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  1. Kick Records Extraordinary Thursday For A Huge First Week Total
    Thursday 31 July 2014 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick recorded another big day on Thursday as collections look set to be 14 crore nett with a possibility of even hitting 15 crore nett. The film is in overdrive and it could turn out to be that lowest weekday for the film is Monday.

    The film is heading for a 155 crore nett plus first week which is simply outstanding as four of the first seven days were pre Eid. There could even be a couple of circuits of which set a new record for first week collections.

    Kick has been unstoppable in UP over the last two days and it was no different on Thursday as single screens remained house full for the third day in a row. The film has put up a number on Thursday (day 7) which hardly any films have put on Monday. In fact only 15 odd films have collected a similar or higher amount on day one.


  2. Few tweets after Suzanne demanded an alimoney of Rs. 400 cr for getting seperated from hrithik:

    Suzzane khan demanded 400 crore in alimony. Arvind Kejriwal : iski jaanch honi chahiye ji,ye corruption hai

    Hope #Alia Bhatt doesn’t asks for a share from Suzzane #Roshan just b’coz it is ALI-mony! #400Crore

    Hey Suzanne, it’s called alimony not allyourmoney.

    Suzzanne Khan asks for Rs400 crores as alimony from #Hritik Roshan….. Now you know why #Salman Khan is not marrying ?

    400 Cr toh ISRO ke mars mission ka budget tha… Achchhe din for #suzanne

    Thank you #Susanne you gave us a thing to rant about. We were so bored in mid of a week. You saved us. How you come up with 400 cr figure?

    Does HDFC, ICICI or other banks provide loan for Divorce or Alimony settlement? #Hrithik #Sussane

    is alimony money taxable? Who cares! At least the payer needs to get some tax break 😛 government can’t earn from both sides! #400crore #divorce

    It’s Divorce for #Suzanne and Die-Worse for #Hrithik.

    Hrithik has to pay Suzanne 400 crores as alimony coz they separated ‘amicably’. Guess he wud need to launch IPO if split was acrimonious!

    Hrithik will become Hri(thin) after paying Rs.400 alimony to #Suzzane


  3. I really liked Nikhil Mahajan’s “Pune 52” (one of the better Indian noir works) so I am quite excited about this one- looks like a hardboiled-superhero story. And I haven’t seen a better trailer of an Indian film this year-


    • And as far as I am concerned the Marathi film industry is making the most interesting films in the country. Nagraj Manjule’s “Fandry” was, far and way, the best Indian film of last year IMO.


  4. All Time Top Ten Opening First Weeks – KICK Second
    Friday 01 August 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick has recorded the second highest first week of all time after Dhoom 3. It becomes only the second film to cross 150 crore nett in seven days. Last Year Chennai Express had grossed 140 crore nett with an Eid release but that released on Eid while Kick had four days pre Eid where collections remained below par in some circuits though it covered some of the ground post Eid.

    Kick has become the seventh film to a century in seven days and the list is dominated by Salman Khan starrers now with Kick, Ek Tha Tiger and Bodyguard hitting 100 in seven days while Dabangg 2 just missed out.

    The other four films to hit a 100 crore in seven days are Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, Krrish 3 and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The key benchmark of 150 in week one has been achieved and now the next two are 50 crore second week which only two films have achieved and 20 crore week three which only one film has achieved. Below are the all time top ten first week collections.

    [list here]


    • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 2h
      #Kick is simply UNSTOPPABLE. Collects ₹ 15.4 cr on Day 7, taking its Week 1 total to ₹ 164.09 cr nett. BLOCKBUSTER!


      • The propaganda around Kick is nonsensical — it has opened well, a testament to Salman’s box office standing in this kind of offering, but it doesn’t seem to have any legs.


        • ETT had huge numbers for 7 days or so. Whether Kick is like this or does better remains to be seen but even when it was something like ETT and more or less collapsed after a week these guys kept up the same narrative. But in a way it’s even become an academic debate at the popular level. No one cares. It’s true that the trending on 99% of big films (or even otherwise) shows what sort of WOM there has been but no one admits this in the media. In other words if Taran or Nahta or BOI or whoever were right the films wouldn’t be trending this way. But the difference is covered by propaganda (as you’ve suggested). No one asks the question of how much a film ‘ought’ to do specially after those openings. And forget the media. People have said similar things even on blogs, even here. So when films weren’t doing much more than 100 somehow 3I was an exception no one needed to talk about because it trended like that and so on. Suddenly with enough inflation when films started doing 150 or 175 or 200 then 3I went out the window. So now ETT starting at 150 (in the first week or more) and adding only 40-50 more (depending on who you believe) is more or less the same as 3I starting at 80 and getting to the same point! Now suddenly 3I isn’t special, the trending doesn’t mean anything. It’s only the overall number that counts! On these very blogs people used to say that more than 100 or so wasn’t possible, that the audience was limited, that most people showed up in week 1, etc etc. Then they said the same for 130 or 150 or whatever. At every point things are defended this way.

          The idea that every other film is opening at a historic level, breaking records all over India, and getting a crazily positive response from the audience is absolute nonsense. You’re right there. It’s total propaganda. You’re right there too. And then these folks prove their ‘honesty’ a little more by showing up for Talaash and asking why the film didn’t do 150 at the very least (yeah it should live upto the same standard as ETT!) or why D3 didn’t trend well enough. The former question is an absurd one (even in the US such films don’t gross hugely, forget this even films like Italian job aren’t huge grossers!), the latter question has merit to it but it cannot be raised by those who think that every other big film is doing perfectly at the box office! And again it’s too easy to keep blaming taran and others. They are sickening in every sense but they have enough folks happily following them online.


      • Taran must be able to type words like UNSTOPPABLE, BLOCKBUSTER, AMAZING, STUNNING, SENSATIONAL, EARTH SHATTERING with his eyes closed on a keyboard


        • yeah though each time he uses them you get the sense he’s investing them with even more emotion!


        • What is equally true is that he has not used those words to describe a movie that did not create ripples. Hence to a degree, however little one might think, he IS somewhat discriminating.


  5. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 2h
    #HumptySharmaKiDulhania Week 3 total: ₹ 3.25 cr. Grand total: ₹ 76.81 cr nett. India biz. SMASH HIT!

    taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 1h
    #LaiBhaari [Week 3] Fri 47 lacs, Sat 82 lacs, Sun 1.10 cr, Mon 55 lacs, Tue 95 lacs, Wed 42 lacs, Thu 40 lacs. Total: ₹ 31.14 cr. FAB!


    • Kick has done better than what I expected it to do. 155 crores in week 1 after that start was quite impressive. It looks like it will be around 10 crores today at this moment. So it can get a 65 crores week 2. The issue is Week 3 it will lose lot of screens to Entertainment.


      • Which is why a clear run is extremely important to setting new records.

        I would say that a min of 20/30 cores difference (in the last leg of its release) between two equal movies, one with competition and another without should be expected.

        Kick might set records like D3 if it got a release like D3. I think to ignore this factor and just assign the records to the quality of the film is not wise.


        • of course. Like I alwasy say if pav bhaji is the only item on menu, then people will have choice to eat pav bhaji or not eat. If you add vada pav to the menu, now people have 2 items to chose from.

          This is where aamir is the smartest of all, he choses his film to release when there’s no compition the same week or subsequent following weeks. If Welcome Back will release smae day as PK, than it’ll be interisting to see how much impact it will have. Of course welcome with akshay is different than one with abraham.


  6. It probably won’t have the legs of 3 Idiots (let’s face it, which movie has had that kind of trending anyway during the last 10 years or so?) But 15cr at the end of first week on a normal working day after a 26cr first day is pretty good and it does seem to have more legs by today’s poor standards in that respect.


    • this is part of the problem. Unless a movie collapses after the first three days everyone says it’s trending well! It can collapse after the first seven days or whatever, then it’s ok! Just because many films do worse doesn’t mean anything. BOI says the second week 50 crore mark is important. But that mark has somehow remained the same 3I through the present! Much like the final gross. A film doing 80 in week 1 and 50 in week 2 is one thing, doing so after getting 150 in week 1 quite another! I won’t even get into week 3 at this point.


      • and I’ll say this again, all of these films are very far from Ghajini (in every sense) let alone 3I. Ghajini had an initial of around 55 crores in 7 days (10 day 63 or something) when no film had done more 42-45. It then went to a 115 total when no film had done more than 85. So whether it’s the percentage by which it beat the existing week 1 mark or the final gross these films today are not even close. For this reason I’ve for a long time considered this to be an even more impressive achievement than 3I. The latter for a film multiplexes loved, Ghajini wasn’t for everyone in the same way. A serious action drama with enough real ‘loss’ to the story in more ways than one, this is not the sort of thing audiences reward in multiplexes. Everything else that succeeds is a Telugu remake which has only as much seriousness as an Akshay comedy! To get Ghajini to that level is truly extraordinary whereas with 3I the subject (or the material) was right for the times (this doesn’t take away anything from Hirani’s achievement though.. I’d say the same for LRM).


      • Bandra.NRI Says:

        Since 3I to now, the number of multiplex theaters has increased. Population has increased. But I don’t think the number of those who can afford to go to the movies has increased.

        India from an affordability perspective is a stagnant market. It will be a while for example a Hollywood movie will make more in India than in US (but the same is possible in China). In China, along with the the infrastructure, the number of people who can afford to see these movies has also increased.


        • Agree on the affordability part.

          Not trying to defend Kick in any way but its not trending / wom etc which matter but question of getting the repeat audience. These days most of the big movies are getting that one time watch unless they are completely trash and go out of the window within a day or two.

          I went to watch Kick first time around due to star / hype / big movie/ curiosity…but now even if someone wants me to accompany them to this movie or even if they pay me to watch it again, I will not waste my time as I would consider better sitting at home idling than a bheja fry of mind.

          On 3I even though I am not much of a Aamir fan ended up watching it 3 times in a span of 10 days during that Christmas break on some pretext or the other and enjoyed it each time. So this is the basic difference with movies these days. None of the big stars have given us that moment to watch it again hence no trending…..


        • Think your first statement is a contradictory one. If there wasn’t a bigger market to serve those multiplexes why would people go on making them? Again the point that everyone refuses to confront is this — there are enough people to get a film to a 150 crore number in week 1. but these films are simply not being liked. To say that one got to 200 and another got to 200 and third to 250 from that starting point is to still scrape the bottom of the barrel. None of those results is satisfactory. and to say that the audience is exhausted in week 1 also defies elementary logic (not to mention that people were saying this for much lower numbers not too long ago).

          Now as for competition and so forth all those are fair points but then these must be performed for every film and all these factors should be taken into account in every case. Secondly one can’t have imaginary things being thrown out there and offered as ‘evidence’. So if D3 does 175 and Kick does 150 it’s not enough to say the 25 crore difference is because of ‘pre-Eid’ or the lost Diwali business on day 1 or whatever. One must show the evidence. There is none! How many films with Salman or anyone else do more than this in week 1? So far it’s just ETT and CE in that range and then D3 much higher. Given that the latter is the biggest franchise in Bollywood isn’t it just simpler and more obvious to assume that it would be in a different league (all else being equal) and that it’s not about all this other nonsense that the trade throws out? and again I’ll say it more categorically — I simply don’t buy any of this stuff. Why wasn’t ETT in D3 range? This was the biggest film for Salman, had Katrina, had the Yashraj banner. Just talking about week 1 here.


          • and the other point you or Krrish keep missing when you (or he) say (or implicitly imply) that CE or Kick (the final total here remains to be seen) could have done as much as D3 is that you’re a)either saying that dhoom as a franchise means nothing and that Aamir in it also means nothing which is why both CE or a big Salman film could equal it in every sense or b) that WOM on D3 was quite bad and which caused even a big drop in week 1 numbers and of course the final gross. Because if one keeps asserting that one of these two conclusions must follow. But I think it’s hard to buy either one. The second one is still a more plausible inasmuch as mixed WOM for a film that comes with supreme expectations might be like bad WOM for a lesser film. But given this film’s second week this is still somewhat hard to explain though perhaps somewhat possible (but then you’d have to say that some of the other big grossers, certainly ETT, were disasters in week 2). But you or Krrish are not even making this point.


          • Exactly. This assertion that CE had competition, D3 had a free run…its all spin. The reason D3 had a free run is because it was FEARED. No one would have the balls to release their film close to it. CE had competition because the other producers felt they could compete. What conclusion can be drawn from this?
            And CE had 2 national holidays in its first week and multiple ones that followed in its entire run! It did get other benefits that other films do not as it had a very good release date…yes it had competition but it totalled more national holidays/regional holidays than any other film last year.

            Correct me if I am wrong but YJHD had hardly no holiday edge and got to a figure close to ETT. IT SHOWED THAT WITHOUT A HOLIDAY A FILM CAN STILL DO BIG BUSINESS.

            And till CE…everyone was explaining how a film cannot make it to 200 crore without being “special” yet an average to decent CE made it past and D3 went past in 10 days! And if D3 was “good” it would have easily gone past 300 crore. So “suddenly” the market “woke” up?

            All contradictory. There is no need to “wait” till a film does fantastic business to “know” the potential of the market.

            In a country of 1.2billion business of 500 crore would be like 30mm people or 40million people. Are we saying only 2-4% of people can afford to watch these films? Or are we simply saying the films are not good enough and not penetrating the market. I know where I would lay my bet. When Ghajini made 115 crore, i bet people were predicting it is hard to get to 100 crore! Low and behold a film goes to 200 crore in a year! Everything is possible, if the product is good enough. The Salman/Akshay films are “nothing” films – all star peddled. SRK risks like Ra.One did not come off. K3 against the kind of technology Hollywood creates and all those superhero films is a drop in the ocean. D3 as a film IMO fell apart. These should be the reasons for films not doing big business. Not that the “market” cannot cope.

            People don’t build cinemas for a 1 day or weekend pay-day.


          • Satyam, Your points are all valid regarding how poor second weeks have been for other movies. D3 did get a bigger first week than CE primarily because of the brand of the series and Aamir factor. So that was factored in Week 1 and explains the difference. My only point was that the WOM for CE was far better than D3 and given a chance CE could have made up for the difference between the two films had not OUATIMD, Madras Cafe and Satyagraha not released back to back. CE got only 6 days free run, not even 7. It did retain lot of its screens on Day 7 but the competition was already there in the market. On Day 8 it lost 1000+ screens inspite of making 150 crores in Week 1 and 20 crores on Day 7 of its run. So it was disadvantaged definitely. Jayshah’s point that D3 was more feared than CE may or may not be true but that doesnt negate my point that given a free run, CE could have done much more than it actually did.


          • but do you concede that all else being equal D3 still makes more than any other film at every point?


          • And if the WOM of D3 was the same as CE it would have made much more than it did. So that gap CE just closed, got wider again.


          • Yes it does. It has grossed 261 which is more than any other films. The brand factor, the time of releases, Christmas and New Year holiday, no competition, the stellar cast and Aamir all have managed to overcome the mixed or even bad WOM to an extent or at least for the first 10 days after which it sort of went downhill. If the movie had even CE kind of WOm (which was decent to fair), it would have done 300+ crores for sure.

            All through the week 1 i was always saying that this movie is collecting more than what its eventual WOM was. That can happen in an event film.


          • Let’s not take away anything from D3 or Aamir.

            But if D3 had come in the CE time slot, it might have struggled to get to 150 Cr. The initial negative reaction and the competition would have held it back.

            To Aamir’s credit he discovered that Christmas was as good a holiday slot as Diwali and Eid. Previously producers thought that the cold weather was detrimental to the business in North India.

            Finally, it has been seen and discovered that the newer multiplex have a reduced marginal return. They are not effective as before in improving the overall business. The only change that is visible is that the collection is faster (thanks to increased penetration), but the overall business is not jumping like before. This might now create a situation where multiplex will have to compete against each other for yet business.


          • Jayshah

            There is the theory of the fastest gun in town at play. People try to draw against the fastest gun, not the second fastest gun.

            Now Salman and Aamir have shown that they too can pull a SRK (business wise), but till people don’t line up to draw against them, till then, we will have to believe that in the industry they still take SRK to be the fastest gun.

            I like all three, and Hritikh and Akshay and Ajay, but I don’t see anyone going out of their way to prove anything against Salman or Aamir.


          • Jay is making the very opposite point and I think you too are not following the ‘evidence’. D3 had no competition. CE did earlier. Even beyond this JTHJ released with competition as did Don as did OSO. RNBDJ gave up the Christmas date to Ghajini and decided to go earlier. Lots of times films have competition a week or two after release. But head to head is a different matter. SRK though has often had competition even in earlier years. KKHH released with BMCM, Mohabbatein with MK. On the other hand when was has anyone released anything with a Salman film post-Dabanng? With a big Aamir film post-Lagaan? Can’t think of an example. So the evidence suggests the very opposite. That people are quite happy to release a film opposite SRK!


          • in each of those cases, i think SRK film had collected more than the competition. Be it Akshay, Salman, or both together (Don/Jaaneman), Hrithik, Ranbir, etc…

            Bandra point stand that people will go out of their way to prove a point against SRK.

            The yardstick has been SRK.

            HNY is right around the corner, let’s see how that does.

            By the way it would have been cool to see HNY/PK release together 🙂


          • JTHJ didn’t really collect more than its competition.

            On the rest true but that’s not the debate. Mohabbatein had Amitabh Bachchan in it and furthermore grossed less than KNPH the same year.

            In any case when one looks at these things one should also look at all factors. HNY is a circus. By the way it’s not me saying this. When OSO was releasing Farah Khan said it would get a big initial because she had advertised the song with 33 stars and so on. Stars of course draw initials but SRK has had plenty of tepid initials from JTHJ to RNBDJ to both Dons to MNIK, with or without competition.

            On HNY/PK if each film performs to its potential the latter easily beats the former. Look at the track record of each director. Not just this, HNY possibly opens bigger on day 1 (because of the circus) but even over the first week PK beats it. Again if each film lives up to its potential.


          • Satyam

            I understand that Jay is saying that the might of Aamir scares away the competition. I disagree.

            Sure Aamir is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, I get that and accept that. To support Aamir’s might as a star, I would submit the fact that only he can regularly convert offbeat subjects into blockbusters. Perhaps only Aamir can make PK happen. This ability to take a difficult material and make a successful movie out of it, is all the evidence I need to accept Aamir as one of Bollywood’s all time great star.

            Aamir gets Christmas for himself only because others used to think that Christmas limits business in the north (cold weather). They stayed away because of the cold not the fear of Aamir. Now thanks to Aamir everyone has realized that these days, the cold weather is not such a big deal (not as bad as say rain).

            But when you look at this elusive stardom from the prism of competition then that perspective supports SRK. It is SRK that everyone wants to beat. There is no glory in beating Aamir (at least evidence says that no one even tries), the glory is in beating SRK. Time and again, people have tried. Some charged by ego, other bruised by a grudge, but so far no one has succeeded. The more they fail, the greater has this prize become. The greater this prize becomes, the more they try. The day they switch thieir focus to Aamir, then I will also revise my rankings. Sadly this “who is the fastest gun in town”, cost SRK some records.

            But for me the top 5/6 Stars in Bollywood are like the top 5/6 teams in world soccer, on any given they they can outperform the world. Ranking does not matter, they are equally good to watch.


          • but you’re walking away from the definitions you yourself set up.. you said the test is that the films are released unopposed. well that hasn’t happened with SRK. On the rest don’t think anyone thinks that about SRK anymore. It’s a bit hard to believe that when Salman is routinely putting up such numbers, when Aamir has cornered the grosses and the prestige, that someone would still be in a 90s time warp! But in any case you first said that was the test, now you’re saying they release films with SRK to try and beat him. Can’t have it both ways!


          • Bandra.NRI Says:


            I like to discuss/debate, not not fight.

            On SRK, there are times I agree with you. There are times I agree with Z.

            On the issue on hand, I do believe two things

            1. A lot of stars tried to go against SRK just to test their metal. SRK was too happy to oblige. It served him well to win these battles (almost like USA Vs Panama), till he realized that he iwas winning the battle but loosing the war. He won each and every battle, but still saw the world pass him by. This does not mean that he is now number 10 (probably will remain in the top 3 for a while), but whereas once people said that SRK and Sex sells, these very people now say that Sex and THE KHANs sell. His childish pursuit of the battles reduced him to being one amongst many (no longer a cut apart).

            2. SRK realized what Aamir and Salman found out before him, viz quality matters less than free run. This does not mean Aamir’s film lack quality. I like Aamir and think if he had personally made/directed D3’s story, he would have surpassed Sholay. But, what I do mean is that a free run is extremely desirable, if your goal is to set records, and define success.

            Now I don’t know what I am specifically saying that you say is a contradiction. For sake of a civil argument, I would like to continue this debate, but not if it means we have to demean any actor/star or each other. I am not here to sling mud. But facts are facts, I am not going to undermine one star to make another look better. I think even Akshay/Salman have proven their worth (time and again) and hence to question their genuine star status is not wise.

            BTW ditto for Amitabh and Abhishek, I don’t want to get into a debate that question their status. Amitabh is a Bolyywood icon and no matter what happens next, he will be a yardstick by which others will be measured. Dilip Kumar is another such yardstick.

            Honestly I like the debate that Utkal and Satyam (when he is not fighting Z) bring to the table. What Utkal said about D3 and Talash was music to my ears.


          • With all due respect you’re saying something different in each response. I won’t get into this. However I will make a larger point. I’ve never been able to buy into this ‘don’t demean stars’ logic. First off I don’t find it very mature to be very honest. They’re not our relatives! I know online a lot of people play these games where they insult stars for whatever reason, that is never my goal though I might say things that many over-zealous fans might consider insulting. If I say that Salman cannot act to save his life there’s nothing ‘insulting’ here. I genuinely believe it. Now if I say he’s not even a big star there would be something absurd about this and would indicate my own psychological make up more than anything else but not sure if it would be ‘demeaning’ to the star. There’s no reason to convert all these debates into some sort of morality test where one has to be respectful to every star, accept what they’ve achieved and so on. Again in any objective sense one can have all kinds of debates and many people might say crazy things or whatever. But that’s a different yardstick than the one which introduces terms like ‘demeaning’ and so on. Now I still thing that certain kinds of careers and accomplishments ought to be respected but that’s a rather high bar for me. I place Sachin or Bachchan in that category not SRK or Sehwag. In other words while I don’t deny the achievements either way there is something event-like about the former set which has to be taken much more seriously. This is a rule I’d use elsewhere too.

            Finally there are some red herrings in your response. The ‘facts’ sometimes have to be debated. Again either one is in the Bachchan/Sachin category where ‘greatness’ is not up for debate though lots of other things might be or everything and everyone else can be argued about even on those essential grounds. But without losing some sort of link to the ‘objective’. So SRK has been the most iconic star of new India. It’s doubtful whether anyone has had that sort of cultural currency in terms of representing a moment or an alternative to it. However it does not follow that he’s the biggest star at all points in his career or that that very iconic appeal is also as strong as before or that he has ‘superstar’ numbers in his career (even using some contemporary standards let alone older ones.. but that’s a different debate) and so forth. One must be precise about these things. Similarly if I’m an Abhishek fan whatever I might believe about him as a star or actor I have to account for all the places he’s been in his career. One can’t be absurd like the folks who whatever year it was said the very same things. However one has to accept the obvious in some ways whatever one might think about him going forward. Or with bigger stars also one has to account for the ways their careers become something else as they get older and that every hit does not ‘mean’ the same thing for every star. So there are lots of ways to approach these things provided one wants to have a serious debate. People have different perspectives, that’s fine but they have to include some doze of reality and either way whether a star is being demeaned or not is the least of my concerns.


          • Bandra, I’m always amazed by your post. Agree with you 100% on why do we need to always degrade another actor to make your look good. go thru this blog and i’ve made that point many times.


  7. If it can manage to pull in 45 to 50 crore 2nd weekend, it’ll be great.


  8. on the Yudh TRPs:

    Think the strongest point here is on the model used for comparison (for this sort of genre). True Detective got 3.5m viewers for its finale which was incredible for this sort of thing on HBO. However gray’s Anatomy at it’s lowest gets 12m or so and at its best goes unto 25m. Very often it falls in between these two extremes. So even at 15-17m you’re looking at something that’s getting at least 5 times as many viewers as True Detective. Breaking Bad for almost all of its history never crossed 2m viewers when it was playing on a non-premium channel. Towards the end it got 5m viewers for one finale and then 10m for the absolute finale which was astonishing. But this was still at the lowest end for Gray’s Anatomy or lower than it in fact. The much more commercial Mad Men (on the same channel) never got more than 3.5m viewers (this was its peak for a single episode, more often it was 2m or lower). Breaking Bad is about the best AMC ever did barring Walking Dead which averaged 11-12m.

    Now in India you don’t have the same major networks-extended cable-premium channels slicing of the pie (though a lot of this is not as relevant even in the American context.. hardly anyone in any important TV market just has the three major networks! And similarly premium channels now have a lot more subscribers than they once did.. and of course a lot of this stuff is also accessed on streaming or DVD later..) but the point here is that Yudh irrespective of whatever expectations it came with is much more grim and low key in certain ways. Can’t be compared to all the other stuff on TV (whether one otherwise likes the show or not). Anil Kapoor’s 24 remake with more masala did better than this but still had very low numbers. Once again like the movies we have to separate these things. And it’s not about Bachchan because even in his 8th season (or whatever) he still gets very solid/comfortable ratings for KBC and was getting very strong ones just a couple of years ago. No other star has got close to this when they’ve tried out the game show format, certainly not over the length of a season (one doesn’t even have to get into the original ratings of KBC, historic in every sense).

    Some of the other points mentioned there are probably significant too but I think this is the most significant one.


    • Anurag Kashyap should have gone for an explosive House of Cards like deal with Amitabh rather than something so low key. That would have found a lot more viewership.


      • fair enough but I’ve never been that impressed with House of Cards. It’s perfectly entertaining, liked the second season more (have seen the British original too) but it’s very masala and pushes all the right buttons. Now would it still be vastly superior to anything else on Indian TV? Sure!


        • Yeah House of Cards can get downright stupid at points. Easily watchable but nowhere near the best in TV right now. Between Netflix’s two tent-pole shows I’d easily take Orange is the New Black over this.


          • HOC second season was like a bollywood movie, very convenient in its script. The first season was very good though


        • Exactly my point, good to start with a House Of Cards and then move into more serious territory. It’s not my favorite show either, but it’s just got HIT written all over it.


  9. MSDhoni:

    on Singham 2 god knows why do you need to get Honey Singh to do a aata majhi satakli ? The whole credibility of the franchise goes out of the window for me….

    It seems Rohit is getting SRKfied where it should have been the other way round.


    he has that sort of thing when he gets the chance. BB had enough of it.


  10. P.K Talli Says:

    Kick Heading For 200 In Two Weeks As Day Eight Is Very Strong
    Friday 01 August 2014 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Services 0

    Kick is heading for a huge second week as its strong run continues in week two and it seems the 200 crore nett mark will be crossed in two weeks. The eighth day business is likely to come in at around the 8 crore nett mark which would be the third highest second Friday ever after Three Idiots (holiday) and Dhoom 3.

    The drop from day one will be under 70% which is fantastic considering the huge opening the film took last Friday. Last year Dhoom 3 had grossed 9.25 crore nett on day eight while Chennai Express grossed 6.25 crore nett. A 50 crore nett plus second week is looking a a sure shot for the film.

    The weekend could see it surpass the business of films like Krrish 3, Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani and Salman Khan’s biggest grosser till date Ek Tha Tiger. Rajasthan will see a big drop as entertainment tax comes into play from the beginning of August and that circuit will be 25% lower than it would have been otherwise.


  11. Comment of the day goes to-
    The thing is I don’t care if it comes from ‘bandra’ or anyone else.
    I don’t do ‘spin’…There’s a ‘fairness’ to it all
    These are parts of theories I have started -good to see boys n girls catching on them cheers

    The ‘contrast’

    On one hand u have a star needling the best franchise, the most saleable heroine, the biggest production house to give a d3 and then pk
    I don’t have anything against aamir and the reality is that I like him more than some of his so-called pseudo fans
    Nothing can be more indicative

    Aamir literally has to shed his clothes to catch up

    Salman in a half baked role, first time director, first time lead heroine takes the film kick places..that in my book is true pure stardom
    Rest is ‘planning and plotting’ of aamir

    Arre jumme ki raat hai,
    Chumme ki baat hai,
    Allah bachaaye mujhe tere waar se..

    Ps: Check out Jacqueline 3:10 onwards …


    • JummeKiMorning Says:

      First time director, first time lead heroine, and what happened?

      Has Sallu defeated the existing lifetime record by 40% likeAamir did with a similar combination in Ghajini?


  12. on another note according to taran Tevar isn’t releasing on Dec 5 but sometime in Jan. The other film on this date is All is well. not sure if this still holds.


    • Yes Tevar has been postponed to January but unfortunately Happy Endings starring Saif Ali Khan as Illena is now releasing on Dec 5 as well according to Taran Adarsh. I was hoping after 3 back to back superhit multistarrers that Abhishek could make a comeback as a solo star with All Is Well and have a clean 60-70 crore hit/superhit but idk now as the Saif movie is a romcom


    • Yes Tevar has been moved to early January but now there is a clash between All is Well and Happy Endings (Saif Ali Khan-Illena) on December 5th according to Taran


  13. Finally saw KICK in theaters. I thought this was Salman Khan’s Ra.One-and by that I don’t mean that it was bad, just that it was very ambitious and tried doing a lot of things at the same time- I wasn’t sure if it was a rom-com-action or action movie with a “message” or what. But the good thing was that the twists kept coming one after another so it was not boring at all. I have seen the original Kick and I prefer Ravi Teja to Salman in the OTT “Kick” scenes. Also the romantic track in the original was better. Here it is okay but I did like the Hangover song. The Salman-Randeep-Nawazudin scenes were good. Action was good but I felt like Salman Khan did very little of the stunts, there were too many distant shots. Also Salman Khan’s face looked young and fresh however his body looks just fat to be honest. Jaqueline was a surprise, she has potential although her role was too short and it should have been as long as it was in the original. Songs were decent- I liked Hangover and Jumme Ki Raat. The side actors were great. The emotional “twist” at the end with the children was done well but it could’ve been longer. That was a problem I had with this movie, everything was 50%. The production values were extremely high but that is turning out to be a given with these big films. I prefer this kind of Salman film to Bodyguard/Dabangg 2/Jai Ho. Overall 3/5 from me. I enjoyed it more than Dhoom 3 and K3 but less than CE. Of course that could be because I’m a SRK fan, but my interest in the other 3 actors is all the same so I’m not biased in that sense.

    Also I’m upset that the trailer showed all the best action scenes and dialogues- same thing happened with Dhoom 3.


  14. In my ‘fading gigolo’ post, I did mention Woody Allen’s open admiration and attempts at copying Ingmar Bergman.

    Incidentally Woodys next is his open tribute to Bergman–wearing his influences out in the open

    Colin firth, Emma Stone


  15. Some good comments by z & ‘bandra’…
    As I’ve been saying, Srk is surely a different league if one looks at the bigger picture & the one eliciting the most ‘anxieties’…

    Coming back to j’umme ki raat hai’ -link above

    There’s something about nerdy gals with glasses that I seem to have developed a new weakness for–be it Jacqueline here or the ultimate Dpad in Yjhd 🙂

    It’s one thing needing/ depending upon a rani, Kareena or katrina to add to your box office (3I, talaash, Dhoom3)

    There’s another thing to pick up any girl from the street and ELEVATE her to Katrina, or Jacqueline & make her believe she is a big star

    Ik main baat kahoon
    Do pal saath rahoon
    Phir main agle hi pal hoon hawa
    Kiya jo kuchh bhi kahin
    Mujhe kuchh yaad nahi
    Karoon main kya yeh mujhe tu bata


    • JummeKiMorning Says:

      Kareena in 3 I played a nerdy girl with glasses,i.e. your weakness and talking about her level post 3 I…
      Kick’s worldwide gross which might touch 350cr (295 domestic and 50-55 overseas) will fall 45-50 cr short of 5 year old 3I starring your weakness nerdy Kareena and your fav actor Aamir.


    • JummeKiMorning Says:

      Talking about starring with Rani and a [DELETED BY MODERATOR] Kareena,
      we all know what magic Sallu delivered with a similar combination in a far more commercial Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

      For the past 6 years , Sallu missed Eid release only for 1 time in 2013 and domestic record of 3 Idiots was gone. Sally’s Eidified stardom failed for the 5th time this Eid to achieve lifetime record.

      Talk about Aamir, he has released his movie 3 times in last 6 years on Christmas and all ‘then existing’ lifetime records started looking like ‘ credibility of Roshans after Krrish3’.
      SRK and Salman both attempted to match Aamir with Christmas releases Don’t 2 and Dabangg 2 but……


      • Haha good one by chumma..
        Kareena with /without specs (or anything else for that matter !) is a big no-no for me …
        Kareena & ‘nerdy’ is like being an airhead with brain cells–which is an oxymoron

        Btw good to see kick doing well and showing how a real star can pull a mediocre product without needing the nest setup etc

        Read utkal uncles review below–seems he has started getting carried away nowadays (like he did with Kaam leela)
        He was sharp till cocktail (agree with him on cocktail totally)

        Basically give utkal uncle a decent pair of legs & an inviting persona and he is happy with the entire film!
        With me –it has to be ‘deeper’ & more ‘substantial’..

        I have NOT seen kick till now but may have to catch it to see what the fuss is all about…

        Till then…


  16. I liked abhishek’s work in Dhoom 3. In one or two scenes, He just stole the scene from aamir. Like when he said chup chap charlie getting angry with the villain. It was quite a powerful scene. abhishek is a pure actor without gimmicks and these days it works against a good actor. In most of his films, he never loses control.


  17. Kick Hus Huge Eight Day – Third Highest Ever
    Saturday 02 August 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick had a huge eighth day as it grossed around 8.50 crore nett taking its eight day total to 163.5 crore nett. The eighth day was the third highest of all time after Three Idiots (Holiday) and Dhoom 3. In fact only a few films this year have collected more on day one than what Kick has grossed on day eight.

    The big fall cane in Rajasthan as entertainment tax came into play and the collections in the circuit fell 50% from the previous day. The film is continuing with strong business in Delhi/Up with collections of around 2 crore nett.

    Gujarat is strong giving strong contribution to Mumbai circuit which was around 2.60 crore nett. The drop in Mumbai on day eight from day was only 65% as day one underperformed slightly. The film is set for a huge second weekend and should cross 200 crore nett by the end of the second week.


    • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 15h
      #Kick continues to gallop speedily. [Week 2] Fri 9.22 cr. Grand total: ₹ 173.31 cr nett. India biz. BLOCKBUSTER!


  18. The sholya climax you never saw –


  19. Kick Second Saturday Collections
    Sunday 03 August 2014 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick grossed around 9.75-10 crore nett on Saturday taking its second week business to around 18.50 crore nett in two days. The film had good growth in places like Delhi city, East Punjab and Bangalore but many places remained at similar levels to Friday.

    The film will see good growth today as the places which were held back on Saturday will show big jumps. The film has almost touched the business of Krrish 3 and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and by the end of the weekend it will be above these films as well as Salman Khan’s own highest grosser Ek Tha Tiger.

    The weekend is looking to be around the 32-33 crore nett range which is similar to 3 Idiots and only below Dhoom 3 which grossed around 36 crore nett in its second weekend.


    • they had d3 at 10 or a bit higher on the second Fri (Kick at 8.5) and 11.5 on Sat (I checked the archives!). So it’s behind D3 by 3 crores just on these two days. Unless it does a stronger Sun than D3 I don’t see how it can be just 3 crores or so behind for the weekend. Of course whether it was D3 or now Kick matching 3I all these years later in week 2, specially when that film had an 80 crore week 1, not something double that, is hardly a comparable accomplishment.


    • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 4h
      #Kick [Week 2] Fri 9.22 cr, Sat 10.62 cr. Grand total: ₹ 183.93 cr nett. India biz. Racing towards ₹ 200 cr. BLOCKBUSTER!


      • SRK fans getting ready to take HNY prints to all temples in India.


      • This needs 240 crores for distributors to recover their money. I dont know how they are tagging it as blockbuster.


        • This distributors share etc is all behind the curtain scene and it must be overall sharing of spoils. I doubt the distributors will be touching big actors movie if they were so expensive.


          • Here is some more explanation to Kick box office..

            Classifications 2014 – BLOCKBUSTER At Last With KICK

            The first half of 2014 saw business drop compared to the first half of 2013 to the tune of 8% and no blockbuster film but that has all changed with release of Kick. It has emerged the biggest hit of the year by a distance and first blockbuster of 2014.

            The one week share of the film is similar to the lifetime of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani achieved last year and in just one week it is the 6th/7th highest share ever. The second halfof the year has started on a good note with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania also emerging a hit but nothing in front of the colossus Kick which has strong appreciation all over and has gone into week two with super strong collections.

            There are eleven films that have done well this lead by the only blockbuster of the year Kick and they are as follows.

            1. Kick (apprx 90 cr share in 7 days)

            Super Hit
            2. Ek Villian (share – 49 cr))
            3. 2 States (share – 48.75 cr)

            4. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (share – 56 cr)
            5. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (share – 35 cr)
            6. Queen (share – 25.75 crore)
            7. Heropanti (share – 25 crore)
            8. Ragini MMS 2 (share – 23.50 crore)

            Semi Hit
            9. Jai Ho (share – 58 cr)
            10. Gunday (share – 37.75 cr)
            11. Main Tera Hero (share – 26 cr)


          • This information does not justify the block buster status specially from BOI who always goes by distribution costs. Few weeks ago BOI had an article on the selling price of Kick and how in every territory it needs business between CE and D3 to just break even. I can understand this being a blockbuster for producers but BOI does not usually go by producer cost for their classifications.


          • I am surprised you guys are debating this stuff so seriously. BOI-dishonesty ought not to be news to anyone. The same goes for everyone else.


  20. I like the way the film starts – a bespectacled Jacqueline ( Shaina)stirring out of the house languorously against a lilting enough but not particularly memorable song. Then it moves on nicely with Randeep Hooda ( Himanshu) and Jacqueline in the metro train as Jackie tells her about her amazing boyfriend Devi Lal ( Salman Khan). Himanshu too shares his story about the man in his life, the criminal he failed to catch. We know it is the same man they are talking about and I thought it was a smart way of setting up the story and dispensing the obligatory hero introduction scene.
    At this point I am quite surprised with the degree of professionalism with which the film has been mounted. Ayanank Bose’s cinematography is lush. The writing is first rate. The conversation between Himnshu and Shaina in the train, for example, is the way two sensible adults would talk. Both Randeep and Jackie avoid any over-the-top histrionics.

    Fortunately the film keeps up its smart strain throughout. The righting is always competent, the lines smart, the repartees witty. Not much happens in the first half. It is mainly a character exposition of Devi Lal through episodes. And Salman carries the scenes through effortlessly. I have always thought he is the handsomest star in Hindi film screen. You can have your Hrithik, I am all for the human touch of Salman. Here he is in full flow, moving his toned body gracefully at times, comically at others. His comic timing is god as ever. He is especially lovable in the drunken scene with his father played by Mithun.

    As the film progressed I am even more surprised by the professional competence with which the film has been put together. The writing is not lazy. Nowhere is there an attempt to insult your intelligence. If there is an explanation for the code ‘ LOSER’, there is another for how Devi Lal simply becomes Devil. The action sequences as well the heists are more logical, more credible and better staged than in Dhoom 2 or Dhoom3. ( Think of the scene where the peonleads to the hidden cache of 50 crores after the police interrogation.) And the attention to detail is something you do not see in an average Bollywood film, let alone in a Salman Khan caper. It is a really hard-worked film. If Devi Lal’s academic excellence has to be established, there are a bunch of certificates with his name clearly visible on each of them. When Randeep says, “ Mere vardi mein medals toh bahut lage hain lekin dhaba sirf ek’, we get to see his past successes, involving diverse situations, in quick succession, but in faithful detail, before coming to the sole failure. ( I like the spontaneous wit of lines like Salman telling Randeep, referring to his shooting skills “ Aap Olympics mein kyun nahin participate karte hain? Medals to wahan bhi milte hain.”)

    And one has to but admire the scale and standard of the film’s mounting when they can get actors like Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla and Sanjay Mishra for bit parts. And they all deliver. Then there is the master himself – Nawajuddin Siddiqi. Wahta performance! His scenes have been very well-written too. Take the scene where he kills the doctor played by Rajat Kapoor. He starts by quoting Ghalib,‘Maut ka ek din muayyan hai, nind kyon rat bhar nahi ati / Pehle aati thi haal-e-dil pe hansi, ab kisi baat par nahin aati’ , followed by the manic laughter. Then he smothers him with what is available at hand, a bubble wrap sheet. Then he mentions how stress kills so many of us and trues to relieve his own by bursting the bubbles one by one. I can see the film again just to see him perform.

    The songs have been picturized with zest and zing. I have always thought Himesh does great dance numbers, and I loved the kickass club beat of Yaar Na Mila song as well as Hangover and Jumme Ki Raat. One compliant though – only the context of the Hangover song has been built through what Salman has said to Jackie earlier. But no such justification for the Jumme Ki Raat song ( unlike say the ; Jumma Chumma’ song in ‘Hum’).
    The segment with the child with cancer has been built up with same logical consistency as rest of the film. (Her asking for money, which we have seen earlier, now revealed to be for her own treatment, the psychological soundness of the greatest kick being the one you get from helping someone else in dire need, etc.) But is a little mawkish and manipulative for my taste and I could not warm up to this section sufficiently enough.

    In many ways this really is the real Dhoom 3 and the one that came before this is really an Aamir Khan drama. I thought it was superior to Dhoom 3 in almost all departments, including performances. Yet, in the final reckoning, Dhoom 3 gave me bigger high ( or a stronger kick if you like) for the sheer inventiveness of the Sahir-Samar duality and the innocent and yet obsessive passion that Samar develops for the liquid electric Aaliya. It’s Dostoevsky there for me. That and the sheer radiance with which Katrina lights up the screen anytime she is there. And looking back, I must say, I enjoyed Chennai Express more, once again, because of its effortless caper movement of the narrative and the sheer charm and innocence of the Meenamma character. In other words, Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 ( I hated the motorcycle stunts and heist portions of the film) for me had a bit more soul than ‘ Kick’ which has been put together cleverly and competently with not too many holes you can pick.

    But I have no hesitation in putting on record that ‘Kick’ is the more technically proficient film than the other two. And I think it is a good omen for Bollywood if Salman Khan Potboilers are put together with this degree of professional excellence.


    • Bandra.NRI Says:

      The production value is there. It is sort of well packaged too. But Nawzuddin was irritating. Whereas Salman and Hooda were effortless (Salman was playing Salman, no effort required), Nawzuddin was wearing his effort on his sleeve.


    • This is the best review on the film I too watched this week. Agree to the dot to every observation.
      I would add that Jacqueline was immensely likeable and gets a meatier role than what Kat got in D3. Though not as delightful as Deepika of CE,she does show spark in whatever little chance she gets. She reminded me of Miss Sinha who sparkles whenever she too gets a chance.
      For me Kick was more enjoyable as D3 but gave to admit that among the last few biggies, Chennai Express and Holiday scored more for me by a little distance.


    • Wow Utkal that’s a very generous and free hearted take on the movie but to be frank the box office numbers more or less conform to your views. Since I consider your views on most of the movies unbiased and without any agenda, personally I am a bit at loss of words as it gives me an indication to my taste in bollywood movies. I always thought my views on most masala fares are more or less centric and generally conforming to main stream movie going experience. But lI have been bored to death in the last few movies which have worked in a big way. In fact there were points in Chennai Express and Kick you would want to throw shoes at the screen. You found that drunken scene with Mithun lovable but to me it was unbearable …. I could not see any depth in writing nor any acting. Similarly all the situations you have posted.

      I have very divergent / conflicting views on this movie even though I consider salman as my current fav and want him to do so much more with his stardom. He has been a much underrated actor in 90s but lately he has forgotten how to act and some of the scenes of this movie were plain atrocious. But then acting also reflects the director who if a a real task master and can detect ham and correct it immediately while filming.


      • May be my lost of taste in bollywood movies can be attributed to excessive e internet surfing of filmy sites and various filmy blogs. When you know too much about the movie beforehand that incorruptibility / innocence of movie watching experience is lost.


  21. AamirsFan Says:

    Weekend Report: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Obliterates August Record
    by Ray Subers
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    August 3, 2014

    “We Are Groot.”

    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy ruled the box office this weekend with a fantastic $94 million. That’s easily the biggest debut ever for an August release; the previous record holder, The Bourne Ultimatum, opened to $69.3 million in 2007.

    Meanwhile, James Brown biopic Get On Up took third place with a modest $14 million debut.

    This weekend reversed the box office slump in a big way: the top 12 earned $172.6 million, which is up a whopping 40 percent from the same frame last year. With a packed line-up of major releases coming up, this August is almost certainly going to be the biggest one ever.

    Among recent Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy’s opening is nearly on par with Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s $95 million, and is noticeably higher than Thor: The Dark World’s $85.7 million. That’s pretty remarkable considering the Guardians were unknown to most moviegoers a year ago, and have few obvious connections to the Avengers at the moment.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Marvel movies are just on a roll. They can’t do any wrong. I wasn’t even familiar with ‘guardians’ but I still went to watch it after it got strong reviews (92% at RT). Thought it was entertaining, funny and had some heart. They already have the second one under production and already discussions have started linking these ‘guardians’ with the avengers! This phenomenon of comic book adaptations does not look like it is losing steam anytime soon.


    • OMG Timesofindia has to be either the stupidest news website or the least ethical news website. This “interview” is from some other website that stated in the beginning that “this is fake”. Disusting.


  22. P.K Talli Says:

    ok it clearly says its not i missed that still a fun read lol


  23. Kick Is Third Film To Go Over 30 Crore In Second Weekend
    Monday 04 August 2014 12.00 IST

    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick grossed an excellent 31.50 crore nett in its second weekend taking the total business of the film to around 187 crore nett. It was the third time that a film went over 30 crore nett in the second weekend and Kick is in great company with All Time Blockbusters Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots being the other two films to achieve this feat.

    The film maintained strongly all over and should easily be over 200 crore nett by the end of the week. It is already the highest grosser ever for Salman Khan in just ten days.

    Rajasthan could have 50 lakhs nett higher over the weekend but entertainment tax went up from 0% to 30% in the circuit. The best collections for the film are in Gujarat and is looking set to be the first film to have a lifetime collection of 30 crore nett from Gujarat and Saurashtra. Entertainment will release on Friday so third week will take a hit but still lifetime collections look set to be in the 220-230 crore nett range depending on how much the film falls when Entertainment releases.


  24. Kick Sets All Time Records In Week One
    Monday 04 August 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick may not have got the all India first week record but it set all time records at many places across India. Gujarat was extraordinary as it beat the collections of Dhoom 3 by around 2.5 crore nett in the state which includes Gujarat and Saurashtra circuits. Dhoom 3 had grossed around 17.50 crore nett in these two circuits while Kick was around 20 crore nett and it was hit by heavy rain on a couple of days.

    Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam and Orissa all saw new all time circuit records for week one. CP Berar and CI were close misses and West Bengal which is normally an under performer for Salman Khan films was also a close miss.

    Kick set all time first week records in many cities with the biggest cities amongst them being Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat, Baroda, Jodhpur, Jabalpur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Patna and Anand .


  25. Satyam, are you planning to watch Kick? If so it will be interesting to know your thoughts about this movie. Even if it a 3 sentence thing.


  26. Kick had kind reviews, no negativity, good wom, more screens compared to Dhoom 3. It should be able to do more business in the first 2 free weeks. And Entertainment is no competition because the co star seems to be a dog. Who would like to watch a dog except some dog lovers and kids?


    • this may sound weird…..but it is true……salman is loved by masses just for his image of a brat/no-hypocrisy/being-human etc. – he has touched people hearts (somewhere now he is in a way becoming popular like rajnikant where only thing matters for public is rajni is there in the film – so lets go and watch it)


    • Dont forget the superhit Teri Meherbaniyaan. Jackie, the hero died before the interval, and the dog exacted vengeance on all the villains.


  27. This is just not working…….rani is a total misfit –


  28. Kick Holds Very Steady On Second Monday
    Tuesday 05 August 2014 10.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kick continued to do steady business on its second Monday. The film has now settled with the circuits which were playing catch up post eid doing normal business. The second Monday was around 4.75 crore nett which is just 65% less than last Monday. The four day second week business is as follows.

    Friday – 8,50,00,000

    Saturday – 10,00,00,000

    Sunday – 13,25,00,000

    Monday – 4,75,00,000

    TOTAL 36,50,00,000

    The film is heading for a 50 crore nett second week which will take it to around 205 crore nett plus in two weeks. It will be the third 50 crore nett plus second week in history after Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots.


    • BOI is hooked on pre eid, post eid, catching up with post eid.

      Just 65 percent less, just 75 percent less, very steady on the lower side. And then just 90 percent less?

      Like PR exercise.


    • wonder what film this is.. is this the guy who did the Idea ads? They were talking about a home production with him a year or two ago.


  29. On Sallu – chk this out:


  30. Saif Ali Khan & Abhishek Bachchan to clash after a decade!
    August 5, 2014 1:14:51 PM IST
    By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

    An unusual clash is all set to take place at the box office. While Khan wars are traditionally the hottest of them all and quite a few leading ladies are finding themselves in the arena with their solo starrers this September, it is going to be an interesting face-off later this year, what with Saif Ali Khan taking on Abhishek Bachchan.

    This would be with HAPPY ENDING and ALL IS WELL releasing on the same date – 5th December.

    ”It wasn’t planned this way though,” informs our source, ”To begin with, it was going to be a clash of Arjun Kapoor with Abhishek Bachchan as former’s TEVAR was slated to arrive on 5th December. However, producers Eros decided to shuffle their releases a little by moving ahead TEVAR to 9th January and instead bring HAPPY ENDING on the available slot of 5th December.”

    Earlier there were plans to bring HAPPY ENDING on 22nd August but given the kind of rush that Bollywood releases are finding themselves in this month, it was felt that December would make for a much cleaner arrive. Moreover, currently the last month of the year is much cleaner, what with PK and WELCOME BACK being the only confirmed releases, hence resulting in good breathing space for the other films.

    Meanwhile, as for Saif and Abhishek, though they have been a part of L.O.C. KARGIL (2003), HUM TUM (2004) and SALAAM NAMASTE (2005), it is going to be interesting enough to see them clashing at the box office after almost a decade.

    When contacted, Eros spokesperson confirmed the developments and said that HAPPY ENDING would indeed arrive on 5th December.


  31. Saw Pandiya Nadu and really enjoyed it. This is a more narrative-driven low-key masala with Suseenthiran tweaking the genre enough while retaining the cathartic elements. I wish they had Suriya here instead of Vishal though I didn’t mind him. But this is easily the best Masala since Ghajini (the Hindi one).


    • Pandiya Naadu was my best film in Tamil last year. And I agree that like Ghajini the loss factor here strikes a chord with the viewer and keeps them involved. Vishal I thought was wonderful and so was Bharatiraaja.

      After PN and NSM I am looking forward to what Vishal does next (though I didnt like the latter much, I thought Vishal did try to do something out of the box there).



    box office of this flick will be quite suspect (given the director)
    But looking 4ward to this one for ranbir kapoor
    & above all for Anurag Kashyap
    The maker on one of modern bollywoods best films (maybe the best imo)—GoW

    Ps: hope anushka has got rid of that nasty ‘lip job’ though…


  33. Going by the logic mentioned by Apex about Salman’s pull..he should have got Jai Ho to an outstanding 30cr plus opening day. Even Ranbir Kapoor’s worst film Besharam opened big. Aamir doesn’t have to play catch up as PK with Raju Hirani itself is an event film and he can enjoy this benefit coz he did work hard for 3Idiots which is a modern benchmark today. Salman has set a very comfortable zone for him of the same action, masala and being himself and he knows if he deters from this..will go south. This year is fairly uniform with all actors having one big release on the cards.


  34. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 19h
    #Kick [Week 2] Fri 9.22 cr, Sat 10.62 cr, Sun 14.18 cr, Mon 5.08 cr. Total: ₹ 203.19 cr nett. Salman’s HIGHEST GROSSER in India.


    • Good interview. Looking forward to their next. I was wondering the same, the way Salman acted in Baghban as innocent and good human being, it was such a caricaturist, horrible acting., what he’s going to do in Sooraj’s film. Good to see Salman accepted his flawed acting and even Salim Khan called it Blind man’s acting in Baghban. Also, he openly said that Bhansali gets angry and throws stuff (on actors and around); that is some weird behavior thats why not many big actors are going to work with him after few years. Even Karan said the samething recently, SLB has gone into a space of negativity. Don’t think Salman is in talking terms with him as well.


    • Bandra.NRI Says:

      Good luck.

      I took a few naps while watching this chat. I hope the movie has some excitement.


    • I have a feeling Prem ratan… is going to be massive, this will bring the middle class to the theater in droves. Wont be surprised if it sets the record for the highest grossing movie ever.


    • Terrible news! Pran and his works were such an integral part of my childhood. From his ‘creations’, I like Raman even more than Chacha Chaudhary.


  35. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 8h
    #HappyNewYear trailer will be unveiled on 14th Aug at an event in Mumbai. The entire cast and team will be present.


  36. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 6s
    Eros to release #Shamitabh on 6 Feb 2015. Produced by R Balki & Eros. Directed by R Balki. Stars Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush, Akshara Haasan.


  37. Some good points overall by filmigirl here
    Though I don’t share her enthusiasm for mardaani– lemme see what she says on kick..
    Btw filmigirl I know u ‘track’ your quoted links–u r looking good in your pic u have displayed on ur site below this post -cheers

    Anyhow folks–

    Chetsn bhagat is back
    After reading (& enjoying) ten odd pages of ‘2 states’ (quite an achievement for me!) I take him more seriously now
    He now seems to be writing straight on Bollywood scripts even with the cast in mind

    Half girlfriend


  38. The “jumma Chumma” phenomenon

    Contd from

    ‘Expert’ comments invited from those who have seen kick (I haven’t seen it yet)

    a) how is the ‘jumma Chumma’ song of kick compared to the iconic kiss anthem from hum

    b) how is the ‘performance’ of Jacqueline in kick compared to katrina kapoor in dhoom3 (we are not talking ‘length’ & ‘significance’ of role –but the ‘appeal’)

    Anyhow thanks to nanha munna for that kjo interview –kjo is now ‘opening up’ and in full form above (though I couldn’t help feel a bit sorry for kjo)

    Anyhow —

    Arre o jumma meri jaaneman
    Bahar nikal,

    Jumma Chumma de de


  39. Just a short reply before I sign off and will be back tomorrow.

    a) There is no comparison here and jumma chumma of Hum was simply awesome. The song, setting, beats, choreography was far ahead though wish Big B had this in his younger hey days preferably with Parveen Babi as Kimi Katkar was a misfit. I think Shraabi was the last movie he looked good and that reminds me the simply awesome De De Payar De…..

    The only plus of Jume Ki Raat – Jacqueline and her never done before dance moves…..on second thoughts nah kat had some better innovative moves and good use of her strong body parts/areas.

    b) Jacqueline and Katrina were both inconsequential to the movie though Jacqueline seems a better actress in whatever little we saw.

    Overall impact on movie – More points to Katrina since the TV promos of her dances and songs created a better buzz. Esp Kamli and that red dress dhoom title song. ….and yes malang malang.


    • They say Kick is not a hit inspite of blockbuster business and breaking records. Is it because distributors paid a very heavy price?


  40. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    MS Dhoni; Neither Jacqeline nor Katrina were inconsequential to the movie. Here we are confusing footage on the screen with significance. Especially in Dhoom 3, Samar’s feelings for Aaliya and Aaliya’s feelings for Samar was the crux of the film. I mean those were the only scenes in the film that had some kind of the real charm and gave the film its soul. And Katrina added a lot to the film. Though not to this extent, Shania’s relationship with Devi is important in Kick too. Heck the film starts with her narration. Though not as luminously pretty as Katrina, Jackie too turns out surprisingly solid in KIck and anchors the film well.


    • given that you found Dostoyevsky in D3 perhaps I shouldn’t object to any of your other characterizations as well…

      for those wondering part of the older comment in this very thread:

      [In many ways this really is the real Dhoom 3 and the one that came before this is really an Aamir Khan drama. I thought it was superior to Dhoom 3 in almost all departments, including performances. Yet, in the final reckoning, Dhoom 3 gave me bigger high ( or a stronger kick if you like) for the sheer inventiveness of the Sahir-Samar duality and the innocent and yet obsessive passion that Samar develops for the liquid electric Aaliya. It’s Dostoevsky there for me.]


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