Image from Baby

thanks to Yakuza..


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  1. Akshay is doing really good movies OMG, Special26 , Holiday.
    I am very excited for Shaukeen , from director of tere bin laden. Baby from neeraj panday and Gabbar with A r murugadoss .
    Brothers with KJ prods is sureshot blockbuster.
    But, somehow he is not able to release his movies at big festivals. If these movies get support from big holidays, it can bring tremendous success and critical appreciation to his ways like never before.


  2. “OMG, Special26 , Holiday”
    Pull these movies out of bollywood release, you will struggle to mention worth watching movies in last 2 years.
    3 undoubtedly excellent movies within 2 years, that is awesome.
    Even Aamir is not able to do that.


  3. Gabbar and Baby look promising. Not too sure about the Shaukeen remake and Brothers.

    Someone posted the story-line of Airlift a few days back and it did seem to have an interesting story to tell. It’s the kind of project that would have been perfect for Neeraj Pandey. He is very good at making taut, gripping thrillers.


  4. Akshay on content rich movies spree .. for sure. Gabbar will do for Akshay .. what Dabangg did for Salman. Likh Lo.


  5. Madhur Bhandarkar -Calendar Girls-next..

    Producer Sangeeta Ahir of Mangal Murti Films


    • Good to see Akshay choosing some interesting projects which will give him his due.


      • Special 26

        I normally don’t watch akshay stuff but after liking akshay quite a bit in holiday I gave it a half chance. Have watched only less than half of it but I’m pleasantly surprised by special 26…
        This one for the under-rated akshay and his fans both of whom don’t get their due. It’s NOT easy to face an opening day Friday more than twice a year. Let the khans and Hritik face that and let’s see how much of the initial remains
        And given his recent lineup ouatim; entertainment; OMG ( I haven’t seen) but they do look different stuff
        THIS is what aamir should come up with more often if he had more guts and didn’t resort to unnatural intervals

        Like his look in baby and the upcoming airlift

        Let’s face it – I’ve never been akshay fan but one should accept and rreward good stuff

        There’s indeed life beyond worhipping Bachchan

        Ps: special 26 also has a trinity of fine talent–
        Jimmy shergill
        anupam kher – loved his understated nuanced act and the way he uses procreation for entertainment
        Above all manoj bajpai- one of my favorite all time performances in gow1

        It was nice to see manoj bajpai playing the ‘protector’ of people and above all taking that job so seriosly vis a vis the assets of his wife. ..


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