Ek Villain trailers

7 Responses to “Ek Villain trailers”

  1. Blatant copy/remake of fantastic ” I saw the Devil ” which is one of the best revenge movies made.


    • I have never seen a more terrifying move than “I saw the Devil”. Brilliant but a bit too much.


      • yeah this is pretty good but I agree it’s hard to watch. Which is often a problem with Korean films in this genre. Simply too excessive or too twisted or both!


  2. But if anyone has to do a remake , Mohit Suri is a good guy to do it. I rarely find any film of his as unwatchable.


  3. Love all the songs of Ek Villain…specially Awargi and Prachi….
    here is Taran’s review-
    Mohit’s movies are intensely violent, most of the times, and EK VILLAIN follows the same format. Given the nature of the subject, Mohit keeps the proceedings dark, but not repulsive. At the same time, the ruthlessness of the antagonist is depicted minus blood, gore and explicit visuals.

    One has come to expect a winning soundtrack from Mohit in film after film and the music of EK VILLAIN lives up to the gargantuan expectations. This being his first movie outside of Vishesh Films, a production house synonymous with chartbusters, it’s imperative that Mohit scores on this front as well and score he does. ‘Galliyan’, ‘Banjaara’, ‘Zaroorat’ and ‘Awari’ — each of the tracks is soulful and reverberate in your memory even after the screening has concluded


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