Rang Rasiya trailers

thanks to Saurabh…


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  1. Saurabh:
    Ah, finally “Rang Rasiya” is releasing on Diwali. Really looking forward to this (Anil Mehta’s camerawork looks to be kinetic as ever. Though I thought Himman Dhamija, the D.O.P of Mehta’s Mangal Pandey who always shot Bluffmaster, would have been a good choice as well considering the fact that Mangal Pandey was a visually strong work)- Ketan Mehta, inspite of never really fulfilling his potential, is a very authentic director and perhaps the most grossly underrated one. I have always liked Hooda and Nandana Sen looks sultry as hell!


  2. Very good trailer.


  3. This has been languishing in the cans for a few years now, I must have seen in at a festival as far back as 2010! While a little heavy handed with its delivery of ‘important’ historical events, this is an absolutely brilliant example of how a biopic should be done; informative and educational, with great characters and drama, while still having a human message and agenda. It’s really stuck with me since I saw it, so happy it’s getting a release!


  4. Very well made movie. Loved almost everything about it. Very well directed; can’t believe Ketan Mehta is not getting any movies to direct when he can direct such a well shot film in such small budget. Even though the movie has been in cans forever, it doesn’t show. Cinematography, sets, costumes everything comes alive in this biopic. Randeep is great as the arrogant Ravi Verma(though I could see some of trademark mannerism). Nandana Sen was alright. Overall all the supporting characters are good. Biopics are difficult to direct and Ketan Mehta did great job with Rang Rasiya. Recommended!!!


    • I couldn’t watch it in the cinema but the man has done Mirch Masala and Mangal Pandey, so clearly knows how to make a film! So I am definitely going to catch this one day…

      [Full disclosure: I will end up watching it more for Nandana Sen than Mehta though…]


      • Ofcourse.. I meant, with so much money thrown all around young film makers, even if they provide him 10-15 crores, he can churn out better movie. I just remembered he directed Sardar with Paresh Rawal in title role. I remember liking it during that time. Maybe he should try a big scale biopic if some studio supports him.


        • I might be mistaken, but I had thought Sardar was by Shyam Benegal, not Ketan Mehta, no?


          • No, Sardar is by Ketan Mehta. This was done before the comic image of Paresh Rawal.


          • Q: Haven’t seen Rang Rasiya yet, but a Mehta film I recently saw was “Bhavani Bhavai” (his debut, a Gujarati film starring Naseer, Smita and Om Puri) and I believe it’s not just the director’s best work, but is also one of the truly great Indian films of all times. It’s such a unique work- part fable, part farce and part dark-comedy- and the storytelling device itself makes it worth watching (it also a double-climax)- in some ways, this is Mehta’s version of something like “PK”. Sadly there is no official DVD of the film, the only available transfer (which is watchable, but is hardly good…it has subs) is on Youtube. And before someone removes it from there, I would urge people to watch it (it has also the “comic actor” in Naseer really cutting-loose, he is such a hoot here)


          • Wow I had never heard of it. Does the youtube file have subtitles?


          • Quite surprised you guys haven’t watched BHAVANI BHAWAI. It was a regular during the golden days of Doordarshan on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm.

            It is superb film, almost on par with Mehta’s MIRCH MASALA and SARDAR. He was in fine form there which of course later deteriorated into a mushy, mildew mixture of masala in ODYHI and culminated in Mangal Pandey. He regained some of his old form again during MAYA MEMSAB though.

            It has delighful roles by Gujarati theater doyens like the late Mohan Gokhale, Dina Pathak, Harish Patel, and of course, the unsurpassable Smita Patil.


          • Re: “It was a regular during the golden days of Doordarshan…”

            That was one of the downsides of growing up outside India: no DD back in the 1980s…


      • Q: It does have subs, the subtitles aren’t synchronized properly (often appearing after the dialogue has been mouthed), but that’s not really a problem, one can easily understand what’s going on. I might have oversold the film already- this film doesn’t have an iota of subtlety to it, but it does have a filmmaker working at the top of his craft. And it has some really superb “toilet” humour (literally).


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