A book on the making of Don

thanks to An Jo…

Spiffy one-liners, expert writing, smartly executed action scenes, a glamorous star cast — director Chandra Barot’s 1978 hit Don is remembered for the rare swagger and style a Hindi film of its time showcased.

In his book The Making of Don, Krishna Gopalan recalls how one of Mumbai’s most iconic structures, situated in the queen of suburbs — Bandra — added to the exceedingly slick action-thriller’s style quotient.

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19 Responses to “A book on the making of Don”

  1. Wonderful images here..


    • An Jo:

      Yes really collector’s images – the first one is towering! literally and metaphorically; also love the one with Barot by the pool..maybe this one deserves a separate post – for the ONLY DON I understand apart from Capone!!


      • notice I didn’t specify anything in the title of the post. Because the reader with taste will automatically think of the original and not the impostor!


  2. Thanks AnnJo..maza aa gaya, will definitely buy it ,

    Once that shot was in the bag, Chandra and the rest of the crew were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected visit of a smart, young pilot.

    Rajiv Gandhi, then with Indian Airlines, was flying on the Delhi-Mumbai route and decided to call on Amitabh.

    Horizon was not terribly far from the city’s domestic airport in Santacruz and Rajiv had a couple of hours to kill.

    Keeping Rajiv company was his charming wife, Sonia, and their two adorable children, Rahul and Priyanka.

    Lunch was served on the sets as the two kids were clearly enjoying Amit uncle’s company.


  3. I have its copy .. this is must read book, as interesting read as movie.


  4. I am still impressed by how stylish this film was while the new Dons just missed the point completely. SRK should have never attempted this role.


  5. Hope it’s a worthy book but in any event this kind of gesture is invaluable for this specific movie in light of a growing generation of moviegoers for whom the “first” Don reference (unfortunately) might be SRK.

    And yeah, the book seems worth grabbing for some of these images alone.


  6. Another book is coming out soon:
    The Make Up of Don2.
    Apparently, the star in the Don homage movies needed so much make up to make him look remotely presentable that someone is writing a book on it!


  7. Has anybody here read the book TO BE OR NOT TO BE: Amitabh Bachchan by Khalid Mohamed? If so, is it good?


  8. Don was an awesome movie. I personally preferred the Don role of AB more than the Bhand role in the movie. The movie was gripping suspenseful and novel. For me it is the second best movie of AB after Coolie.
    Also I think AB and Vk are the all time best duo with movies like Hera Pheri Khoon Pasina AAA Parvarish MKS
    BTW Don the remake fell flat. SRK did not even have 5% of the charisma.


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