A Note on BOYHOOD (English; 2014)


Excerpt: “What’s the film about? What are all coming-of-age books or movies about? But just when I thought that the film’s ambition was to represent a young, creative consciousness, Boyhood surprised me: “I thought there would be more” are an anguished Olivia’s last words in the film, articulating both her drive and the naïveté underlying it. There isn’t, really, but that doesn’t make the ending bleak: the film’s last shot is of Mason and a new friend after they’ve just agreed that life isn’t about seizing the moment, but about the moments seizing you, because they’re all there is.”


4 Responses to “A Note on BOYHOOD (English; 2014)”

  1. Moment to Moment
    Why Richard Linklater makes movies.


    Today, Linklater visits Los Angeles the way one might visit a low-grade radiation site. When he has business there, he takes the early flight into LAX, runs to morning, lunch, and afternoon meetings, then catches the late flight home to Austin. When he is ready to make a movie, he finds producers who trust him with a long leash. (In the case of “Boyhood,” this was Jonathan Sehring, at I.F.C., who gave the project a small but stable stipend every year.) He tops off the coffers with his own money, and makes the movies as cheaply as possible. Since the nineties, Linklater has offered his stars percentage points instead of Hollywood fees. He calls this “betting on myself,” and if the bet is good, which it almost always is, it makes the director as free and self-sovereign as a painter or a novelist.



  2. This is probably the film of the year, and certainly the premiere work of Linklater’s career, methinks.


    • Linklater has always been superb; he deserved the oscars more than some oscar baiters! His peak remains the ‘before’ trilogy

      Following actors over real time seeing them ‘mature’ (or unravel) is a singular achievement. His dialogues and screenplay are upto the task as well.

      Personally I enjoy his collaborations with Ethan Hawke who seems to have a shared philosophy. (Wasn’t a fan of Julie Delphi though)

      Following the journey of linklater and more specifically Ethan Hawke (his brother in arms) has been a pleasure…


  3. By far the most natural film one would ever see. Flawless.


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