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  1. BO update: Raja Natwarlal opens on an average note
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, August 29, 2014 – 15:22 IST

    This week’s Emraan Hashmi-Humaima Malick starrer RAJA NATWARLAL has opened on an average note.

    The advantage of a holiday release is always favourable. Unfortunately due to the Ganpati festivities, the footfalls at theatres have been relatively low. This drastic decrease in audience turnout, apart from the religious festivities could have also stemmed from the fact that the film lacked good and catchy music and the rather low key pre-release promotions. Besides Emraan Hashmi has been on a slowturn with his last few releases failing to generate the mass hype that usually comes attached with his releases.

    However remembering the fact that Emraan’s star power comes not from the multiplex going audience but from single screens, the film’s collections are expected to take a leap over evening and night shows.


    • Raja Natwarlal Has Slow Start Better In Gujarat
      Friday 29 August 2014 13.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Raja Natwarlal had a below the mark opening generally of around 25% but Mumbai circuit was better as there was a local holiday for Ganesh Chaturthi. There is a holiday in Maharashtra and Gujarat as well as a few other places and Raja Natwarlal managed decent collections in Gujarat due to this. Nizam normally opens better for Emraan Hashmi films but a big Telugu film opened huge which meant that became film was first choice in the circuit.

      The response in other places like Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Rajasthan or West Bengal was not up to the mark. East Punjab ahd competition from a big Punjabi release Double Di Trouble release but that did not open too well.

      The film may have a decent first day number in Mumbai but other circuits will need to grow as the day progresses. The Emraan Hashmi starrers which have opened well like a Raaz 3, Jannat 2 or Murder 2 have all been sequels with hit music which was not the case here so it becomes a case of trying to score on word of mouth.


  2. Singham Returns At 135 Crore After Two Weeks
    Friday 29 August 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singham Returns has taken its two week business to 135 crore nett as it added around 23 crore nett in week two. Mardaani in week one and Singham Returns in week two had similar figures. The drop in week two for Singham returns is quite a lot at nearly 80%. Mumbai circuit continued to be strong and the circuit has gone over 55 crore nett in two weeks.

    The main difference between Singham Returns and Singhan is that the former has fared better outside Mumbai be it Delhi/UP, East Punjab or West Bengal. This can be seen by th fact that Singham Returns has a 40% contribution from Mumbai while Singham was 48%.

    Singham Returns has now crossed the beasiness of Rowdy Rathore to become the tenth highest grossing film ever and next on the list is Dabangg (2010) at around 141 crore nett and it remains to be seen if Singham returns can edge past Dabangg.


  3. Mardaani Trends Well In First Week
    Friday 29 August 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mardaani trended well in week one and managed to gross around 23 crore nett. The major contribution came from the multiplexes in metros. The film got tax exemption in UP and MP and although the film was not really collecting in these areas, the tax exemption helped it maintain at low levels.

    The film will also get a tax exemption in Maharastra but the way business is today, you need tax exemption from day one to help in a big way. The best business came in Mumbai circuit which was around 8.75 crore nett and West Bengal which grossed close to 1.50 crore nett.

    The film has enough screenings in week two to help it go above the 30 crore nett mark which will be a fair result for the film.


  4. Bandra.NRI Says:

    Rotten Tomatoes /. Flixster have listed this movie as Shaatir ??


  5. https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/mardaani-singham-returns-ongoing-the-rest-of-the-box-office/#comment-278059

    With regard to the above comment, yes, it is scary what the Hollywood studio system could do to. Yes, it might bring about some order to the chaotic, corrupt, Hi-fi industry of today. And their supply chian might help some of our movies get wider audiences. But one has to remember even greats like Chaplin have suffered immensely because of their interference.

    You just need to look at Yoga to see how the west, particularly America, have destroyed, twisted, and bent yoga out of shape for monetary purposes. POWER YOGA? What the heck is that? Do they even know the meaning of YOGA? Yoga IS supposed to be done rhythmically and slowly. You cannot just put on some shitty music, increase the speed and call it POWER YOGA!! What next? POWER Hindustani music?

    The BASIC tenet of yoga; of working with compassion and sincerity, and altruistically, has been taken for a toss with the intrusion of dollars. Remember, you still have teachers in India who NEVER have a ‘fixed’ per/hour rate for teaching. They are happy with whatever you give them and teach it with sincerity though on the side. The practice of passing down generations this discipline is out the window when capitalism creeps in.


  6. ROFLMAO- Some outrageously funny (though of course offensive) tweets by RGV on Ganesh Chaturthi-

    I have an innocent question…can someone please tell me how a Lord who couldn’t save his own head will save others heads?

    Can someone explain how someone can cut off a child’s head who was just trying to protect his mother’s modesty? Am sure devotees know better

    Did Lord Ganesha have a paunch in his childhood too or did it develop in the recovery time of the elephant head operation?

    I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha’s devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him

    What did Ganesha do that his brother kumara dint do so that only Ganesha became god? Is it becos Kumara dint get head cut off like Ganesha?

    I think my films are flopping only becos of my attitude towards Gods. ..I wish I can become a devotee


  7. AamirsFan Says:

    Movies Have Worst Summer Since 1997

    By BROOKS BARNES AUG. 29, 2014

    LOS ANGELES — American moviegoers sent a clear message to Hollywood over the summer: We are tired of more of the same.

    But don’t entirely blame the sequels and superheroes.

    The film industry had its worst summer in North America, still the world’s No. 1 movie market, since at least 1997, after adjusting for inflation. Between the first weekend in May through the end of August, ticket sales in the United States and Canada are expected to total roughly $3.9 billion, a 15 percent decline from the same stretch last year, according to Rentrak, a box office data company.



    • AamirsFan Says:

      using boxofficemojo.com as the source…40 movies reached the 250 mill mark from 2000-2009. That was a huge jump from only 9 movies reaching the 250 mill mark between 1990-1999. So far between 2010-2014, 29 movies have reached the 250 million mark. At the current rate, the current decade will have around 60 movies grossing at least 250 mill domestically. This decade has definitely slowed down compared to the last decade..perhaps the reasons being a sluggish economy and rapidly declining quality of movies. Also, the global movie market has grown rapidly. Transformers 4 is the best example where it has grossed more in China than in the US, unheard of just a decade ago. The danger can be that the Hollywood production companies look at this huge international money making machine and just cater to the international audience and neglecting the American audience.


      • I rather watch Transformers and the likes in my basement on my big screen tv at home rather than paying money to see it in theaters. Also with House of Cards, Sherlock, Boss and the likes on netflix, I have no interest in Hollywood and I’m sure it’s not only me.


        • Bandra.NRI Says:


          Likewise, I enjoy watching movies at home.

          Also these X Men / Transformers etc are themes that are too disconnected to my life. When I goto thestres, I see movies that are human related. Recently I saw Cavalry with Brendan Gleeson, it was worth taking a trip to the movies.

          I am more excited about seeing the next season of Board Walk Empire and Homeland than any upcoming movie.


          • Same here guys…I will take american television over their movies any day. It’s ridiculous how good some of these shows are, and how little you have to pay to watch them.


  8. Mardaani Has Decent Eighth Day
    Saturday 30 August 2014 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mardaani had decent eighth day figures as it grossed in the 1.25-1.50 crore nett which is pretty good as it is not a huge drop from Thursday and there was a major release like Raja Natwarlal.

    The film should show solid growth over the weekend and has chances of putting up a near 5 crore nett weekend or even more if it can have a really big jump on Saturday which has happened to some of these content type of films on second Saturday. The film is looking cross 30 crore nett in two weeks.

    The not so good response to Raja Natwarlal will also help Mardaani in its second week. The film has done well to come this far looking at the collections on the first morning which were very low.


  9. Raja Natwarlal First Day Business
    Saturday 30 August 2014 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Raja Natwarlal had poor collections on day one as it collected around 5 crore nett on day one. Mumbai circuit was a bit better as Gujarat and Saurashtra fared better and by far the best collections across India. It was a holiday in Maharashtra and Gujarat and that helped Mumbai circuit compared to rest of India but even with holiday Mumbai can not be called good.

    The rest of the country was poor with North and Central recording dull collections and also not showing that major jump in the evening shows which was needed.

    Normally a film like Raja Natwarlal would grow from this level but as Mumbai has been helped by holiday that circuit may not be able to grow so will be depending on other circuits for growth.


    • Box-office fate of Emraan’s movies serves him right. He was on KWK and gave few other interviews few months back , where he openly dissed Hindi movies and how he never watches them and what not …..a typical case of jis thali mein khate ho, usi mein ched karte ho !!


  10. The US Post Service will honour legendary actor Vibhushan Akkineni Nageswarara Rao by issuing a postage stamp on the late star’s birthday, Akkineni Foundation of America (AFA) announced. –

    It is the first time that an Indian actor has been given this honour. The Foundation will host a special Postal Stamp release ceremony in Dallas, Texas on September 20, on ANR’s birthday to mark this tribute.

    “I am deeply touched and so are other members of the Akkineni family by the issuance of this postage stamp, and I am deeply grateful to USPS for conferring one of America’s highest honours to my father Akkineni Nageswara Rao,” the legendary actor’s son Nagarjuna Akkineni said in a statement.

    AFA also plans to release the stamp in India at the first International Akkineni Awards Ceremony in the presence of ANR family members. The event hosted by AFA will be held on December 17 at ANR College, Gudivada, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. – See more at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/regional/us-post-to-issue-akkineni-nageswara-rao-stamp-in-his-honour/article1-1258418.aspx#sthash.EbVn6DW8.dpuf


    • this is great!


      • Great news.

        BTW not sure if you are aware of this, but the recent Telugu film “Manam” has all the 3 members of Akkineni family (ANR, Nag and Nag’s son Naga Chaitanya). The interesting bit here is that there real life roles are reversed in the film by using the reincarnation- Nagarjuna plays Naga Chaitanya’s son in another lifetime and ANR plays Nagarjuna’s son in one more life time. And then all of them are together in the third lifetime where they are trying to reunite their parents with each other and also with their respective female partners; it’s not half as complex in the film as it sounds when I write it. Sadly the film never utilises this fantastic central conceit fully and is content remaining at the level of watchable but nothing more (though it is better than all other Telugu films in recent times if its any consolation). It was a huge grosser at B.O. BTW. Also Bachchan has a special appearance though a pretty forgettable one.


  11. Mary Kom is great for our कोम
    Raja Natwarwal more like a रंक
    Finding fanny will not find my fanny
    Bang Bang will blast through the roof
    Haider we try to be but not to be


  12. I hope I can leave this here! 😉


  13. A dark horse like Mardaani won the race in its own way while a sureshot film like RN is sinking.

    Even Singham could not roar the way it was expected while Kick ended up with 213 crore.

    Now all eyes are on HNY and Bang Bang.

    Who dreamt that Rani can surprise?


  14. Mardaani Set For 35 Crore Nett Lifetime Business
    Tuesday 02 September 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mardaani is likely to gross around 35 crore nett as it heads for a second week of around 8.50 crore nett which will take the two week business to 32.50 crore nett. The film has fared best in West Bengal as that circuit recorded highest collections in week two after Mumbai and Delhi/UP.

    The business of the film will finish in the range of films like Yaariyan and Hasee Toh Phasee which is pretty good as those films had a bit more commercial value due to the music. Yaariyan grossed around 33 crore nett and Hasee Toh Phasee around 36 crore nett. Yaariyan had similar costs to Mardaani while Hasee Toh Phasee was a bit higher.

    Though in West Bengal, Mardaani has already crossed the business of Hasee Toh Phasee and Yaariyan and will beat the nett figures of bigger films like Entertainment and Humshakals by the end of the week.


  15. Raja Natwarlal Monday Business
    Tuesday 02 September 2014 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Raja Natwarlal dropped badly on Monday which was expected due to the trend over the weekend. The approx weekend daily business is as follows

    Friday – 4,80,00,000
    Saturday – 4,00,00,000
    Sunday – 5,00,00,000
    Monday – 2,20,00,000

    TOTAL – 16,00,00,000

    The film is likely to continue to drop over the weekdays and finish the week with a 20-21 crore nett total and will not add much thereafter.


    • Now the film is not doing well but it seems as the movie is not that bad. Infact the movie has some nice twists etc. Even Rangan has praised the movie.


      • will keep this in mind.. thanks..


        • Satyam: I honestly think that you shouldn’t keep this one in mind 🙂 ! I caught it last Friday itself and let’s just say it is a poorer than Jannat which I didn’t mind- it’s not even an enjoyable trash, something like Badmaash Company. Would recommend Mardaani though.


  16. Singham Returns Continues To Fall
    Monday 01 September 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singham Retuers continued to fall in its third week as the film fell as the film fell over 80% again after a 79% fall in the second week. The business of Singham Returns till date is as follows.

    Week One – 1,11,95,00,000
    Week Two – 22,71,00,000
    Third Weekend – 2,50,00,000 approx

    TOTAL – 1,37,16,00,000

    Singham returns will add less than 30 crore nett business after the first week as compared to the 70 crore nett that the first Singham added. Overall the film has done well but should have at got to 150 crore nett considering how strong the collections were in week one.


    • the last paragraph is dishonest. While it’s true that this didn’t match the trending of the first film BOI celebrate all kinds of films with other stars that trend far worse than this. Yes it should have got to 160 even but they never say that Kick should have got to 250 at least or that other such films should have similarly done a lot more.


  17. FINALLY Maddy is doing a film-


    “Madhavan, who will be seen as a boxing coach in his upcoming Tamil-Hindi bilingual, started shooting for the film recently. “For all my lovely folks asking me for the past 2 years… YES… Just started shooting my next Tamil and Hindi film. Wish me luck. It’s ‘Irrudhi Suttru’ (Final Round) in Tamil and ‘Saala Khadoos’ in Hindi,” posted Madhavan on his Twitter page.

    Madhavan plays a retired boxer-turned-coach in the film, which is being directed by Sudha Kongara, former associate of filmmaker Mani Ratnam. The 44-year-old actor, known for films such as ‘Rang De Basanti’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, had spent the last few months in Los Angeles preparing for his role in the film, both physically and mentally. He had also undergone a crash course in boxing.


  18. India wale Song Trailer

    [added to post]


  19. —-Rachel seems to be impressed with Natwarlal—-

    Too many recent Bollywood movies have felt frantic, so eager to please that they seem like flop-sweat machines spitting out knockabout gags and silly shtick. And those aren’t even the comedies.

    Kunal Deshmukh’s agreeable “Raja Natwarlal” doesn’t stoop to conquer. Instead, this story about a small-time con man, Raja (Emraan Hashmi), forced into the big time goes about its business with a quiet confidence that pulls you in.

    Mr. Deshmukh’s setup can be overly fussy — some of the con machinations seem needlessly complicated and hard to follow, or maybe not quite worth following — but his payoff works. And his cast, too, hits the right notes and finds an easy rhythm.

    Mr. Hashmi, the kiss king of Bollywood — he gets in a few long-form smooches here — has a sleepy, lover-boy charm. And his nicely ordinary physique is refreshing in a Bollywood overstuffed with gym-thickened stars trying to be light on their feet. (Reader, his shirt stays on.)

    Raja may be a con man, but Mr. Hashmi ensures that his sweetness isn’t a put-on, even if a scene in which he saves a young cigarette boy from a life peddling cancer lays it on thick. Raja gives the boy a wad of cash, in keeping with his credo: “Only those who don’t know how to earn save money.”

    Paresh Rawal, who plays Yogi, an ex-con man plucked from Dharamsala to teach Raja the ins and outs of the game, doesn’t oversell the guru hooey. And best of all is Kay Kay Menon, the indie stalwart, who plays the “sharp, cynical and dangerous” villain, a corrupt businessman with a weakness for cricket. Mr. Menon, who looks a bit like Christopher Walken and has some of his odd-angle menace, lends heft to the role and the movie.

    Women fare less well. Basically, there’s just one, the love interest played by Humaima Malik, a Pakistani model and actress. The young viewer behind me was right to wonder, “Why do they always make the girls the dumb ones?,” even if the character proves to be something more.

    Raja Natwarlal

    Opened on Friday

    Directed by Kunal Deshmukh; written by Parveez Shaikh; director of photography, Raaj A. Chakravarti; edited by Anand Subaya and Manan Mehta; music by Yuvan Shankar Raja; production design by Mayur Sharma; produced and released by UTV Motion Pictures. In Hindi, with English subtitles. Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes. This film is not rated.

    WITH: Emraan Hashmi (Raja Natwarlal), Kay Kay Menon (Varda Yadav), Paresh Rawal (Yogi) and Humaima Malik (Ziya).



    • I do agree with Saltz that the payoff somewhat works. But even that would have been better had there been some sort of ‘energy’ in the film (everyone us sleepwalking through their roles apart from Kay Kay. And the always interesting Zeeshan Ayyub is fantastic in a cameo). There are some fine Masala dialogues and few nice scenes early in the film chiefly between Tijori and Hashmi. But what really killed the film fir me was this sense of ‘costlessness’ pervading throughout the film which was specially sad because the ‘con’ is being performed as an act of very personal revenge (something like Sting)- as if there is nothing at stake. The other fatal flaw in the film, especially considering it is a con film, is that there is no real sense of dangerous hovering over the characters…the cons are made out to look like child’s play.


      • Bandra.NRI Says:

        They put their lives in danger by confronting KK. There is definately that threat.

        Paresh Rawail shows why he is one our best senior actors in Bollywood. He blends in and becomes the character, all of this without the movie having to stop to worship his “star” presence. I think he was one of the main reasons for OMG’s success. His presence uplifts a movie.

        Emran too slips into the role effortlessly. I read somewhere that Paresh thinks he is the most underrated actor.

        Why the movie failed is that it did not dumb it down. The intrigue, the planning, the auction is too out of the reference base of its audience. I am not saying that the movie IS too intelligent or without holes. What I am saying is that the movie forget its target audience. With a little more polish and a little more mojo this could have been a multiplex sleeper hit. On the other hand with some more mindless Rowdy Rahtore/Dabang hamming this could have been good for its audience. But this movie was neither here nor there. In India we are either citi slickers capable of running a Fortune 500 company (or inventing emails etc) or someone who worries about the cat grabbing his pole, sadly there is a very small in between. This movie is made for that small in between.


  20. ROFLMAO- This looks even more bonkers than Sharknado. And a shrine should be built for the guy who thought of this title- “Dear vs Bear”


  21. Satyam: Not sure what the problem is, but the internet browser of my phone is crashing the minute I open the HNY trailers thread- perhaps it’s because the thread has too many comments.


  22. ‘When the same rotten paratha is served to someone year after year, it shocks them when all of a sudden there is a change in taste.’

    Kay Kay Menon justifies why he took up Yudh.

    Your television series Yudh has been a major disaster.

    I haven’t watched Yudh and don’t know what the TRPs are.

    I did it because of Anurag Kashyap.

    Also, with Yudh I was supporting the cause of elevating the mind-numbing daily soaps that we have.

    Television serials today are almost brain dead and people are used to such series. Yudh is an attempt to take the audience to the next level.

    When the same rotten paratha is served to someone year after year, it shocks them when all of a sudden there is a change in taste.

    Is Yudh bad compared to other serials running on television? If you show me that the content is bad, I will accept it.

    But that is not the case. We need to make and show serials like Yudh.

    The Indian television audience is not mature enough to accept Yudh.



  23. Abhishek Bachchan flies to Rome for a peace match
    Jigar Shah, Hindustan Times New Delhi, September 03, 2014
    First Published: 16:16 IST(3/9/2014) | Last Updated: 17:58 IST(3/9/2014)

    On Tuesday (September 2) we reported that Abhishek Bachchan could spare just half an hour to celebrate the victory of his kabaddi team because he had a flight to catch to Rome. It has now been revealed that the actor was headed to the Italian capital to be a part of the Interreligious Match For Peace, an event initiated by Pope Francis.

    The event was organised to promote peace through sports, and was held at Rome’s Olympic Stadium. It brought together star players from different countries.

    Abhishek was a special guest at the match, and represented his recently acquired Chennai team, which is part of a football league in India.

    “Abhishek was invited by former Inter Milan player Javier Zanetti to attend the match,” says a source.


  24. There is a lot of buzz around Mary Kom. PC is making every effort to make the film work. Let us see how things will shape up.

    After Mardaani, another heroine centric film.


    • The movie is getting a stunning release for a heroine oriented movie. Plus it is tax free in Maharashtra and UP. Watch out for a huge surprise on Friday. This can touch 15 crores on Day 1 even if it opens to 50% and shows the usual increase. A well made movie can go to 100 crores + specially if Delhi also goes tax free. That must be some achievement for an heroine centric movie…


    • Think Mary Kom should be a solid hit for PC. Wouldn’t be surprised if it does more than 100 crores here with good trending


  25. This will also be a test of Indian audience for the support they offer to such endeavors. The critic reviews have been excellent and by weekend we will witness if they are genuine.

    Priyanka in a lot of ways is female SRK of Bollywood. An outsider, she continues to work extremely hard and has efficiently multitask with stage shows / appearances and dabbled in a lot of other things. She seems well read and speaks well at any forum. In spite of age barrier she has kept herself fit and maintained her commercial viability. She is extremely energetic during any award / stage show and like srk never lacking in effort while performing on stage….

    Yes she does ham like srk too but then tell me which actor is not hamming these days. Internalization of character is a thing of the past.


  26. @ And BMB really made me lose interest in sport-centric movies.”

    Well you can cleanse your system with Paan Singh Tomar. One of the best from Irfan and he was so immersed into his character.
    Irfan takes us on a ride ranging from emotions, patriotism, helplessness and finally revenge. One can feel his pain….


  27. In our special series re-visiting great Hindi film classics, we look back at Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia starrer Arjun (1985).

    The angst and frustration of Arjun Malvankar resonated with an entire generation of youngsters.

    Manish Rathore, a businessman in Lucknow and one of the greatest movie enthusiasts I know, holding a rich archive of magazine cuttings and yesteryear knowledge, calls it the ‘Zanjeer of my youth.’

    He was 17 years old when Rahul Rawail’s 1985 offering, Arjun hit the screens and watched it more than half a dozen times at a Sion theatre during an extended stay in Mumbai. The teenager saw his own extension in leading man Sunny Deol’s simmering eyes and festering rage. It’s also the first time he appreciated the dynamics of filmmaking.



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