Aagadu trailer

3 Responses to “Aagadu trailer”

  1. Classic Mahesh Babu! Looks better than a lot of his recent stuff though..


    • Indeed — the recent films have been terrible. I couldn’t even finish Dookudu, and believe me I have pretty high tolerance.

      There’s a Western-ish vibe/background music to this that I quite like — another sign that the aesthetic of Dabangg have an afterlife beyond that achieved by most recent masala movies. [I was about to add “…and out of proportion to the film’s own merit” but realized that would be wrong: Dabangg’s style is in fact the perfect garment for the masala movie that is empty, drained of everything except for gesture. And a gesturality that simply harkens back to the past, purely repetitively as it were — a gesturality that has become more a tic than anything else.]


  2. Mohanlal’s latest movie ( or extended cameo! ) in a film which also star’s my friend Madhurima Banerjee!


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