Satyamev Jayate Season 3 promos (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo…

6 Responses to “Satyamev Jayate Season 3 promos (updated)”

  1. What an episode! Aanhon mein aansoo aa gaye. The bit about the elderly Maharastrian women running and the little girl from Magic Bus talking fawr-fawr were magical.


  2. Same here Utkal and wish Aamir gets his due and is awarded / rewarded with national honors or something substantial towards the latter part of his life for all the good work been done so tirelessly. All the shows have been so well researched, taped, edited and presented to us and I am sure a fair amount of time must be going to each episode.

    Now I don’t want all the other actors to be like him / follow him esp. so when you look at few yesteryear film personalities hitting rock bottom to poor planning and getting hit by ill fortune / financial adversities but somewhere simply money should not be the end all and be all of everything they do.

    For the media types its all good to hear that certain so and so has amassed so much wealth, doing this and ranked that etc etc but if it is just about money then why don’t you just quit movies – become a business man and compete with professionals there and leave movie biz to few creative souls. In this multinational corporate business surrounding we are already bombarded constantly with product placements and lets not make movies too an extension of these product placements……..


  3. Oh good. Now Arnab Goswami can sit back and let Amir solve the nation’s problems.

    Does it help? I was so happy with the last episode of the last season about not voting for the corrupt and criminals – but look what happened!! Never before had the walls of parliament sheltered so many criminals before.


  4. A good start to the new season of Satyamev Jayate; about the positive power of sport. A feel-good fun episode. Finally watched it today, six days after its telecast last Sunday. Der aaye par durust … good show, about the healing positive power of sport and how one can and should be involved in sport at any age.Loved the bit at the end when a lawyer spoke about politicians sitting in sports bodies and gnawing away at the money like deemak (termites). It was also a pleasant surprise to watch the old and young sporting ladies of a Maharashtra village being honoured with medals by pretty badminton champ Saina Nehwal. The cutest was the little golf champ from a Haryana village, a sub-junior world champion who has been enabled to break into a rich person’s sport.


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