House of Light and Shadows (the story of Regal Theater)

thanks to Rocky..

There were palm trees at Regal’s porch back then. The foyer had chandeliers. The staff would don dinner suits and, on occasion, bow ties. Scotch and soda was available for seven and a half annas. Tickets for anything between eight annas to three rupees. Everyone would stand in queue, including the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi, the highest local authority at the time. “A thick maroon velvet curtain adorned the stage,” writes Dayal. When the Viceroy or Governor General visited, a red carpet would be laid out.

Located today in the middle of the crazy bustle that is Connaught Place, Regal, say reports, was the first building in the area. It was built in 1932, by Sobha Singh and designed by British architect Walter Sykes George (Dayal also credits Herbert Baker, who was working, along with Edwin Lutyens, on what would come to be known as Lutyen’s Delhi, for inputs.) Called the New Delhi Premier Theatre in the beginning, Regal, as it was renamed shortly after, came up with a large central porch, a sloping roof and brick masonry throughout.

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11 Responses to “House of Light and Shadows (the story of Regal Theater)”

  1. Thanks for posting this — I had watched Rang de Basanti at this cinema in 2006!


  2. Really sad news !!

    Delhi: Regal to sign off with Raj Kapoor classics
    Last week, the owners announced that the hall will be shutting down and since then business seems to have picked up a little, as old-timers revisited the iconic structure
    Raj Kapoor’s ‘Mera Naam Joker’, a poignant tale of love and loss, becomes the befitting finale film at Delhi’s iconic Regal Cinema, as curtains close for the 85-year-old theatre. The four-hour-long film will screened on Thursday at 6 pm. “This was Raj Kapoor’s favourite hall and every time his movies released, he made sure the Delhi premiere was at Regal. We wanted to call it a day with his films,” says owner Vishal Chowdhary, with a hint of sadness in his voice.


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