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  1. Daawat E Ishq Struggles In Week One
    Friday 26 September 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Daawat E Ishq grossed 20.50 crore nett in week one. The film had could not start well and showed a decent up trend over the weekend and then had normal weekday trending when it had to be better. Monday fell 45% but when the weekend is low you really need to get near the Friday number.

    The best business has come in Delhi/UP where the film has grossed around 5 crore nett. Mumbai circuit has let down the film which is the case with Khoobsurat as well. Despite having a Muslim touch to the film it could not gross well in Gujarat and the Mumbai circuit figures for week one were 6.50 crore nett approx.

    The film has advantage of no major release this week so this means it has held screens well and the main competition will be Khoobsurat again.


  2. Khoobsurat Has Low First Week But Decent Trend
    Friday 26 September 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Khoobsurat grossed 16 crore nett in week one. The film trended well on weekdays with the daily collections on Monday to Thursday staying around the 1.50 crore nett region for all four days. The problem is a very low weekend total which has held the film back. This sort of trending on a better opening weekend and the film would have done well.

    Khoobsurat dropped 30% on Monday from Friday but the sort of Friday it had to get the same or better figure as Friday. The film like Daawat E Ishq has done best in Delhi/UP with collections around 4.25 crore nett and Mumbai is the under performer with figures of around 4.75 crore nett.

    The film has trended well on weekdays and there is no major release this week so the main competition will be Daawat E Ishq which Khoobsurat should score over unlike in the first week. it should be the top film of the week.



    Varun, Deepika team up for ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Hindi remake with Homi Adjania directing them.


  4. ***Aaah another first world problem..***

    It’s the ultimate first world problem. You go to the Apple store, drop $400 for an iPhone 6 and then discover it doesn’t fit in your pocket.


    In the past, such problems were limited to hipsters with curly mustaches, whose jeans were so skinny they might actually be cellophane wrap. But now mere mortals with normal pants and purses are in despair.

    Over the weekend people bravely took to the public complaint box, Twitter and Facebook, to grumble about this oversized issue. (Pun intended.)


    • lol…i am still one of the very few people who still uses a freaking flip phone. i get ridiculed for it but i don’t care. Yes I do have a tablet and a laptop so I don’t really need a smart phone. I get on my cousin because he always wants to get the latest samsung or iphone and the dude does not even have a job. When I see college students and high school students with smart phones…and I just think to myself this is truly comical. There is really no need for a smart phone, it’s just convenient to have. And 80% of the time I see people checking thier twitter accounts and/or FB accounts (which I have neither of) on their smart phones. “First world” problem indeed.


    • Shell out a few dollars more and you could buy yourself an iphone that bends!


      As usual, anything that apple makes is ‘magical!’


    • One undeniable perverse pleasure I am getting — at least on this blog I am a certified scumbag as decided by you-know-who-Freud — is staring at those PYTs in the Apple store standing around the 6+ going..’OMG it is HUGE!!’ & imagining they are talking about me..




      • An Jo

        I am not your enemy, your own deeds are your worst enemy. I am a friend who took the time to tell you what you as an adult should know. There is an old saying, “when you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, then you ARE A DUCK”.

        At every point I have given you a yardstick, so that you can measure yourself. Look at this responses of yours. Look at the one before where I talk about how statistic nails you. Evaluate your walk, and your talk and then judge yourself.


  5. I’m not a Hrithik fan but since Bang Bang is about to release, I think it’s probably fair to remember this:

    Don’t think there’s been anything else from Hrithik or Farhan Akhtar that I can actively recall with such fondness…


  6. Anyone go to the SLAM show? I did and it was worth every dollar. The show started about an hour and a half late and it was about a 3.5 hour show. The production quality of the show was top notch- to be expected when SRK is producing the show. There were some boring moments like when they brought an audience member to the stage, I’m pretty sure it was scripted. All the actors had a dramatic “Hindi film style” entry and it was great- especially Abhishek’s and SRK’s.

    Abhishek at a live show does have this like superstar aura/swag to him. I don’t know if it’s because he’s tall or his attitude or what but the man live is great. Actually that’s true for the whole show, you can tell that he isn’t a great dancer but he tries hard and just looks like a rockstar. This was the second time I saw him after Unforgettable’s about 6 years ago and he was the same. I don’t know how to explain it and you don’t really see it in his films but it was great.

    Deepika looked stunning and did well- you could tell she was a little nervous though. The new kid Vivaan had 1 song in the beginning and he did well for a newcomer. Boman-Farah were funny. They actually make a nice couple. Sonu Sood took his shirt off like 10 times to show his 6 pack and this was legit. People around me were saying it was photoshopped but how do you photoshop during a live show?! Kanika did 1-2 songs and she was good. Honey Singh was apparently injured so he did not perform but SRK and team did an impromptu jig to make up for it. But the biggest surprise for me was Malaika Arora Khan. That woman is a true performer-she danced exactly like she dances in her movies and looked beautiful- Arbaaz Khan is a lucky and undeserving man!

    And then of course there is SRK, the main reason I went to this show. And this man has guts and energy. He hung on some pole 20-30 feet in the air across the stadium for his entry. Sat on some circular chair and was lifted into the air 20-30 feet during a song. Even with his injuries he was lifting and carrying Deepika around. He matched Chaiya Chaiya and Tumse Milke Dilka Hai step to step with the video, even at this age. He was jumping around and doing all the usual SRK stuff with ease. Does he look bad? Not at all. He didn’t have a beard and had a Chennai Express look. A guy ( yes guy) sitting next to my friend started crying when SRK danced “Yeh Kali Kali Aakhen” and I can’t completely blame him- when SRK was dancing to his old songs, the ones that I grew up watching, it was pure nostalgia.


    • Slam NJ was almost 30% empty and except some good production value was a huge disappointment for many on account of very centrist to HNY promo and all repetitive acts. Again it endorsed the fact that SRK and co are not stage performers or artists and time has come to stop them begging to NRI.
      Raj5’s next seated guy was crying in adoration and my many friends cried on their stupidity to fall once again to marketing hype and wasted time and energy and get slammed to the most boring show! And yes, SRK’s 6,8 10 or whatever packs were completely invisible even from distance or close ups!!
      What a free world we are living in and choosing to see and believe whatever we want to see and believe irrespective of facts. Isn’t it a real freedom…


    • A guy ( yes guy) sitting next to my friend started crying when SRK danced “Yeh Kali Kali Aakhen”

      Good thing he didn’t croon Tujhe Dekha…

      There might have been some spillage of body fluids of the other kind…Sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂


  7. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    1. Daawat-E-IshqRs. 20.45 cr
    2. KhoobsuratRs. 19.00 cr
    3. Finding FannyRs. 32.86 cr
    4. Creature 3DRs. 18.18 cr
    5. Mary KomRs. 53.50 cr


    • Khoobsurat Holds Up Well On Day Eight
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Khoobsurat held well on its eighth day as it showed a 50% drop from day one. The collections will be in between the 1-1.25 crore nett range. On Thusday it recorded similar collections to Daawat E Ishq and on Friday it has gone ahead.

      The drop from Thursday to Friday was hardly there for Khoobsurat and it should show huge growth on Saturday and with the new releases proving to be washouts it can go towards 5 crore nett for the weekend. The film is doing well at premium multiplexes across the country especially the Delhi NCR belt.

      The eighth day collections of Khoobsurat are similar to the first day collections of all seven new releases combined which were being screened on over 2300 screens compared to the 600 of Khoobsurat. Daawat E Ishq also grossed more than Desi Kattey which was the highest collecting new release but the drop was in the 70-75% region for Daawat E Ishq.


  8. Good to see Mary kom and khubsoorat doing reasonably…


    I hope the opening weekend of bang bang may breach the total of the lifetime collections of the combined total of khoobsoorat, yrfs daawat & fanny inspite of a strong opposition from VBs biggest hit yet Haidar…

    Hritik & Kat may have woken the dormant dancer in me

    So many subtle moves, classy stuff

    What separates the men(legends) from the boys amongst dancers
    & STARS

    1:25- 1:35

    My SALUT to Hritik Roshan …..

    These ten seconds made me smile for some reasons ….


    • “inspite of a strong opposition from VBs biggest hit yet Haidar…”

      Wow Apex, I doubt there is any need to hype Haidar to magnify Bang Bang box office/ performance. This may be a Shakespeare Hamlet adaption but for general paying public the promo suggest no more than a Kashmiri unrest / terrorism deal which is a big no in these stressful times where movies are more of an outlet out of daily chores. Besides Shahid has had some 10/12 straight flops apart from that RRajkumar which may have broken even due to Prabhu Deva’s masala elements.

      This is is the biggest weekend for 2014 as per trade analyst with 5 straight big holidays and due to non performers in entire Sept should get bumper opening. Hrithik’s real deal is Mohenjodaro with some unknown actress not only in terms of just opening / box office but as an actor too. Bang Bang is more of a Katrina vehicle where many a top actors like SRK, Salman and Aamir in the past have tried to hop on…….. except probably Akshay who gave her decent breaks in her initial years.


      • “ang Bang is more of a Katrina vehicle where many a top actors like SRK, Salman and Aamir in the past have tried to hop on”..i hope you are kidding MSDhoni, any hype that Bang Bang has so far is due to fact she is receiving lot of brickbats for the lack of acting and dancing skills.

        whoever I have spoken with are very excited to watch the movie and it might end up beating HNY at the boxoffice


      • Completely agree DHONI. Again a straw-man being set up here. It is literally ROTFLOL if Shahid kapoor and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Hamlet adaptation is going to be considered an ‘opposition’ to Hrithik and Katrina’s orgy!!!!

        People preferring actual movie over porn are freaks like me. And ‘freaks’ who would decide to watch HAIDER over BB are seriously microscopic and way, way, way minute when compared to the overall jerk-off that is going to take with BB.

        BB is going to steam-roll HAIDER given the advantage it has with regard to holidays and the PURCHASING POWER of the IT-infected country called India.

        Anybody who has an ounce of honesty in one’s blood-stream will agree that for all practical purposes, BB has a free ride for a whole freaking week!! So nothing ‘great’ there as will be pointed out…

        However, I do agree that maybe, some screens would be taken away by HAIDER since HAIDER I am assuming will be backed by a big studio? So it might add a very, very, very, very minor dent to the cr(wh)ores that BB would produce. But again, this is VERY insignificant…


        • An Jo

          The question is will Haider take away some screens or not ?

          The question is will BB have as many screens as say Kick/HNY or not ?

          Now you may be microscopic (as you claim), but the number of people who like Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhart and Shrada Kapoor are enough to rain on BB’s parade.

          A big movie like BB deserve at least one free week. Alternately India needs more screens.


        • An Jo, why did you bring logic and facts back into the discussion?

          I personally get my daily dose of entertainment reading all sorts of conspiracy theories, half-truths and delusional statements that find their way into Box Office discussions here. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

          Seriously, the stuff that gets bandied about here is much more entertaining than anything Bollywood has to offer.

          Not that I’d hope the results would be any different if the competition comprised of the Rohit Shettys, the Sajid Khans and Farah Khans of Bollywood. These guys are delusional if they think what they dish out is entertainment…but they are nothing compared to the people who lap it up with both hands.

          Moreover, the people who act as cheerleaders find ways to justify their choices!


      • I like Katrina for herself; appreciate her looks and terrific screen presence. But to suggest that The Khan trio are hopping on to the Katrina train — it’s an outrageous and unacceptable statement. Each Khan has a proven track record stretching over two decades and more. They are still going strong. Give them credit for lasting this long. I await PK for Aamir AND Hirani; Anushka and Sushant are added attractions along with spl appearance wala Sunjay Dutt. I watched Dhoom 3 for Aamir and Katrina in that order. Watched ETT for Salman and Katrina in that order, found myself pleasantly surprised by Katrina.

        A film is a team effort. Good screenplay and direction is assured in a Hirani- Abhijat Joshi scripted film. Farah Khan’s fims contain an element of madness that I relate to.

        Appreciate the new and young; don’t dismiss the older lot.

        I wish Aamir or SRK would do a mature film with Kajol or Juhi in lead. I will be the first to watch these golden couples.


        • I think SRK still does private parties.

          I am sure if one pays him enough and foots the bill, he will make a private movie tailored to one’s taste.

          Which is not say that one cannot wish and hope, but there is a sure way to make the very movie one likes, make it yourself. Khalid Mohammed tried it, look how well that has done for him. Yes, Nasseruddin made a gem too (because Bollywood people’s work is rubbish).


  9. tonymontana Says:

    Has anyone ever watched the South Park episodes? Havent watched anything as in ur face but it sure is funny as hell


    • I saw an episode and found the humour too offensive for my taste (of course quite often the best humour is of the offensive kind, but this was just too much for me).


      • Yeah, I can’t bring myself to watch it either. I find Family Guy floating in the same boat as well.

        I won’t say I’m a big fan of The Big Bang Theory but I do watch it… off and on. TBBT is guilty of enforcing stereotypes though, and is rather crude in its character development.


    • Love South Park, though I prefer their recent seasons to their earlier phase…unlike other sitcoms (and quite the opposite of The Simpsons) I think they’ve gotten sharper with time.


  10. The Shaukeens Official Trailor – Looks quite insipid.

    [post created]


  11. At the risk of seriously offending any Katrina fans, I’ll go ahead and state the obvious: even by Bollywood’s debased standards, Katrina is a low that cannot be breached!

    She is the proverbial bottom of the barrel…the worst offender in the cesspool that is Bollywood. It’s one thing to be a talent-less hack and completely another to not even be able to speak Hindi in an industry where she has lasted for close to 10 years!

    I fall off my chair laughing when Katrina decides to mangle Hindi, which is every time she opens her mouth, but then I realize she has no clue how to emote as well! That’s the time when I start to feel slightly sorry for her, even though in reality, I should be sorry for people who make her a star!

    I used to think Aishwarya Rai was pretty mediocre as an actress but Miss Kaif makes her look like Meryl Streep! What a climb down it has been since the days of Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit.


    • The people who like her are accepting her with all her faults.
      She has a pretty face, pretty smile and a great screen presence. If one can accept Salman Khan, why not accept Katrina as well?


      • If one can accept Salman Khan, why not accept Katrina as well?

        If followers of Asaram Bapu can accept him with his faults, then I guess Katrina goes scot-free!

        You do realize how this argument progresses? If tomorrow there’s another actor who’s worse than Katrina, then we could use Katrina as an example to justify the newbie’s surge. And so the debasement continues.

        This is not to discredit you or your choices, it’s about a visible, clearly perceptible, fall in standards. While Katrina is only part of the problem, clearly Bollywood as a whole has regressed manyfolds, I used her as a glaring example of what’s wrong with people’s choices.

        One would have no taste at all…or an extremely superficial outlook to withstand the likes of Katrina!

        This is not to suggest that Salman Khan is way better than her. He just doesn’t represent the abyss as Katrina does, although some people will argue the last point. I’m OK with that too.


        • I know what I like and expect what from whom. I like Konkona among the present ones and unfortunately she is doing very few films. Katrina and Salman Khan are like characters from comic books and when I see their films, I dont expect Mother India. Sridevi overacts and makes too many faces in one minute. Madhuri is just OK. I liked Vidya in Parineeta.


          • Sridevi overacts and makes too many faces in one minute. Madhuri is just OK.



          • I also feel Sridevi was a terrible actress (though a fantastic dancer).


          • Katrina is not the greatest, but I like her because she seems to light up the screen. In Dhoom 3 she executed her small role very well. In a Salman Khan starrer like Ek Tha Tiger, she did well enough to remain in my memory. So some of us find Katrina good enough to remain in thoughts after the film has become a distant memory. Are we any less than other viewers? I like Tabu, Konkona, Vidya, Kareena, Katrina…and they are obviously not alike. But so what? One can like dark chocolate AND vanilla flavoured milk chocolate.


        • What is lowering of standards? Madhuri and Sridevi could not hold a candle to Hema/Rekha who cud not compare to MeenaK/Vyjyanthi/Madhubala etc etc. Every generation has its own inbuilt definition of beauty/style.Why question the taste of others, especially if it sells? No one is ramming Katrina down people’s throats. If she did not have some uniquely attractive trait which is loved by millions, she simply would not have been popular.


  12. Bang Bang will get 3500 Screen compared to Shaid Haider 1200 Screen.

    With Kick and Dhoom 3 getting more screen than Bang Bang automatically they are in upper hand from the beginning. it does not matter what competition shaid movie will give to Hrithik but with lesser screen if it break any record , bang bang will be achivement for Hrithik and Kat.

    As per Bang Bang the craze is similar to KNPH or Dhoom 2, expect monster opening with less screen.


    • The one aspect of Bollywood I’m not cynical about is the music. This is coming from a huge Kishore Kumar, Mohd Rafi, RDB/SDB fan!

      Perhaps I don’t sample the entire range of music that comes out of the industry, which could alter my perception radically, but I do think we have some very talented singers/composers working today.

      I especially like Mohit Chauhan’s (Rockstar) voice. Arijit Singh (Aashiqui 2), who happens to be the current singing sensation, is quite good too.

      Shalmali Kholgade (Pareshaan, Ishaqzaade & Lat lag gayee, Race 2) possesses a great voice and happens to be my current favorite female singer.

      There’s always room for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher in my heart. They obviously belong to another level!

      There’s Sunidhi Chauhan as well and Sonu Nigam, who seems to be not singing that much these days. It’s possible I’m missing quite a few names here.

      Among composers, I quite like the work of Amit Trivedi and, I guess it’s difficult to say this, Pritam. I know Pritam has had charges of plagiarism leveled against him but I quite like a number of his albums (Barfi, Love Aaj Kal, Ajab Prem just to name a few. I quite liked Shankar-Ehsan-Loy’s work on Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

      Finally, I would like to mention the name of Prasoon Joshi. I think his lyrics are quite good, if not brilliant.

      I do approach music through the voice of the singer, so my choices could be unique or maybe not.


  13. Dhoom 3, Krissh 3 and CE all had more screen compare to Bang Bang.

    Dhoom 3 4100
    Krrish 3 4000
    Chennai Express 3750

    The fact is after having less screen , if Bang Bang beat this all movie in opening weekend, it will be huge achievement.


  14. Raghav:
    Narendra modi’s speech live from madisson square.


  15. “Dhoom 3, Krissh 3 and CE all had more screen compare to Bang Bang”
    Thanx for that crucial info suman…(this info shall be quite useful)

    ” the number of people who like Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhart and Shrada Kapoor are enough to rain on BB’s parade.
    A big movie like BB deserve at least one free week. Alternately India needs more screens.”
    Good point by bandra…


    One shouldn’t underestimate Haidar
    1) VB has apparently learnt his ‘lessons’ from Imran khan starrer matrus box office fate and seems like vishal has made some changes (albeit not compromising on the quality much)

    2) shahid might be a ‘pocket hritik’ but he has his own loyal fan following..
    And he’s coming off a life giving r rajkumar wherein prabhu deva seems to have done a ‘wanted’ on him!

    3) the music is really good and there’s more than five songs I think

    4) it’s NOT some small obscure flick
    But also helms TABU, KAYKAY as well backed by a big production
    In what seems the biggest film of VB & shahid

    5) shradha kapoor is at an alltime high
    After two 100 crwhores
    Ashiqui2 and 1 villain
    And above all ‘TERI GALLIYAN’

    Basically this will eat into Bang bang big time
    But no hangups

    UNLIKE some here, I wish haidar all the best


    Go folks –watch Haidar, throng the cinemas!!

    There’s also a shahid shraddha kiss and even a make- out scene

    Encourage good cinema

    Bring it on …


    • For market guidance and upcoming box office debates —

      Bang Bang To Release In 4500 Plus Screens

      “The film is getting the widest release for a Bollywood film when it releases on Thursday, October 2. Exhibitors are gung-ho about Siddharth Anand’s directorial that has become the hottest film of 2014 given the reaction its teaser and the songs have received.

      “Bang Bang is going to be huge! There is an incredible anticipation for the movie and the advance bookings across all PVR screens is really good. Certainly the hottest film of 2014; we are expecting a massive day one and the 5 day holiday weekend should result in record breaking numbers,” Gautam Dutta, COO, PVR Cinemas.”

      Market continues to expand !


      • That seals it. Any more doubts about who is David and who is Goliath now?

        HAIDER is no competition to BB on a footfalls level. Yes, if BB were to the SOLO release, then it would of course add more cr(wh)ores by way of getting more screens in the initial stage. Since in Hi-fi, for big-budget, flossy movies, these are the days of front-loading and fooling the people within the first 3 days and running away with the moolah before they have come to their senses, BB & other big budget shows have a lot riding on front-loading. So a loss of a few screens will make the difference.

        HAIDER, on the other hand, is the type of film that doesn’t need to depend on front-loading since it is content-driven. So if it is really a well-made movie, you will have people who were always interested in this type of a movie adding on to the foot-falls. In other words, the ‘fake’ science of trending would play out. This is a type of movie that will require a lot of fence-sitters to eventually come on its side..But for BB, it will already have a packed front-loading thanks to the loyalists, fence-sitters [the fence-sitters’ 1st choice — at least the below 30 youth– will obviously be BANGING and not some Shakespearean adaptation] or even non-target audience like me will hardly make any dent.

        HAIDER or NO-HAIDER BB will triumph. It was extremely stupid of Bharadwaj to release this film with Roshan in his strength-genre of urban/metro-sexual fantasy. All this talk of Hrithik facing competition from Shahid Kapoor no less is BS so that the final BB figures could be turd-polished further bringing in variables like competition etc..This is not needed at all since BB on Roshan’s own steam alone is going to rake-in the front-loaded moolah..This is the same syndrome Papa Roshan suffered from when he fell prey to the disease of fudging since SRK’s CE had hit a new mile-stone of 200+. So even a perfectly great collection of 190 odd crores for K3 was not enough to be happy with.


      • 4500 must be world wide not India…It will be playing in around 3300 to 3500 screens in India which will be less than other similar films.


        • That’s fine. Discussion about its comparison with other films of its ilk is another issue. I am only talking about the so-called challenge posed by HAIDER to BB.


          • I said before somewhere that the maximum potential for haider in a day is 13 crores and for bang bang is 35 plus crores. So in 5 days which has 3 big holidays bang bang must be above 150 crores surely unless it is totally a rejected movie. This is the best weekend in the whole year and has 3 huge holidays in the first 5 days of the movie excluding the weekends. That’s a very rare occurrence and hence both bang bang and haider can coexist very easily.


          • ** That’s a very rare occurrence and hence both bang bang and haider can coexist very easily.**

            I do not anticipate the holiday weekend being such a deal-breaker for HAIDER as it will be for BB. The audience for this type of film will not be manifold; there will not be many ‘spill-over audiences’ as in the case of BB and hence even if released on a non-holiday weekend, HAIDER would not have been hit hard – provided of course that it has the meat to satisfy its target audience. Long legs rather than front-loading would have helped this movie more. And if BB is solidly or even more than mildly entertaining, it can really breach all records.

            Now if you are only talking of the minimum target required for it to be considered a hit, yes these 3-4 days might help amp up the collections.


          • Long Legs Vs Front Loading, as if a genuine choice exist. as if the structure in Bollywood had the ability to adapt dynamically to public demand.

            Sure long legs are possible and occasionally happens. Sure lighting also strikes once in a while, but can we control it or count on it.

            The schedule of release is so jammed that unless you make some money upfront, chances are you will be pushed out to make way for newer release. The die is cast for some movies, even before a shot is fired. Hence this talk of LL Vs FL is simply empty talk devoid of any reality.

            For big numbers (record setting numbers), a big budget movie needs 1) A lot of screens; and 2) A few free weeks without head on competition. In today’s times, no matter how good the content is you cannot recover from the absense these two.

            Shahid Kapoor is a BONAFIDE star, with a long list of hits. He is appreciated and accepted, I for one dont’t expect him to take up supporting roles providing comic relief any time soon, the point being that he is too successful and established. Ergo to dismiss him under any circumstance is not sensible. But to dismiss him in combination with Mr VB and Ms SK (and Tabu), is outright foolish.

            BB will do well, but it could have done better (from a record setting perspective) without Haider. How many people will recognize that it could have been the best/second best movie of the year (gross) instead of third/fourth best ? Just look at this blog, we recognize and remember Ghajini (highest that year) but not OSO ( Second highest that year). Sometimes, records have to do with timing and external issues, Haider will cost BB some records.


          • actually OSO released a year earlier.. RNBDJ released 2 weeks before Ghajini and it wasn’t on any record-breaking spree in those 2 weeks. not even close. If it were just about this kind of stuff Don2 (sequel of a remake!) releasing on Christmas should have broken many records. Again wasn’t even close. Sure, these things help but often such points are brought up cynically to explain internal weaknesses in a film or its reception.


          • ***He is appreciated and accepted, I for one dont’t expect him to take up supporting roles providing comic relief any time soon, the point being that he is too successful and established.***

            There it is. Get the drift??


  16. Haider needs around 50 crores for a hit status, Bang Bang needs around 200 crores. Bang Bang has managed good screen count if it can get 3500 screens. Haider has got some good single screens due to UTV clout. But largely Haider has got a potential of 13 crores on Day 1 if it goes to full occupancy so anything over 7 to 8 crores is good for it. Bang Bang has potential of 37 crores if it goes to full occupancy so anything over 30 crores is good for it.


    • Have to say Bang Bang looks better by the day and hundred times better than HNY.


      • Did you go see/hear Modi today at MSG? We had over 100 people gathered to the cheers of “modi-modi”, same energy as MSG, on smaller scale.


        • Clearly, he has taken over the vacuum that existed in Indian politics since the passing of Indira. Even his worst enemies now agree that barring some egregious disaster, Modi will call the shots for the next decade or more until he himself hangs his boots up.


          • apparently Rajdeep Sardesai seem to have provoked few nri’s and even attacked one outside MSG….


          • Sardesai has still not gotten over the election results. Many others have moved on, and some have even co-opted, ie changed their stripes to adjust with the new paradigm. Barkha Dutt has resigned herself, one could see from the coverage that she was visibly perturbed with the huge reception at MSG.


          • This Rajdeep Sardesai incident totally marred one of the most moving speech / events of our lives and as NYKavi said our generation…. If India realizes even half of the visions of PM Modi, the next century will belong to the sub-continent. I just hope he carries his same simplistic approach to India’s various problems/ issues and motivates us all and the rest will be taken care by the Indian populace which has sufficient potential if channeled correctly.

            Coming to Sardesai’s just read his tweet which he posted after reaching Washington – “Teri galiyon mein na rakhege kadam aaj ke baad… Gnight, shubhatri.”

            What a freaking shame! I hope the guy involved was not a New Yorker and simply some bhaade ka tattoo of Gautam Adani acting his henchman…… apparently Adani’s whereabouts were disclosed by Rajdeep Sardesai’s tweets and his proximity to PM Modi. For the uninitiated , Gautam Adani’s wealth has had a surge of around US $ 4.1 billion since he took office ( a lot of it has to do with stock growth in anticipation )….. Can you believe being abused and manhandled in a foreign land!! The guy was so excited and interviewing people on the streets of New York on a nice sunny day when these so called bhakts took on their own trip which is typical of mob mentality. Most of these m.fcukers rioting there in Times Square / Madison Square live a life like slaves in foreign land with a stick hanging above their head and wished there was a NYPD who placed a bamboo up their arses because that is the language they understand….

            For long I had believed mostly the garbage of India resides abroad with people without any means and not willing to face competition back homeland. These uncultured idiots proved that theory correct by behaving this way given a chance during this visit of PM Modi.

            Further for all the money, IT and technology brain sitting in USA, the event was so shabbily arranged and emcees were totally fcuked up! There were so many cringe worthy moments on stage and esp. when US Senator and Congressman after being called on stage did not know what to do and were made to fend for themselves. The timing/ national anthem everything was awfully mismanaged. I wished they had outsourced this whole event to Indians residing in India who put such shows on daily basis with so much panache. Can you imagine this event was being watched in 80 countries…

            The Indian media was rightly captioning the Sunday event as ‘Modison Square Garden” and the event managers should thank PM Modi who single handedly electrified the atmosphere with his presence and exceptional, phenomenal and full of vision speech.

            I know the NRI / Indian diaspora here will not take well to this comment and I may self ban myself instead of going on a rant again ….


          • I saw bits of the speech and will say this guy can speak and speak really well. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands.


          • yes he’s always been a very effective speaker. Of course with that crowd he probably won 70% of the vote (and I’m being conservative!). In India of course it was 31%. That’s the way parliamentary democracy works but in India there’s never been such a wide spread between that sort of absolute majority and the plurality that voted for him. His UN speech was very good too. I’m of course not a Modi person and never will be but that’s another matter!


          • There are videos circulating where Rajdeep also pushed a guy.

            But as I say, an Indian is a model citizen in US but as soon as you have a gathering they start behaving as if they are in India.
            And also Indian journalists are no better as well.


          • yes hard to see him lose the next time around unless something goes seriously wrong. Having said that Indian elections throw up more surprises in this sense. Recall the BJP ‘India Shining’ campaign. The number to watch here is his 31%. He obviously has enough numbers on his side to be able to lose some and still get back to power. And he doesn’t give the impression of being very ‘beatable’. But the plurality that voted for him is less than a third of the voting electorate.

            Leaving this aside where I would disagree with you is that just because a political figure is dominant and forms a kind of horizon doesn’t mean that one automatically starts supporting them. Who says this the most? The BJP itself which has been on the most anti-Nehruvian tear since the election. Nehru was around for 17 years. Don’t think the Right supports him for that reason! nor did they do so when he was in power! Also going by this logic you should be a huge Obama supporter or should have been one even in 2012! Leaving aside these benign examples there are lots of very dangerous (as I see them) leaders who have that kind of ultimate popularity, who have rhetorical skills and who also deliver on ‘progress’ (at least for a while). Unless one supports all of those examples those adjectives aren’t necessarily deciding factors here.

            We didn’t start loving SRK and his films just because the audience liked him more than most others (or all others in the metro sense for quite some time.. certainly so overseas)! In many ways and this is an irony but there is a very near coincidence between the SRK ‘voter’ and the Modi ‘one’. Which is to say that he ‘new Indian’ dream of which SRK was symptomatic at one end of the equation has finally found its political analog in Modi’s dominance. Can’t expand on this just now.

            by the way (for others here) silly political comments without rhyme or reason will be deleted.


          • “Even his worst enemies now agree that barring some egregious disaster, Modi will call the shots for the next decade or more until he himself hangs his boots up.”

            Definitely not with Rahul around at the helm of affairs. Someone has to match his oratory skills and the knowledge he displays about the real issues of India… or if there are few serious blunders and he ends being a Obama not being able to walk the talk.

            Was a bit surprised with results of few by-elections where the BJP lost eight of 11 elections to the state legislature in September. If they will communalise the proceeding they will get a beating and that is why Amit Shah with their Love Jihad etc will pose a bigger challenge to his vision. Even with Mulayam and Mayawati around BJP secured 71 odd seats out of 80 and that is not simply Hindutva wave but voters cutting across political lines for a better and safer India.


          • Since Rajdeep along with Pranoy Roy remain fav since the advent of TV media in India, was a bit surprised to see Rajdeep holding Aajtak mike while interviewing people since I thought he was the whole and sole of IBN-CNN , until I went and read this at Wikipedia and what a shame !!

            Rajdeep Sardesai

            “On 29 May 2014, Reliance Industries Ltd announced it would be acquiring control in Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd, the parent of CNN-IBN,IBN7 and CNBC[9]. The board of RIL approved funding of up to Rs. 40 billion to Independent Media Trust (IMT), of which RIL is the sole beneficiary, for acquisition of control in Network 18 and its subsidiaries.

            Rajdeep, along with the entire founding team – editorial and managerial- resigned from the Network18 group. Rajdeep, editor-in-chief of CNN IBN, wrote in a letter to the employees before his resignation, “Editorial independence and integrity have been articles of faith in 26 years in journalism and maybe I am too old now to change!”.

            Certain reports said that the acquisition by Reliance can pose a serious threat to the independence of media in India.”


          • Not that I am a supporter of Raj and his separatist politics, but this is how you handle English snobs, record-players & libtards like Rajdeep; not by beating him up…he literally forces Rajdeep to head back to kindergarten..

            Having said that, if Raj gives up his separatist tendencies, he will be a great, great leader..



          • Jeez getting it wrong again – hopefully this is the correct one:

            please delete the other videos..Sorry


          • So the guy who was assaulted by Sardesai has given his account:



          • And there is a clearer video in the link below, Sardesai caught with his pants down. Video clearly shows Sardesai instigating the fight. Now he plays the victim:



          • There are many such ‘first hand’ pieces of information from both sides. News Laundry has compiled all of it with videos as well. One can watch, read and look to make up ones mind.



      • Yes Rajen I agree. Bang Bang looks like it has been shot well. Watching the trailer I like one shot of Hrithik where he kicks the guy backwards.


  17. Weekend Report: ‘The Equalizer’ Scores Fourth-Highest September Debut Ever
    by Ray Subers

    September 28, 2014

    Featuring superstar Denzel Washington operating well within his wheelhouse, R-rated action movie The Equalizer had one of the biggest September openings ever this weekend.

    Meanwhile, The Boxtrolls had an above-average debut for a stop-motion animated movie, though it still wound up slightly behind The Maze Runner’s second weekend.

    Playing at 3,236 theaters, The Equalizer opened to an estimated $35 million this weekend. That ranks fourth all-time in September behind Hotel Transylvania, Insidious Chapter 2 and Sweet Home Alabama. Among Denzel’s movies, The Equalizer’s debut ranks third behind American Gangster and Safe House.

    Lots of factors contributed to this strong debut—a well-managed marketing effort, outreach to Eminem’s massive fanbase, etc.—though the real key to the movie’s success is the name above the title. Denzel Washington is one of the few bonafide movie stars at the domestic box office; excluding The Great Debaters (in which he played a supporting role), The Equalizer is the 12th-straight Denzel movie to open north of $20 million. Ten of those 12 are rated R, which makes this accomplishment even more impressive.

    As a retired intelligence officer exacting vengeance on some Russian gangsters, Denzel’s role in The Equalizer fit perfectly in to the butt-kicking brand he’s been cultivating over the past decade. His legion of fans rushed out to see the movie, and seem to be generally pleased with the results: the movie garnered an “A-” CinemaScore, which suggests good word-of-mouth.

    The movie’s audience was split evenly between men (52 percent) and women, and skewed older (65 percent over the age of 30). Add in the positive responses the movie has been receiving, and this will almost certainly play well in the coming weeks. A final tally north of $100 million is likely.

    In second place, The Maze Runner added $17.5 million for a 10-day total of $58 million. That’s a 46 percent drop from opening weekend, which is fairly strong for the young-adult genre; in comparison, Divergent fell 53 percent earlier this year. Based on this weekend’s results, The Maze Runner now appears on track for $95 to $105 million total.

    Opening at 3,464 theaters, The Boxtrolls scored $17.25 million this weekend. That’s above past Laika Animation titles Coraline ($16.8 million) and ParaNorman ($14.1 million). In fact, it’s the biggest opening for a stop-motion animation movie since Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, which set the genre’s record nine years ago. Chalk this solid start up to Laika’s strong reputation and a pervasive marketing effort from Focus Features.

    The movie received a “B+” CinemaScore from an audience that skewed female (57 percent). Ultimately, The Boxtrolls could earn over $60 million total.

    This is Where I Leave You eased 39 percent to an estimated $7 million. Through 10 days, the movie has banked $22.6 million. Rounding out the Top Five, Dolphin Tale 2 fell 46 percent to $4.8 million. It’s now earned $33.7 million, which is over $15 million behind the first Dolphin Tale’s pace.

    In seventh place, A Walk Among the Tombstones plummeted 67 percent to $4.2 million this weekend. This rough drop can be attributed to tough competition from The Equalizer, along with mixed word-of-mouth coming off opening weekend. To date, Tombstones has earned $20.9 million, and could fall short of $30 million total.

    Guardians of the Galaxy has now earned $319.2 million at the domestic box office; on Sunday, it passed the first Iron Man movie to move up to third place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (behind The Avengers and Iron Man 3).

    The Skeleton Twins expanded to 385 theaters and grossed $1.26 million this weekend. So far, the Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig drama has grossed $2.35 million.

    In limited release, Pride opened to $84,800 from six theaters. That translates in to a decent $14,133 per-theater average. The well-reviewed movie will expand in to more cities on October 10th.

    Around-the-World Roundup

    The Maze Runner held on to first place at the overseas box office with $27.2 million. Without opening in any major markets, the movie still only fell 27 percent from last weekend.

    The movie’s biggest holdover markets were South Korea ($5 million, down nine percent) and Australia ($2.7 million, down 18 percent). It’s already Fox’s third-highest-grossing movie all-time in Malaysia behind Avatar and X-Men: Days of Future Past. To date, The Maze Runner has earned $90.7 million overseas, and has openings in China, France, Germany, Italy and the U.K. coming up in October.

    Coinciding with its domestic debut, The Equalizer scored $17.8 million overseas this weekend. It earned $2.9 million in the U.K., $2.7 million in Russia (best all-time for Denzel), $1.4 million in Mexico and $1.3 million in Brazil.

    Lucy extended its remarkable run this weekend, adding $11.1 million for a $269.1 million total. It opened in first place in Italy with an impressive $3.2 million. By Thursday or Friday, Lucy will have passed $400 million worldwide.


    • Saw the Equalizer.
      Denzel can make something so ordinary watchable. He is such a bad ass actor!
      The film is pretty predictable and Denzel is doing quite a typical role. Nothing here we have not seen before, especially Denzel’s act. But I guess he plays a cool character.


      • yes thought of checking this out just for him. Eventually went for Walk among the tombstones which was alright but again made very watchable by Neeson. Do want to check out the Drop. Hearing great things about it.


        • Yes I was thinking of watching the Liam Neeson film too. Another bad ass actor! Especially in the Taken films.
          You will like the Equaliser if you like his films over the last decade. Can’t say it is better than Training Day or Flight.


          • yeah I have enjoyed him in most of his outings.. so will check it out.. thanks.


          • Equalizer was predictable yes but it got the job done for me as far as entertainment. Some scenes that Denzel had reminded me of Amitabh; for example a scene in Deewar where he locks the door and beats up the bad guys (similar scene was in the Equalizer).

            I am wanting to see Tombstones also, especially since I’ve read that Liam’s acting is really good because the character relates eerily to his actual life (loss of spouse and personal heartache). I am glad that Denzel can still open movies, even Liam can (Tomstones was just seems too dark IMO).


        • Have sen THE DROP. Nothing spectacular as the critics are making it out to be. Good film no doubt. The atmospheric is great. However, it does give out the feeling of BEEN THERE, DONE THAT: Especially James Gray’s NYC-Queens’s or Bronx’s outings like WE OWN THE NIGHT and THE YARDS…

          Definitely NETFLIX and REDBOX watchable; not a necessity for the theater..



    “By The End Of Dil Dhadakne Do, I Was Craving For A Bhansali Film” – Ranveer Singh


  19. CHENNAI: At least 16 people committed suicide or died of cardiac arrest across Tamil Nadu after a special court in Bangalore convicted AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa in the 66.65 crore disproportionate assets case on Saturday and sentenced her to four years in prison. Two people have been hospitalized with severe burns.

    Police said three people hanged themselves, one AIADMK supporter committed suicide by self-immolation, one person ended his life by jumping in front of a bus and one person died after consuming poison after the court pronounced its verdict. Ten others died of cardiac arrest, apparently due to shock after Jayalalithaa’s conviction, a police officer said.

    Two people, including a Class 12 student, attempted self-immolation self and have been hospitalised with severe burns. Another ardent AIADMK supporter chopped off his little finger in Tirupur.

    Ironically, the chief minister had in August written a letter to a woman who attempted to kill herself after a Sri Lankan government website carried a derogatory post on Jayalalithaa. She urged the woman not to be overcome with emotion and asked her to understand that suicide is an act of cowardice.

    Party leaders said the extreme reactions were testimony to Jayalalithaa’s popularity but called on party supporters not to take the step.

    Social welfare board chairperson and AIADMK women’s wing deputy secretary C R Saraswathi said the reactions of grief “shows the relationship people share” with Jayalalithaa. “Everyone in the state sees Amma as their mother,” she said.


  20. There is a lot discussion about Rajdeep Sardesai.
    He may have many faults but he wont go physically assaulting people as suggested by some.
    Is he carrying any weapon other than a pen?
    He is a bit overenthusiastic journalist and is trying to praise someone and try to toe the line in his own way.
    Any day I prefer him over Arnab.
    How sad! People who accused congress of sycophancy are indulging in the same thing more fanatically.
    The newspapers have fallen in line and there are no more anti articles.
    Anyway I am not unhappy.
    We got a leader who can show the press its place.
    There are no more Hazare or Kejriwal movements to disturb the peace of Delhites. Ramdev is not asking for black money to be brought back and Kiran Bedi has become almost silent.
    Maoists are not indulging in arson and so are some north eastern outfits.
    Terrorists are hiding and even Kashmir has become a silent valley. No more stone pelting.
    The nation has fallen asleep like a baby in mother’s arms.
    The opposition has become a joke.


    • I am so happy to see the press becoming subdued and responsible instead of barking daily and creating sensational journalism over responsible journalism.


    • Agree with you. And I too prefer Rajdeep to that Arnab.


    • I guess this is what the govt wants. Uninformed people.
      Don’t you know there are;

      -riots in Vadodra?

      -Floods in Assam and other NE regions?

      -2 young AAP volunteer brothers killed by SAD near Ludhiana

      -Kejriwal amd other MLAs busy interacting with people and spending the rs4cr that MLAs get for their constituencies

      -AAP volunteers physically cleaning garbage (which has inspired Modi to announce a swachh Bharat day and the BJP ministers are getting photographed holding brooms in clean places.

      and a lot lot more.


      • All these things are overshadowed by the big news.


        • Which also tailored, blacking out the opposition to Modi there and that no newspaper is giving any news about him.


      • Swachh Bharat Nautanki


        • hahahaha cleaning is going on in places where Modi and cohorts will go cleaning on 2nd October.
          Parties were asked to join.
          AAP has agreed but demands that not just for a day, but consistently it should be done and the cleaning karamcharis should be paid well, and conditions improved like garbage bins and disposal.


        • At least AAP finally understands that govt formation starts at grassroots level. First they need to clean the streets and convince people enough to win Municipal elections and bring utmost efficiency in all municipalities across India. Kejri never understood that he is the perfect executioner of Modi’s vision at the grassroots level. Unfortunately, Kejri’s baloon filled up too quickly. Hopefully its loud burst has drilled some sense into his head. He should spend some years at the municipal level, then go to State, then finally Center. By then, Modi would have transformed India at the macro level, Kejri can graduate to that level in due course.


      • The press is too busy to report Vadodara riots. Or they maybe purposefully ignoring it.


        • Purposely ignoring so that nation thinks peace at last and sleep like a baby in its mother’s arms 😉 and praise Modi for good governance, People are dying in the floods. They are as bad as in Kasmir, but there elections will be held soon, not in Assam or NE


          • Riots started because of Facebook posts! Intolerance breeds violence. And in response the local govt shut down all Internet,SMS,2G/3G etc, thus totally shutting down all business in Vadodara. People need to really grow up, and stop getting their panties in a bunch upon reading every lil silly thing online.


          • I spoke with relatives who live there. They told me it is the outsiders doing the riots. Congress people. Cannot bear NaMo success.


          • Forget the riots Di. I have an axe to grind against Roshan & I have 6 crores invested in HAIDER..I just learnt it today!!! Vaanaron nein meri LANKA mein aag lagaane ki thaan lee hain..


          • Bandra.NRI Says:

            An Jo

            When I said someone has an axe to grind against BB and or HR, I meant someone big and powerful, not some small delusional and deceptive troll.


          • I can’t read Gujarati, but a Gujarati fb friend posted this as news announcing BJP leader arrested for burning hindu houses.

            I think this is what you mean by ‘outsider’. Perhaps he came from outside to make it look like muslims troubling Hindus.


          • And this fb friend lives in Ahmedabad


          • A lot happens in riots, oldone. People get their personal vendetta out. ‘Outsiders’ like congies come witht their political motives. ISI comes with their agenda. skirmishes happen. And NRIs get sleepless nites in their beds.


          • **When I said someone has an axe to grind against BB and or HR, I meant someone big and powerful, not some small delusional and deceptive troll.**

            You referring to yourself Zaid Hamid?


          • gujrats mein riots ho…modi america mai jeet jai…aur aap bandoro say khel rahey ho…bahut naa insafiat hai…Aj…bahut.


          • Modi’s jeet in America? You mean the rich Gujjus? The newspapers were pretty silent. Just WSJ gave front page yesterday/Today. Others have been laughing at his gimmickery – all that Bollywood style tamasha. Adani paying for all this plus the free tickets which Indian media was calling sold out.
            He has returned empty handed except for an old MMS agreement re-signed.

            There is a lot more but I know this can lead to a long argument which I don’t want. One is already tired of the bhakts that troll you on twitter and not allow you one opposing view or any statememnt not praising Modi. This terrorism is exhausting.


          • I’m a Gujju and I can honestly say that mostly outside of gujju community (mostly patels), Modis visit to USA isn’t a big deal.

            Pick up last weeks Gujarat Samachar (USA edition) and the whole paper is filled with paid ad for Modi, from Patel Brothers to motel owners, etc…

            I really don’t think Obama or any american gives any crap about NaMo, it’s not like USAs economy lies in hands of India.


          • I was surprised there wasn’t a press conference, something that happens for just about any major visit of this sort. But it’s clear that they tried to welcome him without really going the whole nine yards (check out the bits on Manmohan Singh). This piece summarizes things well within this context.


            As someone who’s followed Obama very closely for long I get the sense that he had a certain personal regard for Obama which I doubt very much is the case with Modi. But this is also a party thing. The Dems were by and large much cooler on Modi even in Congress.

            And where I will agree is that this whole ‘big deal’ about the trip is really only on the Indian side. If you just followed the American media you wouldn’t get a similar sense at all. Of course foreign policy does not change all of a sudden. there are deeper institutional continuities.


          • of course the Indian media too after hyping this crazily and specially all the talking heads on Indian TV after doing the same and celebrating after the garden or UN speeches and so forth suddenly retracted their initial enthusiasm as things got closer to the WH! Because then the more specific questions about what was tangibly going to be achieved came up and of course no one had an answer. Then it suddenly became about ‘let’s take it slow and easy, these things don’t happen overnight..’ etc. But these were the guys hyping things in the first place!

            A similar script followed with China recently. the hype over the 100 bn investment quickly dissipated when the Chinese then said this was going to be over 5 years. Then all the schmoozing in Ahmedabad underwent a drastic change when the Chinese took part in the most blatant incursions (even by their past standards). The final straw was the embarrassment of the Gujarat govt producing an Indian map which marked Arunachal as disputed territory! All of this made even the media turn on them including some of their softest supporters.

            In fairness it is true that these things don’t suddenly take a turn but if you hype things like crazy you’re going to be called out for it, specially when you say stuff like ‘the Chinese wouldn’t dare do these incursions if we were in power’!

            Getting back to the US angle the two most sensible points were made by a couple of experts, one Indian, one US. Either the Indian economy must become like the Chinese one for the US to really be interested and/or India must be reliably on their side in terms of UN and other global fora votes (not to mention troops in some very troubled regions). The latter of course smacks of a big brother attitude but that’s the way the pieces are arranged on the chessboard. On the economy too and even with these huge numbers in parliament the problem is that states have a lot of power in deciding what power projects go through or what mining deals are struck etc etc. The NGOs have enormous power, local politics can often be decisive, so on and so forth. It’s a much tougher system to navigate through in this sense. The issue isn’t getting to 6-6.5% growth over time but something much beyond this. In other words a number where the US gets seriously interested.


          • I am a gujju iyer and I can say that all my south indian and desh premi friends are jumping all over with excitement for just NaMo..not just his arrival in usa but him coming to India after having continued colonial rules under gora memsabs and other ivory towerites after having indepence in 1947!! Modiji Jai Ho. Vande Matram. Bharat Mata ki Jai.


          • yes one of these days you must start avoiding blogs in English… we might start thinking of you as a colonized type as well..


          • Very difficult to choose between gunda Raj and British Raj. The Amit Shahs and the love jihadis.

            There was indeed a joint press conference, but the reporters seemed more interested in ISIL than India. When they did get down to India it was frivolouus , like asking him about his fasting etc.


          • no that’s not what I was referring to. That was just a few questions at the Oval office. That happens 99% of the time with any visiting leader. But the more expansive and proper press conference is at the Rose Garden which lasts a long time. Many in the media have in fact criticized the lack of one in this case.


          • On the final day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the United States extended its Defence Cooperation Agreement with India by another 10 years. The pact, which was to expire in June next year, will now be in force till 2025.

            The development follows India’s decision to increase the foreign direct investment (FDI) cap for the defence sector from 26 per cent to 49 per cent. The issue was taken up at Modi’s extensive meeting with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, before the prime minister’s summit-level talks with President Obama at the Oval Room of the White House.

            The pact, New Framework for the US-India Defence Relationship, was signed in June 28, 2005 by then defence minister (now President) Pranab Mukherjee and his American counterpart Donald Rumsfeld.

            The Indian Cabinet is yet to approve Rs 15,000 crore worth of US defence deals, including one for sale of 22 AH-64E Apache attack choppers, 15 Chinook heavylift helicopters and the Javelin anti-tank guided missiles.

            American defence equipment makers like General Electric and Boeing had met Modi a day earlier and expressed their desire to expand operations in India.

            Defence Minister Arun Jaitley is expected to visit Washington next month for a meeting of the Defence Policy Group (DPG), the top decision-making body for US-India defence cooperation.

            On the civil nuclear agreement between the two countries, an India-US group is to address all implementation issues for speeding up deployment of American nuclear reactors in India. The agreement on this had hit a roadblock in 2010, when India rolled out a nuclear liability law.

            For his summit talks with Obama, Modi drove straight from Blair House, where he was lodged, to the famous West Wing of the White House. The talks were first in a restrictive format and later at a delegation level.

            At his joint media briefing with Obama after the meeting, Modi said both sides were “committed to taking forward the civil nuclear partnership agreement. We are serious about resolving at the earliest the issues related to civil nuclear energy cooperation. This is important for India to meet its energy security needs.”

            In terms of actual business transaction, Nuclear Power Corporation of India is in talks with GE and Westinghouse to kick-start the agreement.

            This was Modi’s second meeting with the US President since taking charge as India’s prime minister. On Monday, the two leaders had discussed bilateral issues over a private dinner in an informal setting. The body language of both leaders looked relaxed after delegation-level talks, with Obama sipping a drink occasionally and Modi wearing a constant wide grin.

            After the meeting on Tuesday, Modi took everyone by surprise by addressing the media, jointly with Obama, in Hindi. During his visit to the US, the prime minister had earlier addressed the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in Hindi.

            On economic ties, Modi hinted that the government was going for further economic and policy reforms that would help in “rapid growth” of bilateral trade and investment partnership.Both sides discussed the recent standoff over the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) trade facilitation agreement (TFA).

            Modi revealed he had frank discussions with Obama and expected the US’ support in addressing India’s concerns over public stockholding for food security.

            In a definitive step, Modi also sought easy access for Indian services firms in the American market.



          • Bandra.NRI Says:

            Modi fiercely sought a joint address to the US congress. But the man who was once refused entry to US, the man who now has a US Federal warrant against him, was refused the basic respect the most foreign leaders are typically granted.

            Modi now has the distinction of being lumped with Hugo Chavez and Ahmadenijad, leaders who were allowed entry into US but not allowed to address the U.S. Congress. At least with Ahmadinejad and Chavez, the press (Charlie Rose & Co), showered him with interviews. Modi was largely ignored by US media. Seems like no one wanted his Dhokla’s recipe.


    • One usually goes to a place to discover and learn. We know about the place from a map. We know a bit about its people from what we have read or heard. Still, actually being there has to be an experience to see, to hear and to learn about the place and its people. But some people go with pre-conceived notions and convictions and seek “confirmation” of their own prejudices. If I go to America with the intention of finding people who hate Narendra Modi it’s not very difficult to do. We know the people who campaigned against his visits or his interactions. It’s easy to find the gang of people who hate him. With the general public it is better to seek to learn rather than provoke them with pre-conceived conclusions and convictions. Some of our media crooks were in New York for the last few days exactly for that reason: Provoke hatred for Modi or ridicule their religion. Unfortunately for them, they failed.


      • I didn’t read the article just got the sense that it is criticising Rajdeep for criticising Modi and asking uncomfortable questions.

        As I said in an earlier comment Rajdeep just experienced practically what he and all others who speak anything against Modi or express an opposing view have to face on the net.

        They shout you down by maniacally shouting mindlessly Modi Modi Modi if it’s an opposition rally.
        On the net they descend on you like rabid dogs, and use the most abusive language.

        Whether Rajdeep attacked first or the other, the ground fact is that no matter where they are the same. And I must say, RS gets a lot of it for every comment he writes, just as AK and other leaders get.

        Siddharth Bhatia’s take on this – though rather tame.


      • What you are describing here as rabid dogs etc. is nothing different from what the likes of Rajdeep, his wife, and other English-speaking brown sahibs have done over the past 12 years. Just because they are dressed in suits doesn’t make them people of integrity. You think they have been fair? Why is it that a crowd of educated engineers, doctors, etc vented it out on him? Is every NRI supporting Modi here a dormant rogue? Rajdeep and his ilk have been guzzling whisky in Lutyens and sleeping with powers-that-be and vilifying Modi at EVERY given minute of the day for the past 12 years. Now they find him at Central Park being the only politician that the young crowd listened to!! In the middle of a concert consisting of the likes of Beyonce and Jackman!! A ‘chaiwalla’ who can’t speak proper, ‘accented’ English but has the gall to stand in a crowd of youngsters in America — a wonderful country that sleeps with and arms jihadi beheaders, rogues, dictators but rejects visa for Modi on ‘moral’ ground– and get claps, not slaps! This has hurt the snobbery of the likes of Rajdeep and Barkha Bahar and they literally get their panties in a wad. They never dreamt this man would ever be on American soil – let alone in a concert at Central Park! This man is here now – in America!! Getting visa to America is not a very high judging standard – I agree. [heck, I got it!!]. But symbolically for Modi’s case, it is.

        For the people supporting Modi, this visit is symbolic and a fairy tale representation of coming full circle for a man vilified by the lamestream media for so many years, titled a pogrom-manager by America and the ‘liberal’ press. This is also one of the main reasons for the euphoria of the public here. After the 2002 riots ploy failed, the lamestream press is now lamenting on ‘specifics.’ Really, the tangibles? How sharp was the press when the UPA/Congress leaders visited US? Did they drill the erst-while PM on what ‘tangibles’ he got from America? Now that they cannot vilify him further – he shook hands with Obama the ultimate liberal!! — they now focus on the ‘tangibles’ of the visit eh?

        You need to look at the INDIA TODAY video and see what types of questions Rajdeep is asking. It is the same old rant that has gone on for the past 12 years. Aren’t you past that now? What is new? What are you here to discuss in a crowd supporting Modi? Doesn’t he even have new questions? Anything ‘specific’ pertaining to Modi’s visit? Deliberately asking an enthusiastic crowd the same questions that have been asked for the past decade and seeking negative reactions? What is this?

        Is he even an intelligent interviewer? Just look at the Raj Thackeray interview and you will see how Rajdeep literally soiled himself.

        Let me go to a gathering of Jayalalitha and talk to the people there about corruption charges against her. Let’s see what type of reaction I will get. This is a country/state where people have committed suicide and died of heart-attack because a corruption-accused leader is jailed!! And a minister takes oath tearfully!! How ‘sophisticated’ is this crowd from the rabid dogs?

        And here’s another fact that blunted these brown sahibs – Modi has STOPPED the practice of a ‘press retinue’ flying free of cost to foreign trips abroad in the garb of ‘job’ as part of news-reporting. All these people have to foot their own bill – or their media company has to. This has not gone down well with them.

        As for the media’s integrity, here goes: There were significant opponents of Modi who showed up in NYC and DC. Why wasn’t this not highligted in the English press? []. For 12 years the media heralded even an ant that was anti-Modi and now, this opposition to Modi on foreign soil isn’t covered or hyped or just a by-line somewhere? Because he is in power now you want to sleep with him? [Remember, you also talked of press ignoring Vadodara riots; which they were not as I showed in the TOI link – what about this now?]

        This is how these people have been operating for so many decades. And you wonder why do the Modi supporters ‘hate’ these brown sahibs so much..


        • It’s their own inferiority complex that makes them think that the reason for opposition is brown sahibism. This self pitying attitude is laughable. You have to see how demeaningly they traet AAP and its leaders.

          It’s the absolute gundaism that is one main reason for opposing.
          Ignorance of the internet terrorism unleashed by BJP on all opposing him is something you have not experienced if you think it’s the same as what Rajdeep has done/is doing. He might be opposing strongly, but I don’t think that’s a crime. But what these gundas are doing is criminal.

          It’s futile going into discussing since you don’t seem to be aware.
          AAP is the biggest sufferer. The way they have used the media to ridicule and belittle everything into a nautanki and drama and ridiculing every action (while themselves doing the same) – is not a reaction to so called brownsahibism.
          That’s not the chip to carry on your shoulder when ruling.

          But never mind. I don’t have the stamina for long comments with detailed descriptions and explanations to show you how self absorbed your reasoning is, and totally off the mark.


          • Please enlighten me. I am willing to learn. Firstly, I have never talked of BJP in my entire comment. I have talked only of Modi.
            I am not supporting ANY sort of ‘goondaism’ that you talk of. Bringing in AAP here is not right. I am not talking of BJP or its foot-soldiers and some vandal elements present in them. You are painting Modi supporters with the same brush. And you are resorting to the same language that Rajdeep and his ilk have been coining and using. Is internet terrorism an euphemism for Internet Hindus? Since you are fond of ‘specifics’, you might read some articles on where you will find evidence for many, many of the ‘honest’, strong opposition of Rajdeep and his ilk.


        • Amitabh is loved universally because something at the very core of him represents what we all strive;dignity;grace;strength, abiltiy to take challenges, fight. Modi like Amitabh, also represents courage, grace under fire, strength, deep love for his country and core values that ALL indians stand for. It is that element, the love for mother India, that has touched the very core of every desh-premi and hence the rockstar welcome in MSG…something we Indians reserve only for a Amitabh or Rajnikant.
          Even (gujarati) muslims love him!!! Those brown sahibs should watch this episode on aap ki adalat before engaging in any debate (here or elsewhere) and press the trigger of hatred in a knee-jerk reaction. One should have ability to think and not get brain-washed by what TOI and other English language corrupt media crooks write abt Modi.


          • not sure what the craziest statement in this long paragraph is. Hard to choose..!


          • satyam no need to tax the remaining grey cell. after all I already know how good your math is! 31%. I wish you had 31% use left in that head of yours!


          • You can clutch at that 31% argument till Kingdom come. Do you even realize that no party has ever crossed a simple 50% voteshare majority in Indian elections? Even the bumper 1984 verdict was done with a 49% voteshare. Should we surmise that the Congres with a 26% and 28% voteshare in 2004/09 was even less legitimate than this BJP govt? I mean seriously, do you guys even look at historical facts before commenting.

            With the kind of vote-splitting that takes place, every 0.1% gain over 25% results in substantial seat gains. Now, if the enitre opposition gangs up against the BJP the next time, perhaps they will beat them. We can then have all your fav crooks running the show, instead of my fav crooks. Happy?


          • yes but for instance in 2009 with the coalition that number shot up to 38%. it’s not straws at all. If you are going to call it a massive mandate, some sort of historic win (which it is in many ways), then these questions are significant ones. You can’t be interested in history only till things become inconvenient! Again you can’t go for the historic win selectively! Obama won big in 2008. Not as big as Reagan in ’84 or Nixon in ’72. Not it’s fair to say that race was nonetheless a part of the deal and he would have won a lot bigger then (or even in 2012) if this had not been a factor. But nonetheless if the claim were to be that he had an absolute win it would be fair to ask what happened to the 46-47% who never voted for him? Saying then that no one had won this big in decades or whatever wouldn’t be a fair response. So this whole ‘don’t ask questions at all’ tack is I must say unpersuasive but also not the most honest strategy beyond a point.


          • As long as crazy people have time to blog, we will find more and more crazy statements and spin.


          • Allow me Satyam to put up this chart from this link in WIki:


            Congress(INC) BJP
            Year Election Seats % votes Seats % votes
            1951 1st Lok Sabha 364 44.99%
            1957 2nd Lok Sabha 371 47.78%
            1962 3rd Lok Sabha 361 44.72%
            1967 4th Lok Sabha 283 40.78%
            1971 5th Lok Sabha 352 43.68%
            1977 6th Lok Sabha 153 34.52%
            1980 7th Lok Sabha 351 42.69%
            1984 8th Lok Sabha 415 49.01% 2 8%
            1989 9th Lok Sabha 197 39.53% 85 11%
            1991 10th Lok Sabha 244 35.66% 120 20%
            1996 11th Lok Sabha 140 28.80% 161 20%
            1998 12th Lok Sabha 141 25.82% 182 26%
            1999 13th Lok Sabha 114 28.30% 182 24%
            2004 14th Lok Sabha 145 26.7% 138 22%
            2009 15th Lok Sabha 206 28.55% 116 19%
            2014 16th Lok Sabha 44 19.3% 282 31%

            So just look at the vagaries:
            Cong got 206 seats with 28.55% voteshare in 2009, but only 140 with 28.8% in ’96. 153 with 34.5% in ’77 but 244 with 35.6% in ’91.
            BJP got comparatively more seats with lesser voteshare% than Cong from 96-04.
            And the bumper 415 seats with only 49% in 1984!
            So, given this historical uneven distortion of seat-voteshare ratios, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend what exact conclusion do Congis try to arrive at, when they keep harping on this 31% figure. One cannot claim that 31% is too less, given that every majority in history has been had at less than 50% voteshare. And the 282 seat figure is just a simple majority. How can one even deduce what % should have satisfied the naysayers? The closest seat result is in 1967, when Cong got 283 with 40%. Now, even if BJP had got the same 40%, would the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai have stopped claiming that this was illegitimate? So, based upon the voteshare % history, can you also conveniently throw the legitimacy of every Cong majority result out of the window?
            Satyam, rather than clutching at flimsy straws, you should instead be trying to educate your compadres on the vagaries of the Indian Election Results.


          • I’m not speaking for the Congress first of all. Secondly no one is saying it’s illegitimate. But the hype would make you believe it was at least a close to 50% number. Those other elections were not wave elections. Modi himself said this would be the best strongest govt since that Rajiv Gandhi win. Fair enough except that there’s a big difference between 49% and 31%. If you are going to project the idea that this is a massive win where everyone has voted for you. Otherwise of course these sorts of things happen in parliamentary politics. The other thing is that while the Congress might be completely hypocritical those on the other side are not less so. Don’t think anyone accepted the ‘will of the people’ when the shoe was on the other foot! Don’t think people say that if Nehru hung around for 17 years the people must have liked what he did. They are still tearing him to shreds at every turn. What happened to democracy in this case? So you can’t have these selective definitions of democracy. One can dislike a result but one cannot suggest it’s sometimes more democratic than at other times. In any case to reiterate the earlier point if one is going to point to a sweeping mandate of some sort that 31% number does become pertinent.


  21. Haider has got a 4.5 rating out of 5 in BOC. They are all praise for it. I really hope this turns out to be great for Shahids sake.


    • Haider is a limited audience movie. It’s theme and scale do not spell 100 Cr. Hence the competition against BB does not dent its BO potential.

      Competition in many ways brings BB’s sheen on Haider. You can say that Haider is basking in BB’s reflected glory.

      But if the content is there, then Haider will prove to be injurious to BB’s BO record dreams.

      This is win win for Haider and lose lose for BB. I think perhaps someone has an axe to grind against HR or BB.


  22. Khoobsurat Grosses 21.50 Crore Nett In 10 Days
    Monday 29 September 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Khoobsurat had a good hold in its second weeeknd as it grossed 5.50 crore nett and took its ten day total to 21.50 crore nett. The drop from the first weeeknd is around 45% which is very good

    The new releases were disasters so this meant that Khoobsurat got the advantage and to a lesser extent Daawat E Ishq. Khoobsurat will have another three days to add to its total as Bang Bang and Haider will release on Thursday. The film is looking at a lifetime total of 24-25 crore nett which is low but not bad considering the film had a opening day of around 2.25 crore nett plus.

    The plus for the film is its Overseas figures which are good in a few markets and will take it to the recovery mark even though Indian theatrical business is below the mark.


    • Daawat E Ishq Second Weekend Business
      Tuesday 30 September 2014 11.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Daawat E Ishq grossed 3.50 crore nett in its second weekend taking its ten day total to 24 crore nett. The drop from the first weekend is 75% approx. The approx business of the film till date is as follows.

      Week One – 20,50,00,000
      Second Weekend – 3,50,00,000

      TOTAL – 24,00,00,000

      The film is likely to end its run with around 26 crore nett business with Delhi/UP being the best performing circuit with business over 6.50 crore nett.


  23. Hmm thanks cool dude
    This all is tying up

    I knew there’s more to it that meets the eye

    When none of the biggies like hny could take on bang bang in this coveted slot

    Why is shahid being propped up to play SPOILSPORT in bang bangs box office ?

    The answer I’ve given here


  24. I can see how Haider is likely to be crushed badly by Bang Bang.This looks like an utter nonsense from makeers of Haider to release the movie with Bang Bang.Hrithik is without an iota of doubt, the biggest superstar of the country and Shahid Kapoor looks like a kid in front of him.


    • Hritik is bigger star .. but here genre also playing major role. Put Hritik in Haidar .. and you will see dismal opening (remember Guzarish ? 10% opening) ..


      • Bandra.NRI Says:


        One cannot go against the grain. Every star has an image and territory within which they click.

        In some way between Shahid and HR (in the case of BB Vs H), Shahid is attempting the more difficult task.



    Haider seems to be a fantastic film. Go for it.


  26. Don’t go by any Indian reviewer except Rangan & Saibal Chatterjee. Remember what happened to Dedh Ishqiya?


  27. Rani Mukerji’s married life did not deter her from being terrific and Mardaani stands proof to the same. Based on sheer good content, the film despite being rated ‘A’ by the Censor Board became a hit with 36 crores earning in total from the domestic market.

    Mardaani, Raja Natwarlal and Mary Kom movie posters
    Mardaani, Raja Natwarlal and Mary Kom movie posters
    August ended as underwhelmingly as it began. While atleast Akshay’s Entertainment earned better bucks, Emraan Hashmi’s presence and hot smooches could not guarantee the same for Raja Natwarlal. At 29.50 crores business in total, the film failed to recover its investment.

    September began with Priyanka Chopra delivering the most memorable performance of her career in a film that can be called plastic, at best. The film that was a biopic based on the life of Manipuri Boxing Champ Mary Kom became a hit with the film earning 59 crores. Who said you need a male lead to make a film do well?

    Creature 3D by Vikram Bhatt starring Bipasha Basu was one average thriller. With Brahmrakshas variety of regressive talk, the film worked well at single screens and became a hit by earning merely 20 crores. The low budget of the film worked in its favor.

    It was Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny starring Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor that was a surprise hit. At 32.86 crores, the film that is a story set in Goa is already a hit and still running at the theaters!


  28. Bollywood’s love affair with all things big continues, and it just keeps getting bigger. And Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang may just have raised the bar a trifle too high: reports suggest that the film will be released across a whopping 4,500 screens worldwide. It is a record in itself considering that no other Hindi film has ever been assigned this unheard of number of screens. There’s more. The film is all set to create new records in the USA, UK and the Middle East.

    Bang Bang
    Yes, size matters when it comes to the eventual Box Office collections. The flip side of the story, however, is not much of a good news for the other big release of the week: Shahid Kapoor’s Vishal Bhardwaj-directed Hamlet-inspired film, Haider. Will the Bang Bang explosion be so loud that it will ruin the competition completely?


  29. Koimoi Haider review (4.5/5 stars)


  30. Clash May Cost Bang Bang Opening Day Record
    Wednesday 1 October 2014 09.30
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang took an excellent advance when plans opened on Monday. The advance in the North was phenomenal and as good as any big release till date. The plans for Haider starting opening yesterday at some places.

    It is likely that the clash between the two will cost Bang Bang the opening day record which stands at 32 crore nett plus by Dhoom 3 last December. If the film was a solo release it is pretty certain the film would have topped that figure but now it will have get the sort of occupancies that have not been seen since films started to go over 2000 screens a few years back.

    A record can’t be totally written off but basically 80% or even more of the first day business that Haider does would have gone to Bang Bang if it came solo. It does not make difference in terms of lifetime business as it is a huge extended holiday weekend and there are no major releases for three weeks.

    So basically the clash is not going to hurt either film in the long run if they have the content as there is plenty of time for a good run. The opening records which are a possibility for Bang Bang will be tough though there is an outside chance.


    • Whether opening day records are broken or not, few of the facts remain and cannot be disregarded. How can a day 1 record of a holiday release and non holiday release be compared even if you negate market expansions. There are so many factors which come into play for day 1 and its very difficult to gauge things in absolute terms. The overall lifetime business gives somewhat a truer picture.

      Meanwhile HR to me remains a lazy actor dancing around within his own comfort zones……let me add ‘mostly’ as movies like Kites did force him to reluctantly accept multi starers like ZNMD. Since here on the blog we talk about comparisons among movie stars rather than the actual movie itself , I would say he had so much potential to overthrow SRK (other Khans were not even in contention then) where they had already aged and been there for 10/12 years and close to expiry date but the guy somehow could not challenge / capitalize and bring anything substantial to the table other than the Krish superhero franchise ably aided by his dad. Today a Ranbir poses bigger threat to these top shots.

      Earlier I had brought Katrina in this box office discussion for simple reason that if Kites had a Katrina / Deepika type heroine, the extreme free fall after bad wom would not have taken place as these two have their own market dynamics. These two have done that in the past with CE and partially with ETT & D-3.

      Now coming to Bang Bang again I am expecting (I may be wrong here) in spite of being the one who brings in the crowd, in all likelihood except Hrithik everything else will come in for some praise. HR in these types of movies will remain a typical dildo doing nothing but shaking and gyrating. Even the facial expressions have taken a toll and except those stand out nostrils everything else seems to be aging.

      Bottom-line I don’t like him the way I sometime prefer others because I don’t see any character development through stages of his career to develop special affinity towards him. Don’t consider this HR bashing but generally I am moving towards extremist views against all superstars these days where they simply take us for granted. I want a big movie like Kick/ HNY/ BB etc to have an epic failure, the Razia Sultan / Rajkumar / Roop ki Rani / Trimurti kinds where a debacle/ disaster puts them out of business and out of circulation and until and unless that happens these manufactured trash will be continued to served upon us.


      • The problem is (and you yourself make this point) that unless such movies are epic disasters (like Besharam recently) no one calls them a flop. I’m not talking about ground realities at the distributor level. Just the spin in the media and elsewhere. Any film that crosses a benchmark (100 or 150 or 200 or whatever that bar is) is automatically called some kind of success. Unless of course it completely tanks after a huge initial period. And so the ratings in this sense are so ‘corrupt’ (let’s be frank!) and at the very least bankrupt it’s hard to get the kind of scenario you’re referring to. Because in any age that sort of absolute debacle is uncommon. Sometimes a lot of big budget disappointments do the trick (as with Hollywood in the 90s) but in Bollywood they don’t just face up to this reality. And the new norm is that barring an Aamir Khan film or rarely otherwise even the distributor doesn’t expect to get more than a very minimal profit out of it. When everyone’s doing the same thing no one production team can be penalized for making films just for initials. The distributor cannot really choose in this sense. Because every blockbuster production follows the same logic (again the Hirani/Aamir kind of exception is rare).

        At some point the system might well change but it will take a few commercial films with strong writing and that then trend way better for people to see the light. Much as once upon a time people insisted that whatever SRK’s films grossed was pretty much the limit. Then masala came along and even in debased form it outgrossed everything else and now every star does some variation of it or at least a stunt-oriented deal or something. So if you have good writing on some of these films you can perhaps bring about those changes. But there’s no sign of such ‘sense’ yet!


  31. Big Day for Hrithik tomorrow, now that haider is getting awesome reviews stacks are against BB to break Dhoom 3 record.Every one will agree that Bang Bang will be now definitely be affected by Haider. But still BB should be able to break Dhoom 3 record by short margin, which will be incredible feat by itself.

    Had BB been a single release we could have got first 40 crore first day opening tomorrow itself.


    • Haider will be crushed by BB – sad but true


      • Yes, sad. Seems a genuine unpretentious film. Nice songs, and not at all the usual boring stuff. Even Bang Bang is old wine in new bottle. Same kicking around, group dancing with same old steps and noisy songs. A half naked heroine showing leg and cleavage. LOL etc etc I like Hrithik BTW


        • this has to be the most bizzare releasing strategy…..what were those guys smoking??? HR is a massive force just like aamir/srk/sallu at the BO – shahid cant stand even a 1% chance there


  32. I am surprised there are no reviews of BB out yet..


    • Folks –May your wishes for ‘epic failure’ of bang bang come true—it may v well be true (& more)
      And there’s a chance that Haidar trounces bang bang critically and commercially

      BUT either ways
      After a long while, there’s a truly engaging tussle

      Haidar + UTV (+ PK elements) Versus Bang bang

      Really looking 4ward to Hamlet from one of indias best directors VB and shahid, Tabu, shraddha, irrfan, kayaks at the top of their game
      I’m specially interested to see how the tabu-shahid interaction is played out and if anyne can bring this Oedipal conflict well, it’s VB

      Whatever be the fate on box office-this will be a fascinating duel

      Just like

      Dongri ki ek barsati me rehne wala,
      aaj aaya hai Mumbai bechne,
      Badle me kuch toh chahta hoga?


      • Don’t see anyone here wishing for Bang Bang’s failure (actually speaking for myself I find it far less problematic than some other stuff.. because it’s just harmless, silly entertainment). To argue that it’s part of a larger bankrupt paradigm is something else. But no one’s singling out Bang Bang! For your sake I hope it succeeds so that Hrithik makes more such films and you can continue to drool over him.


  33. @ Satyam–
    Lambe khel mein chote mohron ki zaroorat nahi hoti…


  34. For the haters: take that (excerpts from
    “YEAH, go that way,” yells a frazzled cop guarding a security cordon outside Penn Station. Which pain-in-the-ass sports star or musician is snarling traffic around Madison Square Garden, an arena normally graced by WrestleMania, the Knicks and the Rolling Stones? Actually, today’s performer is a politician: Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister. Inside are over 18,000 Indian-Americans, as prosperous and upstanding a diaspora as you will find from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters. They are willing themselves into the kind of obedient hysteria they were meant to have left behind generations ago in the badlands of Asia, along with hunger and snakes. “Modi, Modi, Modi,” shout the massed oncologists, engineers and entrepreneurs, wearing T-Shirts bearing his face and the slogan “Unity, Action, Progress”. An Americanised Bollywood dance troupe wearing fluorescent military uniforms gyrates to Bruce Springsteen’s anthem “Born in the USA”. The cries reach a lustier pitch. “Modi, Modi, Modi!”

    And suddenly, just after mid-day, Mr Modi is standing on the same floodlit spot where Mick Jagger probably sang “Sympathy for the Devil”. Mr Modi ignores the dignitaries completely: idiots. He looks around the crowd smiling, savouring it all. After riots in the state of Gujarat in 2002 in which at least a thousand people, mainly Muslims, were killed, Mr Modi, then the state’s chief minister, was banned from travelling to America. American officials called him a monster, a demagogue, a fanatic. Now they close down Manhattan’s streets for him, and America’s politicians stand here as his stage props. Sweeter still, Mr Modi’s acceptability is not a product of his remorse or decisive acquittal, but of his power: winning an election in a country of 1.25 billion people.


    • The Economist is always big on this kind of leader much like the WSJ. On the Garden yes extraordinary reception for sure. But it doesn’t say much more than a lot of Indians being excited about him. And as I said yesterday he got 31% of the vote in the election (it would be nice if people remembered this! never has a party won as many seats with as small a share of the national vote). In the US if the same vote were to be held I suspect he’d get 70% or so! So he got an outstanding reception for sure but he was also preaching to the choir.

      Also one must get beyond this immaturity of calling everyone who disagrees a ‘hater’. This is old stale term. The SRK fans loved using it once (and still do!). By that token you might be a Congress hater! It’s never about the ‘facts’ is it? One can excuse oneself from having a proper argument if one uses this shortcut of name-calling!


      • Did you guys read the entrile article? It’s tone is clearly condescending, not congratulatory!


      • “Also one must get beyond this immaturity of calling everyone who disagrees a ‘hater’. This is old stale term. The SRK fans loved using it once (and still do!).”

        Just as much as bachhan fans calling others dishonest and in bad faith when someone doesn’t agree to bachhan fans view…


        • Not the same thing and I think you know it. Plus Bachchan fans actually don’t. I do though! With SRK fans it’s a rather more general trend. And even when I use those terms I define them very precisely. That’s the whole point. There are certain tactics one can use to avoid the debate. I have been far too comprehensive on too many occasions to ever be accused of doing any such thing.


  35. Superlative read: Amitabh on Hrishikesh Mukherjee & Haider..


  36. Seems Bang Bang is another Dhoom 2.


  37. “Haider is an unforgettable film that never fumbles, never stumbles, and is so sure of itself that it cannot go wrong. From Shahid to Tabu to Kay Kay to the powerful cameo of Irrfan, everything in the film works. It’s a Guztaq film that audaciously breaks every rule in the book, everything that you could have expected from it and ends up being that edgy watch which you’ll savor, while you watch it from the edge of seats. Haider is Chutzpah and in keeping with the same vein, I will rate this film the highest I have ever gone with a movie. This is an easy 4.5/5. I would have gone higher but I believe in leaving the little window open for better always.”


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