KBC Season 8 promos (updated)

thanks to Idea..

7 Responses to “KBC Season 8 promos (updated)”

  1. No comments? See how big mistake was to delete my comment..Atleast there was just one comment for this thread.


  2. KBC 2014 launch film – Loudspeaker [added to post] ( New Promo )


  3. Woww .. These promo are GEMS … Fabulous


  4. Bandra.NRI Says:

    Sometimes it appears that the TV people are better at marketing their products than Bollywood.

    The Loudspeaker & Neughbour above are well done. The TV guys know what the audience wants. They understand emotions and above all what sells. See how cleverly they don’t push Amitabh, they keep the narrative focused elsewhere.

    The promos are subtle, effective and reflects the market.


  5. How long this Sony channel is going to torture people with C.I.D and K.B.C?


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