Khubsoorat trailers (updated)


18 Responses to “Khubsoorat trailers (updated)”

  1. omrocky786 Says:

    Will watch it just for Ratna Pathak Shah !!


  2. thecooldude Says:

    Pakistani drama sensation Fawad Khan’s bollywood debut. He starred in perhaps the most watched drama series in Pakistan history…HUMSAFAR.


  3. Man this is wretched…


    • and apart from being a poor trailer, Sonam Kapoor is miscast in this sort of role. She is much better suited to playing elegant than loud Punju.


      • sanjana Says:

        Kironkher looks interesting.


      • Q- have you seen any of Sonam’s off-screen appearances? She is a loudmouth and she still has the manner of an awkward changeling although she is nearly thirty.

        I think this trailer is fun- Rathna Pathak Shah looks to be having a ball.


        • fully agree ami – and that off-screen aura she carries on screen also and there lies her failure so far……I would have taken Ileana or Parineeti here….


  4. Actually Shashank Ghosh is good director but looks like this movie is made with Sonam’s sensibilities, the way Aisha was!


  5. oldgold Says:

    I was wondering how they’d make a contemporary version of the older Khubsoorat. Not bad, I think. The characters look interesting though Ashok Kumar’s character here looks too pale.
    The others look fine. Didn’t mind Sonam either.


    • Ashok Kumar’s character is played by Aamir Raza Husain, a theater actor/director, he doesn’t do movies. He was BJP’s Vice President last year and he quit/axed as he was against Modi for PM’s post. I guess he had free time after that and accepted this movie.


  6. tonymontana Says:

    Forget acting talent, Sonam doesn’t even have good enough screen presence to guarantee a good watch on her own. She just lacks that sparkle.


  7. I like the pair, Sonam and …whoever the hero is. Quite good looking.
    Sonam offers a delightful and lively foil to his broodiness.


  8. frivolity is more effective when tactical..
    Sonam exudes gaiety without the requisite gravitas.

    she is photogenic though..
    her best moment in front of the camera being that suggestive sugarcane moment in a d6 song..

    some good comments above and I felt like “cutting down some to size”
    but with people hiding behind moderations et al, i wont bother….


  9. BTW this is a folk song. Anu did a version for movie Maa. Here is another version


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