Quick Poll: Best Actor in a Gangster Scene (Please Vote ONE Only)

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1 vote only or add your own:-) See video links below.

1) Agneepath (Amitabh Bachchan in and as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan):

2) Scarface: ( Al Pacino in and as Anthony Montana):

3) Goodfellas: ( Joe Pesci in and as Tommy DeVito)

4) Goodfellas: (Ray Liotta in and as Henry Hill)

Company: (Ajay Devgan in and as Malik)

5) Sarkar (Abhishek Bachchan in and as Shankar Nagre)

5) Agneepath: (Sanjay Dutt in and as Kancha Cheena)

6) The Godfather: (James Caan in and as Sonny Corleone)

7) Bonnie and Clyde: (Faye Dunaway in and as Bonnie)

8) Goodfellas (Ray Liotta in and as Henry Hill)

9) Layer Cake: (Michael Gambon in and as Eddie Temple)

10) Gangster Squad: (Sean Penn in and as Mickey Cohen)

11) American Gangster: (Denzel Washington in and as Frank Lucas)

12) Public Enemies (Johnny Depp in and as John Dillinger)

13) New Jack City (Wesley Snipes in and as Nino)

14) Rounders (John Malkovich in and as Teddy KGB)

15) Jackie Brown (Pam Grier in and as Jackie Brown)

16) Get Carter (Michael Caine in and as John Carter)

17) Set it Off (Queen Latifah in and as Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Sims)

18) Analyze This: Robert De Niro in and as Paul Vitti

19) Maqbool: Pankuj Kapur in and as Jehangir Khan

20) The Godfather: Marlon Brando in and as Don Vito Corleone)

21) King of New York: Christopher Walken in and as Frank White)

22) Carlito’s Way: Sean Penn in and as Klenfield

23) The Killer: Chow Yun Fat in and as Ah Jong

24) Mean Streets: Harvey Keitel in and as Charlie

25) Kiss of Death (Nicolas Cage in and as Little Junior Brown)



5 Responses to “Quick Poll: Best Actor in a Gangster Scene (Please Vote ONE Only)”

  1. Hmmm…AB over Marlon Brando. Well, I guess we have different tastes 😛


  2. oh man this is a fun list, but i will go with brando in the Godfather. I’d take denzel in The American Gangster second. Amitabh would probably be 4th in Agneepath behind DeNiro in Goodfellas. I love gangster films, one of my fave genre’s. But yeah if I had choose one and only one…how can you not choose Brando?? That performance was and remains flawless IMO.


  3. 1.Robert de Niro (The godfather 2)
    2.Al Pacino (scarface)
    3.Marlon Brondo (The godfather)
    4.Di Caprio (The Departed)
    5.Jack Nicholson (The Departed)
    5.Jony Depp (Donnie brasco)
    6.Amitabh Bachchan (Agnepaath)
    7.Abhishek Bachchan (Sarkar)


  4. Pacino in Scarface is the bestest ever :p
    Loved Denzel in AG and Brando in Godfather


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