Mardaani trailer

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9 Responses to “Mardaani trailer”

  1. Fun to watch Rani do this sort of thing!

    They might have made a tactical mistake using the child sex trafficking angle though. The film is otherwise masala with those dialogues and so on but with that angle (and the pretense of seriousness!) they’re going to scare away the multiplex family audiences.


    • Every such female act from Rekha’s Insaaf Ki Awaaz to Rani’s current outing and through Shabana Azmi’s Godmother really references one way or the other the ‘tough guy’ routines of one Amitabh Bachchan. Put differently there hasn’t yet been a female mode of toughness that is not dependent on such a model. Or better still since these performances are female equivalents of male macho acts they can never get away from that most iconic of models. And I make this point here because while with everyone who’s male it’s fairly obvious that they’ve followed in the wake of this seminal history (in other words there’s no way to play hero whether in the voluble mode or the silent-reticent one that’s not informed by the Bachchan archive.. this whether in Bombay or in the South) it might seem less so with similar female outings. But they’re every bit as close to this archive as their male counterparts.


      • I got the same feeling. The child trafficking angle should have been kept out of trailor or at the very least it need not have been so explicit. Even I will think twice now before getting into the theatres. Otherwise Rani is a competent actress to pull this off. I just wish the dialogues had more punch in it


  2. Child trafficking is a reality and Lakshmi by Nagesh Kukunoor also deals with the same subject.
    The explicit scenes could have been avoided to make the message reach out than sensationalise.


    • I’m not saying the angle shouldn’t have been there but in a film that otherwise looks regular it seems forced. Even more than this my point was simply about the box office.


  3. The lead is a woman, but her every act is mapped to and referenced from a male performance. It looks and feels fake.
    If you are pulling in a theme as grave as child sex trafficking you ought to get this right. At the least authentic enough for the mainstream movie that you intend your film to be. Female physical aggressiveness doesn’t derive all its points from the male.

    And enough of the Bhandarkar hangover, inspiration, likening, whatever. The first few mins seems like a collage made from all of his movies, made and those yet to be.


    • “Female physical aggressiveness doesn’t derive all its points from the male.”– agree…(u bet)

      I couldn’t watch this ‘promo’ beyond 3 seconds though–disturbing stuff -spoilt my mood!



    is this a pure coincidence? Trailer and this news releasing on the same day…..

    anyway – difficult to accept rani in this (never been her fan though….) – probably one of the most under-utilized and overrated actresses of BW….


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