Images from Kick (updated)

thanks to Raj5 & Xhobdo..


11 Responses to “Images from Kick (updated)”

  1. MSDhoni Says:

    Really excited with the look here. This calls for Palak’s O…ooo….O

    Aye Woh Eid Pe Picture Aa Reli Hai Na
    Kaun Si?
    Uska Title Song Ek Dum Faadu Hai
    Accha Hero Kaun Hai Uska
    ( courtesy Bodyguard song)

    Understand there is promo dialogue in the wings – Eid Hai to bhai eidi lene zaroor ayega

    This is the type of excitement we need for a hindi movie hero !!


  2. Pathetic movie. The original is so bad it’s cringeworthy. This will be a good opportunity to check the tastes of the Bollywood audience. This can start well but fizzle out quickly.


  3. MSDhoni Says:

    The movie may have been tweaked a bit for all we know… this is a Sajid Nadiadwala’s first directorial venture …party toh banti hai kind of deal here with all eyes on him.

    Due to Eid and money in the pocket kind of scenario ….the movie may stretch further than a Jai Ho.

    Lastly sallu’s movie or for that matter any big movie in India – music and music videos are a key. Few movies are made just for paisa vasool moment.


  4. sallu + eid – no story or screenplay required – counting will start from 201 cr 🙂


  5. Funny thing that I dont get it is, how this first time directors can get a billing on the poster such as ” A Sajid Nadiadwala Film ” ? I mean what great ( artistic or commercial ) movie has he ever directed!!

    The movie looks a fun ride. Looking forward to it!


  6. omrocky786 Says:

    Here is the second song from the movie KICK. Do you guys know that Salman Khan has sung this song by himself….Well you don’t get to listen to him everyday…So Hit the LIKE button and Hit it hard for one and only “Bhai


  7. sanjana Says:

    The only Salman movie in recent times which elicited some interest for me was ETT. It had some sort of decent story. Kick seems to be a stunt movie.


  8. omrocky786 Says:

    Going on Saturday with atleast 25 confirmation as of today, expected to grow to 45 by Thursday when I buy the Tickets….


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