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  1. Sumon:

    Bang Bang Has Biggest Opening At Multiplexes Of 2014
    Thursday 02 October 2014 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    Bang Bang took an extraordinary start all over with multiplexes recording the best opening of the year. Overall the film opened to occupancies of around 70-75%. The multiplexes recorded better occupancies than films like Kick and Singham Returns while mass pockets like CP Berar and CI were less than Singham Returns (Kick was affected by pre eid in these pockets).
    The opening of Bang Bang in the North is phenomenal matching Dhoom 3 in Delhi city and East Punjab. In terms of occupancies the opening can match and even beat at places any release in the last few years but it has a lower screen count than most of the other releases.
    If we compare (Bang Bang, Hindi) with this years big openers it is 350 screens less Singham Returns and 500 plus screens less than Kick which will make a difference in the final first day number. Still it will be a huge first day and if it does stay 10-15% less than the 30 crore nett plus openers it will mainly be due to the screen count as the potential to collect is less than other big releases due to less screenings.


  2. I expect the day one to be 28-30 Crore. Haider would be about 6-8 Crore.


  3. “The last lines of the film go like this:

    Rajveer: Bas ek cheez baaki hai. [There’s just one thing left to do.]
    Harleen: Kya [What?]

    Rajveer: Bang bang.

    We can only hope that it’s worth the wait and effort that Harleen has put into the project (although the fact that Rajveer refers to it as “bang bang” isn’t entirely heartening). But there you have it — Bang Bang! shows you the lengths that a woman has to go to convince an Indian man to make love to her. Silver lining: few men or women are as stupid as Rajveer, Harleen, so there’s hope yet for the rest of us.”


  4. Sometimes, it seems that the director has deliberately underestimated the audience’s IQ. Katrina’s character is imbibed with the idea of virgin romance, the route Hollywood used to take in the late ‘50s. You remember Bonnie and Clyde? You’ll find a tinge of it in Bang Bang as well.

    The writing is lethargic, so much so that the climax of the film is straight out of a Mithun Da film where the actors start fist fighting once the bullets finish.

    Some action scenes are cool but they haven’t been given enough screen space.

    Consider the idea of playing air guitar. The person doing it may be having the time of his life but onlookers cannot be expected to share the enjoyment.

    Bang Bang is one such film, where the lead actor looks engrossed and too careful about creating a brand image. He believes whatever he is doing is going to be applauded by the audience.

    It’s also like that biscuit ad where everybody is running after a truck. The actors look perplexed but the brand somehow remains in the memory. The postcard images and toned physiques may help the audience in brand recall, but without any value.


    • Utkal

      The following is not a reaction to you but the thoughts expressed by some of these critics.

      A prude goes and buys a condom that then freaks out that it is an accessory for sexual activity.

      Yes a condom is for that purpose, if that is not what you wanted why then did you buy it ? The market places has everything, it has condoms as well as rosary beads. Buy what you want, and allow others to buy what they want. There is no compulsion, no one forcing you to do anything. But i) Don’t freak out after willingly making a choice to buy something, and ii) Understand some want to buy condoms too.

      How many people don’t know that BB at some level will be intellectually deficient ? Likewise how many do not know that Haider will stimulate you intellectually ? There is a demand for both and a free society should allow both to peacefully coexist. Sadly what is lacking is an adequate infrastructure to distribute both without making it a zero sum game.

      I will enjoy BB for what it is and Haider for what that is. No need to beat either one of them up.


  5. Bang bang opened very well but surprisingly Mumbai has opened dull. Looks like a 28 crores first day. Haider has opened solid and is line for around 7 crores. Bang bang has been thrashed all over by critics though but I haven’t got any audience report yet.


    • This happens quite a lot these days. Big films often open weaker in Bombay. it seems to be easier to get the Delhi audience on board. At least for ‘junk’ efforts.


    • haven’t seen the critics but Taran giving it 3.5 seemed less than generous by his standards. In any case should be a big bang (!) with poor follow-through. Which should make it exactly like most other films! Unless something surprising happens either way. Taran claimed they were pace problems at points. The problem is they’ve made a somewhat long film here for this sort of subject. Even Haider for that matter is long. Bhardwaj might have made a more gripping film here if the reviews are to be believed but usually he has a rather languid pace, specially given the Shakespeare sources.


  6. “Which should make it exactly like most other films! Unless something surprising happens either way. ” Not really. This is not at all like a decently told story like Dhoom 3 or Kick which went on to make 280 and 220 crores. This one is a dud and will fold up much lower than those.


  7. From a very few feedback I have got, even people who like this kind of stuff, think BB is not that great. This may well be true and the market will reflect that. If BB struggles to reach 100 Cr then it is a dud.


    • 100 crores…The budget of this movie is 140 crores…AT 100 crores it is as bad as Besharam!1


      • That 140 covers theatre revenue (domestic and international), music sales, DVD sales, cable etc etc.

        But what I am talking about is struggle for domestic 100 I talked more in response to Utkal Sir


        • True but DVD, satellite etc are all dependent on theatrical success. They have not been pre-sold. I do get your point though Bandra..


  8. Bnadar, NRI: ” ntellectually deficient ?” That’s a given. No one will accuse Kick of being intellectually stimulating. Same with Dhoom 3. Or Chennai Express. They told entertaining and engaging stories. This one, judging by the critics, did NOT. They wanted a see a rollicking, engaging, witty action thriller. They did not get it. But even with a condom you expect some texture, some perfume, some dots, and ribs perhaps. I mean it has to give pleasure, or aid in pleasure. If all it does is dampen pleasure, obviously the buyer is disappointed.


    • Utkal

      If it fails to entertain, BB will flop. If it misses its target then it will flop. Hence if your evaluation is based on what BB was aiming for then you are right on the money.


  9. Hundred crore? Even a Jai Ho makes a hundred crores. And Ra One , which was a dud in every sense if ever there was one, made some 120 crores years back!


    • Jai Ho made 100 on sheer Salman phenomena. Likewise RA-1 (on SRK’s strength).

      I think even HR has that kind of capability, he is a super star not just an ordinary star, but if BB struggles to get to 100 Cr then it is a dud. An example of struggle is Besharam (I don’t know what it finally made) or Bol Bachchan (took forever to touch 100 Cr). Today, on paper, a movie like BB should get to 100 Cr by end of third/fourth day. But if it takes multiple weeks like Bol Bachchan then that is a struggle. When you have to count the last lakh to get to 100 Cr then it is a struggle.

      Sure even without a struggle if it only makes 100 Cr then like to said, it is a flop. But the struggle for me is the definitive signal after which no argument can be seriously entertained.


      • * then like you said, it is a flop


      • that’s false.. you get to 100 crores with a minimal opening which those stars ensure. You don’t ‘get to’ 100 crores somehow. That’s a given for any film big enough with a certain volume (it doesn’t even take a top notch star anymore). The Besharam kind of crash is extremely rare. everything else gets to 100 crores. That’s hardly the star getting it there beyond the initial of the first few days which is again always a given. In fact if a film of a certain scale doesn’t get to 100 that would be truly surprising!


        • I don’t know what you are arguing.

          BB needs 100 Cr in first 3/4 days as a big movie (par for the course), anything slower than that is a struggle.

          It may huff and puff to get to 100 (based on some few feedback). In that case it is a flop for sure.

          This does not mean that if gets 140 it is a hit. But if it just gets 100 approx then after that no debate on the status is warranted.


    • agreed.. 100 crore is no standard for a big film.


  10. 100 crore should be achieved within 5 days for any big films, otherwise it’s a flop.

    If BB is very bad then it’ll do about 120 to 140 and Haider will eat in to it.


  11. Bang Bang is better version of Dhoom 2, with 5 consecutive holiday and 3 open weeks it will comfortable will do 180 cr at minimum.People here are being overly pessimistic.


    • At 180 crores it will be below average at best!!!. Get a sense of the numbers here guys..This is a 140cr production. It needs 200 crores just to get to a break even forget being a hit. From the reports I am getting, Papa Roshan needs to be sent an SOS immediately to give out tomorrows numbers…The only downside is this is a Fox production and you can get the accurate number quite easily from Hollywood sites.


  12. The mutliplex reaction to Haider is extremely positive but there is a downside to that. Multiplexes cannot guarantee good weekdays…You need a minimum cross section of audience to like the movie and not just the premium multiplexes…
    Bang Bang on the other hand is having extreme reactions on both sides. A crash like Besharam cannot be ruled out and we will not know if it is going to crash as Friday is a big holiday too.


    • If BB flops Haider will get a big boost. But hard to see it easily cross 100 (domestic). If it does, great, but I don’t think the market exist for Haider to do 100 . It sure is nice too see good movies make money.


    • @Krish- “A crash like Besharam cannot be ruled out”

      Crash is hardly a possibility here since there are 5 big holidays and Kat is a factor too. Among the 5 days , two of them are big festivals dates , where money and sweets are exchanged. Simply out of boredom a lot many will end up at the theaters.

      This is how these big stars are surviving, hiding behind an Eid/ Diwali / 5 – day weekend and with no competition. Imagine if a Kill Dill were to release with HNY. If the big movie turns out slightly bad the whole crowd shifts to the other option en masse. Here Haider is not a fair option during festivities and holidays. You need to be tuned to that mindset to watch a movie like Haidar.

      I had pointed earlier too and repeat the next superstar has to be the challenger to these big ticket release dates. SOS had guts and though it suffered initially but made a 50% dent to JTHJ and at the end came out fine. But at least it prevented a hara-kiri akki/ ekta did during the CE/ OUTIM. This was the norm earlier and two release on a Diwali / Eid was always possible but god knows what happened in between……..release Kill Dill on Diwali and 100 cr is sure shot guaranteed….

      This will work better for industry in general and the products will tighten up simply out of competition and we the consumers will benefit.


      • If the “apparent truth” is visible to you then it must be visible to the rain makers within Bollywood too. KD is backed by powerful people. They understand the business and the math. Yet they see “reasons” to not indulge in fantasy.

        I think we have already seen “The Revenge of the Nerds” (all parts) but they made the mistake of taking on SRK. Instead they should have nibbled at the fringes.

        The guy selling “Kaala Khatta” across from VT station in Mumbai does great business, but he would be foolish to take on Coca Cola or Pepsi.


        • Bandra, SOS very recently made a Khala Khatta of JTHJ otherwise movie would have joined the Coke/ Pepsi 200 cr club – that’s my point.

          Since you admire SRK let me state SRK made merry when he took the bull by the horn and did the anti hero with aplomb in baazigar and darr something which was rejected by salman / aamir and that is why he zoomed passed them.

          On KD – YRF is distributing both HNY and KD themselves so question does not arise. It was just an example since its something in the near. On the other similitude, it is better drawn when a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their similar structure is done

          @ “If the “apparent truth” is visible to you then it must be visible to the rain makers within Bollywood too. ”

          Yes eventually it will and market will adapt / adopt and stardom dynamics keep changing….its just that until then we the consumers will be delivered substandard product……. since we are on this blog and movie fanatics it matters to us and point of discussion here otherwise I am aware in real world it does not matter.


      • “SOS had guts and though it suffered initially but made a 50% dent to JTHJ and at the end came out fine. But at least it prevented a hara-kiri akki/ ekta did during the CE/ OUTIM. ”

        It had a lot to do with JTHJ being a bad film, if JTHJ was like CE, SOS would have dropped from day one.


  13. BANG BANG review – by Saibal Chatterjee


    True to its utterly unimaginative title, Bang Bang makes a hell of a lot of ear-splitting noise. By the end of it all, it manages to produce no more than a croaky, barely palatable whimper.

    The action hero at the centre of the film’s inane plot periodically plunges off buildings, cliffs and bridges, besides sundry other launching pads, and almost always emerges in one unharmed piece, not a strand of hair out of place. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t.

    Bang Bang is a slickly mounted but maddeningly muddled thriller that does not quite know how to negotiate the spills that inevitably come with the territory.

    The makers have clearly invested a great deal of effort in mindless pyrotechnics. All very well.

    If only they had devoted a fraction of that attention to the screenplay, this overlong film would have been infinitely less tedious.

    The heroine makes a confession early in the second half. I’ll never know who you are and what you do, she complains to the man who has literally swept her off her feet.

    Honestly, large parts of the audience are likely to find themselves in a similar quandary.

    Not that you need to be a super whiz kid to figure out who this mysterious and unstoppable man of action is and what he is trying to achieve.

    A proud and patriotic Indian military intelligence man (Jimmy Shergill) is done to death by a brutal gang lord (Danny Denzongpa) and his liberally tattooed hitman (Javed Jaffrey).

    After the credits have rolled, the hero (Hrithik Roshan) makes his grand entry and goes hell for leather.

    But he quickly loses his way around as a beautiful hick town bank receptionist who has never been kissed crosses his path and gets embroiled in a global conspiracy she cannot make head or tail of.

    Bang Bang heads downhill from there on. It wilts under the weight of a clunky screenplay that makes a lot of ground in geographical terms, moving from London and Prague to Shimla and Dehradun.

    But the narrative goes nowhere. It gets bogged down in a string of confrontation and chase sequences involving the hero and the drifter lass on the one hand and the duo’s ruthless pursuers on the other.

    The protagonist filches the Kohinoor, no less. The act rattles an international crime syndicate and India’s secret service, which believes that the daring heist could endanger a proposed extradition treaty with the UK.

    The term “extradition treaty” is uttered a few times in the first half of the film and those two are the only meaningful words you will hear all through the two and a half hours that Bang Bang takes to get wherever it is trying to get.

    Needless to say, the hero is always a step ahead of his adversaries and every time he seems to be cornered, he pulls out a crazy trick from his well-worn bag.

    The action movie tropes that Bang Bang employs are so clichéd that they never take the audience by surprise. Everyone but the characters on the screen knows what is coming next – and when it does, it invariably falls well short of expectations.

    The climax is especially tiresome. It goes on forever and is too outlandish to make genuine impact

    Hrithik’s beefy presence cannot compensate for the unbearable lightness of the character that he is called upon to make some sense of.

    He gives it his best shot, but at the best of times it is a losing battle.

    As for Katrina, she appears to be doing pretty much what she has done all these years – pout, preen and look pretty.

    If Bang Bang is a reliable enough pointer, it is apparent that there is little bang left in her dwindling buck.

    But do look out for brief appearances by Deepti Naval and Kanwaljit Singh and a solid-as-ever performance from Pavan Malhotra as a wily government agent who keeps getting in the hero’s way when the latter thinks he’s got things neatly wrapped up.

    Bang Bang is strictly for Hrithik Roshan fans and for those that do not want an action flick to be anything more than just that.


    • Just saw it, exactly my thoughts…..first half is pretty boring and lazy. Second half the only highlight is Katrina in some stunning dresses.
      the bang bang let me down !!


  14. Unrelated but a great beginning !!!

    PM Modi ropes in celebrities for his ‘Swachh Bharat’ challenge

    PM Modi is a Master strategist and this is such a noble cause and I am happy Miyan Salman has been roped in too keeping in line with the Jai Ho / Bucket Challenge theme…

    Salman Khan @BeingSalmanKhan • 20m20 minutes ago
    Me & my Foundation accept the invite from our honourable Prime Minister for Swachh Bharat and will give our 100% for #MyCleanIndia


    • Sallu needs all the help he can get with the court cases he has.


    • Such Nautanki was never ever seen before!!

      If you want to have a good laugh watch pictures of them standing around with a broom in hand pretending to sweep an already clean place.
      Modi swept together some very green fresh looking leaves.


      • Tomorrow they will all forget about cleanliness. Until next October 2nd. Let us see how Children’s Day is celebrated. Nehru is hated so much that the day may even be bypassed.


        • Yes. Did the media show how hard AAP’s leaders and volunteers worked to clean up on this day?
          AK helped karamcharis in cleaning up a blocked sewage in the slum across the road from PM villa.
          Well, he wasn’t the only one.


  15. Looking at that pic with PM Modi I am really looking forward to what Aamir is going to sign next. If this is Dangal / Wrestler look then it is awesome as the last couple of his pics on pinkvilla inaugurating some function in Bhopal had so much depth/ character on his face.

    Btw have read somewhere Pinkvilla has been thanked as media partner in BangBang titles.


    • Aamir looks old and haggard…so how can he play a wrestler. At best he is set to play Deepika’s uncle.


      • One day Deepika will play Aamir’s aunty. If Aamir agrees.

        Where are Aamir’s blockbuster heroines like Juhi Chawla, Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee etc. etc.? They are cooling their heels waiting for one good hit.


      • SRK/Salmaan/Aamir are old but they look great for their age and are even in better shape they they were 20 years ago.


        • so you think SRK looks better now than he did in DDLJ or KKHH? Hmm.. Even Aamir doesn’t look better than he did in Lagaan. Does Salman look better than he did in HDDCS? I don’t think so. But even bringing it to today I think SRK has aged the least well of the three and Salman probably the best. Are they even in better shape? You do realize all of this isn’t just about working out at the gym? Forget these three, I think hrithik was actually in better shape many years ago when he started out than he is now. Because he looked great then, he’s older now and the stuff he’s been doing to get his body to look that way is clearly taking a toll on him. I think it’s superficial to say that people look better when it’s about steroids, when it’s about digitally erasing lines on your face, when it’s about weight reduction drugs, when it’s about prosthetics and so on. Devgan’s another one along the same lines. You don’t get those bodies naturally, specially nearing 50! Some are of course worse than others at it. If you asked me I’d say that Akshay Kumar is the healthiest for his age and also looks the best in a sense because in his case it’s not about this other stuff which is why he still has a normal body.


          • my comment is a two part sentence, maybe i should have broken it out for you.

            “SRK/Salmaan/Aamir are old but they look great for their age”

            at close to 50, yes, they do look great for their age, compare them to superstars of past when they were 50 (rajesh, amitabh, etc…)

            “and are even in better shape they they were 20 years ago.”

            Yes, they are in better physical shape then they were 20 years ago.

            As I had said previously, the actors really take care of themselves in this era as a lot depends on how they look. And not just srk/salman/aamir, akshay/anil kapoor/etc looks great for their age.


          • AamirsFan Says:

            I agree Akki looks the most ‘healthy’. Also Anil Kapoor looks good for his age. Sanjay Dutt however looks dreadful. Minimal sleep/alcohol/drugs takes a toll on a body eventually. It may not show up in their 30’s..but when you get to 40’s and 50’s…everything starts to be exposed.


          • “Sanjay Dutt however looks dreadful. Minimal sleep/alcohol/drugs takes a toll on a body eventually.”

            Agree, but just in general the actors today do pay attention to their health.

            Even Amitabh was smart to get back to healthy diet. I don’t think you would have seen too many movies from him in late age if he was very unhealthy like say the kapoors. The profession is such that you have to look good, naturally or artificially.


      • So do Salman and Shahrukh. That doesn’t stop them from romancing girls their daughter’s age.


  16. Waiting for Day 1 figures of Bang bang but I am getting this feeling of an underperformance on Day 1 itself.


    • What’s underperformance, consediring it’s a bad movie, critics are slamming it, has a competition from Haider which the critics are loving it.


  17. Does anyone know why *these people*…ahem… are trending BoycottHaider? Now what have they shown in this film?

    People seem to have liked it very much though.
    Say it is a rare good Indian film.


  18. Jus skimmed thru these threads—It’s HILARIOUS to see some people holding their breath the whole day waiting to see a movie crash occasionally skirting onto politics etc 🙂

    unprecedented negativity
    unanimous negative reviews,
    Strong opposition from a well made & well marketed Haidar


    THIS is when starpower (if any) should overpower negativity atleast for the first few days

    I will be surprised if the following doesn’t happen —

    BB 1st day will be > 25 crwhores
    (Plus haidars tally will be added to compare with dhoom3 /kick/CE first day upto two weeks as i mentioned earlier here–

    First 5 days will breach > 100 crwhores

    THIS is called prediction

    Let it be wrong –don’t care

    A star can get bums on seats in the first few days…Rest depends on the merit of the film.. I can’t see bang bang till the later part of the weekend.
    Can opine then about the total tally…

    “Waiting for Day 1 figures of Bang bang but I am getting this feeling of an underperformance on Day 1 itself.”

    Hohoho have some milk, kid –the anxiety is getting to y’all 🙂

    Ps: just read the script line –actually I loved it –lookin 4 ward to watchin it later

    To see HR & Kat as
    Rajveer nanda & Harleen sahni…

    Ps2: if the army is being shown as ‘black’ the movie should be banned –these civilian buggers enjoying the freedom at no cost indulge in art–go to the borders and get killed first before criticising!!


    • 100 crores for 5 days with 3 holidays is poor and if you are going to rejoice for that then good luck to you. Even with a clash (which itself is quite minimal considering Haider is at best a limited release), 140 crores for 5 days is there for the taking.

      And I usually have been giving snippets of audience reactions since I have been on this site. I said the same for Besharam even before the crash based on feedback. Unfortunately I am getting same vibes here but the 3 day weekend might prolong the crash if at all there is one. We will know the trend very soon. And By the way I was the only one liking Krrish 3 in this blog so I dont really have an axe to grind with your superhero so relax…


      • Hrithik picked the wrong film. This was a washout even in the US. Of course that was a much more low key film but still how often does Bollywood better Hollywood? Krrish 3 itself had disappointing numbers relative to expectations. If this one does worse he has Mohenjadaro coming up with a new girl and Gowariker. And it’s not likely to be a very cheap film. And JA though it trended well enough was poor relative to budget and so on and certainly had a low initial. The larger point I’m trying to make is that Hrithik might be entering a rough patch here. His initial is hardly questionable but the extent to which he has forever been unable to move ahead of his peers in any decisive sense has been an equal constant (for different reasons). The Gowariker project he should still do.


  19. Tabu–my delayed tribute

    I have NEVER found tabu great shakes either as an actress or a looker–(infact I’ve HATED her all this while, to be honest

    I saw a few seconds of tabu
    In some promo of Haidar

    It’s true that nobody can predict (not even me myself) what I will come up with–not even me myself..

    What a performance she has given in these few seconds

    It’s all bout just few moments for me

    I declare tabu one of the best female performances in Indian cinema this year
    (Haven’t seen the film yet)


    • Hamlet is one of my favorite Shakespeare works

      I’ve seen a promo or two now
      Haidar is simply the best film of shahid kapoors career (haven’t seen most of his other films)
      Bang bang is really up against hardcore quality stuff here

      As for Tabu –can’t find that promo

      But found this one

      Ps: All I can do is admire tabu …silently


      • “Hamlet is one of my favorite Shakespeare works”

        No kidding!


        • surprisingly it took poor tabu a long time to get a comment from me (forget positive)—A whole career!
          im just incapable of grading her here. Respect.

          I just got hit by the “older” Tabu (& Vishals brilliance here)

          i actually saw the full song/promo a few times.
          difficult to opine..maybe later

          aur haidar?
          uska khuda hafiz….


      • >Bang bang is really up against hardcore quality stuff here

        What do you expect with a silly cringeworthy name like Bang Bang.


    • Apex– watch the Tamil film Kandukondein Kandukondein — starring Tabu, Aishwarya Rai, Mamooty, Srividya,Ajit ; directed by Rajiv Menon. Lovely bittersweet film , losely based on Jane Austen classic Sense and Sensibility. Tabu is exquisite, esp in the climatic scene.


  20. “For a film set in a world plagued with constant strife, Haider is also surprisingly laced with dark humor. In Salman and Salman, the filmmaker gives us a pair of bumbling informants who also happen to be die-hard fans of the Bollywood superstar. A song filmed on a quartet of gravediggers is nicely cheeky. “Aao tum bhi apni kabr khodo aur isme so jao,” one of them tells Haider.
    With so much going on, it’s no surprise that the film feels inordinately long – and it is, unfolding leisurely at 2 hours and 41 minutes! The first half is particularly dense, and introduces multiple narrative strands that are abandoned without explanation. I never quite figured out the mission announced by an army chief (Ashish Vidyarthi), or what happened to Kulbushan Kharbanda who turned up in one scene as Ghazala’s father-in-law, never to be seen or referred to again.
    A few such hiccups aside, Haider is an elegant, thrilling film that casts a brave, unflinching eye on the Kashmir struggle. In deviating from the original ending of Hamlet, it also makes a necessary point about the cyclical nature of revenge and violence.
    Its deliberate pacing may not work for all, but this is a solid, well-acted movie that deserves your time. I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five. To see or not to see? Do you really have to ask?”


  21. “The premise itself isn’t so much of a problem as is the fact that Hrithik and Katrina have virtually no chemistry. The pair sizzled in Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, but here they produce fewer sparks than a box of soaked matchsticks. Both actors look a million bucks, particularly Hrithik who is made to lose his shirt at every conceivable opportunity and show off those well-oiled abs. Katrina, sadly, is stuck playing a pathetic ditz; the kind of insufferable character you wouldn’t want to be sitting next to on a long-haul flight.

    Director Siddharth Anand, the man who gave us such excruciating films as Tara Rum Pum and Anjaana Anjaani, applies the same pedestrian sensibilities to what could’ve been a slick enjoyable romp.”


  22. Bang Bang To Edge Past Kick
    Thursday 02 October 2014 23.30
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang will just edge past Kick for the second biggest biggest opening of the year but will be well below Singham Returns figure. The Hindi version of the film should be able to cross 25 crore nett with the high end of the range going to around 27 crore nett. Although it is short of record levels despite being a national holiday, it is still a very good total as whenever there has been a clash, the sharing of screen space ensures business is hit.

    The film is being screened on 15% less screens than some of the big releases and that amounts for a quite a bit when films are collecting around the 30 crore nett region.

    If we compare with Kick it does not comapre well as Kick grossed 25 crore nett on Pre Eid while Bang Bang is likley to be only a bit higher on a national holiday but its possible that the clash with Haider cancels out the holiday factor. Meanwhile Haider will collect around 5-6 crore nett on a limited release.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      I’m no box office expert…but this isn’t that impressive for a big film. and if i want to be harsh…this is a flat opening day. i just hope hrithik and his dad can handle this presumed disappointment in a better and more honest way than they did with the K3 debacle.


  23. Seems like all the members are out against Hrithik and are really happy to see BB bite the dust :). Especially Utkal uncle making extra effort to post all the links of negative reviews and paste it. Seems like he was a die hard non target market of BB and now he is the one keeping big tabs on its performance. Dekh hi lo movie ek baar 😀


  24. Prasad Bhojk: “Dekh hi lo movie ek baar ” Thanks, but no thanks.

    “Especially Utkal uncle making extra effort to post all the links of negative reviews and paste it. ” Please go ahead and paste the positive reviews. I ahve been looking hard for them


  25. Haha -1Many came many went–and are complicit in this (blog owner onwards lol)
    Y 2 target only poor utkal uncle?

    As for ‘krish’
    U are talking about budgets etc as if u are the chartered accountant of the films producers -believe me even the CEO of utv and Fox star don’t know exactly at this stage how much money gets pumped in.
    It’s a long complicated good chain

    “And I usually have been giving snippets of audience reactions since I have been on this site. ”
    ‘Krrish’–when u will grow beyond giving “snippets of audience reactions”, go by your instincts and have the guts to get it wrong, THEN u will grow up.

    As in the film krrish–just by keeping the name “krrish” 1 doesn’t become ‘krrish’

    Cheers 🙂


    • Right, and you are in direct touch with the CEO of UTV and Fox to know that they do not know the budget yet??? 🙂


  26. Utkal uncle, i will watch the movie and make great posts about it on Facebook and here to say it is good. Typical fanboi behavior. What about you?…let me know once you start anti Hrithik anti BB club.


    • Utkal has never been anti-hrithik as far as I know.. think he liked ZNMD a lot. Isn’t it always easy to attack the messenger as opposed to taking on the message? Maybe the reviewers are all wrong and the film does well. Either way how is being a ‘fanboy’ anymore respectable or neutral than being anti-Hrithik, even if that is the case?


      • Thanks Satyam, i know he is not but it seems when someone goes out of the way to make a point, it feels that way. Yesterday in one of the posts it was mentioned by him that , he is glad that he is not the target market and least bit interested in it. Here it seems all only has time to make these posts. Well anyways i am a Hrithik fan, so my vote doesnt count. I hope the movie does well, i will contribute international dollars to it :).


        • as a fan you should check it out. You might not mind it in any case. personally I think that whenever Hrithik tries to do Hollywood there’s a misstep (Kites for example).


  27. Prasad Bhojak: I am not anti-Hritik. I loved ZNMD and Jodha Akbar; liked Koi Mil Gaya, Krissh. Hated Krissh 3. Didn’t like Agneepath or Guzarish. Didn’t see Kite. So it all depends on the film.


  28. “To see or not to see? That isn’t a question at all. Rush to the movies and forget all the slam-bang-bang stuff that is beckoning in glamorous postures. The glamour of Haider lies in fold after fold of poetic statement on love, life and politics. You simply can’t help being seduced into attentive submission.”

    Subhash Jha, he is among the reviewers I trust or respect very little. But still it feels nice to hear such high praise ofa director I very much admire.


  29. And the last time I saw a film getting 5 out of 5 ratings from more than one reviewer was Dev D.


  30. AamirsFan Says:

    Clint Eastwood’s next looks intriguing;


  31. AamirsFan Says:

    whew…talk about relying much on your past accomplishments (even though I know its just a teaser).


  32. Looks like both films are going as expected. Haider, more critic friendly but only for selected audience whereas Bang Bang more fluffy and bad/average reviews.

    I plan to watch Haider this weekend, if possibly try to watch Bang Bang as well.


  33. Bang Bang! review: This remake is even more stupid than the original. Bang Bang!, the official remake of Knight and Day and proof that Bollywood has the singular skill of being able to take even the stupidest of films and make it even stupider.

    The last lines of the film, Bang Bang, go like this:
    Rajveer: Bas ek cheez baaki hai. [There’s just one thing left to do.]
    Harleen: Kya [What?]
    Rajveer: Bang bang.


  34. Bandra N: “Utkal, Have you seen Haider ?” Do you think I won’t have posted a review, no matter how late I would have had to stay up to do it? No. Have been busy , working on the last two days of holiday. Will see it tomorrow or Sunday for sure.


  35. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s Bang Bang is set to create records today as box office trends predict that it will be in the Top 5 Opening of all time in Bollywood. Currently this coveted list includes the likes of Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, Ek Tha Tiger, Singham Returns and Kick.

    It is predicted that Hrithik Roshan is set to record the biggest opening of his career with Bang Bang that is riding high on word of mouth from audiences. This will also mean that Katrina Kaif will have three out of five films in the highest opening of all time – a feat that none of the other actresses in Bollywood have.


  36. Sanjukta Sharma: Live Mint

    “When films transmute William Shakespeare’s poetic imagery and the atmosphere that his verses conjure into re-imagined, re-contextualized visuals, and not merely reproduce the action with select dialogues, a movie adaptation of a Shakespeare play can be considered successful. That is why, thought British film scholar Roger Manvell, Shakespeare often translates best in what he considered “foreign films”. The setting is one of the reasons Haider, Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of Hamlet, works. It is true to the haunting ambiguity of the characters’ motives in the original play, Shakespeare’s most opaque of tragedies, but the Kashmir canvas is potent. Bhardwaj’s visual intelligence and the screenplay by Bhardwaj and Basharat Peer, one of India’s acute commentators on Kashmir, his home state, add to the effective localization.”–Haider.html


  37. Mind blowing movie. It transcends Knight and day to next dimension. I would call this movie Duke and day. The stunts are out of this world. this movie is a true Kohinoor.
    It is definitely a wealthy Man’s knight and day.
    Last time I felt such an adrenaline rush was 8 years ago you guessed it Dhoom 2.
    Hrithik is unbelievable never have I seen the amazing combination of an actor and a superstar. He fit his character like glove. Katrina was drop dead gorgeous and her best acting since mere brother ki dulhan
    This movie deserves to be first 300 crore grosser.


  38. Bang Bang took a flying start on Day 1 i.e. 1st Thursday at the Domestic Box Office. This Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif action flick collected 27.54 crores nett (including all versions) in India and has blasted its way into the top 5 movie openings of all time in Bollywood. Now the top 5 openers are as follows – Dhoom 3 (36 crs), Chennai Express (33.10 crs), Ek Tha Tiger (32.92 crs), Singham Returns (32 crs) and Bang Bang. The movie has thus beaten Kick’s opening day collections (26.00 crores)!

    The film had taken an astonishing start at the counters from the morning shows itself. It opened to over 90 per cent occupancy across the country, plus the word of mouth being positive helped it soar even more.


    • Bang Bang Has Very Good First Day
      Friday 03 October 2014 12.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Bang Bang had a very good first day grossing around 24.75 crore nett in hindi and around 1.25 crore nett in Tamil and Telugu. The film scored very well in multiplexes but the collections in mass pockets were not as strong as they should be and some single screens saw falls in the last two shows which may be a cause for concern going forward.

      The film fared best in Delhi/UP, East Punjab and South India. South India was fantastic be it Nizam, Mysore and Tamil Nadu/Kerala. Mumbai circuit was a let down as the Gujarat/Saurashtra belt had average figures. It was a similar story in Rajasthan CP Berar and CI.

      The film has an extended five day weekend to put up a huge total but the problem could be mass centres going the trend on day one. The film is likely to fare better at multiplexes over the weekend and in the long run. The key is a strong hold today. The first day figures are third best of the year after Singham Returns and Kick and the best ever for a Hrithik Roshan starrer.


      • Based on a very limited sample size, word of mouth does not appear strong from where I am sitting in Bombay. In fact, the fact that it didn’t break records despite the benefit of a secular holiday that isn’t associated with any particular religious/cultural obligation or ceremony is itself telling (compare with Singham Returns, which also released on a similar holiday).


      • The numbers at best for both films are good. Can’t say the trend looks good though. Some websites expecting 15-20% drop today for BB which if happens and continues to happen, the film will struggle to make 100 crore over its 5 days. So the way it performs today and how well it holds is important.
        Hoping to watch it tonight…I suspect though it will be tough to get a ticket! So it might be Haider!
        The most telling stat is BB couldn’t get past Kick. Kick a pre Eid release, non-holiday.
        Even taking the crude combined total we are looking at a spread of 31.5-35crore from various sources below the D3 spread of 31-37crore or equal to it. But that’s a combined 2 films with more screens on a holiday.
        The reality is D3 is going to be unfair to compare with. It was a beast in terms of opening on non-holiday. Kick is a better comparison as the Pre-Eid effect is equalised by the lost screens. But even here BB is lagging and that’s probably the single screens as BB seems more a multiplex film.

        I don’t think Haider is doing as well on first day as people think. However, it CAN still grow. BB won’t register a bigger day than its first day now. Very unlikely, but Haider could still.


        • bb will touch 200cr – exccellent for HR


        • The drop might be around 30% today and we might get a number in the teens tomorrow. Incidentally BOI does talk about Mumbai being dull and night shows dropping , both of which I had indicated yesterday itself.


          • Maybe viewers are so awed at this point that they are soaking it in and the frenetic rush to the theaters will spill over during the working days instead of the holidays. Maybe the holiday is a disadvantage now?


  39. Shahid Kapoor’s Haider managed to make quite a good business on Day 1 i.e 1st Thursday at the Domestic Box Office. Despite facing a tough competition with Bang Bang and having a comparatively smaller release in around 1250 screens all over India, this Vishal Bhardwaj directorial raked in 6-7 crores moolah, as per early estimates.


    • Haider First Day Business
      Friday 03 October 12.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Haider grossed 5.25-5.50 crore nett on day one with a limited release. The film had very dull collections at single screens and most of the business of the film came from multiplexes. The film did reasonable occupancies at multiplexes but with just 1 screen or two screens in the bigger multiplex it could not really go anywhere.

      Its a long extended holiday period and with a limited release it can hold through the holiday period but it depends on the public word of mouth. The film is depending on collections in Delhi and Punjab which are pretty good on day one and Mumbai and Bangalore to pick up. The rest have fared poorly.

      The plus is an extended weekend and no major opposition for three weeks but that only comes into play if the film can hold its collections today.


    [post created]


    • Haunting review An Jo. What a writeup!


    • This needs a separate post.


      • This whole negativity is being spread by Bachchan and [edited].These people can’t see success of any other star apart from Bachchan and his son.If biased BOI is taken into account, still BB has collected more than 50 cr in two days which is phenominal after taking into consideration the competition from Haider.Can anybody here tell me which Bachchan solo release has collected 50cr lifetime in last two decades?


        • So,Samar-you think its on track for 300 crores as you had predicted??


          • Bang Bang 1.215 million USD from271 locations over the weekend


          • AamirsFan Says:

            Weekend Report: Moviegoers Thrill to ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Annabelle’ This Weekend
            by Ray Subers

            October 5, 2014

            It was a photo finish at the box office this weekend between Gone Girl and Annabelle, though both movies are winners regardless of their rank.

            David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s immensely popular novel took first place with $38 million, while the prequel to The Conjuring was a very close second with $37.2 million.

            Those impressive debuts led to an overall boom at the box office: the top 12 earned an estimated $141.8 million, which is up 23 percent from the same weekend last year (when Gravity led the way with over $55 million). In fact, this is the biggest weekend ever in the month of October.

            Playing at 3,014 theaters, Gone Girl opened to an estimated $38 million this weekend. That’s the biggest opening ever for director David Fincher ahead of Panic Room, and its star Ben Affleck’s highest debut since Daredevil in 2003.

            While it couldn’t quite match Shutter Island—also a stylish thriller adaptation from an acclaimed director—it was leagues above similarly well-reviewed October releases like The Social Network ($22.4 million), Argo ($19.4 million) and Captain Phillips ($25.7 million).

            Gone Girl’s success can be attributed to a few factors, including the star power of the two biggest names attached to the project. Director David Fincher has built up a solid fan base over the past two decades, and Gone Girl appeared to fit nicely in to his crime thriller wheelhouse (along with Seven, Zodiac and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

            Affleck has also reestablished himself as an A-list talent in the past few years thanks to his work on Argo and The Town, along with his much-hyped upcoming role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

            The biggest draw, though, was the story itself. Gillian Flynn’s novel has been widely read in the past few years, and fans of the book were eager to see how the tricky narrative would translate on the big screen. For non-readers, advertisements nicely established the premise (did Nick Dunne kill his wife?), and the opportunity to unravel the mystery was an enticing one.

            Gone Girl’s audience skewed older (75 percent 25 and up) and female (60 percent). It received a lukewarm “B” CinemaScore, though anecdotally the word-of-mouth seems stronger than that (think the way The Wolf of Wall Street received a horrible CinemaScore on its way to great holds earlier this year).

            Still, the movie probably won’t hold up as well as Captain Phillips or The Social Network. Not that it needs to, anyway: based on this debut, it’s a safe bet that Gone Girl tops The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ($127.5 million) to become Fincher’s highest-grossing movie ever.

            In a very close second place, Annabelle scored an excellent $37.2 million from 3,185 locations. That ranks sixth all-time among supernatural horror movies; among recent entries, it lags a bit behind predecessor The Conjuring ($41.9 million) and Insidious Chapter 2 ($40.3 million). Both of those movies were directed by Annabelle producer James Wan, who has firmly established himself as one of the biggest behind-the-camera names in horror right now.

            Annabelle held well throughout the weekend: its Friday gross represented around 42 percent of its three-day frame. In comparison, the Paranormal Activity sequels and the Insidious sequel were all much more front-loaded (around 50 percent on Friday). This suggests that Annabelle may hold up a bit better in the long run.

            The main driver of Annabelle’s success was its connection to The Conjuring, which is one of the most popular horror movies of the past decade. Marketing material hit this point over and over again with very clear messaging (“Before The Conjuring, there was Annabelle”). It also helped that Annabelle arrived in theaters less than 15 months later, which meant that The Conjuring was still fresh in the minds of horror fans (a Conjuring sequel is set to arrive in theaters next October).

            Annabelle’s audience was 51 percent female, and skewed younger (54 percent under the age of 25). Its “B” CinemaScore is solid for this genre, and suggests that audiences liked the movie quite a bit more than critics (32 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Even if it does fall off quickly from here, Annabelle is still likely to earn at least $80 million total.

            In third place, The Equalizer fell 44 percent to an estimated $19 million. That drop is comparable to February’s Non-Stop (45 percent) and fellow TV adaptation 21 Jump Street (44 percent). The Denzel Washington action movie has earned $64.5 million so far, and remains on track to close above $100 million.

            The Boxtrolls eased a light 28 percent to $12.4 million; in comparison, Laika Animation’s ParaNorman fell 39 percent at the same point. Through 10 days, The Boxtrolls has taken in $32.5 million, and should earn over $60 million by the end of its run.

            The Maze Runner rounded out the Top Five with $12 million. That’s a 31 percent drop from last week, which represents another strong hold for the young-adult adaptation. To date, The Maze Runner has banked $73.9 million, and will likely close north of $100 million.

            Playing at 1,825 theaters, the Left Behind remake opened in sixth place with an estimated $6.85 million. While that’s not on par with God’s Not Dead ($9.2 million from less than 800 theaters), it’s still a decent opening for this lightly-marketed release.

            Bollywood’s Knight & Day remake, titled Bang Bang, opened in 12th place with $1.22 million. That’s the biggest opening of the year for a Bollywood production.

            The Good Lie opened at 461 theaters this weekend and earned a paltry $935,000. It’s unlikely that distributor Warner Bros. gives it much of a push after this, and it will almost certainly wind up with less than $10 million total. This should only be a minor speed bump for star Reese Witherspoon; she’s one of the main producers on Gone Girl, and has a ton of buzz surrounding her performance in Wild (Dec. 12th).

            Playing at 17 theaters, Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children opened to an estimated $48,000 this weekend. That translates to a $2,824 per-theater average, which is horrible for this type of release; in comparison, Reitman’s Up in the Air averaged $78,763 at 15 locations on its opening weekend.

            In spite of the slow start, Paramount is still planning to release the movie nationwide on October 17th.



          • AamirsFan Says:

            good for GG and the equalizer back to back! non cgi films with actual good screenwriting and scripts opening well!

            also very poor opening for BB. screen avg is pathetic. compare it with; D3 opened to 3.4 mill in 239 theaters. BB opened to 1.22 in 271 theaters. hrithik’s nothern american pull has never been that strong. it’s always been about the khans (historically SRK and most recently Aamir) here.


          • You are comparing Christmas holidays with first week of October. Seriously!


          • Yes,’ll surely touch that mark but BOI will never show that.BOI will always reserve that magical figure for Khans.Even this time they are downplaying BB at least by 20%.BB has a strong competition from a good film, Haider and still it has done fantastic business which exhibits star power of Hrithik, the biggest star of bollywood who is giving sleepless nights to all Khans,Kumars,Kapoors and Bachchans.


          • samar: Do you remember when Gadar and Lagaan released on same day? Gadar was doing twice the business of Lagaan daily and more whereas every newspaper, every critic, every news channel was only singing praises of Lagaan.

            History repeats again, even though Bang Bang is making more money than Haider, there is hardly any critic or celebrity or other film maker talking about it, forget praising 🙂


    • “God knows how she does it but she conveys those myriad moods right into your heart. That face and body-language cover seduction, loneliness, confusion, angst, guilt with such aplomb that one is left stunned. ” my fav. actress is Tabu and u brought a lot of joy to me by writing this AJ 🙂


  41. NY Times:

    From Bollywood, With Love
    By ANDY WEBSTEROCT. 2, 2014

    Directed by Siddharth Anand

    In Hindi, with English subtitles

    2 hours 34 minutes; not rated

    Blend Pierce Brosnan’s over-the-top surfing scene in “Tomorrow Never Dies” with a liberal helping of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s “Knight and Day,” and you get an idea of the cartoonish excesses in Siddharth Anand’s Bollywood action romance “Bang Bang!” A globe-hopping romp through Thailand; Abu Dhabi; Prague; Greece; and Shimla, India, the story nominally concerns a diamond stolen from the Tower of London.

    Rajveer Nanda (Hrithik Roshan) is the thief, and gangsters and government operatives are after him. Harleen Sahni (Katrina Kaif), a lonely bank receptionist living with her grandmother, is on her way to an Internet dating-service encounter when she inadvertently meets Rajveer, and they are off, eluding legions of gun-toting heavies.

    Mr. Roshan, as a superhuman James Bond manqué (He’s a former swimming champion! With 11 retreats around the world! He cooks a tasty kebab!), does little but glower and tease. Ms. Kaif’s character — fluttery, mostly helpless and stupefied at the sight of Rajveer’s taut abs — does not advance the self-determination of women.

    So we are left with lavish, Imax-ready set pieces: pursuits while hydro-jet-surfing near pristine beaches; car chases on cobblestone streets; largely bloodless gunfights; and countless leaps through windows and across rooftops. It’s all high-end flash, but less romantic than wearying. ANDY WEBSTER


    • Sounds like Katrina is pretty and dumb in this film…and pretty dumb


      • @ – “Sounds like Katrina is pretty and dumb in this film…and pretty dumb”

        As per wom until now, it seems HR sole reason for doing Bang Bang was unfinished undertakings of ZNMD.

        Bang Bang

        He may have gotten his pal Sid Anand to materialize his fantasy, otherwise why will HR who is so choosy with his directors/movies (apparently turned down Dharma’s Shuddhi / Excel’s time travel drama which was supposed to be done by aamir recently) will opt for an anjana anjani/ tara rum pum non happening director for such a big project.

        Now with his single status bollywood heroines better be on alert to watch for his p’s and q’s…..but then these things are more of interchangeable / mutual deal….


        • Haha agree with ms dhoni–“As per wom until now, it seems HR sole reason for doing Bang Bang was unfinished undertakings of ZNMD.
          He may have gotten his pal Sid Anand to materialize his fantasy, otherwise why will HR who is so choosy with his directors/movies (apparently turned down Dharma’s Shuddhi / Excel’s time travel drama which was supposed to be done by aamir recently) will opt for an anjana anjani/ tara rum pum non happening director for such a big project.”
          U got it rite –who cares bout the box office ?

          Btw Aamir LITERALLY STRIPPED by hritik in the garb of bang bang dare and in his ‘competitive spirit’ aamir again makes a fool of himself here
          Poor Aamir takes the transistor OFF 🙂


      • Is she more dumb than Katrina of Dhoom3 or Kareena of 3i?
        I think her role demands her to be so unlike D3 or 3i


        • Naveen you feel compelled to connect all my statements to aamir Khan films. Instead of coding all your comments as if they are smart intuitive observations just spit it out. I am sure she acted superbly in Singh is kinng.


  42. NY Times:

    Shakespearean Revenge in a Violent Kashmir
    ‘Haider’ Puts an Indian Twist on ‘Hamlet’ NYT Critics’ Pick
    By RACHEL SALTZOCT. 2, 2014

    Instead of “Haider,” the director Vishal Bhardwaj might have considered calling his fast-and-loose adaptation of “Hamlet” “Ghazala,” after its Gertrude character.

    As played by the sad-eyed Tabu, Ghazala has such depths and mystery that she hijacks the movie, pushing Haider (Hamlet) to the sidelines in his own story. It’s her interior drama that draws you in: Where does her loyalty lie? What is she thinking? Will she take up arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, change the tale? (She certainly threatens to once or twice.)

    By comparison Haider (Shahid Kapoor) is a simple fellow. In an un-Hamletlike way, he knows what he wants — to avenge his father — and cannily goes after it.

    Mr. Bhardwaj has directed two other freewheeling Shakespeare adaptations, both wonderful: “Maqbool,” a “Macbeth” set in the Bombay underworld, and “Omkara,” an “Othello” whose title character is a half-caste gangster general in the dusty heartland. These movies make Shakespearean tragedy seem a natural lens through which to view contemporary India.

    “Haider,” which grafts its source story less convincingly to its setting, doesn’t flow as organically. Set in 1995 in the violence-racked state of Kashmir, the film was written by Mr. Bhardwaj with the Kashmiri journalist Basharat Peer.

    To say that “Haider” succeeds better as a tale of Kashmiri unrest and official brutality — people disappear, are tortured, shot for sport — than it does as a telling of “Hamlet” isn’t entirely a knock. “All of Kashmir is a prison,” Haider says, and Mr. Bhardwaj and Mr. Peer show the toll on the inmates. In one chilling scene a man, his face covered in a balaclava, plays judge and jury from a Jeep, as civilians are paraded in front of him. With just a movement of his eyes he decides their fate: dismissed or detained.

    Though the political backdrop often overwhelms or distorts the family drama, Mr. Bhardwaj provides the occasional sharp reminder of how cinematically he can construct Shakespearean moments. When Haider first returns home, we watch him as he spies, through a scrim of shimmering gauze, an intimate, playful moment between his mother, who sings a Kashmiri folk song, and his uncle (the always excellent Kay Kay Menon). Haider instantly knows the score.

    As is often the case in Hindi cinema, the mother-son relationship here is all-important. Its eroticism is heightened (the actors aren’t even 10 years apart), and its power axis has shifted, with Ghazala having the upper hand. “Haider” may not be the equal of Mr. Bhardwaj’s other Shakespeare films, and it may be deficient in the “Hamlet” department, but it certainly gives good Gertrude.


    • Looks like Rachel has nailed it. Her review, in comparasion to others that I have read, tell us that she is aware of Kashmir, its people and its issues. What I like about this review is that she is not rattled by her personal prejudice. She evaluates Haider the movie using Hamlet as a yardstick, but respecting the adaptation.

      I will see the movie this weekend, but she has convinced me that perhaps the movie should have been called Ghazala.


  43. Disappointing results for BB. I had a feeling it might just do 30 crore but in all languages it is 27. Hopefully the multiplexes keeps the trend and takes the movie above 140 make it a hit atleast.


  44. Bang bang looks like around 19 to 20 crores on day 2. But the real surprise is haider which had jumped on day 2 even though it is not a national holiday. Haider will be around 7 crores.


  45. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Now what kind of reviewing is this? ‘ But the film needed better location photography. It needed better writing. (Some lines are really bizarre, as when the Pizza Hut® -chomping villain, played by Danny Denzongpa, accuses Indian bureaucracy of doing “corruption ke bazaar mein nagna naach”; not even nanga, but the purer form, nagna!). It needed better songs. And it needed a better director, someone with attitude and style.’ I mean, it needed better location photograohy ( sic), better writing, better songs, better direction. Really? Isn’t that what you can say about 90% of Bollywood films?


  46. “Kashmir is a half-widow. A valley that is neither mountain nor plain. A state where some think it is a nation. A language torn between lilting folk accents and the pretentious grammar of an official tongue that is not quite its own. A liberal culture steeped in Shaivism and Sufism interrupted by harsh, imported militant ideas.
    Dilemma is a natural state here: To be or not to be. Main hoon, ya main nahin?
    And what better metaphor for this than Hamlet? Or his mother in her myriad layers of affections, anger and despair? Or his angelic sweetheart, torn between father, brother and lover?”


  47. Just back from watching Bang Bang. It was not all that bad. I actually enjoyed the first half but the second half was too disjointed and lacked the lightness of the first half. My wife liked it.
    Definitely a better script and director required but I think the film works with hrithik and Katrina…they don’t have the ‘sizzling’, saucy kind of chemistry I expected but they do well in the light moments the film presents. Hrithiks action sequences where he fights the goons are well acted and he dances well. Katrina as the naive and pretty dumb act is funny (unintentionally at times) and she has a good couple of moments at the pizza hut and when she is tranquilized.
    The hangover in the film is that it turns from a light action flick which is well paced to a bit of a revenge saga that drags on too long.
    Needed to be shorter and lighter. Needed a bit more between hrithik and Katrina banter. Overall fun in parts, shot well and the leads are good choices. Let down by poor script and lines…and poorly paced.


    • The look on katrinas face when hrithik first reveals his body is priceless! She is such a poor actress but it’s so naturally poor that it becomes funny.


  48. Bang Bang Has Another Good Day
    Friday 03 October 2014 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang is set to have strong second day with business heading to around the 20 crore nett mark. It was a holiday for Dusshera in many parts of the country so the drop is not huge as it would be if it was a normal working day. But on the other side collections could have held better especially where it was holiday.

    The collections have fallen further in mass centres where it was not so strong on day one and South India has fallen where on day one it set records at places or was near record at other places. The strongest hold in in Delhi city and East Punjab where collections show a limited drop. The film will have a big two day total in the 45 crore nett range for the Hindi version.

    There are puja’s and garba’s going on at various parts of the country which do hit business and then there are holidays in one state on one day and another state on another day which means the wait will be for Tuesday when business will settle and if markets like CP Berar, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc settle at a good level on Tuesday the film will be set for a good run till Happy New Year releases.


  49. Haider Set To Surprise On Day Two
    Friday 03 October 2014 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Haider has shown a good trend on Saturday as collections are set to be higher even though day one was a national holiday while day two is a holiday in only parts of the country. The release which was limited by default as Bang Bang released on the same day always had a chance of proving beneficial but growth after a holiday was not expected.

    The film could go up 20% on Friday to over 6 crore nett. The collections could even be a bit higher. Haider was given no chance at the boxoffice against Bang Bang but it seems set to surprise with a healthy extended weekend.

    Obviously its well short of the collections of Bang Bang but its got a good trend and if this continues the clash may actually work in its favour as in real terms the release is perfect and no major competition for three weeks.


  50. The much anticipated and predicted bang bang ‘crash’ isn’t happening yet it seems

    Also Seems that taran nbos and others are not being reported (only BOi is being quoted here)

    Bang Bang Crosses 50 Cr Mark In 2 Days | 1st Friday (Second Day)

    Bang Bang created some massive records on its opening day itself. But on its second day, the film saw a small drop in its performance. This Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif starrer has collected 24.08 crores on Day 2 i.e. 1st Friday. With this, it now stands with a total collection of 51.62 crores at the domestic box office.

    The film has now crossed the 50 crore mark in two days and it will be interesting to see if it keeps up this stride to make 100 crores in four days.

    Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in a still from movie ‘Bang Bang’

    The film remained strong at the multiplexes and single screens too. It showed its best performance in Delhi and Gujrat where as other circuits too remained pretty decent.

    Since, it was a holiday for Dusshera in many parts of the country, the film was expected to pickup in those circuits, atleast in the evening and night shows. Nevertheless, the film will cover up with higher numbers over the weekend.

    Bang Bang Creates A Smashing Record In Pakistan
    Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang has already set some amazing records at the domestic box office. The film which opened with 27.54 crores in India, has become the Fifth highest opener of 2014.

    Now we learnt that the film has already started making records internationally too. Bang Bang collected 76.85 lacs on day one in Pakistan to become the highest opener in the country’s box office history.

    Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie ‘Bang Bang’

    Until now, a Pakistani film was leading with 40 lacs as the highest opener. Among Bollywood films, Kick had collected 13 lacs in Pakistan, which was the Highest Bollywood Opener so far.

    Certainly, Bang Bang made a massive business on day one itself in Pakistan and it is commendable considering that it is now the country’s highest record ever.


  51. Katrina is hardworking like a man, Aishwarya’s craft is similar to mine: Hrithik Roshan
    October 2, 2014 Bolly-Freak 14952 reads 88 comments

    Hrithik Roshan is all excited over his big release ‘Bang Bang’. His chemistry with co-star Katrina Kaif is being much appreciated. In an interview with TOI, Hrithik mentioned that Katrina is indeed one of his favorite co-stars. He also mentioned that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra are also his favorites.
    He said, “Katrina is very hardworking and works like a man. She is a worker. She is a go-getter and has that drive and passion and will work those late hours and will do whatever it takes to accomplish what she wants. With Aishwarya, the give-and-take we would achieve was incredible. The way she has built her craft is very similar to my craft. The tools she uses to make things are similar to what I use. At times, she will look at me and I would feel shit that she knows my secret and knows why I am doing this. That is going to make me look better as she does the same thing and I would feel like I was caught. Her focus matched my focus beautifully. Priyanka is just so easy to work with. She is very strong which is why, she can take bullshit and still smile. I have had instances when I have been inspired by her.”

    PS: imo THE Aishwaryas filmography effectively finished with dhoom2.
    Somehow I feel—Bang bang is likely to be THE katrinas swansong as well…Hoping to catch it soon


    • “Katrina is very hardworking and works like a man.”



    • No surprise that he picked Ash, Katrina, and Priyanka because in the last decade, since After Lakshay, he’s only worked with these 3! Krrish( PC), D2 and JA(Ash), Kites (the one exception), Guzaarish, ZNMD, Agneepath and K3, and now BB.


  52. Bang Bang Second Day Business
    Saturday 04 October 2014 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang in hindi grossed 20.50 crore nett on day two. The film dropped around 17% from day one. The collections of the regional version fell more. It was a part holiday on Friday for Dusshera and today is another part holiday for Dusshera. The approx business of the hindi version of Bang bang till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 24,75,00,000
    Friday – 20,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 45,25,00,000

    The film has fared very well at multiplexes of big cities till date but the collections at single screens of B and C centres especially in Hindi belt are below the mark


  53. Haider Second Day Business
    Saturday 04 October 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Haider showed a good trend on day two as it grossed around 6 crore nett. The collections were up despite the first day being a big national holiday. The film showed growth of around 15% which was similar to the drop of Bang Bang on its second day. The approx business of the Hindi version of Haider till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 5,25,00,000
    Friday – 6,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 11,25,00,000

    If this trend continues or collections hold at these levels over the five day weekend it can come out with a 30 crore nett figure which will be pretty good but then the real test will be Tuesday.


  54. AamirsFan Says:

    Spot on Review for ‘Gone Girl’ IMO:

    Also, Ben Affleck proves once again he is a far superior director than an actor. It was my only complaint from this movie.

    Overall it was a solid thriller; entertaining and engaging from the start. It will be nominated for many awards early part of 2015.

    One more note: Trailer of ‘American Sniper’ on the big screen was even better than watching it on youtube. Comes out Dec 25th.


  55. Well done Bang Bang !!

    Bang Bang started off brilliantly and created some records for itself in just three days. The film starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif made it to the 50 crores mark in two days and now after its three days box office journey, Bang Bang has already entered the Top 10 Chart of ‘Highest Grossing Films of 2014‘.

    Bang Bang has managed to score approximately 71.62 crores so far and if it keeps up the trend, it might enter the 100 crore club in four days.

    With this, Bang Bang has now become the 10th Highest Grosser of 2014. The film which released on a holiday and had a long weekend to cash in on, has been faring pretty well in spite of not being a solo release. The film is expected to accumulate huge numbers in the coming days and will be seen climbing high on the Top 10 chart soon.


  56. OOoh lala : no signs of a CRASH YET? And these numbers are not accounting for the screens lost (&the earnings of an excellent Haidar have not been account yet!)

    BANG BANG HOLDS STEADY: continues breaking records !!

    The recently released Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang has opened on thunderous note at the Box Office. With the reports coming in from all quarters, it seems like the film is doing record-breaking business at the box-office.

    In this Box Office analysis, we take a look at the success of Bang Bang breaking the film’s collections into a Day-wise break-up of domestic collections and also tracking the film’s Overseas numbers.

    Day-wise breakup for India

    Day Collections (INR Cr.)
    Day 1 (Thu) 27.54
    Day 2 (Fri) 24.08
    Day 3 (Sat) 20.1

    TOTAL 71.72

    Worldwide collections

    Region Collections (INR Cr.) Updated…
    India 71.72 As of 04-Oct-14
    North America (USA and Canada) 1.63 As of 2-Oct-2014
    United Kingdom 1.75 As of 3-Oct-2014
    United Arab Emirates / G.C.C.
    Australia 0.51 As of 3-Oct-2014
    New Zealand 0.27 As of 3-Oct-2014
    Pakistan 0.46 As of 1-Oct-2014
    TOTAL 76.34

    BOYCOTT THE CORRUPT & AGENDAIC Box office india!



    1) Box office india is back to its tricks again
    Ok earlier It was Rakesh Roshan?
    Is it fox star and every other portal now??
    Who will u blame now?

    2) the slow and silent SHAVING OFF by BOI of daily totals is on.
    Infact it’s hilarious that BOIs OWN estimates are shaved off a few hours later by as much as five crwhores plus

    3) paid negative reviews and under negative reporting
    There ARE forces trying to keep these numbers BELOW certain others (as if another strong competitive release wasn’t enough 4 that)

    4) the difference is that when this happened to BACHCHANS , Satyam used to cry every single moment, on an HOURLY basis lol
    But now the same ‘sin’ is ignored and suddenly BOI becomes sacrosanct
    (Anyhow unfortunately Now the bachchans are not in a position to be even under reported lol)

    5) every other portal like Bollywood hungama (taran is ill but bolllywood hungama is still giving numbers), koimoi, BOC are not being reported here

    suddenly the biggest factor is being ignored or there’s a pretence that it’s not there or not important

    7) Haidar is a full blown credible strong competitor
    With a young and happening star cast
    Strong producer utv
    Taking away multiple screens
    Excellent reports and reviews of Haidar
    Excellent music

    8) kick has been outgrossed in the opening day INSPITE of the Haidar factor !!

    Dhoom3 had the following advantages-
    Much higher screen count
    The yrf machinery
    Biggest franchise
    Sidekicks galore —uday, abhishrek

    So these numbers INSPITE of there factors, what bang bang is doing is OUTSTANDING

    well done team bangbang….



    Checked it & I was ready to rip it apart in face of universal negative reviews
    Am more on b rangans page on this one (& more)

    Let’s psychoanalyse those who are behaving as if they were hoodwinked or ‘kidnapped’ into watching it and they didn’t see any promo even if they don’t know the film it’s based on!
    This is not intending to be a Lagaan or mother India or even a three idiots.
    It does what it says on the tin loud n clear —
    Action romance comedy

    LOVED it –period!!
    More views later but a quick self explanatory point system

    OVERALL rating 4.5/5

    Sid anand 4.5/5 ( yeah I like him in salaam namaste, even BAH, even anjaana anjani had moments–he is new to action but did well)

    Action 4.5/5 (Spider-mans technical team really helped!)

    Screenplay/adaptation-sujoy ghosh (kahaani); Abbas tayarwaala (4-4.5/5)

    Katrina Kaif 4.75/5
    Kat gives the best perfomance of her career (on par to her ZNMD performance –again opposite Hritik

    Katrina gives herself TOTALLY to the film (& SUBMITS TO HRITIK!)
    What a class act by katrina !

    ” the Kiss” 4.75/5
    Simply one of the best kisses in boolyŵood ever–probably the best ever!

    Hritik Roshan 5/5
    More on this later
    Will suffice to say that this is one of his “PUREST” perfomances
    (I had personal resonances all over)

    Ps: a big kick on the collective asses of those negative reviewers or kidnapped viewers

    Go enjoy yourselves and have fun with Rajveer and Harleen

    C’mon gals 🙂


    • Please don’t be coy…tell us how you REALLY feel!


      • LOL!!


        • Lets say it is an entertaining movie in an intangible way. This should make everyone happy and we can get over with the childish banter back and forth. In a parallel world one celebrity is using his stardom to good use. Rest of celebrities go by their whole life trying to make sense of a shit load of money, a lot of make-up and an incestous life-style. Even the nude selfies of bollywood celebrities won’t be that interesting. Who would want to live a life so devoid of any real feelings. As cosmetic as it gets. It is sad when giving meaning to such a life means bitching, cross-dressing, exploring homosexuality and in the worst case drugs. Driven to the extreme of consumerism the toys are never enough. So whether its intellectual masturbation or the thrill of sleeping around with others’ wives, underage girls, milfs, teenage boys or others who can make things happen its a sordid tale.


  59. Bang Bang Saturday Business
    Sunday 05 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang in hindi grossed 16.50 crore nett on its third day and the fall was similar to the previous day. The film should pick up today but the key is what happens on Tuesday. The approx business of the hindi version of Bang bang till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 24,75,00,000
    Friday – 20,50,00,000
    Saturday – 16,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 61,75,00,000

    The three day weekend is well behind films like Kick and Singham Returns but slightly better than Jai Ho.


  60. Haider Saturday Business
    Sunday 05 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Haider continued with a good trend on day two as it grossed around 5.50 crore nett. The collections were better on day three than day one. The collections are on lower side but it has held up well over the first three days. The approx business of the Hindi version of Haider till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 5,25,00,000
    Friday – 6,00,00,000
    Saturday – 5,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 16,75,00,000

    The plus for the film is no major competition until the release of Happy New Year so if it hold on Tuesday it could get a decent lifetime total.


  61. Apex, when you say you are on the same page as Rangan on this, do you feel : “But the film needed better location photography. It needed better writing. (Some lines are really bizarre, as when the Pizza Hut® -chomping villain, played by Danny Denzongpa, accuses Indian bureaucracy of doing “corruption ke bazaar mein nagna naach”; not even nanga, but the purer form, nagna!). It needed better songs. And it needed a better director, someone with attitude and style.” Do you alos feel that ‘ Unfortunately, he’s paired with Katrina Kaif. She’s supposed to be playing a ditz, but asking for sparkling comic sass from an actress who can barely emote or enunciate is asking for the moon. There’s zero chemistry between the leads, ..” Just asking.


  62. olkz–will get back bout your queries –am busy with something 🙂

    as for bang bang–its again risky to say but sunday should be stable or even pick up instead of dropping from saturday

    FOX STAR is releasing figures worldwide so the BOI unholy nexus out in the open–let people post BOI figures

    bang bang already in the INTERNATIONAL NEWS

    Int’l Box Office: ‘Gone Girl’ A Beaut With $24.6M; Bollywood ‘Bang Bang’ Holsters $25.4M; ‘Dracula Untold’ Drinks In $21M

    by Nancy Tartaglione
    October 5, 2014 12:05pm

    As with domestic, the international markets received a welcome jolt this weekend, with Hollywood and local-language pictures staking out vast swathes of terrain.
    Hrithik Roshan In ‘Bang Bang’ Takes Aim At India, Global Box Office Records: Video
    We are still waiting on numbers for Annabelle, as well as Chinese blockbusterBreakup Buddies. I hear the latter is expected to return in the high 30s, which would make it the top-grossing picture in the overseas frame. Behind it is Fox’s Gone Girlwith $24.6M — about 25% ahead of expectations — and Fox International Productions and FoxStar India’s local language Bollywood pic Bang Bang in a fantastic turn with $25.4M ($1.35M of that comes from the U.S.). Then there’s Universal’s Dracula Untold which sucked up $21M in 25 territories.
    David Fincher’s adult psychological thriller Gone Girl has been lighting up the internet since it first screened at the New York Film Festival last weekend, and has thus far proved strongest in sophisticated markets. In its first offshore frame, it found $24.6M. The transfer of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel, which the author adapted herself, played on 5,270 screens in 39 markets with the UK coming out on top. There, the film earned $6.94M at 950 plays. It was a No. 1 bow that gave Fincher his best debut ever in the market. His comp title, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, ultimately had its best overseas run in the UK. Gone Girl was also Fincher’s best opening weekend ever in Australia with $4.6M on 350 screens. The Ben Affleck/Rosamund Pike-starrer was further No. 1 in Russia with $2.95M from 1,049. Mexico, with $989K from 663, was No. 2 behind Dracula Untold in that market. In Germany, there is a tight race for No. 1 with local comedy Mannerhort. Fox is currently reporting Gone Girl at $2.85M on 511 screens, but local media suggest Mannerhort may edge it out. Brazil opened at No. 4 with $860K from 258 plays, and in Hong Kong, folks braved their way to 38 screens to the tune of $615K.Sweden and Greece were among seven No. 1 debuts. Next weekend, it opens in 15 new markets including France, Spain, Belgium and Taiwan.

    Bang Bang stars Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and the increasingly successful Katrina Kaif in a remake of Fox’sKnight And Day. It took $25.4M worldwide from about 4,700 screens in more than eight markets. Notably, in India, it earned $19.3M from 4,200 plays. That’s the 3rd highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a non-franchise title and the biggest and widest opening weekend ever for FoxStar. InNorth America, the FIP financed and produced film scored $1.35M from 271 screens and in the UK earned $922K from 116. Those are each the biggest Bollywood openings of 2014 in those markets. The Middle East is led by the UAE and its $1.8M from 44 screens. In another milestone, that’s the 3rd highest grossing opening weekend ever for a Bollywood title in the region. Impressively at release on Thursday, it grossed approximately $7M worldwide, a huge turn. Further, the U.S. debut bested that ofKick from superstar Salman Kahn which bowed in July. I’ll have more on Bang Banglater.


    • forget box office folkz

      Yun kabhi, yun kabhi
      Dil kahe jaise haan yehi bas yehi
      Samaa hai jisme zindagi zindagi
      Hai jeeni aise ek pal, ek pal ho baaqi jaise….


  63. Top weekends as per BolywoodHungama:

    Dhoom 3 20 Dec 2013 107.61 Cr Chennai Express 09 Aug 2013 100.42 Cr Ek Tha Tiger 15 Aug 2012 100.16 Cr Bang Bang! 02 Oct 2014 94.13 Cr

    ( Of course you have to consider how many days were there in each of these weekends.)


  64. I presume Bang Bang is a 4 day number here. And the upper end range of numbers. Even taking this upper end range of 94 crore, its 4 day figure is plenty behind CE and D3. And that’s with 2 holidays to boot.
    The competition has hurt the film but the trend on the daily figures suggests it’s not holding its own anyway. The figures are falling Thurs through to Sat. Growth on Sunday is minimal. It will probably be at 110 crores using the producer figures (?) and on BOI more like 95 crore after 5 days. The BOI figure will be like the 3 day D3 figures (!) and the producer figure more or less just ahead of the D3 3 day figure. And D3 does not even have a holiday to boot in the first 3 days. D3 is way ahead and most likely D3 first week total will be more than Bang Bangs final tally as I suspect Tuesday it will drop substantially.

    Having seen it, I think Hrithik probably deserved a better director here, his partner in crime Katrina was a decent enough choice. Also I would say the “sizzle” or even the “sexual” tension and chemistry on screen never arrived. This was a pretty clean film and maybe needed to be a bit more wild. Maybe they wanted to capture a family audience, but the promos provided more sizzle. I half expected these two to be like wild rabbits in this film (!) but Katrina is painted as a naïve “never kissed” a guy kind of gal. When she is floored by Hrithik she is not progressive and neither is Hrithik in an obvious sense (you get what they want to do, but they simply never do!). Quite possibly the younger crowd expected a bit of raunch (I certainly did!!!) and the family audiences expecting it may have stayed away. Either way, they got it wrong here as it was a stick or twist situation. There is chemistry but is mainly humour…its like the Kajol/SRK type. No heat at all.

    But I would also speculate that if Salman was in this film, he’d have got much bigger numbers. The first half is more the kind of stunts you would associate with Hollywood…but the second half is more of a “Salman” type of film. He’d have got this to 200 crore no problem especially with Katrina as a lead pair.

    Haider has done well to show growth each day and its best day so far is Sunday – which is the 4th day of its run. That’s a pretty decent trend for the film and its spread is 23-27 crore between BOI and producers. It’s looking at a 40-45 crore first week and should have a healthy run. It will probably get a bigger share of screens in week 2 and should be making at least 60 crore if not 70 crore which considering its opposition will be a great result. I’d be surprised if Bang Bang goes past 150-165 crore based on the trade/producer spread. If anything Haider is the film hurt by the clash more; its WOM is faring better and it might have been smarter to release the week after Bang Bang…but it still looks like it is heading to be VB’s biggest grosser till date. Probably should have watched this one anyway considering it’s the much more talked about movie.


  65. box office spin, pretence & slippage contd from —

    there are some facts that are deliberately being ignored or being denied–

    1 dhoom3 was a franchise film (and the biggest ever at that) and bang bang isn’t
    2 d3 had the biggest production machinery unlike fox star thats not only new but looked at with suspicion and insecurity by other in the industry
    3 None of these films you are comparing with had a release with them to share screen and media space forget something as well received like haidar with brilliant music, happening star cast and a topical emotive theme
    4 overseas weekend did not have any extra holiday –on the other hand d3 released during xmas holidays
    5 bang bang had unanimous bad negative reviews (disproportionate)
    6 bang bang was a much delayed film that nearly got shelved due to hritiks health and personal troubles

    the fact that bang bang is being compared to Dhoom3 (of all flicks) to bring it down shows what its achieved

    talking of salman and ETT, i loved him in ETT (and loved the film) but cmon salman in the bang bang songs, dances and action cannot be compared to hritik realistically


    Bang bang skirts 100 crores in 4 days (even with haidars competition)


    @ abcd & samar– some good points from u…

    @ utkal uncle—u were asking about b rangans review
    maybe in detail later but a quick note
    i have read only two three lines of his review(i dont bother with readin evertyting anyhow–the test u pointed is inconsequential)

    I’ve always said that rangan is a brilliant wordsmith and flowery writer of vignettes and catchphrases with an exquisite knowledge of films but he lacks perspective, context and suffers big time from snob appeal issues. Lately (as in fanny) he has shown improvement on that front (it seems from the few lines i read) but then rang an is still a “work in progress” on that front …this is a ‘cycle’ and a ‘process’ …


  66. Haider Has Low Weekend But Decent Trend
    Monday 06 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Haider had a low four day weekend of around 23 crore nett but the collections were decent for its release and the trend was also decent. The best business has come in the Delhi NCR area. The approx business of the of Haider till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 5,25,00,000
    Friday – 6,00,00,000
    Saturday – 5,50,00,000
    Sunday – 6,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 23,00,00,000

    Tuesday is the key for Haider because the way Bang Bang has gone it is unlikely to sustain so if Haider can sustain which is a possibility it is likely to good business until the release of Happy New year without much opposition as the main opposition Bang Bang will be struggling.


  67. Bang Bang Good Weekend But Struggles On Sunday
    Monday 06 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang (hindi) had a good four day weeeknd of around 80 crore nett but the way the film has trended its very unlikely to sustain at the box office. The approx business of the hindi version of Bang bang till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 24,75,00,000
    Friday – 20,50,00,000
    Saturday – 17,00,00,000
    Sunday – 18,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 80,25,00,000

    The film hardly showed any growth on Sunday with many circuits having similar business on Sunday to Saturday. The film has put up a good total over the first four days which will save it but with the advantage of the first four days being holidays it should have been a much bigger total. Basically Bang Bang has grossed the same in four days which were all holidays to what Kick did with a Pre Eid release.

    There is another holiday on Monday for Eid which should give another healthy total but after that its likely to be a struggle for the film and the film will not be a huge hit it should have been with such a favourable release date.


  68. 80cr 4 days figures for Bang Bang according to BOI. Will wrap up around Singham Returns range if the trend continues. Decent outcome but expected so much more really.


    • Perhaps its rakesh roshan here as well who is inflating figures of bang bang jiust like in krrish3 !
      and fox star, koimoi, bollywood hungama are all doing it for rakesh roshan obediently

      just like in kick, the ever reliable and decent sajid nadiadwalas numbers were taken as sacrosanct by Box office india (and till it got pointed out once or twice the BOI figures at one time hurried past /increased beyond the producer sajids totals as well!)
      what an open sham by boi …and agendaic folks lapping it up lol


  69. ***What were the critics reviewing??? As I said, except Saibal Chatterjee and Rangan, NO one in Indian can be taken seriously***

    Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s Bang Bang has been smashing box office numbers. It made 175.61 crore gross worldwide in four days. The film has made 22.41 crore nett on Sunday taking the total India tally to 94.13 crore (134.47 crore gross).

    Bang Bang has created records in the overseas territories as it collected 41 .14 crore in the overseas territories over the weekend – becoming the highest opener of 2014 beating Kick in Middle East, UK and US by a huge margin.

    The huge collections of Bang Bang has got the trade very excited.

    Vajir Singh, Editor of Box Office India magazine, India’s top Bollywood trade magazine, is excited that the industry has boomed riding on Bang Bang. “The business has been phenomenal. The jodi of Hrithik and Katrina has worked its magic again. Bang Bang is holding supremely well. It is a full family entertainer and a total masala movie. Audiences are loving the film.”

    Top trade analyst Komal Nahta is delighted about Bang Bang’s record breaking collection. He says, “Bang Bang has done remarkably well and has become the highest opening film in hrithik’s career so far. A 4-day net total of Rs. 94 crore is huge! What’s also very creditable is the $6 million weekend Overseas! B.O. figures like these are not seen very often.”

    Bang Bang, directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Fox Star Studios, has made multiple records in India and overseas territories over the weekend. On day one, it blasted itself into the top 5 openers of all time in Bollywood.

    The out-and-out entertainer has maintained it’s dominance at the counters through the weekend. The film’s opening marked Hrithik Roshan biggest opening of his career and Katrina Kaif now has three movies in the top 5 openers of all time.

    Bang Bang is being appreciated widely by audiences. The film is complete masala, family entertainer.

    Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, says, “Bang Bang has smashed many records and is now the top 5 Bollywood openings of All Time in India & Internationally. The film has held strongly through the weekend and has opened bigger than Krrish 3, making it Hrithik’s biggest film to date. It’s a complete family entertainer & paisa vasool film & has action like Bollywood has not seen before. The word of mouth on the film is great & Bang Bang looks poised to have a great run through the week and the second weekend.”



  70. An Jo: “On day one, it blasted itself into the top 5 openers of all time in Bollywood.” Obviously this cannot be done on day ten, nahin?


  71. Bang Bang had a good weekend of 62 crore nett plus but considering the period with day one being a national holiday and the next two days being holidays for Dusshera the film should have grossed higher. Kick leads the charts and the 80 crore nett it grossed came Pre Eid which is a dull period in many circuits across the country.

    The business of Bang Bang in its first three days is even 14 crore nett less than Singham Returns. The film was totally let down by mass circuits where collections were on the lower side be it Rajasthan, CI or Gujarat. In the Gujarat/Saurashtra belt the three day business of Bang Bang was similar to just the opening day of Singham Returns

    The opening performance of Bang Bang is similar to Jai Ho. The difference being Bang Bang having two extra holiday but a bit of that is levelled out by the competition of Haider. Below are the top opening weekends of 2014.


  72. The underperformance of BB effectively lessens the burdens on SRK and Team HNY which is coming next and expected to put up big numbers and would be in for direct comparisons. This was a youth oriented movie with dashing young stars & huge settings which could have set box office on fire with 7-8 days of school breaks at a stretch plus the absence of any biggie to a undernourished movie nation during the whole of Sept. Going by the wom this would be a max 90-110 cr deal for a regular Fri-Mon deal but lots of vacations/ festival has given some respectability to the totals here again as I had pointed earlier. These types of big movies continue to survive with a release date strategy and time is not far when a project may be initiated / conceived well in advance to target such a specific release slot.

    Henceforth HR goes out of focus for a good 3-4 years before his next big project on this scale /genre can be produced & released. Have no idea what is his next Mohenjo-Daro is about but Gowarikar’s reputation precedes anything else and let’s face it HR falls in the dumbish category when left to his own devices.


  73. After Krishh-3 .. Again Huge difference of reporting collections of Hritik Movie by BOI and Others. Right now for first four days difference is as huge as 16 Crore (BOI-68, Others/Producer-84).


  74. Amitabh Bachchan talks about KBC and Yudh
    By Subhash K. Jha, Oct 6, 2014 – 11:34 IST

    Amitabh Bachchan chats with Subhash K Jha on the triumphant return of KBC & the under-whelming response to Yudh

    Kaun Banega Crorepati’s Season 8 is off to a flying start with the Narula brothers winning the maha-jackpot prize of Rs 7 crores. How did you react to this unprecedented triumph by your contestants?
    It was an incredible moment! Not just for me but for the entire television community the world over. In the history of television in India never has an amount this large ever been won on a show, and I believe it is one of the highest in the entire universe. To witness the intellectual dexterity of the two brothers who came on as the family pair in our ‘Jodi Special’, their calm and collected knowledge, their fearless attitude to towards the end, and their acumen in having the correct answers right till they won Rs. 7 crores, as they used lifelines not to assist them but to reassure their responses, was an unimaginable feat. A rare occasion indeed!!

    How different and familiar does Season 8 feel as compared with the other seasons?
    The format of KBC is unchanged by protocol, and it cannot be altered, but it is the worth and value and participation of the contestants that brings variety each year to this show. They are the heart and soul of KBC. It is they that bring in the stories of their struggle, their challenges and their attitude toward it, their determination to bringing a life changing moment, their concerns towards morality and social impurities and of course the joy and happiness in their victories .

    Somewhere, KBC has become a rallying point for middleclass dreams. How do as the harbinger of those dreams, react to contestants who go home with money they had never dreamt of.
    As I said it is most heartening to witness the boundless joy and happiness the winners express on their winnings! The cheque given to them is a dream-come-true for them. They first begin to count the number of zeros that the amount carries. They have never in their lives ever seen money of this value. Life for them changes within the course of an hour or less. It is quite obviously an unbelievable moment for them.

    What goes on in your mind at a moment like this?
    For me there is the greatest joy of their accomplishment, not just for the value of the amount they win, but for the many many burdens that they resolve as a result of this achievement.

    Looking back to the beginning of KBC, did you ever anticipate this kind of a far-reaching impact for the game show?
    No never…

    Your first fiction show Yudh came and went. What do you feel about the way it was received by the audience?
    It did not garner ecstatic TRP’s in the country, though on the valuation at IMDB it did hover at 9.3/9.4, which was a huge accomplishment, knowing that some of the biggest shows from across the seas were in close proximity to this figure!

    Many of your fans were left underwhelmed by Yudh. Do you feel the serial did justice to your presence and to audiences’ expectations?
    Yes, they were left underwhelmed, and if they did then quite obviously the justification of my presence in the serial was not to their expectation. We shall learn and move on. But, I have to admit, that the days spent in its making were some of the most wonderful creative moments for me. I loved the concept the atmosphere the intent and the opportunity to be in the company of some very talented people!

    You’ve started shooting for Shoojit Sircar’s Piku. What has the experience been like so far?
    Yes I have. The atmosphere as per the script, details of which cannot be revealed just yet, has been like any other. Shoojit is a joy to be with and I am very comfortable with him and his crew. Working with artists that I have worked with earlier is a great coming together.

    And you’re shooting with Irrfan Khan for the first time.
    Irrfan is a first for me, and we have been together on set for just a day. It was a happy joyful moment. We will be together, all of us, for a longer period of time in the days to come and I do look forward to it. He is an artist of great eminence and I have enjoyed many of his superlative works.

    Moving to home turf Abhishek has lately given the game of kabbaddi a cool upmarket image.
    Yes, Abhishek owns a Kabaddi Team, a team that has won the first Championship of Pro Kabaddi. I am extremely happy for him and proud too in the way he went about encouraging the sport personally and individually.

    Do you feel, like we all do, that too much attention is given to cricket in our country?
    No… Too much attention is not being given to cricket…!! Not enough attention is being given to other sports!!We are a vast and massive country. We must garner and encourage and be proficient in many sporting events. If we put our hearts and minds and business into them it should never be a problem to pick a team of 11, 7, 5, 4 or 2 players from 1.25 billion, a 6th of the entire population of the world!! Countries the worldover get identified by the sport they excel in. India should be one of them too!!

    You are weeks away from your birthday? Your thoughts on turning a year older?
    Just that … I am a year older



    Ranbir Kapoor, 32, will apparently play a 19-year-old in Jagga Jasoos.

    A source revealed, “For the portions that have been shot so far, Ranbir will be seen playing a teenager, while co-star Katrina Kaif, 30, will be seen portraying a 22-year-old girl in the film. Their makeup and look has been designed as per the role requirement.”


  76. What is this fuss about BoI figures being anti-Hritik?” After 4 days BOI: 80+4(Reg) and Others: 94. ” Difference is about 10 % .That’s the case with all films. Haider – Others : 27 cr. BoI : 24 cr. Difference: more than 10%. So chill!


    • The funny thing is I have never known them to be anti-any actor not called a Bachchan. Everyone knows this. It’s hardly news. They’re definitely softer on some other stars. Hrithik isn’t one of their favorites. But they’re certainly not going to undersell him. In fact even with Bang Bang they were kinder on the first two days than they ought to have been.


  77. Haider Holds Well On Monday
    Tuesday 07 October 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Haider held well on Monday as it was Bakri Eid as it grossed around 4.25 crore nett. the business of the film at some premium multiplexes in the North was close to the figures of Bang Bang.The approx business of the of Haider till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 5,25,00,000
    Friday – 6,00,00,000
    Saturday – 5,50,00,000
    Sunday – 6,25,00,000
    Haider 4,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 27,25,00,000

    The acid test is tomorrow as till date it has had a good trend but has to consolidate after the holiday period. The way it is going it will do better in Delhi NCR and East Punjab.


  78. Bang Bang Monday Business
    Tuesday 07 October 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang (hindi) had a decent Monday due to Bakri Eid but with the holiday period ending the collections are not up to expectations. There was a drop at places on Monday but other places were strong due to Eid. The approx business of the hindi version of Bang bang till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 24,75,00,000
    Friday – 20,50,00,000
    Saturday – 17,00,00,000
    Sunday – 18,00,00,000
    Monday – 13,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 93,50,00,000

    The fate of Bang Bang lies with what happens on Tuesday and it will have to hold very well if it is to become a major hit. it has grossed around 13 crore nett on a holiday for Bakri Eid but there have been films in the past which have done that and more on a normal Monday.


  79. Going to end at around the Singham Returns total. Now, Hrithik probably has more BO pull than Devgan but movies like Bang Bang and Krish 3 have been let down by lack of content and poor execution from the directors.

    With all the holidays taken into consideration, Bang Bang has underperformed even if one takes Haider’s release into account.


    • They have also been let down by Hritik’s fixation on “going Hollywood ishtyle” with the likes of Kites or Bang Bang. He’s wasting his prime years with some muddled thinking.


    • Agree, it’s underperforming but let’s not make it sound like it’s a washout.

      Underperforming has more to do with the film itslef rather than HR.

      This is not like Besharam or even OUATIMD.

      All said, I seriously thought that HR would have put an end to SRK (salman and aamir joind the party later on). It loos like it won’t happen now as the 3 Khan are more solid now than ever before and they have line up which doesn’t look like it will go too wrong.

      I would love to see Rakesh Roshan make a non superhero movie, I think he has good understanding of ingridents needed.


      • But Besharam is not a fair comparison. That was an utter disaster, rejected in every sense on day 1. Everything that performs above this level isn’t some sort of success. Now of course let’s see how Bang Bang does going forward. Maybe it doesn’t crash, maybe there’s some core support for it which just about keeps it afloat. But just in the initial period it’s really off various benchmarks and in this day and age films like Bang Bang don’t usually over-perform in the later stages after starting off this way.

        Secondly I also reject this argument that it’s about the film and not the star. That’s always the case. Once a star reaches a certain threshold it’s always about the film. But first of all one must accept this logic on the other side too. When films work the fans are quite happy to give all the credit to the star, when they fail suddenly it’s about the film. Secondly the star’s judgment is a part of the deal. You can’t walk away from a film that fails because in this business judgment counts in a commercial sense. And it even catches up with you when you make enough bad decisions. So one can’t say it’s about the film. It is but the star is also part of the film. This is why the corollary people often offer with respect to Aamir that ‘he does good films’ is absurd. The best stars do the best films, they don’t say ‘we’ll shun all A grade movies, prestige directors etc and only prove our worth with junk’! Unless of course the star is defined by junk as some are. When DiCaprio does a movie with the top talents of Hollywood that’s because he’s considered good enough as a star and as an actor to attract that level of interest. No one gives Vin Diesel more credit for making junk run!

        To get back to the initial point if you’re a top star ‘hey it’s not a washout’ is hardly the best calling card!


        • I’m a firm believer in top stars bring in the audience initially (with the help of right film), after that it’s all about the film.

          I also believe each film/genre has it’s audience and a cap. You can’t expect talaash to make as much as D3. This doesn’t mean aamir failed, it just mean talaash had it’s limit. Of course a little better film in talaash might have made more money but no matter how good talaash would have been, it would have never made the money D3 did.

          I do think for SRK/aamir, a movie like Mann or Paheli is out of question now. I don’t hink for at least next 5 years they’ll have a movie which will do business like what manna nd paheli did. Even their very small film will and should do good business keeping in mind the budget and genre.

          “To get back to the initial point if you’re a top star ‘hey it’s not a washout’ is hardly the best calling card!”

          Agree, but you can’t hit century in every match.


          • that it’s always ultimately about the film I don’t disagree though in many cases the star is more integrally part of the film’s text. With some films you could substitute the stars and still get the same result because the film would otherwise have been ‘generic’ in this sense but with others the part in question requires a specific kind of star either in terms of credibility (because it’s a serious role) or in terms of image. Here the substitution is less easily done. Which is why even top stars don’t get the same credit in every film (though of course they can remain top stars even doing films in which they are totally substitutable). Now this gets me back to the Hrithik point in another sense. Paradocially top stars need to be in films where there are substitutable from time to time. Why? Because not every film is going to be designed specially for a star or for his image. The star will then have to fit in in other kinds of films and roles. But this is where Hrithik runs into a problem because he can do that with far less credibility. he becomes distracting in those kinds of outings.


    • absolutely.. and they’d be lucky here to just have the normal drop in trending which many big films exhibit and not a crash. The signs so far are anything but encouraging. Hrithik’s box office stature is not in doubt but he has never quite been able to take it to the next level when it really matters. He makes the box office point by way of an initial again and again. But we’ve known this ever since his first film. That he is one of the biggest openers cannot be denied. But he’s never done enough to get beyond this. In fairness though it might not be entirely his fault. Sure he’s made some bad decisions but the core problem here might be that a top star needs to have a deep connection with some cross-section of the audience which he doesn’t have and has never had. He represents a kind of ideal for the audiences which is very different from being the SRK or Salman kind of star. No one is emotionally interested in Hrithik in the same way. and the reason this matters is not for the sheer numbers (he clearly has the numbers to get the initial) but the fact that star only strike that sort of chord with any cross-section of the audience when they represent something deeper. It doesn’t have to be a specific set of sociopolitical concerns but the star has to speak uniquely to that audience at a certain point in time. Hrithik might be considered ‘perfect’ by many but cinema is much more about ‘imperfect’ stars when it comes to defining ones. This is true even for the very greatest ones who start off a bit improbably and then bring people over. And so there is this structural problem Hrithik faces (and that I’ve commented on before) precisely because of who he is. I’d say he is the only top star who faces this problem. And what this means is that in a very different sense when he veers away from his stunts and dances he simply does not have the credibility to get much milage out of those parts even when the films work to any extent (Agneepath, ZNMD, JA). Now all of this isn’t a problem in the sense that there are worse forms of stagnation than being Hrithik Roshan! But at the same time he clearly has had greater ambitions and he’s no closer to achieving them than he was after his first film. And this is damning if you will exactly because he’s never had the box office question facing him.


      • No offense. Looks like the film is going to fold up around 150cr.
        What a waste of resources. There is difference in boxoffice reporting for all films. But for films which crash, i see more difference in reporting totals. Saw BB, too much overacting by Hrithik, action sequences were dragged(esp climax), poor editing and amateur direction. One song of katrina was like a TV-ad. If you compare with Knight and Day, KD was much better.


        • @ “‘No offense. Looks like the film is going to fold up around 150 cr ”

          What do you mean by ‘no offence’? There aren’t people here with monetary investment in movies on this blog….…..and since most are adults on this blog there should be a clear distinction in being a fan and a fanatic.


  80. Has anybody seen HBO mini-series True Detective? It’s very good.


  81. Love this Shruti Haasan interview. She is very eloquent and comes across as such a nice departure from the usual Bollywood heroines-


  82. Z : I also believe each film/genre has it’s audience and a cap. That’s the key. In Hollywood or Bollywood. Of course there are outliers. And we applaud them appropriately. Sixth Sense. 3 Idiots. Blaire Witch Project. Peepli Live. Bhag Milkha Bhag. Barfi. Grand Masti. Kahani. They all have punched way above their weight.


    • agree, the movie you’ve listed did go above their weight but that’s not a norm. I would add Jawaani Deewaani to this list too.

      I do think there’s a huge difference between Hollywood and Bollywood in sense that Bollywood is star driven and in Hollywood, you can put a nobody in some superhero movie and get a blockbuster out of it.


      • Hollywood depends on lesser actors or even nobodies doing the superhero stuff. In fact if you add big stars you usually spoil the franchise (some exceptions of course). But otherwise Hollywood too depends on stars. The difference is that Hollywood has got to the point where the ‘product’ is everything and Bollywood is almost there. When you have a film like HNY you just need to add all the right pieces to such a film, make an ultimate product out of it, the star here is just a certain kind of signifier but not meant to ‘carry’ the film in any traditional sense. Other packages can be made as big with different pieces. Again Hollywood has gone a step further in that certain kinds of packages don’t even require top stars whereas in Bollywood even in these the need is felt to cast a top star (Tamil cinema in this sense is sometimes closer to Hollywood, you get big projects that don’t always have the biggest stars). But leaving aside multistarrers a film like Bang Bang is just a product. hrithik is more suited for this stuff than many others but in a very generic sense. The problem is that over-zealous fans otherwise celebrate the Hollywood paradigm but then tack on to it an older system of ‘star value’ which simply does not obtain today. And one of the reasons why many older stars can prosper in this paradigm whereas once they couldn’t is precisely because of the ‘Hollywoodization’ of Bollywood. There are still top stars, there are top stars even in Hollywood. But the point is that these stars are not so in the old sense of the term. They are more often than not entirely creatures of ‘marketing’ or about getting attached to the right product. Today it’s in a sense less about the old commercial distinction or safer genres or different stuff (though all of these still hold to some degree) and far more about getting attached to the kind of film that can be marketed to some demographic or the other. The boundary between a star and a brand ambassador for an ad is increasingly blurred. Much as there is no meaningful distinction between star and celebrity anymore. Again the difference is Hollywood recognizes all this follows this logic everywhere. Even in the different or offbeat film there are stars who can be peddled as ‘serious actors’. They might well be serious but the point is that the larger attempt is overall a cynical one on most days. In Bollywood on the other hand there are still these games played by everyone on who’s the biggest star and who gets more credit and so on. This is fine unto a point but we’ve reached a stage where these debates are very passé. It’s not that someone isn’t a bigger star or that someone else isn’t a smaller one but that this entire paradigm matters far less than it once did. It just doesn’t have that same meaning. Stars are just taken to be celebrities. For certain kinds of films or stars more people show up for lots of reasons but the celebrity of a star is not often affected by the box office in any immediate sense the way it once was (assuming a star of a certain threshold or one who can derive his or her celebrity from other sources as well). In many ways a number of top stars err therefore in trying to be ‘big’ or ‘biggest’ using that older paradigm. They sometimes have an anxiety about this as do the fans because they can’t explain why certain things happen (or not) if everything they believe is true. But as so often in life it is about not knowing what the proper name of a thing is!


  83. Like

  84. Irrespective of the actual quality of the film, this is the sort of review I deeply dislike- things like mentioning “lowest common denominator” derisively and calling people “morons”. (Unsurprisingly it’s written by Fadnavis. In some ways he is worse than even Taran Adarsh)-

    “The power of money, a gigantic truckload of it, can turn a potentially fun movie into bland codswallop, aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator of film audiences”

    “Bang Bang! is about how morons can gasp in awe at Hrithik Roshan prancing topless in glamorous, foreign locations”


  85. Filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj has given Indians a new word to love. His hero Haider, playing the titular role in Bhardwaj’s violent adaption of Hamlet set in Jammu and Kashmir, uses the word ‘chutzpah’ often and with devastating cynicism to express his disenchantment and frustration with the militancy that cost his father his life.

    One of the film’s most entertaining scenes shows Haider, played by actor Shahid Kapoor, explaining the meaning of ‘chutzpah’ to a couple of his Kashmiri friends. Haider narrates the story of a man who holds up a bank. Once the cowering cashier hands over the cash, the man goes to the teller’s window and requests him to open an account for him. That, my friend, is chutzpah, he says to general laughter.


    • There are hindi words for it दुस्साहस, गुस्ताख़ी!


    • But isn’t the sound of ‘ch’ like ‘kh’ as somewhat like in ‘khan’ and ‘ch’ not as in ‘chat’?

      I thought the pronunciation was wrong.


      • Yup, even in all his gravitas, VB cud not help but let in a woman-degrading-pun. Ch as in chat. And CHOOT-Z-PAH made to sound disingenuously funny, but pretty disgustingly referring to you know what.


        • Well, as someone said, when such words are used in hindi it is debasing, and vulgar, but in English it becomes cool.
          Not supporting use of such words in any language though.
          I didn’t read any comment from you regarding these women degrading words in Amir’s film Delhi Belly.

          Before I criticize the use I’d really like to know the facts, why he used this word, and if he is aware of the correct pronunciation.


    • “to express his disenchantment and frustration with the militancy that cost his father his life.”
      militancy or military?


  86. They have also been let down by Hritik’s fixation on “going Hollywood ishtyle” with the likes of Kites or Bang Bang. He’s wasting his prime years with some muddled thinking.

    I agree with Qalandar’s assessment. Saw the movie in an interior student town of Bloomington IL. It was almost houseful but the audience was just sitting without any enjoyment throughout the movie. I felt the movie was without any excitement and only Hrithik was good part about it. Hopefully he does better with his next film. Disappointed, this will tank with 120 crore or so.


  87. Bang Bang’ Box Office Collection: Hrithik Starrer Beats ‘Singham Returns’; Grosses ₹200 Crore Worldwide in 5 Days
    By Ankita Mehta October 7, 2014 18:30 IST
    10 2
    Hrithik Roshan’s “Bang Bang” has entered the ₹200 crore club in just five days at the worldwide box office but with gross collection.

    Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in ‘Tu Meri’ song from ‘Bang Bang’ You Tube Screenshot/Zee Music Company
    The five days worldwide gross collection of “Bang Bang” stands at ₹201.5 crore, according to the production house. “Bang Bang” earned ₹156.4 crore gross income from domestic, while ₹45.1 crore from overseas.
    “Its #BangBangMovie all over : Fires away to ₹200 cr mark worldwide in 5 days. Collects ₹156.4 cr gross in India & ₹45.1 cr gross overseas,” Fox Star tweeted.
    “Bang Bang” has become the second highest grosser film of the year after Salman Khan’s “Kick”. The gross income of “Bang Bang” has also shattered the records of Ajay Devgn’s “Singham Returns”.
    Meanwhile, the film has entered the list of Bollywood’s top worldwide earners, which is dominated by Aamir Khan’s “Dhoom 3”.
    “Bang Bang” is Roshan’s second film in the list, after “Krrish 3”, while Katrina Kaif has four movies, including the highest grosser “Dhoom 3”. The other two films are “Ek Tha Tiger” and “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”.
    “Bang Bang” is eyeing to enter the ₹200 crore at the worldwide box office with its nett income, but it remains to be seen how much time it will take to enter that list.
    Here is the list of top 10 highest grosser Bollywood films ever, according to
    Movie Domestic Nett Earnings in Crore Domestic Gross Earnings in Crore Overseas Earnings in Crore Overall Total
    Dhoom 3 280.25 372 170 542
    Chennai Express 226.70 301 121 422
    3 Idiots 202 269 126 395
    Kick 233 309.89 67.58 377
    Krrish 3 240.5 320 54 374
    Ek Tha Tiger 198 263 57 320
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 190 253 58 311
    Dabangg 2 159 211 54 365
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan 121 161 80 341
    Bang Bang 109.49 156.41 45.10 201.5

    Yun kabhi, yun kabhi
    Dil kahe jaise haan yehi bas yehi
    Samaa hai jisme zindagi zindagi
    Hai jeeni aise ek pal, ek pal ho baaqi

    instead of spending your life pulling others down– folks–try to ‘rise’ in life 🙂


  88. My comment with link deleted or in moderation?

    Fascism 🙂 ?


  89. Offtopic: Talk about a glowing referral

    “So when Melinda and I met the prime minister in New Delhi last month, toilets were high on the agenda, along with vaccines, bank accounts, and health clinics. We came away impressed by his commitment to fighting poverty and improving health for India’s poorest people”


    • @satyam
      My fingers are itching to answer this the way it should but I’m respecting your wish to stop any politcal discussions.

      But this very topic rouses my ire to such a height that not responding to it is like the worst torture ever, so I hope you’ll either disallow such provocative political comments, especially Re Modi or let me indulge.


      • alright, it’s been put up there, you can respond.

        To the rest, if things go on endlessly or something comments will be deleted.


      • So you find the praise of Modi by Bill Gates as politically provocative. This is not some Baba Ramdev praising Modi here. This is The Bill Gates, Chairman of the Foundation that has eradicated Polio, and nearly done away Malaria, and helped in the fight against AIDS, and so on and so forth. IMHO, one of the sharpest men to have ever walked on this earth, with a Bank Account to prove for it. If he praises Modi for a commendable deed, it Means something. This is not frivolous for you to reduce it to a Political fight. You should be proud that at least something is being done for your country. For you nothing positive done by Modi will deserve any credit.


        • >If he praises Modi for a commendable deed, it Means something.

          Gates- lauds -Modi -*****Talking****-** toilets
          TALKING…and you call it a ‘DEED’??

          He hasn’t even prepared the ground yet to sow toilet seeds which will grow to realisation in many years?

          In the last 4 months;
          – he’s gone abroad 5 times,
          – has had one visit,
          -goes around cutting ribbons of ended projects projecting them as his own vision (mangalyan being a glaring case) and the train which was converted to semi bullet train (the most idiotic of cases).
          -He’s jumping around Maharashtra and Haryanagiving multiple speeches every day.

          When will he work? His ministers are the weakest of any gvvt. ever. They all seem so powerless.

          But has no time to start anything worthwhile.
          EVERYTHING is just in his speeches.

          The biggest problem most people are having with Modi are his endless dime a dozen speeches where he goes on and on and on….talking. What happens is the opposite.

          While he talks of muslims with great affection – his people give hate speeches and start a love jihad.
          While he talks of fighting corruption he makes people with criminal cases his ministers.

          He forgets he is the PM.
          He can’t stand on a manch and talk of the other party’s corruption – do something. You are in power. Catch Vadra and put him in jail for his malpractices in Rajasthan where BJP’s govt rules.
          But Vadra’s given Z security and no charges levelled.
          Now election time and he starts the same song about Vadra. Arree!!!

          So poor Bill Gates has no idea of the corrupt Indian leaders.
          How did an intelligent man like him )id he is) not know that this is not a govt for poor people. Adani who accompanied him to US staying in the same hotel spending money for that gimmickery that went on with free tickets – and other people who spent millions of crores for the election are going to get it back. It is them that Moi is going to serve.

          Before all the hinditva muslim hating people come attacking me, please bring facts to show what is in the pipeline for the future in praise of Modi. NOT what some white people fooled easily by these scheming corrupt Indian politicians say.

          Nearly 5 months in power. In 49 days AAP had put many things in the pipeline.

          There is s much to write. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

          While Modi is busy making election speeches Pak is attacking more and more heavily.
          Chinese incursion was in full swing.
          Modi who shouted and said – doob maro – to UPA for these very things should doob maro himself now.


          • Are you alright, OG?


          • Here’s an interview with Jim Rogers saying exactly the same. Nothing has been done. Only speeches.
            Someone tell him, its too soon. They are still in honeymoon period.



          • OG has more political knowledge than many of us and she is such a keen observer. I cant help but agree with many of her points. Well done, OG.


          • Plenty of talk from Modi. Bas.


          • Logic and reason seems to be far far away here.
            Fact 1 : 60 % of Indian defecate in open.
            Fact 2 : 60 years Congress ruled, oh ya great ‘Moron’ Nehru also.
            Fact 3 : Everyone just gave lip service and 1st time one leader makes it mass movement and typical haters will crib and they do as some here.

            Fact 3 : Read also target set by Govt and other Inc ( MP will be open defecation free by 2018)

            Fact 4 : Now those who worshiped Congress for 60 years even thought huge corruption scams are not imp but some nonsense secularism bogey triumphs everything don’t look within and answer for 60 years but want everything to be done by 4 months…

            But thn reasons and logic don’t work in case of Haters and closed mind. Forget Facts.

            Clean India can’t be just Govt initiative, it will fail if masses are not involved and made mass movement. Its change of mindset and it takes times…

            Yaa 4 months of Modi govt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 60 years of congress rule ( This facts I learned here)


          • It was after the first dinner between Narendra Modi and Barack Obama on September 29 that the Indian side received a call from the White House. The president, they said, wanted to go with Modi to visit the Martin Luther King memorial the next day. On Tuesday, Modi rode “The Beast” with Obama and wrote a new chapter in bilateral ties. That journey was powered by a high-voltage show at Madison Square, but involved a level of painstaking planning unusual for the Indian system.

            First, Modi succeeded in changing the India narrative. “We are no more a ‘could-have-been’ power,” said many of those present at the various meetings. The scorching pace of 35 meetings set by the fasting PM showed very clearly that Modi went to the US with a clear strategy, one that would stretch well beyond the visit.


          • Afsos ke 49 din mein sirf pipeline hi bhar li AAP ne. Nal lagana to bhool hi gaye. Vagharna gareeb ko paani se kya khaak seechenge honth. Nal bhi zara kholna padta hai janaab. Shaayad Kejri jhaadoo marney mein hi magan ho gaye.
            Thoda nal khol dete, kuch boond paani pila lete, to ghaliban Kejri ki koi baat bhi sunta phir.


          • Transformational leader ???

            Many here sang songs and lullabies 😉

            Complete Failure. Period



          • again with only some elementary grasp of history you would know how many important presidents have been similarly benched in midterms (LBJ couldn’t even run for a second term himself!). But then given your illiteracy in Indian history you should probably start there first!


          • Now its Al-Waleed’s turn to be impressed by Modi:


            Kya baat hai, tareef ki bauchar ho rahi hai.


          • NYKavi

            Al Waleed knows better than most how to deal with extremist. Just consider where he is from.


          • Illiteracy. Yes you are right. You have proved again and again that you are illiterate in Facts. You call me illiterate only when you have FACTS with you not verbal diarrhoea. I know it hurts your weak spot.
            Refute on Facts. Rest it’s your blog space and you can write mambo jumbo reply.

            FYI, Obama is worst fared President in last 70 yrs as per OP. Yep all are illiterates except you know who.


          • Though this too is pointless to say you perhaps also ought to be just slightly more well-versed in the history of presidential opinion polls. I could say a lot of things on all this but it’s a waste of time with you. I don’t mean this as an insult but you’re really a fundamentalist. You just don’t know it the way no fundamentalist does. There are plenty of all stripes in the world, from the Islamists to the Hindutva types to the Christian Right and so on but equally the more purely political sort on the Right and Left. Every person of this type irrespective of the nature of the belief is as convinced about having been granted access to some sort of ultimate truth which is then not debatable at all. every such person thinks the unreasonable people are all on the other side. So on and so forth. There is unfortunately no cure for this. Unless of course one changes one’s mind at some point. And again this isn’t about being an ideological partisan of some sort, it’s about being a fundamentalist. These are different things. To reiterate I am being merely descriptive here, not insulting you. You are the textbook definition of one. And I have faced exactly your sort of response from at least some people belonging to some of those groups I’ve mentioned!


          • As one American commentator said on Obama : Obama is the only President who didn’t grow in office but lowered it.

            Oh now I know He is also illiterate.


          • Again Mambo jumbo reply

            Now in one word it means He is unpopular. Period.

            Over to you to write another 1000 word reply


          • “I don’t mean this as an insult but you’re really a fundamentalist. You just don’t know it the way no fundamentalist does.”
            That is totally unfair and uncalled for Satyam and below the belt! (One can put the very same labels on you too!) That would be a billion people who are Modi fans and we put him in office. There is a saying that a drowning man will try to save himself with floating dried grass; you could think of it like that, if you wish. Pinning all hopes and optimism on Modi, rooting for his success, doesn’t make one a “fundamentalist”!!! Modiji himself said that I will come back in 5 yrs and give you my report because he works for us, the aam janta-the mango people! We have put him in office. So what is wrong with us, hoping that he will deliver. Whether he is making good-bad speeches, getting respect in Washington, yada-yada…we need to give him his 5 years. If y’all were tolerant and patient with Sonia and post-colonial, colonial rule, after india’s independence, then let this pucca desi, work for us. Sure he doesn’t have british accent or fair skin like Rahul/Indira/Nehru, that you are used to. But we like him and we want him to work for us and deliver the results, even if he fails trying! For once I am proud that there is a politician who is son of the soil and representing true India and Indians that live in Vadnagars-villages and not born and raised in Oxford who struggles with hindi and/or doesn’t speak any of the Indian languages, including Indian-English!! This doesn’t make me a “fundamentalist”!!!!


          • “That would be a billion people who are Modi fans and we put him in office. ”

            one of these days you should start reading a bit more carefully. Or learn this art. I wasn’t referring to Modi fans. I was referring to Bliss. I might have been referring to you too. And again this isn’t intended to be an insult even if you take it that way. I mean this in a very descriptive, even ‘scientific’ sense. There are certain patterns of behavior and thinking that qualify as such.

            So you could have saved yourself this rant!


          • “There are certain patterns of behavior and thinking that qualify as such. ”
            So by that definition EVERY individual is “funda” mentalis, because they hold a non ambivalent ideat! Those who are doing sit-ins would also be fundamentalists. We all have strong opinions. Until we go around beheading, killing, stone pelting, we are just expressing our opinion, pen and paper. What is a decent response, is a “rant”. That shows your bias, no?


          • Nope! It is not about being strongly committed to an idea or a set of causes or whatever. It is about being completely close-minded about alternate perspectives. Specially when one quite clearly simply does not ‘know’ what one is talking about. I can have a strong opinion about football (soccer) on very many labels as can Jay (he has immense knowledge and insight on the subject) but our respective opinions wouldn’t exist at the same level. At some point hopefully I would recognize that Jay just knew more about many things and not keep arguing. On the other hand I could keep doing so and tell him that he was being as stubborn as me! It’s always easy to play these games. So the knowledge quotient is one part of it. One has to ‘know’ things, really know them. Beyond this one can have a strong opinion but if there is no possibility for an alternate view or a differing perspective in one’s mind that’s what constitutes fundamentalism. And I’ll offer a quick favorite example to illustrate the difference. I am as great a fan of Amitabh Bachchan as you can find but you know very well how often I’ve argued against him on his blog on topics ranging from his film choices to his public utterances to some of his political engagements and so on. I have strong opinions on his meaning in Indian life, not just in cinematic terms, I have argued for this many times. But this doesn’t preventing from arguing, often harshly, against some of his other decisions. However if this latter aspect were not there, if I couldn’t even fathom the idea of his being wrong in any sense, I would be a Bachchan fundamentalist. Happily I am not one! And precisely because I am not one on anything else either that I argued against Nandita Das’s Firaaq here.

            By the way just in these past 24 hrs I have taken equal exception to things you said and to stuff Bandra NRI said on the very same subject. That’s hardly fundamentalism. But again you too have a responsibility to open your mind a bit.


          • For what it’s worth I don’t need balance in filmmaking. I need balance when I was in school, or from my parents or friends.
            Listening to music, reading books, watching films…sure one can “learn” and “facts” should not be twisted…but being street-smart one can see through it. It’s an opinion and maybe an astonishingly poor one, but the point is it’s an opinion. One should applaud that you live in a country which enables such a thing to be watched, bitched on or praised. Many countries past and present don’t have that. Banning it completely would be wrong. What would be right is if I was a theatre owner and I felt strongly about it that I could ban it for my personal grievances. But a state or country wide ban would be wrong. A personal ban, imposed by certain members is fine too. Nothing wrong at all. All comes down to freedom to do what you want, but not impose what you think on others. And also the freedom ultimately to do things that don’t harm others.


          • Satyam :

            I don’t waste my time and energy on your mambo jumbo replies. Never. I just read “Di’ comment and find something was addressed to me ; labelled.

            By Whom ?
            You Who ?
            Who never talks on Facts. Who calls other closed minds but feels like on frying pan whenever Nehru, Obama and others are addressed in negative way.
            Who labels others when you lose argument on Facts.

            Your labeling doesnt make iota difference to me but it reveals YOU.
            As I said you have become ‘Conditioned’ to your own delusions and long replies without head and tail.

            One who says ( thinks) he knows everything ( and thinks He alone holds reservoir of wisdom) knows nothing.

            If You are so knowledgeable of History thn refute on Facts. Go to thread you closed and refute there instead of slander, labeling which is usual BC of Commies. They revel in frauds and lies.

            You have deleted 2 comments. you can delete this also.

            Long live Juddu


          • “You Who ?”

            the same person whose blog you show up on regularly..


          • You are admin so can put stat how regular I am or search on my moniker name to show it.

            I don’t judge persons neither in virtual or real world. That’s left for You 🙂


  90. Mr. Satyam, how does one become member of this site?


  91. I always hated Fox Studios in India because it’s a Hollywood/American production and whenever a Hollywood production company enters a market, it destroys it. Thankfully the guys at Fox Studios India are idiots as they’ve backed: Humshakals, Finding Fanny, Bullet Raja, Murder 3, and more flops. I mean how do you give Sidharth Anand a 100 crore budget film given his past? Or take Emraan Hashmi out of the Murder series and expect it to be a hit? Make a pretentious English filmed movie (that I thought was a copy of some european film), FF, and promote it more than your big budget movie BB? Given their record I think Bombay Velvet has turned out to be a terrible movie which is why it’s delayed. Let’s see if Anurag Kashyap/Ranbir can some make it better through editing. Bang Bang’s opening is pathetic clash or no clash- Exactly a year ago Besharam released and made 20 crores. BB makes 26. Besharam had a bad trailer, flop songs and no actress but Ranbir Kapoor was fresh off the success of YJHD and Barfi. And I don’t accept that Ranbir Kapoor is as big of a star as HR yet since HR has a huge single screen following while RK does not.


  92. My review of Bang Bang:

    The first 5 minutes I was thinking WTF was I watching. Then HR came on screen with the catchy Background music and I thought okay, now the movie is really starting. However given the action scenes the movie had, his entry was really lame. But he disappears for another 10 minutes and the movie focuses on Katrina and very very forced humor with her Grandmother and I was back into the WTF mode. Finally HR comes back and he just dominates the screen. The action scenes were great although the climax action was a little too long. Katrina is in semi Mere Brother Ki Dulhan acting mode in the movie which was fine. The couple looked great together. Technically everything in the movie was excellent-cinematography, production values etc. However they didn’t really use the background music we heard in the trailer. I liked Knight and Day because it was a pretty “bollywoodish” movie. But in BB at times I feel like the writers missed the point completely and only included the “American” parts of Knight and Day which is pointless. The “masala” twists in the plot seemed very forced, HR’s dad did a way better job with this in K3. And this is why when HR goes all “emotional” (Like at the end of the teaser) it looks odd/forced. There were some good comedic moments with HR which is surprising since he usually sucks at comedy. HR was amazing but for some reason he always looks out of place- as if they shot the whole film without him and later just photoshopped him into the movie. I didn’t like his hair color-he should’ve looked more indian like he did in D2/Krrish but he went for a kites look with brown hair. The songs were great although the movie could’ve used one more. Side actors did well. The movie wasn’t too long for me. I liked the movie overall, although it was a one time watch. I think I would be bored the second time (except for the action scenes and songs).

    On the BO, I’m surprised why it didn’t open with a BANG. I think it was the terrible promotion strategy by FOX. Because based on songs/trailers the movie looked like D2 which was a good thing. But I don’t think the movie will sustain well because there was no emotional connect. Even HR needs this- KNPH, KMG, Krrish and Krrish 3 all had this. Dhoom 2 did to an extent with the HR-Ash love story. The love story in BB could’ve been much stronger. It was weak in K and D and you would’ve think that they would fix that in BB but they didn’t.


    • Don’t you just hate those “WTF” moments in the movie. I get restless very easily and sometimes walking out of the movie like i did with JTHJ. Good thing the theatre I go to has 18 screens and you can easily walk into any auditorium once you’re in.


      • Z

        I think you are just building up some street creds by denouncing JTJH 🙂 I think you actually liked it.

        It is season of Sheakspere, hence let me say,”Dost protest too much”.

        OK give me five things you hated about JTHJ

        Now I am not a fan of SRK. I generally like actors who have the courage of playing second fiddle in big ensembles. But if you give me five good reasons why you disliked JTHJ, I will scramble to put together a list of top five reasons why I, a neutral guy, liked JTHJ.

        No pressure. I know you can take this in the right spirit. Just a friendly challenge.


        • Bandra, I’m probably the biggest SRK fan on this blog, I don’t think that fact is hidden, but even more I truly do love movies. All types, all eras, all genres, etc… That’s why you won’t see me much criticizing any movie here because what’s good for me may not be good for you and vise versa. The analogy I usually use, you may like pizza and I may like biryani.

          Getting to JTHJ, if I have to pick out 5 reasons why I didn’t like it, it would be:

          1 – Boring pace after awesome 1st hour
          2 – Usually for Yash Chopra films, Songs are like major highlights and songs looked very good in trailer but for some reason on screen, it didn’t click for me (except challa)
          3 – Karina is such a non-actor with no facial expression that it made the film even more boring (and I actually thought this film required her to be like this)
          4 – Ending, very dry, I love cinematic endings 
          5 – Too long of a movie, there wasn’t enough to keep me engaged

          I know people who liked JTHJ, which is fine. As I’ve said, everybody has their own choice and opinion.

          Now that I think about it, the movie had good pieces, it just wasn’t put together where it would be fast paced or engaging. I guess the Army thing could have been done without.

          Believe me, I’m not one of those who goes to movies thinking I’ll walk out with MBA or PhD degree. I go to movies to forget my life/world and get immersed is some fantasy for 2 to 3 hours.


          • Z

            You sound so reasonable that it is hard to respond. Generally it is “fun” to respond to a foaming in the mouth type extremist, more so if he/she is also delusional.

            Thanks to a comment by Satyam, I got my cable problems repaired and last night I saw JTHJ again (loved it) just to respond. But you have taken all the fun out by being sensible.

            I will respond with my top 5 (soon).

            But do think Saans and Jiya Re songs also work on screen. The two complaints that I have heard from different quarters are:

            1) Sir Jesus was a no no for some.
            2) SRK dialogue in the penultimate moment where he asks Katrina to wait and that “he WILL COME BACK, because today EVEN GOD cannot stop him”, equally put off others.

            JTHJ could have been more user friendly or sensitive. The same movie with the above two corrected would have done at least 20% more.

            But I will get back with my top 5


          • Z ,surprisingly SRK acted very well in the movie…..and that is mostly the case when he decides to underplay a character because there is so much going with his body language eyes/ eyebrows even if he is standing still. The soundtrack which didn’t work otherwise worked very well within the movie setting except probably Ishq Shava which seemed a bit forced and needed a younger cast.

            But there were couple of glaring technical issues with the script and even with suspension of belief – which army in the world will recruit a cook from London as a soldier… also the love angle of loving someone and taking a mortal promise to not love them, all for no apparent reason, seems a bit daft.

            The biggest problem in my opinion was wrong casting of Katrina. She delivered one of the most wooden performances. Maybe she was in awe of the settings yrf/adi/srk but she remained dull throughout and the opposite held for Anushka who came across over zealous as if this was continuation of a Band Baja Baaraat set

            Lastly if anyone else noticed – the chemistry between srk – kat and now recently hr – kat in BB came across awkward / inhibited and god knows why kat was unable to act in a relaxed & natural way. I am going to make an outrageous comment here -. I think she may have got the vibes on the suspect intention of both these male costars. Where srk may have used his influence over adi chopra to get few steamy make out sessions and a lip to lip smack, HR basically may have solely initiated this project with pal sid anand to nail kat after what he witnessed on the sets of znmd. Looking at few of the scenes of both movies, kat seemed self-consciousness or with some mental restraint to what they had on mind…..may be the way they were holding her / touching her for few scenes………hey don’t be offended…as often stated – just my two cents on this issue …lol !


          • MSDhoni

            You may have a point here. The U.S. Army generally only takes affluent white kids from rich families with a Masters’ degree from an Ivy League school. The disenfranchised have no room in the army. COME ON !

            Vis a Vis Katrina, in the west prople appear wooden because they are not so animated. The Italians for example have become a caricature for their hand movement etc because the rest are so poker faced.

            But in Katrina’s interaction with Anushka and SRK I could see the expressions very clearly, and found them appropriate.

            Let me put it in a different way. Indo/Pak considered Middle Easterm food as bland. In the west they think ME food is too aromatic and spicy. These things are very relative.


          • MSDhoni/Bandra, I’m a lover of Desai cinema so I can live with stuff like how did cook get into army, Sir Jesus and God cannot stop me…

            For me it’s as simple as, JTHJ just didn’t entertain me. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

            With HNY, i’m hoping that it will be 2.5 to 3 hours of non-stop fun. If it is, it will be a big hit just like CE was.


      • Lol I think the other screens in the theater were playing BB as well. I though JTHJ was more boring than WTF though


        • JTJH was boring and at that time SOS looked like classic!

          Katrina is no Kajol and anushka is also no Rani. I dont know how PK will turn out with anushka.

          SRK needs heroines like Kajol and Rani or atleast Deepika. And Yash Chopra did not know how to utilise SRK in his swansong. Again the same stupid romantic flick with two dumb heroines to boot. It is SRK’s name that carried the movie to 100 crore plus.


          • What would have happened to KKHH if Katrina and anushka were the heroines?


          • Sanjana

            How true, Yash Chopra (perhaps one of India’s finest son), was so clueless and failed so miserably that JTHJ did not make 200+ Cr worldwide (a very common feat for a BOLLYWOOD movie).


          • It was brand SRK that brought all that moolah inspite of Yash Chopra.


          • It takes a VILLAGE, my dear


          • “JTJH was boring and at that time SOS looked like classic!”

            Agree, JTHJ was boring but at no time did SOS looked like classic. SOS got free publicity by coming on same day as JTHJ and having Salman cameo in it helped a lot. If SOS had released on it’s own, it would have been like Himmatwala.


        • Agree, JTHJ was boring, not WTF.


  93. As per eafly reports BB has hold well at ticket window on Tuesday.This is really going to be a bad news for some people here as they were eagerly waiting for Tuesday crash.


  94. Bang Bang Has Decent Hold On Tuesday
    Wednesday 08 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang (hindi) held up fairly well on Tuesday. The collections are slightly on lower side for such a big film but if it shows normal weekday falls from now and has a good second weeeknd it will pull through. The approx business of the hindi version of Bang bang till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 24,75,00,000
    Friday – 20,50,00,000
    Saturday – 17,00,00,000
    Sunday – 18,00,00,000
    Monday – 13,25,00,000
    Tuesday – 8,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 1,01,75,00,000

    The film has so far grossed around 102 crore nett in six days and the week should cross 115 crore nett and then it remains to be seen whether it can go over 150 crore nett for lifetime business.


  95. Not sure if it’s in English or not, but it should be worth checking out. This is my favourite RGV film and perhaps the best pure action film in over two and a half decades (other than of course Khakee)-

    Documentary on RGV’s “Shiva”-


  96. Bandra NRI.. here’s the thing. everytime someone says something about Nehru or Modi or whoever you don’t have to respond right away and escalate things. This is not about kids playing in a sandbox! The reverse also holds.

    However, and I’m saying this more generally, I’m getting a bit tired of people putting up provocative things and then others saying more provocative stuff in return. If this doesn’t stop and if the tit for tat continues I’ll have to start moderating every comment from certain folks. Hope no one will force me to do this.

    If people cannot stay in control they shouldn’t participate in political discussions. There are political blogs for this. They should take this stuff elsewhere.


    • Removing offensive words and present the sanitised version. Making the uncivilised a bit civilised.


    • The problem with the politics is the debate is about the politics IN the film and suddenly becomes about the politics OUTSIDE the film. From discussing Kashmir, you end up with Modi Obama and like and muslims vs the world debates.

      Interestingly, the political discussion about Haider might be a very interesting (I certainly would find it interesting and something to learn about)

      …if it were conducted by some mature adults.


      • Haider will be the movie of the year for various reasons. Kashmir imbroglio will have a new face in Haider. People will understand Kashmir problem better through this movie. Who says movies cant educate and enlighten?


      • you are exactly right.. but I think many people simply cannot recognize that difference. But we also live in a world where with increasing mediatization of everything and of course the online universe extreme polarization is the order of the day. Because even with the craziest ideas or views you can still find like-minded people somewhere. And so you are constantly holed in a corner with others like yourself and you never see the need to be open to other stuff. In the media every single issue under the sun is presented as a left or right, black and white deal. It gets to the point where every single thing is defined in life using that political orientation. This is so in the US, it is now the case in India as well, at least within that 300m or so ‘middle class’ that consumes the same sort of media outlets. every facet of life is approached through this prism and this breeds an extreme split so that by the end there is always only one correct position and everything including pop culture has to pass that litmus test at all points.


      • I’d also make this larger point. Sometimes insisting on ‘balance’ is a way of avoiding responsibility. If Islamists blow up things somewhere they cannot start claiming that they’re victims of colonialism or they faced repressive govts at home which the West supported and so on. They of course say all this. And all of these root factors should be included in a sound historical analysis. However this does not mean anything when it comes to their responsibility for the acts they’ve committed. But one could always say that more balance is needed and that one shouldn’t only blame those Islamists. This too is an argument we hear all the time. One could really use any example and the argument for ‘balance’ could be introduced. Again this is a way of avoiding responsibility much as there is that other strategy where one always goes back to an older event to justify something in the present. And everyone does this too. So using this logic everyone is blameless because there’s always someone somewhere else in time who’s done something to warrant this response!

        Secondly I’m not sure how we would proceed if in every single context where a political film was made the director had to satisfy everyone’s sense of balance! Of course this is an imaginary position anyway. There are films in which both sides are shown but people feel the director is more sympathetic to one side. And in any case who decides where this ‘balance’ lies. Everyone has a different notion of what a balanced or reasonable opinion on any given topic is.

        Take Aamir’s TV show. The India he reveals, specially when dealing with certain horrendous topics (female foeticide for example), is completely different from the ‘multiplex’ view of the world that we get in say ZNMD. Both are in some sense true. Both things are happening in India. But what if someone insisted that Aamir had to talk about the progress of ‘New India’ every time he brought up one of those dark and depressing topics? To add balance! Or what if someone told the director of ZNMD that she had to talk about some of the things Aamir refers to? Even in a political film the director has no obligation to represent the most comprehensive picture. One is then free to point this out or argue for a different perspective or whatever. This happens all the time everywhere in the world. But this is different from suggesting a film is completely illegitimate because it doesn’t show everything one wishes to see in it. The idea that there are red lines that cannot be crossed when it comes to political representation.. presumably everyone has these red lines and a different sense of where they should be drawn.

        I’d finally say that people who argue for ‘balance’ are in most cases (not all) looking for anything but balance. They’re simply annoyed that their perspectives weren’t represented. And we can see this very easily when they then respond in the most intemperate ways. They are not out there for ‘democracy’! We see this at the proper political level too. People who feel that everyone should respect the results of the last or most recent election because it represents the ‘will of the people’ but have no such respect for older elections (where the ‘will of the people’ might have been represented even more decisively) using the same principle!


        • Overall, I agree on ‘balance’ and film making. It doesn’t have to be ‘balanced’, it can be a POV, a perspective (of a Haider-dude in Kashmir in a movie). However, what if there are mis-representations of facts. Could those glaring falsehoods be brought to light, in this blog or elsewhere?


        • “Even in a political film the director has no obligation to represent the most comprehensive picture. One is then free to point this out or argue for a different perspective or whatever. This happens all the time everywhere in the world. But this is different from suggesting a film is completely illegitimate because it doesn’t show everything one wishes to see in it.”

          I really wish you would stop talking sense, Satyam. 🙂 But again, you make a very important point that I think needs to be underlined. It’s a core belief of mine that the free exercise of expression, especially in art, will be the salvation of the human species. I haven’t seen Haider and don’t intend to. Not because of the film’s putative politics, though I’m pretty sure that because of who *I* am (a KP) I wouldn’t be thrilled by them, but for more personal and nostalgic reasons – I want to remember my home in a certain way. That said, I think Vishal Bhardwaj had an absolute and unquestionable right to make the movie *he* wanted. One can certainly take issue with any aspect of any film, but can’t/shouldn’t prevent/deny its existence!


          • I will say this as a general matter for political films (and for that matter political literature). A lot of interesting efforts lose their way when they become too polemical. The art work if you will is always an uneasy mix with the polemical in this sense. Or better still one must find a way of doing the politics without compromising the work. I haven’t seen Haider so not commenting on it either way. Just saying it’s a tricky mix. While a filmmaker has every right to his or her polemics I think sometimes that greater work is missed along the way. In a great Salim-Javed script nothing needs to be said explicitly, it emerges very organically from the script and the characterizations and it is much more potent as political commentary for this reason. There was an outstanding Palestinian film recently called Omar (the director is well-known even otherwise) which was political through and through but engaged with politics in a very sophisticated by way of a very human story. The problem sometimes with the Haider-like effort isn’t the one-sidedness (as some might see it) but that it follows the news headlines. The director then ends up saying what might be better expressed in an op-ed piece or some such thing. Ultimately then the film though it might be politically sharp in its critique (depending on which side of the fence one is) loses some of its ability to create a more universal empathy for the situations it depicts. Salim-Javed are useful again as a reference point. Many audiences were disturbed by the politics of those films but the writing was such that they were nevertheless affected by the same films. At one level or the other the scripts drew you in. Elias Khoury once talked about the ‘lie’ being on the side of politics and the ‘truth’ being on the side of art. In his view this was so because politics was always one-sided or at least limited and not layered enough in terms of its narrative(s) while art’s function was to provide those missing layers and complicate things. Many works (novels, films et al) miss this insight. I sometimes have great admiration for the polemics on display but I often end up wishing the works were greater than they turn out to be.

            And not to turn back to Kashmir, and since there have been all kinds of exchanges on this over the last day or so, the problem is once again a framing that pits Kashmiri Muslims against Kashmiri Pundits. This is simply the reiteration of the toxic two-nation theory. Whatever view one takes of this region of the world and whatever one things ought to be done here it is important to understand what the true contours really are in the most historic sense. This would involve at the very least going to the Independence period (but also further back), figuring out the politics that created this mess, then all the political challenges that emerged from time to time in the ensuing decades, the terms of its ‘accession’, the manner in which it became a pawn between two greater powers, the extent to which it started constituting a Pakistani obsession, etc etc. In the present day this would include the question of militancy (encouraged and supported by Pakistan), the severe Indian army response beyond a point, ordinary Kashmiris caught between those poles, the degree to which the two nation theory was restaged leading to the ethnic cleansing of the Pandits. This is in short a vast field that involves a whole series of complicated political, historical questions and so on. To then reduce all of this to its most simplistic form is the most problematic (though not unsurprising) move. And so it seems to me that even if one is going to argue against the director of Haider (a film which I haven’t seen) it shouldn’t be by reconfirming the false framing (Muslim Kashmiris v Hindu Kashmiris) but by deepening the layers (to use the Khoury phrase again). And finally when it comes to question of morality and ethics and so forth one should also remember that these transcend questions of nationality and other modes of belonging (even religious belonging). One cannot place for example ‘truth’ on the side of a nation-state, nor can one do so on the side of a religion one might belong to or an ethnic group or whatever. I’d go further and say, in a somewhat philosophical vein, that ‘truth’ in this context always requires losing all of one’s comfortable positions and be willing to become in a way an alien to oneself. which is to say an alien to everything that seems like a natural belief to one. Only then can one really engage with the plight of those who are unlike us.

            As an example (I’ve quoted other formulations along the same lines before) I’d say that if someone told me that the Kashmiri Pundits suffered a great tragedy and were forcibly removed from their home (in the deepest sense of the word) I would not at all see any reason to either disagree or introduce any notion of ‘balance’. Unless of course I felt that the person saying this was doing so to serve a larger political ‘lie’. even here I would only dismiss the interlocutor and not really have any problem admitting it otherwise. The problem precisely is that we get into these negotiations when it comes to these subjects. We start trading victims and the conversation is over even before it has begun.


        • Completely agree. Imagine a tourist advert for India showing poverty and malnutrition? I need to see Haider…all the discussion and the anti Haider rants makes me want to see it more! And hey it might completely be against my belief system or disturb me or make me angry. But I can walk away. It’s not as important as what is happening around the world today. It’s a film.


  97. Can I make a suggestion? No politics/religion talks for a month on this blog.

    Everybodys sole focus should be HNY and nothing else 🙂


    • LOL, true! I’m getting close to that point. This is why I closed off all political threads. Sometimes things get feisty and that’s fine but some folks can’t control themselves and they keep upping the ante with every new response.

      As a start I’ll say this once more.. Abhishek looks fantastic in all his off screen appearances these days. The best he’s ever looked, at least since BnB if not ever. The problem though is in the film he doesn’t look like this because he started all of this for his home production later. So it’s a bit odd to have this asymmetry right when one is promoting a film! He should have done it in between films. In other words he looks the same on and off screen either way.


      • Is HNY coming out soon?
        You know I didn’t even realise!


      • As I’ve been saying, this the best and most relaxed Abhi has been in ages. He genuinly looks happy with HNY (unlike D3 where you knew before the movie released something is wrong). Not just Abhi, all actors looks happy with HNY. Of course it could just be putting up a sporty face but for now, it doesn’t look forced.


    • One whole month of HNY….hmmm….i suspect we may want some alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills, poison to accompany this?


      • The last option seems better.


      • I predict whatever the content, Jay will hate HNY


        • Jay has made that pretty clear from the day HNY was announced or for that matter any SRK film.

          It’s funny, the ones who dislike SRK and his films will be the first one to comment on it.


          • But Jay, please do go see HNY which i know 100% you will. Every little bit adds up.


          • “But Jay, please do go see HNY which i know 100% you will. Every little bit adds up.”

            Ah the classic move. I don’t like you or your opinion … but I will definitely take your money and run! Anything as long as you help the SRK film!
            Don’t show such desperation. You might as well stand at the counter and open up a charity box for the collections if you are this desperate!


          • LOL Jay, you’re already frustrated knowing that SRK has another 200 crore in hand.

            It’s okay, perhaps you can start the negativity of Fan.


          • You know I am not as bad as you make me out to be. I hope it’s a good film. Based on the promos and Farah’s credentials I don’t think it will be.
            But I still hope it is a good film. I am not so “caring” or “invested” to want it to fail outright so that I can turn around and say “Z you were wrong I was right”. I would prefer to see a good film and for you to have your happiest day ever to say “Jay you were so wrong…it was a great film and made so much money”. If that is what feeds your happiness then that is what I hope happens.


          • Based on Farah previous work with SRK, you know exactly what kind of film it will be and if that type of film is not your type, why even bother seeing it or talking about it? Espcially when you know you’ll have nothing good to say about it, do you really need that much negative energy in your life?

            You’ve seen the promos, heard the songs, etc… there’s no surprise but yet you want me to believe your comments are in good faith???


          • Your logic is if you like the promos and previous efforts watch it if not don’t. As a viewer of many films if I based my choices on promos and previous efforts who would watch lagaan? It’s a daft pretense. Don’t mix your adulation for srk and promotion of him with what I should or shouldn’t do. You should not watch happy New year for your shear hatred of bachchans then. Get it?


          • I will watch the film for abhishek and boman and maybe srks abs will inspire me too


          • Z,
            I hope the film bombs at the boxoffice and sooner the better srk realised it..


          • Jay, what was showen in lagaan promo that reminded you of ahutosh or aamir previous work???

            You know exactly what HNY if going to be like and the maker are not hiding anything, they’re telling you exactly what it will be like and you know thats not your type, so why bother seeing it???

            I have sheer hatred for bachhan, lets go thru all historical posts on this blog of yours and mind and lets see what we come with, should we? Nevermind the all the post, just go thru this post.

            Your hatred for SRK is such that you think all other hates bachhan.


          • “Z,
            I hope the film bombs at the boxoffice and sooner the better srk realised it..”

            May God grant you your wish as we all can see you’re wishing for something good…(being sarcastic)

            SRK with his about 4,000 crore worth will have no impact of HNY flopping. He already made his money.

            A movie is not just about one person. There are thousands of people invested in it as well as their house runs on it.


          • A bit of off topic here but I don’t know why you keep bringing up SRK’s worth and all the money he makes and what not. What does this have to do with anything? People can fail as stars and still be worth a great deal. There’s no logical connection between one statement and the other. But secondly I’m not sure why you have so much respect for the money he makes in other ways (investing in Dubai villa schemes for instance). There are all kinds of people who make a lot of money but when we follow them in a professional sense we’re judging them only on that score. If I like or dislike a political leader I don’t start wondering how much money he or she makes!

            Not that I am completely surprised. Because the SRK ‘model’ inasmuch as it also feeds into a ‘New Indian’ model has always been at least partially about this aspiration — to be seen as making money even if one fails somewhere. This narrative has been peddled in the media for a long time — ‘who cares if my film flopped? look how much money I made!’ This is why even the dancing he used to do at weddings never bothered his fans too much. Because it’s hard to argue against something for which one gets paid a lot of money! In any case I’m not sure why one accepts this entire structure as a given. ‘Forget about Ra One, he’ll recoup all that money in the Dubai project’! Or some such thing.

            Secondly I am quite skeptical about this whole moralistic line taken — ‘hey if you want SRK’s movie to flop you’re destroying so many people’s lives’! Please! Not that I’m saying one should actively wish this but as a matter of fact all of us do in many situations for many stars. let’s not pretend one never does this! I’ve heard this in other quarters as well, the ‘have a heart’ argument. As if one otherwise spends one life worrying about the technicians!

            I’m not otherwise getting into this debate.


          • Because SRK’s worth is now protection money for any future unsuccessful ventures in films.
            It’s quite simple – he now has a separate successful brand. And all the power to him. He is a successful businessman and 4,000 crore is nothing to snooze at.
            But certain fans consider this as an added way to protect his films and film stardom. Playing devil’s advocate…if he falters his successes elsewhere are “used” to protect and enhance him.

            Taking this further, if he is a successful businessman…what is he compared to Ambani or Tata or Gates?

            Ultimately it’s a film blog and we are reviewing his film choices, his acting, his films. Not his bank balance. If we want to review his bank balance, then let’s review it against businessmen and see where he lands.

            The other way to look at is…there are some disaster stories creatively…sportsman/stars/singers/actors who are superb in their domain but due to drugs/gambling/depression are penniless or depressed or dead or bankrupt. Does there bank balance make them unsuccessful? Surely they are remembered for creativity in their domain.

            I’m sorry but I won’t judge SRK on his bank balance, no matter how big it is. Unfortunately, that bank balance can’t buy a great film or great director or great script to boot!


          • Z

            Jay just uses Bachchan as a cover to attack SRK. In reality he is no different than Di

            The poor Bachchan suffers because all the bigots hide behind him and use him as a cover. But, this has nothing to do with Bachchan. He, like his family are open minded liberal thinkers.


          • I am letting this comment stand because I want people to see once more how perfectly you supplement Di for all your protests.. I’ve said this before several times as well but to attack someone as a bigot because he or she doesn’t support SRK reveals the worst kind of bigotry on your own part. And I’m losing patience with all of this. You might well end up in a category where every comment of yours first has to go through moderation. It’s clear that Jay has really lit your fuse. He really provokes you to hysteria. But for a change you should look within yourself. And this is about everything. If you don’t like what he says about SRK or if you don’t like his numbers or whatever ignore them. Similarly when you talk about bigotry and so on you are ONLY interested in that which victimizes Muslims. I’ve never seen you speak for anyone else. You make these grand, universal statements but every single example of yours is about a Muslim. You have a 100% track record on this. And you have a similar track record for attacking Jay completely disproportionately. He’s one of the least combative people on the blog. Even if you don’t like something that he says it’s one thing to resort to stale attacks like ‘fake science’ or whatever but you also accuse him of bigotry every single time. Last time around I was truly angry when this happened but I respected Jay’s request and didn’t do anything about it. But this really is the last chance. I can tolerate a lot of things but not people needlessly being attacked for bigotry. Specially when your own credentials are suspect in this regard. And don’t bother arguing about this. Your examples show where you’re coming from. It’s about as sincere as your saying you like Abhishek and you’re supporting him by calling him Johnny Lever or whatever. You are free to think anything but do you really think everyone else is a retard to fall for this stuff? Again hope you’ll desist from this sort of stuff going forward. I’m not going to be able to check the blog for several hours but I hope there won’t be huge fights in the meantime either here or on other threads. And on that score I’ve said this before, whatever Di says or doesn’t say you don’t have to respond to every single thing. Drop this crusader’s zeal.


  98. Bang Bang is a Success and will now end close to 170-180 crore.Many here predicted downfall from first day, but with Tuesday also doing 8.5 crore its has confirmed its self as Box-office Hit. Its always good to see Hrithik movie succeeding as he is one of the most humble superstar ever in Hindi Movie Industry, who give 100% in everything what he do in movie.


  99. Hrithik on Bang Bang Success:

    It’s amazing to see you so very level-headed, despite so much madness for and around you?

    Everyone feels good with a compliment, but over the years, I have realised that being sexy is all about your character. That is what makes one attractive. Not the placement of your eyes or nose or mouth. It’s not ever just about looks. Also, getting too excited with something so fleeting, like the way you look, shows immaturity. You will look even more attractive when you are comfortable with the way you look and you are cool with it and you are not jumping up and down, if praised for it.

    There are only 5 superstars whose films have crossed the 150-crore mark? And that includes you.

    Well, if you don’t have gratitude in life already, then even that will not fill you up. But if you practise gratitude every single day, then truth is you will be happy. Even if you are No. 1 and don’t know gratitude, you will be like a hamster running blind, trying to maintain it. You will always be in a struggle and life will pass you by. What’s worse is that you will never be able to enjoy your success. True power and true happiness are when you use your success to make others around you feel even more significant. So what is most important as against being No. 1, 3 or 5 is to have gratitude and to lead a good life.

    There are many other superstars who, unlike you, don’t get this and are far from being humble.

    There is no choice. Others will also learn. Whether you learn it now or 10 years from now. Eventually if you don’t find humility, humility will find you. Humility is nothing but the truth that we all are as significant or as insignificant as each other. That we are here to contribute to others and allow others to contribute to our lives.


    • thanx for those links suman
      be it ankita mehta (box office link below) or the author of this link urvi parisk or suman- girls are providing honest news and feedback in these corrupt times of boi
      well done my gals

      Siddharth Anand: BANG BANG sequel is on the cards

      October 7, 2014 5:56:24 PM IST
      By Urvi Parikh, Glamsham Editorial

      Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s BANG BANG is creating records at the box office. The film has raked in 100 crores in just five days. And not just the actors but even the director Siddharth Anand can’t stop grinning.

      Ask Siddharth whether he was expecting this kind of response for BANG BANG and he admits, ”I was expecting big numbers from BANG BANG. It is a big moment for me. This film was designed to be a commercial entertainer. I will take a week to come out of the BANG BANG hangover.”
      Now that the movie has performed well commercially, probe him if he plans to make a sequel to it and Anand confirms, ”Sequel is there into consideration. BANG BANG is an emotional journey. The story compelled Hrithik Roshan and me to do the film. If we can get a story that can match the emotional depth of BANG BANG, we will make a sequel.”

      Though BANG BANG has performed well at the box-office, the film has been panned by the critics. ”There is no film in the history of cinema that has crossed 100 crores and has not had mixed reviews apart from 3 IDIOTS. Even 3 IDIOTS was rated 2 stars by a reviewer. And critics are there to criticize,” opines Siddharth.
      BANG BANG starred Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the lead and released on October 2, 2014.


  100. ** I have stayed away from these debates because the tenor of the debates proved very much what I wanted to say; at the risk of –well, am sure of — being labeled a bigot by those on moral high horses, I am sharing this info*

    My 2 cents: Grievance is legit; banning is bull-shit**

    The recently released Vishal Bhardwaj film Haider featuring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu and Irrfan Khan opened to mixed response at the box office. While some have been appreciating the filmmaker’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, others have been dissing him for the film’s slow pace. Now we hear that the film that released last Friday has landed in trouble, with a migrant Kashmiri Pandit group staging protest demonstrations in Jammu for allegedly hurting the sentiments of Hindus by portraying the ancient Sun Temple of Kashmir as the devil’s den in the ‘Bismil’ track.

    In fact torching the posters of Haider, activists of the All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee (APMCC), the apex body of Kashmiri migrant Pandits, took to the streets in Jammu alleging that Bhardwaj denigrated the 1700-year-old Hindu temple.

    While the Censor Board and the Archaeological Survey of India to register their protest, the APMCC has sought an immediate ban on the film and an unconditional apology from the producer and director of the film as well as the Censor Board of India and Archaeological Survey of India.

    The said temple that was built in 370 AD is one of the two sun temples that exist in India with the other one in Konark. Since the one depicted in Haider faces west, it is said to gain greater significance according to Hindu scriptures.

    Source: Indiafm


    • In that case there are more than two sun temples. There is one in Gujarat too. why was Pakistan banning it, the movie? Do you know?


      • It will please you that anti national Kashmiri leader ‘Curfew’ Geelani has asked all his followers to watch Haider to see what Indian army has done to Kashmiri Muslims 🙂

        Sigh ! There are no running cinema’s in Kashmir. Thanks to Sharia diktat


      • **I am not sure — & I think nobody has a clear answer — why it is not being released in Pakistan.Am surprised because it could really be turned into a potent recruitment weapon for more 26/11s actually -seeing how these things work. I am thinking they got pissed off because everybody says SARHAD PAAR for training!!.**


        • There’s a famous old Stalinist joke. They used to put up these giant screens in some cities and show huge traffic jams in NY or LA. basically a lesson in ‘capitalist decadence’ and how tough life was in these systems. But the message the people often got was: at least they have cars!

          So they might not want to take chances in Pakistan. The idea that such a film could be made in India might be the takeaway for the audience!


          • lol.
            Sattu…you have humor…a bit of it…that helps…a bit of humor with fundamental viewpoints, makes it easier 🙂


    • Modera—the sun temple in Gujarat


  101. **LOL – this is funny. So he is doing stand-up in NY, that makes sense. If he said this back home, he wouldn’t be able to stand-up!!***

    Pakistan in Homeland: Finally, an accurate portrayal!
    By Shehzad Ghias

    I am also looking forward to an episode just completely blacking out, making the viewer think the episode has ended prematurely, only to find out it was just load shedding.

    Carrie Mathison has been trained in the most advanced intelligence techniques, but can she venture through the US Embassy in Islamabad using only the light from her cell phone?


  102. Kashmiri Pandits seek ban on Haider movie
    DC CORRESPONDENT | October 08, 2014, 05.10 am IST

    Jammu: Taking exception to the alleged misrepresentation of the ancient Sun Temple in Kashmir in Vishal Bharadwaj’s movie “Haider”, a committee of displaced Kashmiri Pandits has sought a ban on the film.

    “The song “Bismil” has portrayed the ancient Martand Temple (Sun Temple) of Kashmir as the den of devil. The portrayal of our religious symbol in bad light has hurt the religious sentiments of the Kashmir Pandit community, and also the sentiments of Hindus all over the world,” Vinod Pandit, chairman of the All Parties Migrants Co-ordination committee said.


    • The you tube has removed the scene from the songs online.

      Indians are perhaps the most bullying community ever.
      There was the The russian sportswoman who was harassed
      There was the NYT who apologised after harassment from online attackers for a cartoon.


    • Nothing should be banned. Nothing in real democracy and civil society. India should remove 1st amendment brought by Nehru for its own ulterior purpose.
      But people have right to offend and should follow law of land.


  103. ‘Bang Bang’ Box Office Collection: Hrithik Starrer Beats ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Ram-leela’ Lifetime Business in 6 Days
    By Ankita Mehta October 8, 2014 14:53 IST
    4 2
    Action thriller “Bang Bang” has surpassed the lifetime box office collection figures of Salman Khan’s “Jai Ho” and Ranveer Singh’s “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela”.

    Bang Bang poster Bang Bang/Facebook
    The film starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles has earned ₹119.8 crore in six days from the Indian market. “Jai Ho”, which was the highest grosser until “Kick” released, earned ₹116 crore, while 2013 released film “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela” earned ₹116.33 crore.
    “Bang Bang” has become the 15th highest grossing Bollywood film ever. Adding the sixth day collection, the film will beat “Ready” and Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” domestic box office figures.
    The film is going strong during weekdays, after a decent opening weekend. The film on Thursday (opening day) raked in ₹27.54 crore, Friday ₹24.08 crore, Saturday ₹20.1 crore, Sunday ₹22.41 crore, Monday ₹15.36 crore and Tuesday ₹10.31 crore.
    “#BangBangMovie packs in a solid 10.31 cr nett on Tue.India total: ₹119.8 cr nett. Set to b the highest grosser of 2014 @iHrithik #KatrinaKaif,” Fox Star, the production house, tweeted.
    Business wise the film is performing exceptionally well in the Gulf region. A major part of the film, especially the action scenes, was shot in United Arab Emirates and thus the film is breaking records in UAE circuit.
    In just six days, the film minted over ₹19.65 crore ($3.2 million) from the Middle East region.
    Meanwhile, the leading lady of the film, Katrina, said that she is happy with the box office numbers and how audiences are appreciating the film.

    “#KatrinaKaif on #BangBangMovie crossing ₹100 cr – Very Very happy wth the response.The good numbers indicate the love audiences hv shown,” the production house tweeted.
    Hrithik also said that he is happy with the film’s box office performance. He said that he is surprised how films with mixed reviews cross the ₹100 crore mark in India.
    “Every opinion matters to me personally. Whichever films have crossed ₹100 crore in Indian cinema has got mixed reviews, so I respect them,” he told IANS.


  104. Just realised this song from Andhi filmed at the same temple.


  105. FINALLY!!

    Maratha Mandir has been running ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ (DDLJ), billed as the Bible of Bollywood romance, since its release in 1995 for almost two decades now.

    The morning show at 11.30am still runs to packed houses everyday. However, this December, the theatre’s managing director, Manoj Desai, is contemplating drawing the curtains on the film permanently.

    Desai says, “We may not show this film after December once it completes 1000 weeks. Over the years, we got good response as the cinema hall is close to the Mumbai Central railway station and state transport bus stand. Recently, the collection has taken a nosedive and, therefore, we are thinking of discontinuing the show.” The theatre authorities are planning to talk to director-producer of DDLJ, Aditya Chopra. “The film is regularly aired on television and it has been nearly 20 years since it was released. So, the entire generation has watched it and we have also had the audience, which has seen it more than 100 times. But we feel that this particular screen can be used for other shows now. The final decision will be taken once we have the consent of all stakeholders,” he adds. However, the spokesperson of Yash Raj Films denied such a move.

    – See more at:


  106. Has the compensation from Yash Raj stopped coming? They’ve been running the show even if for years the audience was comprised of one or two couples relishing the privacy and being interested in making out at the back seats.

    Guess that it will be allowed to run for the sake of the record and Yash Raj will keep compensating for the no-show of the audience!


  107. Bang Bang And Haider Fail To Score Big Over Holiday Period
    Thursday 09 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The last week was probably the best period ever for potential collections with holiday after holiday but both films have failed to get the best out of them due to content. There have been major holidays or partial holidays and a Sunday over six of the last seven days. This sort of week has probably never happened before.

    The two releases Bang Bang and Haider failed to make the best out of the period. Neither films are flops but when you have such a fantastic opportunity with holidays galore, the results should be better. The clash was there but it made little difference as Haider got the release required. Bang Bang could have had more screens but with such spare capacity it would have made little difference.

    Bang Bang is heading for a Ra.One or Jai Ho type of result where the makers will at best cover cost like Ra.One or there will be losers like in Jai Ho, here it will be the producers who could lose 5-10% of the investment. Haider will be a plus for the makers because Shahid Kapoor is on profit sharing as well as the directer who is co producer as well. But profits will be so low that it will mean the Shahid Kapoor and the directer have practically worked free. The scenario is different for Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif who got a big remuneration as well as the directer of the film.

    The collections in mass circuits have been the killer. The business of Bang Bang has been low in UP, Gujarat, CI, Rajasthan and CP Berar while Haider is hardly on the rador with very low collections in these areas but that was sort of expected as film only for a small section of the audience.


    • Both films made decent money. Every film cannot run like romantic comedies. BB is action oriented and Haider is content oriented.


      • BB being action oriented is a drawback? Action with romantic track and emotional backstory is a drawback? Its pretty much perfect hindi film and on the lines of Dhoom3. The only factor why it isn’t doing phenomenal is as it is so slow and boring.


  108. Well all eyes now on HNY later this month and than end of the year is PK. In between we will have films here and there.


  109. AamirsFan Says:

    very intriguing. now this is a ‘teaser’.


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