New Book: Subramaniyapuram The Tamil Film in English Translation (The Caravan)

I wouldn’t agree that Subramaniyapuram “pioneered” the “gritty new aesthetic” in Tamil cinema (the likes of Paruthiveeran; Selvaraghavan’s work; and Kaadal all pre-date it, to name just a few), but can’t resist a book on Tamil cinema! — Qalandar

“M Sasikumar
Translated by Kausalya Hart, Constantine Nakassis and Anand Pandian
Edited by Anand Pandian
Blaft, 262 pages, Rs 595

Released in 2008, Subramaniyapuram is a tale of friendship, betrayal, love and revenge set in Madurai in the early 1980s. The film, made on a tiny budget by a first-time director and a cast of newcomers, pioneered a gritty new aesthetic in Tamil movies that caught the attention of film lovers around the world. This edition includes—in addition to a translation of the screenplay—film stills, posters, never-before-seen photos from the set, a wide-ranging interview with the film’s director M Sasikumar, as well as essays on the film’s cinematic context and social impact by critics such as Preminda Jacob, Constantine Nakassis, Anand Pandian and Baradwaj Rangan.”


One Response to “New Book: Subramaniyapuram The Tamil Film in English Translation (The Caravan)”

  1. Speaking of New Tamil Cinema, I finally saw the much ballyhooed Angadi Theru last night: it was simply awful. The film had some nice shots of Chennai’s T-Nagar area and others, but was quite inconsistent (and inconsistently paced and edited); and the director wasn’t clear about what sort of film he wanted to make, with New Tamil Cinema rubbing shoulders uneasily with low-brow comedy and TV soap-level melodrama. The film it most reminded me of was Umraojaan: there, as here, one feels no sense of tragedy, but simply weariness at the catalogue of misfortunes (every. conceivable. misfortune.) that befall the protagonists…


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