Jaipur Pink Panthers win Pro-Kabaddi title


33 Responses to “Jaipur Pink Panthers win Pro-Kabaddi title”

  1. Have not followed this tournament so don’t know how big a deal is this. The happy pictures of abhi-aish and of sr. bachchan all over the net are inspirational in the sense everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things and small, simple things can bring a little happiness to life.


  2. To be really noticed, one needs to forge a new path.

    Only SRK can be SRK, Aamir tried and failed. If he had not moved on and forged a new path, Aamir would not have found success and the world would not have found Aamir that we know today.

    Salman has always been the L’enfant terrible, very different, very unique, and thereby successful.

    Hritikh is trying his own Aamir lite path, similar yet different. He too has found success.

    Perhaps the Kabaddi is Abhshek’s way to seek new ways to stay in the public eye. Such success will most definately enable will to leap frog and go past the likes of Varun and Siddharth etc.

    I hope he starts similar alternate/lesser sport leagues. Pethaps a Gilli-Danda league; Maybe a Marbles leagues; A league for Hopscoth. At the end of the day, success is success. These success will build up Abhishek and provide an alternative narrative, something by which he can reclaim his identity. This is only going to help him in Bollywood.


  3. To all those inquiring about Abhshek’s solo success, here is the answer, Kabbadi.

    Till yesterday, he was just Amitibh’s son, he was just Ashwariya Rai’s husband, a kind of second lead in Ajay Devgan and SRK movies (harsh but yet an image that exists). But today he is the Kabaddi King. An alternative narrative to counter all the negative that lingers in the air.

    Sure some will find ways to discount this also, but success is success. It lays the foundation for a new identity.


  4. Well put Bandra.NRI..but don’t U think there is a danger to this as it takes away focus from main job of acting or rather has probability of it.


    • Did Salman’s off screen antics add or subtract ?

      It is very easy to get lost in the crowd. Those that succeed find ways to stand out. This enables Abhishek to reclaim his identity. This is his success. He is Kabaddi Master now.


    • LOL with a ‘friend’ like Bandra NRI one might not need an enemy! You should read his comments a bit more closely..!


      • This this a joke ? Very uncalled for.


        • It’s hard to take some of your comments seriously. But if you do mean them sincerely you should revisit them too..! Not a joke by the way but certainly some sarcasm on my part.


          • Bandra.NRI Says:


            I would not even want to start a new debate when you ran away from the old one without even making a single point.

            Chances are the debate will be about a,b, and c and you would want to not discuss a,b,c .


        • Lol,Satyam. Well spotted!
          Bandar is a delusional SRK fan in disguise.
          The SRK who is a front for illegal foreign money in IPL.


          • Bandra.NRI Says:


            Is it a crime to be a SRK fan ? I don’t think so. It is irrelevant whether I am or not, so why are you trying to create a storm in a tea cup ?

            Do you not like Abhishek doing well or is it that you think I should not have a slightly different view than yours ? Is it intolerance ?


  5. Awesome, happy for Abhishek. I think the Bachchan’s are too classy to do stuff like this simply for publicity, I mean its Kabaddi after all if they wanted publicity they have so many other outlets. Also Sanjana was asking about a women’s league- I was watching Abhi’s interview with zoom after the win and he said his next goal is to start a womens league.


  6. What is this news doing here? More focus is on JB than on players who are the real heroes.


    • Completely agree. Screw the Bachchans. They are getting publicity BECAUSE of the kabaddi players. After all, the Kabaddi players were getting huge endorsements and sponsorship deals even before the Bachchans decided on a kabaddi league. Shame on the Bachchans for intruding the path to million dollar glory that these players and THIS sport was already getting on its own…

      When will the BACHCHANS learn???? There is a limit to how much Naveen, Samar, Bandra, and Z can teach….


      • Bandra.NRI Says:

        An Jo

        Your post is a deceit. It is a lie. You are being outright dishonest. At no point have I been indulged in personal attacks of any star, leave along the Bachchans for Kabaddi. Do not tarnish me with your dishonesty.

        Yes I take positions (based on facts). I stick to my positions unless convinced otherwise. I stand by the other debate on fudged base numbers, high rate to boost earning. I believe that in all such cases the money is made by the time value of money and not by the movie. These principles are basic finance principles, pick up a text book and you will find it there. Admit to your ignorance rather than attack my integrity.

        I personally think, the Bachchan’s are doing a GOOD thing for Kabaddi. I think they should do the same (if possible) for Gilli-Danda, Marbles and Hopscotch. I will even up the ante and state that it is time some of these activities are recognized as sports. It is time to promote these sports around the world. I will support efforts to encourage the NRI community to play them in their new surroundings. If you start a “just for fun” league in NYC, I will show up in Central Park and play.

        I also think this is good for Abhishek. It will help him take control of his identity.

        When you lie about my position to score charity you show how pathetic you are. If you have listed me in error then you need to apologize. I have never demeaned you, if you have any shame you will unconditionally apologize.


        • Bandra.NRI Says:

          *At no point have I indulged in personal attacks of any star


          • You are simply throwing your arms around in the air & are ‘imagining’ about what I think about your character and integrity and what not. I haven’t even gone there & nor do I intend to. Have I touched a sensitive nerve somewhere?

            When I answer yours or anybody else’s comments, I just answer THAT comment. I don’t comment on your entire being!!

            Here’s your comment:

            ***To all those inquiring about Abhshek’s solo success, here is the answer, Kabbadi.

            Till yesterday, he was just Amitibh’s son, he was just Ashwariya Rai’s husband, a kind of second lead in Ajay Devgan and SRK movies (harsh but yet an image that exists). But today he is the Kabaddi King. An alternative narrative to counter all the negative that lingers in the air. ****

            This is such a paradox. Frankly speaking, this is a veiled insult. You really think you are praising Abhishek here? After being in the industry for more than 10 years, you STILL say his trump cards are being AB’s son and Aishwarya’s hubby! This after a director like Ratnam and RGV and Rakeysh Mehra stand by him! You bring him down to the depths of irrelevancy and then you say he found success with Kabaddi!. So now the trump card is Kabaddi!! You say an ‘image’ exists & shift the weight off your shoulders. But if you genuinely believed in his talent, you wouldn’t even have brought this up because this is hogwash created by anti-Bachchan fan-clubs & the press..

            Now I give a rat’s ass about Abhishek’s career or his wife’s. If he succeeds, I feel good for his overall composure, his resistance in swimming with the tide & joining his Gold Gym’s buddies masquerading as actors. I am hardly excited about his career moves but yes, I do think he is a good actor andI would prefer him not to get lost in this ‘100 cr(wh)ores stench..

            You need to re-read what impressions /interpretations your wordings convey..

            LOL. Frankly speaking it is you who has insulted me more by going all Freudian on a simple observation of mine!!! Pathetic, Liar, dis-honest, shameless!! That’s quite a handful of adjectives..


          • An Jo

            Even if you felt that my comment was a veiled insult, that read of yours is a very limited & narrow perspective. If you want I can and will go further clarify.

            But the proper place to challenge my view was as a response to my comment.

            You and I are two different people, and hence we will have two different views. It is OK to challenge each other’s views. I am more than happy to respond to your questions.

            But your fraud lies in attaching my view with some other view and then treating them as the same.

            I don’t think Naveen has a vested interest or was trying to pull down the Bachchans. I think the same is said about say SRK and Cricket. I don’t agree with Naveen, but I understand what he is saying. Ergo I responded to Naveen (with courtesy).

            Now once again, you need to take responsibility and appologie.


      • An Jo: Once you are done apologising to Bandra.NRI (just kidding guys), would you be kind of tell what you thought of Lucia, Ulidavaru Kandanthe (the 2 are among the handful of Kannada works I have seen; apart from this the only ones I have seen are Mane/Ek Ghar, Kaddipuddi, Bachcgan, Kempegowda and Edegarike) and Fandry. I will take it that you follow both Marathi and Kannada very well (having stayed in Sangli for 4 years made me pick up few Marathi words and phrases, but that’s about it).

        I thought Fandry was a piece of sheer brilliance BTW- my favourite Indian film from last year


    • Bandra.NRI Says:

      Even in a hit movie, a star takes most of the credit. This is how the cookie crumbles. Why just complain about Kabaddi.


  7. Jaipur is also referred as pink city hence the name, though pink jersey and gear seems a bit weird for this sport… and come on what’s wrong with having homosexual tendencies? It’s just a way of life for few and getting legalized too. Don’t be a Madhur Bhandarkar in life!


  8. Materazzi unveils Chennaiyin FC Logo

    Chennai, Sept 22 (IBNS) Chennaiyin FC, the newest club in the Hero Indian Super League on Monday unveiled its official Logo Duradrishti also known as Drishti – a representation of preserving the positivity.

    The club’s unique Logo was launched by former Italian World Cup winner and Chennaiyin FC Manager-Player Marco Materazzi and club’s co-owner Vita Dani.

    Designed by Ogilvy & Mather – an international advertising and marketing agency, Chennaiyin FC logo is a symbol commonly used by every house in Tamil Nadu to deflecting the negatives and up-keeping the positive environment and perfection.

    Speaking on the occasion, Vita Dani said, “I am delighted that our team name and logo originates from the heart of Chennai’s life and culture. Tamil Nadu and especially Chennai has a rich history in the field of sports and we at Chennaiyin FC are committed to promote the beautiful game across the State.”

    “I am thankful to the Hero Indian Super League for creating this wonderful platform and I look forward to make Chennai my new home,” he said.

    Abhishek Bachchan, co-owner of Chennaiyin FC said, “These are exciting time for football fans in the country. Being an ardent football supporter, our club Chennaiyin FC comes very close to my heart. Indian Super League has given us an opportunity to get involved in football and the most exciting aspect for me is to work on the grassroots level and youth academies.”

    The inaugural season of Hero Indian Super League is scheduled to start from Oct 12. Chennaiyin FC will play their first home match at the 40,000 capacity Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Oct 19 against Kerala Blasters FC.


  9. Abhishek Bachchan: Chennaiyin in talks with European clubs for technical support
    12-Oct-2014 10:57:22
    The co-owner of the Chennai franchise isn’t open to an international tie-up unlike the one seen in Kolkata’s case…

    Abhishek Bachchan, co-owner of Chennaiyin FC stated that while he is open to tie-up with a European club, he doesn’t intend to follow the Atletico de Kolkata route.

    Atletico de Madrid are one of the co-owners of the Kolkata franchise and one of the primary reason as to why the club was baptized as Atletico de Kolkata. Bachchan mentioned that he would prefer to his team to have an identity of its own as harping on the European name would lead to brand dilution locally.

    “I wouldn’t want to tie-up like Kolkata did as I would want to build my own identity as a team. But in terms of technical staff, that is a very good idea. We have been in talks with a couple of European clubs for more backroom staff and technical support. That is something we are looking into and we will announce as and when there is something.

    “Because the kind of expertise they bring to the table, we don’t have yet in India. The kind of facilities they have, we don’t have yet. So if we can work out a deal in which we can avail those facilities, I think it’ll be great. I will look into that as it will be highly beneficial for our team,” said the Bollywood star.

    He highlighted why grassroots is the need of the hour as it will take at least a generation for India to field a competitive side on the international stage.

    “Obviously, the mandate that is given out to each club is that we must set up separate Under-15, Under-19 and Under-21 teams. These are all things that will roll out with time as and when the grassroots level program is set. It is a very ambitious and demanding program.

    The grassroots level program is something I am paying a lot of attention to because that is actually the first thing I was passionate about too and in my opinion and limited knowledge of football, it will take us at least another generation to put out a competitive national squad. That’s the trend I have seen in football.

    “We need at least those 10-to-12 years to put out that team. We need to separate them into age groups and bring them together into the system. In order to be able to bring out such a team we will need strong grassroots foundation now. We need to start kicking into it immediately and that’s something all the teams are working on. We have a mandate to take almost a 100 schools under our wing within the first season. These are all things we are working aggressively on,” he elaborated on his club’s plan for the grassroots.

    Bachchan mentioned that a campaign similar to Inter Milan’s Campus Program would be very beneficial for the Indians. Inter Campus was founded in 1997 by Inter Futura, a subsidiary of FC Internazionale Milan, one of the world’s most renowned soccer clubs, as a corporate social responsibility program. With the support of local operators, it uses the game of soccer as an educational tool to enable needy children aged 6 to 13 to have ‘the right to play.’

    “Ozone Group, our partners and sponsors are also supporting us greatly in our grassroots program and that is actually where we started our relationship. And this is exactly where a technical tie-up with a European club will come handy. They are the ones who already have all of this in place.

    “Speak about huge clubs like Inter Milan, they have programs like the Inter Campus which is fantastic. So these are things that will help us set a system. So it is an ambitious project, but a project we can accomplish in 10 years if we are persistent with it,” he explained.


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