandra.NRI Says:


        Buddy, I am flattered that you continue to seek an “intelligent” discussion with me, i.e. even after my last note to you. Let me recap, if intelligence is a NBA player, you are a Harlem Globetrotter wannabe. The two are as different as chalk & cheese. Hence please don’t embarrass yourself into believing that you can shoot hoops with the BIG boys.

        Just so that people don’t think I am unnecessarily picking on poor you, let me elaborate using this post of yours.

        You have addressed me as Bandra Nari ? Given the limitations of the cyber world, the fact that I am a Nar or Nari is something you have no way of knowing. Moreover given those same limitations, even if I wanted to, I cannot definitively established for you whether I am a Nar or Nari (because nothing can be verified). Further more whether I am a Nar or Nari does not add or subtract from the substance of the discussion. This is a mindless and irrelevant allegation. It would be almost the same if you allege that I am a Scandinavian, because I am indifferent to such an allegation. To me it does not matter, one way or the other, nor does it impact the discussion.

        Yet your off the wall allegation speaks of your gutter mindset. It tells me that you are just a pathetic clown, a Harlem Globetrotter wannabe, definitely not an NBA player.

        Needless to say, I wonder if this is how you behave even in the real world (away from this blog and from the cyber world) ? I wonder if this is how you initiate your encounters. Is this maybe a pickup line at some sleazy, shady, back alley, bar you frequent ? I wonder if this is just a spill over from your real life ? I wonder if this is how you request for pornographic material on the internet ? I am so convinced of your low life status that I think if I were some naive young thing and got trapped by your accusation and sent you some photos (as some inexperienced defense), you would then harass me to give you a chance to come over over and feel it.

        But as you can see, I am not about to send you photos, nor am I about to make the mistake of taking you to be some intelligent soul. Hence if you have an itch, by all means scratch that, but without getting me involved.


    • Bandra.NRI Says:

      A lot of this power & fame are exaggerated concepts. It helps and it hurts. It is a blessing and also a curse.

      In reality a lead actor is worth only as much as the moving average of his/her movie’s opening number. No one can rise above that sobering truth.

      If Aishwariya/Abhishekhas have survived so far, then there is something in them that has got them this far.


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