Images from Finding Fanny (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

click on poster below to enlarge

thanks to Master..


18 Responses to “Images from Finding Fanny (updated)”

  1. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Both Deepika and Arjun look very interesting. I hope the film is as edgy. Hooked to Adjania’s visual sense. Really looking forward to it.


  2. Awww Long time no see –was missing D-‘Pad’…
    Note now utkal uncle suddenly appeared in this thread–
    I think the ‘lurkers’ on this site far outnumber those who post comments!

    Anyhow homi reloaded DPads career with cock-tail…

    apparently homis wife has really improved DPads styling since then.

    Btw though this ‘dress’ is interesting, I’m wondering if she’s just wearing a kitchen apron over a bikini?


  3. Deepika looks great. Even Arjun’s look is great..

    [added to post]


  4. In last one month i saw Arjun kapoor all 3 movies, i must say he is carbon copy of Abhishek bachchan in looks as well as expressions and mannerism. Only thing which differentiate both is “LUCK”. The way Arjun kapoor career is shaping up, I am feeling more sorry about Abhishek.


    • Luck plays a role to some point, after that it’s getting the right script/movie at the right time. Producer/Director calculating what will work at the current time. Something like Run released during the Dabaang era would have done a very good business.

      Agree, Arjun is somewhat like Abhi.

      Problem with Abhi is paying public is not much interested in seeing him.


  5. Is this movie in English? Not looking forward to Deepika speaking English.


    • I’m surprised you don’t know that Bollywood hasn’t been a ‘Hindi’ industry in quite some time..


      • Satyam: C’mon, you ought to cut Adjania some slack for the simple reason that he is setting the film in the Konkan region (which is to say that the film’s characters are completely inhabiting that space). When was the last time we saw a film based there?! Shouldn’t this be reason enough to cheer the film’s existence if nothing else.


        • I was kidding there..


        • of course the question one must ask is: how different is this move in a Bollywood where it’s mostly Hinglish anyway. Or where there are relative few Hindi films excepting those exoticized as such? I don’t have a problem with the film or trailer otherwise but this isn’t like Baaton Baaton Mein or something where in the world of that Hindi cinema these Bombay (middle cinema) slices of life were rather interesting (even if this was a cinema of great or ‘greatest’ inclusion to begin with). Today however this sort of move operates within entirely different contexts. Today I’d say the greater need is to produce ‘Hindi’ cinema that is not about the life’s-a-party super bazaar set in Delhi or some Northern city that more or less functions the same way with the ‘native’ anthropologized-exoticized but equally avoids the Kashyap GoW danger from the other side. In other words a ‘normal’ Hindi film. Where the speaking of Hindi is not an issue, where ordinary life doesn’t have a neon sign on it. Put differently the quirkiness of the English-speaking type or the true ‘Hinglish’ type (Anglo-Indian or Goan or Parsee or however this was stereotypically represented once) is today completely normal because everyone else has by now followed that lead and with considerably less real humor. Finding Fanny seems like a harmless film and I’d rather have it than not. But no one has to ‘adjust’ to this film in multiplex India (the only market for this film.. or at least sub-sections of it).


    • Why, because English must only be spoken with a BBC accent? It’s silly how much flak Deepika gets simply for speaking like a girl who grew up in Bangalore!


    • Homi always wanted to make English films. Being Cyrus and now Finding Fanny. While making Finding Fanny, it got delayed and they made him direct Imtiaz Ali’s script – Cocktail.


  6. sanjana Says:

    Something different and interesting for deepika. Not the usual stuff.


  7. “It’s silly how much flak Deepika gets simply for speaking like a girl who grew up in Bangalore!”–nice comment …
    Interesting posters –(esp DPad & Dimple)
    Homi Adajania has a sense with visuals & the styling (I presume from) Anahita Adajania is fresh as usual
    Homi showing that cock-tail wasn’t a fluke..he’s tweeted this clip


  8. sanjana Says:

    Seems to be a quirky film. Saw the trailer. Reminds me of Julie, Khatta Meetha etc.


  9. here is the trailor:


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