Images from Mardaani (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo…

thanks to Saurabh…


15 Responses to “Images from Mardaani (updated)”

  1. Bandra.NRI Says:

    Poster looks good


  2. tonymontana Says:



  3. this looks farcical and rani can never pull-off such a role…….Pradeep Sarkar has not done anything after parineeta…..why waste money on him??? Flop written all over this


    • You commenting on the pictures? The trailer is already out there incase you missed it.


    • Rani, madhuri have proved themselves and now flops dont matter while hits will give them some boost. Rani still looks good and she just wants to do films which are her passion. When male stars double or triple her age still want to play leads, why not Rani or madhuri?


      • agreed but rani has not done any home-work for the film – just saw the trailer and did not like anything in that……Sridevi did a good job in EV and Tabu (39) looks amazing in the trailer of Haider……Rani can certainly take a clue from these…..on a personal note – I have never liked her except in Ghulam and maybe a bit in Veer-Zaara and in Talaash… of the most overrated / underutilized (talentwise) actresses…..


        • sanjana Says:

          But here rani is doing a B grade flick. Not multiplex ffriendly movie. I dont think she is overrated as an actress. She is not underutilised. She did all types of roles. From Bachchan to Govinda. What a range!


          • Just because one 30+ actress chooses to do a film like English Vinglish, it does not mean every other 30+ actress needs to follow. Rani is not even 40 – actresses her age in film industries around the world (not just in the west but also in East Asia) play bold, daring and interesting characters.

            When Aamir could play a Dhoom villain and even a college student at his age and with his stature, why should Rani restrict herself to roles like English Vinglish? I can understand criticising the trailer, but asking Rani to stick to roles like EV because of her age is completely unwarranted IMO.

            The film probably won’t be a success, but when Aditya can continuously produce vanity projects for his brother (including a lavish Hollywood film that turned out to be a disaster), a small little film like this is just a drop in the ocean and it’s failure won’t hurt anybody.


  4. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    She is doing a B-grade masala film? But why? She has never been good at them – as recent films like Dil Bole Hadippa and Ayyah have once again proven. She is a limited actress, better off doing script-driven films like Talaash or No One Killed Jessica. And Pradeep Sarkar directing a film like this? Does it have any chance at all?


    • It wont have any chance. But it will satisfy rani of doing something like this. When somebody has nothing to lose, they take such risks and it seems to be a low budget film.


      • Sanjana

        One look at the first poster here and I am convinced that she has the required fire in her.

        The fact she can still go out and do this is praiseworthy.


        • Agree- she has still got the spark and I think it’s laughable to call her one of the most overrated and talentless actress, especially in an industry filled with models who can’t even speak the language, forget act!


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