ISL launched….


“Mumbai: The Indian Super League (ISL), the first of its kind glamorous football league in India, was launched here Thursday by star team owners Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and brand ambassador Varun Dhawan who promised to popularise the game and invest in the grassroot development of the sport in the country.”


“MUMBAI: After days of speculation, Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan was finally unveiled as the team owner of the Chennai franchise of the Indian Super League (ISL) during the official launch of the glamorous football league on Thursday.

The Chennai franchise will be run in association with Play on Skills, which has a technical collaboration with Italian Serie A giants Inter Milan. “


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  1. meanwhile Jaipur and Mumbai, the top two seeds respectively have reached the final in kabaddi. It’s anyone’s game. Both very tough teams. Mumbai have beaten Jaipur (first game) and drawn with them more recently.


    • Mumbai’s skipper Anup Kumar has been my favourite player throughout the tournament. I am cheering for Mumbai, though Jaipur perhaps has the best defence which was evident even today. On that note while I have been really enjoying the tournament (even more so than the recent IPL seasons) and it has really been a huge shot in the arm for the sport (very glad that Abhishek became a part of this. And he seems genuinely interested in this, he attenfs almost every game) I do lament the fact that this is not pure, traditional Kabaddi (some of the rules are just very different though even if I am aware that most intetnational tourneys are following the new rules. I mean Kabaddi was meant to be played on the ground, not mat!). I wish something is done to popularise Kho-kho as well.


      • True, this is a sanitized version. But they probably had to ‘refine’ it to make it more accessible to a larger audience. But the other kabaddi thing that is going to begin soon is supposed to be more traditional (or certainly Punjab style) with people standing in a ring.


    • Next 2-3 years are crucial for Abhishek to make proper comeback and get back to solo starrers. He’s just wasting too much time in buying Kabaddi and Soccer teams, is he already resigned in his mind to get back to solo starrers and planning alternative career options to keep up the celebrity image?


      • Maybe he is being pragmatic, TBH I think his time is up as far as being a bankable solo star is concerned. He shud do what Saif did after DCH, become very selective about the roles and try to stand out in movies with an ensemble cast.


        • he’s launching a solo home production in November.


          • Difference— doing home productions and getting outside solo offers is not the same. He should try to get back his career in getting solo offers from outside. Doing home productions is good stepping step to the final goal which is to be salable solo star which he should aim to be now.


        • Abhishek has age on his side, as Saif had. People can always come back, I’m not saying he’ll reach to the top but to be able to good film projects and smaller hits is good enough.


      • Abhishek and solo starrers? This can be the joke of decade. Abhishek has lost it completely and he has taken a wise decision to move in his life with alternative career options. he could have done it earlier but due to arrogance of his father he has faced this much of humiliation so far. The main problem with Abhishek is that he is not fit for this job and Sr.Bachchan forcibly threw him into this field where Hrithik was a big challenge for him and as expected he crushed him. Now there is Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun, Sidrath, Shahid and co. so, it is almost impossible for Abhishek to get solo starrers now. Why should some producer or a director sign him as a solo hero? There being so many better options available, no one will even wish to waste his hard earned money.


  2. Even girls play Kabaddi. Hope they will sponsor a women’s team.


  3. at the Chennai-Kerala game:

    Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan 3h3 hours ago
    T 1651 – @Chennaiyin FC .. GO CHENNAI .. dear friend Rajnikanth coming along with me to cheer home team in Stadium Marina Arena


  4. Abhishek Bachchan to launch company dedicated to his sports investments

    Bachchan who claims sports is one of his first passions snapped up the opportunity to own a football team and he is also the owner of a team in the Pro Kabaddi League

    Urvi Malvania | Mumbai November 9, 2014 Last Updated at 13:58 IST

    Actor Abhishek Bachchan is keen to explore sports entrepreneurship more seriously after his stint as the owner of a team in the Pro Kabaddi League. He is in the process of setting up a separate company to handle his ventures in the business of sports which should be in place by the time the second season of the PKL takes off in March next year. He intends to keep the films and sports business separate so that the respective teams can focus on each efficiently.

    Bachchan who claims sports is one of his first passions also snapped up the opportunity to own a football team in the IMG-Reliance and Star India promoted Hero Indian Super League. He has teamed up with Vita Dani of Asian Paints to pick up the Chennai team when the Sun Group backed out of the league, giving up the Bangalore franchise. Team India captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni picked up a minority stake in the team in the run up to the launch of the league.

    “Chennai is a great city with people excited about sports. I wanted to invest in football and when the opportunity came along, I was glad to be part of the league. Getting Mahi on board made perfect sense given how popular he is with the people of Chennai thanks to his stint with the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League,” says Junior Bachchan.

    As of now, the actor cum producer has no plans of getting more investors on board. Further divesting of stake can wait he feels and is sure that he would like to continue holding majority stake in the team. Like his peers in the league, Bachchan also gives the team three to five years for breaking even.

    “Life is unpredictable though and you never know how the league will perform until the first season is through. For example, in case of the PKL, I factored a waiting period of at least three years to a maximum of five years before I could break-even. Given the way the league and game clicked with the audiences and the performance of the team, I am now looking at reaching break-even point as early as the March 2015 season of PKL and may be even pull in some profits in the one after that,” he reveals.

    The actor has invested around Rs five to six crore on the team this year with franchise fees at around Rs 1.5 crore and the rest for player acquisition and team management.

    Chennaiyin FC has signed on the Ozone Group as jersey sponsors for this season and will be looking at more brand partnerships as the league progresses.

    Bachchan is also an avid basketball fan and would be glad to be a bigger part of the game in the country if the chance is available. However, for now, his sports entrepreneurship plans will be limited to kabaddi and football. He and his team are preparing to float a woman’s kabaddi league in the future. He reveals that they have been working on it for the past four months and hope to launch one in the next 12 to 18 months. “Kabaddi is one game where the men’s and women’s teams (in India) are equally illustrious and I feel there is great scope for a tournament for women as well,” he says.

    So does his mean we shall see less of the Abhishek the actor? Bachchan instantly refuses and says, “I am and will always be an actor first. But sports is a passion and I am glad to be involved in it. Luckily. I have so far been able to handle both and hope to continue doing so.”


  5. Kabaddi & ISL: Abhishek Bachchan puts his money where his heart is
    By Aditi Saxena, ET Bureau | 20 Nov, 2014, 08.41AM IST


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