Housefull 3 with Akshay, Abhishek, Ritesh


Come January and Housefull 3 would be going on floor. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh. The film would be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Eros International with Sajid-Farhad as the director duo.

Confirms Sajid Nadiadwala, “Yes, we begin shooting in January.”

While names of the three male leads have been confirmed, one still awaits announcement around the three leading ladies.

“In a month’s time, their names would be announced too,” assures Nadiadwala.

In the past, Housefull as well as Housefull 2 have been big successes. Now there are huge expectations from third in the franchise as well and with Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh continuing to be an integral part of this Nadiadwala production, one looks forward to continued ‘dhamaal’ in this laugh riot.

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  1. Abhishek is really short of options at this point of time. And while you can’t do really much worse than Housefull, I don’t necessarily blame him- It isn’t as if others are doing much better and Abhishek resisted doing these sort of projects for the longest time. Also the prestige projects seem to have completely dried up as far as he is concerned (from Mehra to Sippy to Gowarikar to RGV to Shaad Ali, each of these guys are working with different stars. And I don’t see Rathnam doing a Hindi film in a hurry) so he is really searching for a quick, easy hit. However the thing is, I don’t really see Abhishek benefitting in any sense from Housefull even in commercial sense, it’s not even like the HNY case. If anything it might just harm his brand value (Abhishek isn’t the guy who is ever supposed to be doing films like Housefull) which is anyway at its lowest


    • Yeah this is a bad option as the other two guys Akki and riteish are quite at home in this territory. Abhishek might struggle a bit here. Infact if Riteish has a half decent role he can outshine almost every other actor in this genre.


      • Don’t think Riteish can outshine Abhishek (there is not even a comparison here. And I quite like Riteish), that’s beyond his abilities. He can certainly work well with Abhishek like he did in Bluffmaster (which incidentally is by far Ritesh’s best work. And this is the best example since Riteish was doing comedy here and yet no one thought that he was even equal to Abhishek in any sense even if most found him endearing).


        • This wont be like Bluffmaster. this will be a loud over the top comedy and Riteish is home at that genre and can really outshine everyone else.


    • BTW choosing Housefull shows ‘confusion’ in Abhishek’s mind regarding all of this, I mean it’s not as if Abhishek, unlike an Akshay or Riteish, is known for doing over-the-top hits (yeah, yeah I know Bol Bachchan was a hit, but the “Bachchan” in the title and the double-role mitigated the lowbrow angle associated with the film to an extent) so his completely unproven in this genre. And this is mainly Abhishek really doesn’t have a strength genre, which is to say a genre where is guaranteed a minimum gross on the strength of the initial alone (of course it’s primarily because Abhishek, by choice, was never interested in buliding a strength genre). Look at Saif- he for some reason decided to do Humshakals, a film which really didn’t suit his strengths. It bombed. So he immediately returns to Happy Ending, an urban rom-com, the sort of film he has a connect with and which, when he is starring in it, will work 70% of the time (though with the directors of 99 and Shor in the City at helm, this is bound to be a far edgier rom-com. And that’s why I think casting Ileana is a pretty good move, it brings a certain freshness to the proceedings). Before this when Agent Vinod had flopped he had similarly gone back to Cocktail followed by Race 2 (in both cases he had a proven history with those franchise/genre) and both got him out of the woods. But let’s look at his upcoming films. He has a political action thriller “Phantom” with Kabir Khan next which is actually far more dicey commercially than it looks (even if the director here is from from the success of ETT. Though Katrina’s presence bolsters the BO prospects quite a bit- while there have been FAR FAR more stronger female-stars than her in a cinematic sense, I doubt even someone like Hema Malini had the box-office pull this girl has. People go to films simply to see her. Infact she is not a lesser star than Saif in this regard). But he is then following it up with another ‘edgy’ romcom with Kangana which is being directed by Reema Kagti. So he really has a well-thought out plan in place. With Abhishek though it all seems a bit helter-skelter.


      • So if Abishek is not successful in the next twenty years, will this sob story of a blog continue?


      • Abhishek is just one guy who for whatever reason is a trundler. It is not as if it bothers him with his minimum IQ yet somehow it bothers a lot of people here. The guy is doing fine. Let him be at peace with himself. I am failing to see the point of it all. Same discussion over and over again. It is okay to go on about it once in a while but time and time again same …..

        This association with glamour has become revolting for me.


  2. Why would success or failure of a celebrity affect my life so much? Something must be terribly wrong for me to attach myself to an image who has no concern whatsoever with me. Abhishek is in the entertainment bussiness which seems like a job. What exactly is this fascination and obsession with celebrities who spend a lot of time looking in the mirror?


    • I’d make a few points here and this will not have been an Abhishek-centric argument by any means:

      1)There is an old trope/archive of ‘scorning’ the celebrity. Though obsession with celebrity might certainly be problematic it is not clear to me that those who don’t obsess with celebrities automatically lead more meaningful lives! In other words it’s certainly a negative to have nothing but a celebrity on one’s mind. But there are lots of other ‘negatives’ or lots of other ways of living life ‘stupidly’ that do not entail obsessing with pop culture figures (or sports figures or whatever).

      2)extreme as many opinions and formulations might seem online it is also not clear that people who engage in these views also spend the rest of their ‘offline’ hours doing exactly these same. In fact if I were a betting man I’d say that people are properly utterly different from their ‘online’ masks in every sense imaginable when they’re elsewhere.

      3)Though there are certainly obsessions that revolve purely around the figure of a celebrity it can sometimes also be the case that the celebrity becomes a stand-in for a larger set of cultural concerns, shorthand for deeper socio-political intersections and so on. For instance one could ‘read’ Hindi cinema over time and track the history of the nation-state this way and/or examine various cultural trends. One could do the very same with stars of different kinds.

      To summarize (and perhaps repeat) one shouldn’t automatically dismiss this sort of thing. Yes there are those who are ‘extreme’ in this sense. But I am far less concerned with whether someone is obsessed with a star or not and much more interested in what formulation that obsession (assuming it exists) takes. There are people who spend their lives decoding one book (Finnegans Wake for instance though there are other examples), there are those who decide to spend their entire lives buried in some desert hoping to come across a significant archeological site, I could go on… I find many of these exempts ‘strange’. Stranger still might be many kinds of bourgeois lifestyles that seem to us to be the most normal thing in the world but which would have struck people in other ages as not just abnormal but obsessive. In a way one might even argue that no great accomplishment in human history is possible and at any level without this admixture of obsession. The question then becomes: what is the object of this obsession? Clearly some are worthier than others. But whether this automatically makes for a more meaningful life is I think questionable. And it’s not as if most who would find an obsession directed at a movie star odd otherwise spend their time obsessing over the many versions of the Mahabharata!

      the human species is in many ways precisely about obsession and strangeness. Which is not to deny that there cannot be a qualitative difference in the kind of obsession one pursues. But I’m not sure if the quasi-moralistic framing of this question is one I can go along with. for the reasons I’ve pointed out here.


  3. If this obsession with celebrities and glitter is a hobby its psychological impact would be terrible


  4. I like Sajid-Farhad better than Sajid Khan. It’s Entertainment had a decently entertaining and funny first 30 minutes- better than the entirety of HF2, Himmatwala and Humshakals. Actually anyone is better than Sajid Khan. Also, not that Rohit Shetty is any award winning filmmaker, but he has maintained some standard in all his movies-there might be stupid humor but it is never vulgar or demeaning. A Rohit Shetty movie no where near the same as a Sajid Khan (or Farah) movie.

    I can’t remember the last movie Akshay-Abhi worked together (if any). But Akshay-Ritesh had great chemistry as do Abhi-Ritesh so I’m hoping all 3 have great chemistry together. But this is a bad career move by Abhi if he has a solo film before this and after HNY. 3 Multistarrers are enough to try a solo again. And doing a multistarrer after a solo film might signal the wrong idea to the audience. HF3 looks to do as much to Abhi’s career as HF2 did to John Abhrahams. Abhi’s signing of multistarrers is also weird: BB was a good one to do, D3 he was sidelined, HNY looks to be good for him and HF3, when you have Akhsay and Ritesh, looks on paper like a bad idea.


  5. There are rumors that Ritiesh will opt out of this movie and replaced by Krishna Abhishek.


    • If this news is true then I am happy for Abhishek. I don’t think the existing PR was effective. SRK got more positive news out of 10 pack then Abhishek got out of BB.

      For a lot of people (even after BB), still considered him Bachchan’s son or Aishwarya’s husband than a BONAFIDE success story. This clearly was because the PR was not effective.

      It took a popular national sport, Kabaddi, to re-calibrate Abhishek. Now Farah has sized the moment and is trying to build upon that success by giving him a new relaxed and natural image, devoid of larger than life heroism. By being the comic relief in HNY (evidence : Intro Clip, Manwa and Kamili), he is assured clap trap dialogues and a potential to steal the scene if not the movie. Hopefully the new PR will be able to milk HNY for Abhishek.

      One can say, with HNY, Abhishek’s new inning begins, hence a new PR makes sense.


  6. I am sure Akshay would generously give more scenes to Abhishek to revive his career.
    This might be the best bet for Abhishek in terms of box office.
    Abhishek might not get a heroine in this movie…instead will play a double role.

    Is this movie called Abhishek 3? It looks like that to me….as thr seem to be hardly anyone else in the movie.

    Satyam/Saurabh relax. Real news is that
    Abhishek has replaced Arjun Rampal of Housefull2. Pls dont read more and try to give him centrestage in the movie.


  7. I think Abhishek is a good choice for this kind of genere.I liked him him very much in. BB.He did a fine job there and even surpassed Ajay Devgan in comic scenes.


  8. Abhishek…what are you doing??


  9. So, from Rampal to John Abraham to Abhishek. I don’t know if it’s a case of the Housefull series getting better or just the fact that Abhishek’s career has gone really backwards.


  10. No post about choosing ‘Liar’s dice’ to the Oscars?


  11. M S Dhoni The Untold Story First Look

    This is a fantastic first look with back facing the poster wearing Dhoni’s jersey with no. 7 and they have an actor who belongs to the same area/ background and resembles the same demeanor / ‘silent aggression’. The director too is a good choice with two good movies under his belt Wednesday and Special 26

    I was fascinated by Imran Khan’s autobiography during early school days and though this is a biopic Dhoni is someone I have always looked up to as a cricketer. The movie will be one of the most anticipated one for all the cricket fans and definitely people anticipate a commendable work by Sushant Singh Rajput just like his previous projects.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Satyam, unfortunately have placed this in the wrong thread. Either way don’t you think our dashing Indian Captain deserves a separate post? I know SRT is cherished/ revered here but Dhoni’s helicopter shot is the real deal…

    Have rechecked and this movie is no more a rumor but happening in all seriousness and that too with a good actor and director….would be looking forward to this to get insight to his early humble days and then that Pakistani series where he came in his own and that famous compliment from Musharraf !


    • Man, isn’t it too early to make a film on Dhoni?! Has this country really run out of sporting heroes. More importantly these straight sport biopics only work fir me when there is a sense of myth (or mystery) attached to the man in question, and Dhoni as of now, doesn’t fit this bill at all. Also as a rule I am never in favour of biopics of those personalities who are still active in their career (I mean, when we can access almost everything about that person ‘off-screen’, why do we need a film on him). I do hope I get to see a film on Dhyanchand though.


      • It’s not who it’s about that’s important, but what it’s about.

        The director’s the guy who made A Wednesday…and Special 26, so it should be exciting.

        I watched Ron Howard’s Rush recently and it’s an absolutely fantastic film, even though it’s about a relatively unknown Formula 1 battle between Niki Lauda and James Hunt!

        If we talk about F1, you’d expect a film about Senna Vs Prost or Nelson Piquet Vs Nigel Mansell and not James Hunt.

        But in the right director’s hands and with a solid script, nothing’s sweeter than a real-life replica, albeit highly dramatized.


      • I quite liked Bhaag Milkha Bhaag even though I wasn’t too happy with the film’s celebratory tone towards the end. The first half of BMB is pure gold…really inspiring and touching. With Rakeysh Mehra, unfortunately, I’ve kind of come to expect a bit of slack in the middle segment of the film …and while that wasn’t too much of a problem for me, the film does lose a bit of focus and its charm. He does lift the tempo towards the end (and ties together the beginning and end in a heart-wrenching moment) and for what it’s worth, extracts a very good performance from an otherwise wooden Farhan Akhtar.


  13. Agree –i had liked ‘rush’…

    Ps: though it’s difficult for me to watch Bmb (due to the urbane non-star Farhan playing beefed up milkha!) naseer was rite there



    great news as far as I’m concerned! The All is Well reshoot begins Jan, Abhishek’s home production is therefore set back though Happy Anniversary apparently might begin in Feb (or so the director claims).


  15. Lisa Joins Housefull 3
    by Soumita Sengupta (July 11, 2015)

    Sajid Nadiadwala’s Housefull 3 will start rolling in Mumbai soon, and Farhad-Sajid, who had written the first two parts of the film, will be helming this sequel. The third instalment will feature Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh as the leading male protagonists. While Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri were signed opposite Kumar and Bachchan, respectively, we hear that the third actress to join the league is Lisa Haydon, who will be seen romancing Deshmukh in the film.


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