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  1. Since the other thread on B. Rangan link is closed posting my thoughts here as his defense does not seem convincing to me and I have noticed somewhere his personal politics gets the better of him most of the time. Not directed entirely to him but he too is part of the numerous god gifted Indian talents (in this case writing skill) who are not fully matured and sometime use their craft to twist anything as per their whims and fancies. Losing perspective and personal bias comes easy to us Indians.

    But then, it’s his personal blog and he is entitled to all of that.


    • What is the issue about? Can you elaborate? What link?


    • I’m not sure I understand what the gripe is against BR’s latest post on his blog? But more fundamentally, I continue to be utterly baffled/flummoxed/confounded by folks complaining that an *opinion* piece is full of “personal bias”! Whose thoughts and from whose perspective should/can he write from other than his own?
      This isn’t a rant and I’m not trying to put you the spot, just trying to understand what people really mean when they make this sort of criticism?


      • Shalini I had put a small disclaimer at the end that it’s his blog which means his opinion. I find his writing very invigorating and he seems very knowledgeable. In fact I am not even fully fit to talk about him since he is class apart and a national award winner.

        It’s just that sometimes I have been taken by complete surprise at his opinions / reviews which are at odds with others and I feel may be it’s just for the sake of being different / some politicking involved wrt cast / director / settings etc. Now I am guessing this seem to be an issue with other readers too since he is addressing this here with this post…..

        There are few very interesting comments being posted out there and one standout is – ‘Trusting the tale and not the teller refers to seeing the film for what it is and not what the director says it is…………..’

        Will come back later as tied up with few things at my end….


    • The disappointment happens because we place them on a very high pedestal and expect them to be absolutely objective. If we can read them with some cynicism, we wont get that much disappointed.


  2. @ omrocky786 , Thanks your comment in the other thread on October 16, 2014 at 7:36 AM- Yes I had posted that comment after reading your thoughts on Pune story earlier which is an accurate scenario in day to day Indian life.


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    हम सभी देश वासियों को विरोध करना ही पड़ेगा
    अब यह तोहीन नहीं सही जाती
    विदेश में तूफ़ान आये तो उसका नाम ‘केटरीना’ और भारत में तूफान आये तो ‘हुद हुद’
    इन्कलाब की आवाज बुलंद करो और अबकी बार तूफ़ान का नाम ‘केजरीवाल’ रखो
    हो सकता है आने से पहले ही पलट जाए 😀😀😀


  4. another good campaign by nargis after the bang bang dare
    this one on breast cancer

    Nargis Fakhri clicks ‘Pink Selfie’ to support breast cancer awareness
    IANS [ Updated 17 Oct 2014, 11:44:59 ]

    New Delhi: Bollywood celebrities and fashion designers have shown their support towards a ‘Pink Selfie’ campaign for breast cancer awareness.
    Actresses Aditi Rao Hydari, Nargis Fakhri and designers Manish Malhotra and Nishka Lulla have come forward to back the initiative by Ogaan Cancer Foundation and Elle Breast Cancer Campaign during October, which is designated as the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
    An Instagram post by actress Nargis Fakhri reads: “I am wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Awarness Month with @elleindiaofficial. It’s very important to get yourself tested as early detection provides a 98 % chance of full recovery and can save lives. #pinkSelfie.”
    It’s a unique initiative wherein all through the month, celebrities will be wearing pink and clicking ‘selfies’ to create awareness for the disease.
    The same is promoted and leveraged through social media and helps to create awareness about the campaign, said a statement.

    @ miss dhoni—u make apt points on b rangan
    in short, he is a ‘work in progress”…


  5. Mehfooz Versus “MEHFOOZ” (bang bang)

    Just read some where here that Bang Bang is doing well in urbane multiplexes and not in interiors and single screens
    its not a surprise really

    I liked the mehfooz vs “mehfooz” track

    but not sure how many of the single screen average jo can identify with this stuff

    anyhow for those single screen people–there are the devguns, akshays and salmans… amongst some others like kick, sing hams

    Even within the multiplex crowd, bang bang was for a “niche” (sic!) segment lol
    with certain sensibilities , fun quotient and age

    amongst the scenes i liked was when HR got out his BIG GUN from the car
    he tells kat that “i know u will get a shock”
    ok I won’t lie –i will just kill em”
    the look on katrinas face was priceless …

    Incidentally the soundtrack isnt awesome or great, but its apt for this genre & theme
    Perhaps Vishal shekhars best in the sense..liked it a lot


  6. Pakistan has long been said to have an image problem, a kind way to say that the world sees us one-dimensionally — as a country of terrorists and extremists, conservatives who enslave women and stone them to death, and tricky scoundrels who hate Americans and lie pathologically to our supposed allies. In Pakistan, we’ve long attributed the ubiquity of these images to what we believe is biased journalism, originating among mainstream American journalists who care little for depth and accuracy. By the time these tropes filter down into popular culture, and have morphed into the imaginings of showbiz writers, we’ve gone from an image problem to the realm of Jungian archetypes and haunting traumatized psyches.

    Whenever a Western movie contains a connection to Pakistan, we watch it in a sadomasochistic way, eager and nervous to see how the West observes us. We look to see if we come across to you as monsters, and then to see what our new, monstrous face looks like. Again and again, we see a refracted, distorted image of our homeland staring back at us. We know we have monsters among us, but this isn’t what we look like to ourselves.

    *** While I am quite sure if India were to be represented, Indians too would cry the River Ganges, but still, this response/comment by a reader is something that struck me..***

    Steven Gjerstad Orange, CA 19 hours ago
    I got my first introduction to the intricacies of Pakistani politics from Ahmed Rashid’s books Taliban, Jihad, and Descent into Chaos. He depicts an intelligence service that is divided between those loyal to the government and a large faction that is loyal to the Islamist movement, including the Taliban. In Descent into Chaos he notes that the U.S. supported Afghani warlords of Afghanistan, many of whom were as bad as the Taliban we enlisted them to counteract. But from the beginning Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been deeply intertwined with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. At a fairly fundamental and deep level, the Pakistani leadership, military, and intelligence services have been at best duplicitous in their relations with the U.S. That’s not a condemnation. The same could be said of many governments. But the belief that Pakistan is a reliable ally is naïve.

    The lack of verisimilitude cited in this article is due to Indian cars (Ambassador) on supposedly Pakistani streets, Biharis who play Pashtuns, headscarves worn where unnecessary, and not worn where needed, villagers in the border areas with Afghanistan speaking Urdu where they should be speaking Pashto, and protests in front of an American embassy in Islamabad when that embassy in fact is inside a diplomatic enclave. That is the exhaustive list of the portrayed inaccuracies. This is not a serious article. It treats only the most superficial aspects of the story.



    Heartwarming story which ended on a happy note.

    Can be made into a film.


  8. Bang Bang 1/5 Stars.

    I doubt there can be more atrocious movie made to show case the world about how pathetic Hindi movies are made! ( Dhoom 3’s can also come close! )

    The first 20 minutes were like hathoda and I felt like watching a B grade movie! till ofcourse the superstar arrived and provided some breather!

    Knight and Day was possibly a average good fun movie to pick up and could have been more fun if only there was a single spark between Kat and Hrithik! Where is the chemistry from ZNMD ?

    The action scene’s in Knight and Day were but ofcourse far superior and believable, with Tom executing the same, whereas the action sequences dont give that energetic feeing in this one…

    Music cant be more creepy for a movie like this, and the songs were actually a hurdle for flow of narration!

    Actually a better movie could have been on the subject of Kohinoor, but they spoiled Knight and Day remake alongwith kohinoor subject. Hrithik Roshan has to take the blame!

    Siddhart Anand can stop directing movies… because one cant go bad than this in such a subject material.

    Eventually if one goes by logic the entire search for kohinoor by Danny is foolish, as he wanted the same to stop a treaty, if once it is stolen why go after it ?

    Katrina Kaif for once disappoints and how, but cant blame her for her character which was as poorly drafted that a school boy could have come up with something more interesting for her!

    Lastly how lame is it could be understood from the fact that eventually the hero kills the villain who would otherwise have provided so much vital information, in the world of secret service!

    ps : I wanted to walk out after 10 minutes into the movie, but for family had to complete it.


  9. Seriously this is one of the most incompetent reviews. I give this review a 0.5/5 and the movie 4/5. It is trying to search for exact logic in an indian movie the most inexact science. Most people go to the cinema to be entertained not to study for logic 101 exam. I was thoroughly entertained by this movie. Hrithik was so dashing suave and enthralling that he should be the next James Bond. It was more fun than the original Knight and Day inspite of having already watched the original.
    This movie could have become a 5/5 for me with the following twist: The stakes are higher and Hrithik actually did steal the Kohinoor originally to avenge for his Brother. This leads him clashing with both the good guys and bad guys. He finally does recover the Kohinoor but than due to influence from Katrina and to resurrect national pride he wants to return it to India. The story then morphs from one of revenge to sacrifice and patriotism. Unfortunately to achieve this ultimate goal he would have to pay with his life. Katrina would unite with his family pregnant with his baby. He is honored with Bharat Ratana. Uk India relations are strained. Danny laughing all the way to hell ironically achieves his goal too. Hrithik death is fuzzy to leave the opening for a sequel.


    • thats a good comment abcd (and an imaginative storyline thanks)
      actually i also dont agree with the review above by rooney but we shouldnt be derogatory to such comments/opinions

      i have a feeling that most of SINGLE SCREEN patrons have a certain ‘taste” and they come in looking for a “STORY”

      Personally that beats my goat because i dont look for a ‘STORY’ since i can always make BETTER STORIES MYSELF THAN THESE BUGGERS CAN MAKE ANYWAYS

      one can enjoy the ‘treatment’
      loads of things
      but NOT the story please
      we r not in kindergarten

      i care a DAMN about what happened etc bcos we all know its ‘make believe’

      but we should respect single screen folks
      theres no point in snobbishness
      \everyone has equal right to ‘entertainment’ even the single screen chaps —cheers

      btw who can explain some the difference in the ‘dance steps’ of salman in kick ( i love salman as well tho) from what HR creates in “tu meri” or “bang bang”

      the latter is for posterity of dance tracks in cinema…


    • LOL the twist you thought of. Sidhart Anand lacks competence to make a good film. Period.

      Hrithik Roshan does not have script sense!

      Mine was not a full blown review, just a comment about a movie! I dont have the capabilities to review the worst movie of the year alongwith being the most disappointing movie compared to the trailer.

      @APEX – LOL!! single screen, what the hell are you smoking!

      Any movie can run on the treatment, style, atmosphere, attitude etc. Agreed.

      But let’s see where do we find the same in the film : –

      1) Opening sequence – A school boy would know that you dont breach MI 6 that easily! Yeah boy that’s the style you looking for!! That a group of terrorist breaks into MI 6 as if entering some corporate building, and England is not on a alert! and then escaping vide helicopter as if Danny is promoting tourism of England! Yea boy that’s some style, that’s some attitude, how easy we can break MI 6! They want you to believe that in a buidling which looked like it had 50-60 odd floors… they only 20 odd guards! There is nobody superior there in the building! Let’s get real the same situation could have been more believable if it was not MI 6. It was some remote secured location! But boy they wanted to give some random fans the feel of the atmosphere!

      You want style, atmosphere and attitude… though i didn’t like that movie again on story front, but still shall prefer the same for those qualities… Farhan Akhtar’s DON part 1. That’s what style is all about. The rich production values makes sense. That’s the treatment which one can enjoy, how farhan captures the scenes, siddhart anand can only dream of. Even Don Part 2 was equivalently stylish.

      2) Style can never override substance – Whatever stylish movie you refer too, a stylish movie can become a great classic with the base and substance in the flick.

      3) Knight and day – the said was a better movie with more humour and style. I had the benifit of watching Knight and Day yesterday. Clearly Bang bang sacrificed the style the moment, we have extended scenes about brother who died. The said angle was not required.

      4) The fact of the matter is makers of Bang Bang neither made a clear cut stylish, panache, etc blah blah kinda movie nor they made a single screen movie.

      4.1) The opening sequence, all the danny sequences, ending, etc all remind of single screen, B grade masala movie.

      4.2) Hrithik- Kat on the run, Hrithik’s introduction, Prague, bridge scene, etc are all the wannable stylish moments.

      hence the movie isnt sure where it belongs.

      5) The same is because it’s a crap! Horrible crap! Because Siddhart Anand doesnt know how to handle material like Knight and Day. And hrithik aint Tom Cruise. IMO Cruise character demonstrated more mentally unstable and humour from his behaviour, while hrithik clearly lacked the same.

      6) Actually you are insulting a single screen movie or a true multiplex movie when you claim bang bang is stylish! It’s an insult to a classic stylish movies like Don by SRK.

      7) Songs – what was the need for those songs in a movie made for style, and if they were required they should have been atleast funny.

      8) Action – Barring a couple sequence, most were highly unimaginative. Take the climax – it’s boring and lacks the “panache” and “style” which Knight and Day added by having it during bull fight in Sevilla, Spain! That’s pure style and adrenaline!


  10. AamirsFan Says:

    Marvel Superhero Battle Pits Disney Against Fox and Sony

    not a fan of the second installment of Spiderman. Let’s see what will happen to it if indeed Disney takes over from Sony. Disney is on fire…owning Lucasfilms, Pixar, and Marvel. My goodness.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Kids today probably can’t even correlate Mickey Mouse with Disney…so sad. Disney has certainly evolved but it has left behind its core ‘magical’ aura a while ago. The true soul of Disney is no more.


  11. Bang Bang And Haider Third Friday Business
    Saturday 18 October 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The collections of Bang Bang and Haider dropped further at the satrt of the third week. The drop for Bang Bang from last Friday was 60% while for Haider it is 65%.

    The collections of both films on the third Friday are as follows.

    Bang Bang – 1,25,00,000
    Haider – 50,00,000

    The total for fifteen days is 134.75 crore nett for Bang bang and 47 crore nett for Haider..


    • Bang Bang And Haider Third Saturday Business
      Saturday 19 October 2014 13.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Bang Bang showed growth of around 35% on its third Saturday. The Friday and Saturday collections of the third week are as follows.

      Bang Bang
      Friday – 1,20,00,000
      Saturday – 1,60,00,000

      TOTAL – 2,80,00,000

      Haider showed growth of around 60% on its third Saturday. The Friday and Saturday collections of the second week are as follows.

      Friday – 50,00,000
      Saturday – 80,00,000

      TOTAL – 1,30,00,000


  12. Mumbai 125KM And Sonali Cable First Day Business
    Saturday 18 October 2014 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mumbai 125KM and Sonali Cable fared poorly on day one though the collections of Mumbai 125KM are better than the 10-12 small films released over the last two weeks..

    The collections of Mumbai 125KM and Sonali Cable on the first day are as follows.

    Mumbai 125KM – 30,00,000
    Sonali Cable – 10,00,000

    Sonali Cable will be a total washout while Mumbai 125KM can do around 1 crore nett plus over the weekend which is also very poor .


  13. Box Office Collection: ‘Bang Bang’ Beats ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.
    Bang Bang Highest overseas grosser of the year
    By Ankita Mehta October 17, 2014 18:17 IST

    “Haider has met with an indifferent response with few caring to talk about it. A pretentious film with a script penned on whims and fancy, it fails to identify with any sort of audience,” trade analyst Vinod Mirani told Financial Express.

    “Bang Bang”
    Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer “Bang Bang” raked in ₹167.92 crore net income from domestic box office in 15 days.
    “#BangBangMovie on Thu gets 2.73 cr in India-ends Week 2 @ 32.47 cr.India total @ 167.92 cr. Global total @ 315 cr gross,” Fox Star, the production house, tweeted the two weeks figure.
    Despite running in the second week, “Bang Bang” managed to beat three films’ record at the worldwide box office.
    The film shattered the gross worldwide income of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” (₹311 crore) and overseas total of “Don 2” and “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”.

    In the overseas market “Bang Bang” has become the highest grosser film of 2014.
    Here is the chart of Bollywood film’s and their overseas income as provided by Bollywood Hungama:
    Movie Overseas Collections (in USD million) Overseas Collections in Rs Crore

    Bang Bang 12.2 75.1
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan 12 73.47
    Don 2 11.7 71.63
    Kick 11.1 67.96
    Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 10.7 65.51
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 10.5 64.29

    Ps: I trust good non-corrupt girls like Ankita Mehra above

    Masala Mantra: The lure of the big, ‘bad’ commercial blockbuster:
    Bang Bang & Dhoom 3
    Seems a good piece here

    Finally –
    The MAKING (OUT) – Bang Bang title song

    raat bhar baat kar
    Tu mere saath chal
    Dil pe chala hai jaadu,
    jaane kyun…
    Bang bang 🙂


  14. Can’t believe that Bang Bang shall end up as Semi Hit despite netting close to Rs 140Cr. How times have changed 🙂



    Bang Bang has grossed 133 crore nett plus in two weeks but has dropping collections and is going no where. The third week has seen further drop and it will be a 140 crore nett finish on a best case scenario. SEMI HIT

    Haider is at 36.50 crore nett after two weeks and is looking at a final total around the 150 crore nett mark. AVERAGE


  16. This also brings to the fore how good the WOM was for Holiday that went on to become a clean hit and the most loved movie of the year. Watched it again on TV this month and it remained good.
    I shall rate Mardaani, Queen, 2 states and Haider as other really loved movies. I might be missing few others but that’s it so far in 2014.


    • Bang Bang had an amazing trailer and good source material but the Siddhart Anand messed up! And hrithik showed his lack of script sense again. But it was katrina who surprised by choosing such a poor movie.


  17. Paris Hilton wants to play Hrithik’s love interest in a Bollywood film
    Garima Sharma, TNN | Oct 13, 2014, 09.30AM IST

    During her last visit to India, Paris Hilton was inundated with questions about a possible Bollywood film coming her way. And by the looks of her latest tweet, it seems that she may have decided who she wants to star with.

    ALSO READ: Hrithik Roshan’s night out with Paris Hilton in Dubai

    After meeting Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan at the launch of Cle Restaurant in Dubai a few days ago and tweeting about it, she was quizzed by friend Sheeraz Hasan (founder of Hollywood.TV) about doing a film with Hrithik and playing his love interest. Paris responded with, “Yes! He’s Hot RT @sheerazhasan: Hey @ParisHilton do u want to be @iHrithik love interest in his next Bollywood movie?”

    Speaking about her meeting with the actor, Paris told Sheeraz, “Hrithik’s a gentleman, very sweet and charming, and we hung out all night. I have heard so much about Bollywood and Hrithik represented India in the most elegant and romantic way! I can’t wait to go back to India. I love the culture, the people and the fashion…India rocks.”

    Listen to the songs of Hrithik Roshan on

    Paris has been approached by various Bollywood producers in the past to star in a Bollywood movie as well as record her next single with an Indian artiste. Says Sheeraz, “I have already started receiving messages from some of the biggest players in Bollywood after Paris sent out the tweet… We will make this happen.”

    WATCH : Paris Hilton wants to play Hrithik’s love interest – TOI



  18. Happy New Year Star Deepika Padukone Wants to Work With Hrithik Roshan Next

    Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone.(Source: Karishma Vhora, Pinterest)

    Deepika Padukone, who is currently looking forward to the release of her next big film Happy New Year, has expressed a desire to work with Bang Bang star Hrithik Roshan.

    Apart from SRK, Padukone has acted opposite some of the leading heroes of Bollywood such as Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan. When asked whom she wants to work with next, the actress replied, “Hrithik is someone I really look forward to working with. People say we would look great together on screen”, according to DNA India.

    Considering the fact that Roshan does very few films, it could be a while before fans get to see this Bollywood duo on screen together. Or maybe director Ashutosh Gowariker could include her as part of the cast of his upcoming movie with Hrithik Roshan titled Mohenjo Daro.

    Roshan will be seen playing the role of a warrior in Gowariker’s (Lagaan, Jodha Akbar) next period drama and will undergo special action training to prepare for his role, reports DNA.

    “The actor always likes doing a bit of research before starting the shoot of his films and with Mohenjo Daro, it is no different. Although the actor is happy with the response to his previous release Bang Bang, he has not wasted any time and moved on for his next project,” states the report.

    The film, set in the ancient Indian times of the Mohenjo Daro civilisation, will reportedly have some major, high-octane action sequences.

    The film is slated to release around Republic Day in 2016 and also stars actress Pooja Hegde.

    Ps: yeah I think deepika should be given her turn as well….


  19. Action jackson :


  20. Bang Bang Grosses 323 Crs Worldwide; Beats Ek Tha Tiger’s Record

    Bang Bang remained steady on the 3rd Saturday. The film collected over 2.30 crores yesterday. With this, the 17 day total for this film now stands at 172.47 crores at the domestic box office. The Hrithik Roshan starrer had an enormous start and completely cashed in on the extended weekend. Becoming the 2nd highest grosser of 2014, the film entering its third week now, seems to have kept up its good pace.

    The film’s screen count wasn’t much affected because of the new releases. The film has grossed over 323 crores worldwide and is now 6th Highest Worldwide Grosser so far! The film has thus beaten Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger’s record.

    Ps — Satyam y r u blocking my comment on happy New Years box office –there’s nothing inappropriate – be a man …

    Basically HNY -the behemoth is here
    And should break the opening day, weekend and the 400 crwhores barrier and do what D3 couldn’t !


    • I was blocking your comment on HNY for one reason only. You continue to spell ‘crores’ as ‘crwhores’. Shocking as this suggestion might sound don’t you think you should grow up a little? You put up that comment half a dozen times and every single time you spelt it that way and you did the same here.

      Of course this silliness about 400 crores being a reasonable bar for HNY. Meanwhile Hrithik doesn’t have to do half that (!) but he’s still a bigger star. So even if HNY did 320 you’d say ‘oh it’s a disappointment’. You really need to grow up! I mean really!



    Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Bang Bang’ Sets Box Office Record

    OCTOBER 19, 2014 | 10:08AM PT

    Hrithik Roshan starrer “Bang Bang,” a Fox Star remake of Tom Cruise-toplined “Knight and Day,” has set a box office record for Bollywood films in North America by reaching a total gross of $2.56 million making it the top Hindi movie of the year in the continent.

    Co-starring Katrina Kaif, the film in its third week at the box office passed earlier Bollywood hit “Kick,” which stars Salman Khan and reached $2.47 million in North America where it’s playing in 100 screens.

    Fox Star Studios : “There is no other release till ‘Happy New Year’ and so the winning streak should continue. The film has got a great scale to it and outstanding action. We released it outside of India in over 850 theaters, which is the biggest release for any Bollywood film. This includes mainstream theaters where Hollywood films are released. Especially in the Middle East, a lot of local Arabs have gone to see the film, which is why there is very strong performance. We have opened up new markets where Bollywood has not gone before. For example, we have released the film in Lebanon, Iraq and Burma where Bollywood films were not officially released.”


    • AamirsFan Says:

      all in all…BB is an disappointment at the box office including overseas. D3 made $8 mill within the same genre, hell even with the same heroine. For this film to not even reach or even come close to 200cr domestically is a huge disappointment. Back to back disappointments for Hrithik at the box office. He needs to come out with something fresh and exciting. But he doesn’t really excite me anymore. Last Hrithik starrer I watched (from start to finish) was Jodha Akbar. There was a time where I watched anything with Hrithik in it including films like AMALL, NTJNH, and MDK. But at some point he just started to settle with being a ‘pretty face’ instead of challenging himself.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        I think my favorite movie of his is Lakshya mostly because I can relate to it. He was good in it, but even in that movie, you can see his limitations acting wise. I also loved Mission Kashmir and Fiza. He should get back to that mold of movies and quit going hollywood and striking out. He will fade big time once he gets to his late 40’s. He ain’t no Sallu or SRK that has that kind of charisma to last.


  22. Uday Chopra, who has set up his Hollywood production house, plans to remake Bunty aur Babli. We have now learnt that Uday wants to cast the film’s original hero, Abhishek Bachchan, for a small role in the film.

    When contacted, Abhishek confirmed the news saying, “Yes, Uday is remaking Bunty aur Babli and Kahaani and wants me to play a small role in the former. Desperado, that is a sequel to El Mariachi, had the lead character play a small role in it.

    Uday wants to do something similar with this project, so he asked me if I’d like to play a part in it.”’s-ticket-hollywood


  23. AMAZING! Never thought one of our top superstars would every talk about LGBT issues let alone make an episode/movie on it. Big Big props to Aamir for this.


    • I want some opposing arguments from articulate people. The show is well intentioned but it is more of a group think.


      • I’m not sure what your question is, but I’m assuming it is to do with the Indian law labelling homosexuals as criminals.
        Regardless of my views on the subject of homosexuality, I’m against labelling them as criminals. It’s actually criminal to even think so.
        The law is so old. Even in Britain they have changed it.
        I’m also against homosexuals adopting children or having them through surogacy. This will lead to a booming business.


        • I am not talking about law; in general there are few opposing argument on the show. You should invite some people who are opposing it and get their views.

          BTW the lady when she talked about Supreme Court decision didn’t give proper picture. SC said based on the statistics, it doesn’t see any reason to annul the law. Parliament is the best place to make new laws and they should decide on it.

          I think anything done in private without harming anyone is fine. When it comes in public sphere we have issues. In my view privacy should be respected and people should get equal rights. I am not sure about proclaiming marriage part. I see in future people may say they want set of three to be called married or if you marry your pet. I had discussion regarding “natural” (that you are born homosexual) part yesterday. I countered that scientists have found criminality genes. People would say they are born like that in their defense.

          It is not an easy debate.


          • >I am not sure about proclaiming marriage part. I see in future people may say they want set of three to be called married or if you marry your pet.

            Agree. It is clear that the demand for marriage is just a show of billigerency on their part, when traditional marriages are not of much importance anymore in societies where this demand is being made.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      the law has to be changed period. While I do not believe homosexuality is right, there is no way a state can tell a person who to have sex with. Church and state should be separate. even in America the ‘tide’ is finally turning. It’s just an idiotic law. The law shouldn’t be dictating us who we should marry or have sex with.

      I disagreed with some parts of this episode but can’t disagree with it in the end. The law has to change but my mind on homosexuality does not. Obviously I’m allowed to still think it’s wrong but I have and will never ever treat someone bad just because who they like…what race they are…what religion they follow. As long as they are a sane person contributing for the betterment to our society…I’m good.


      • I do believe people should be allowed to be whosoever they want to be and I do want LGBTs to be recognized and their status to be decriminalized.

        But just to play the devil’s advocate (regarding whether the government or lawmakers should have a say in matters like this or not)

        What if tomorrow the nudists in India wants them to be allowed to freely roam on the streets. Would the same anti-377 people support the nudists then? Would they want their kids to see nude people in the school or in a restaurant?

        I know these are two completely different things but then Freedom of expression and right to Choose (to do whatever) is a not as simple as that.


        • Nudists is very public. Sexuality is very private.
          To be frank I have known gay and straight guys and there is no difference. They all eat, drink, sleep and shit. They all have feelings. It’s pretty dumb that society discriminates in this way.
          I also think it is highly male driven the discrimination. I bet a “male” reacts differently to seeing 2 women than 2 men. Again hypocrisy at core. How many times do we see in Friends how Joey gets turned on by the notion of a threesome? It’s a male fantasy for some. But the same some or subset are quite homophobic too. Very sad overall.
          We can conquer the moon, create medicines and aid charity…but the basic choice of who someone wants to be with needs a “discussion” or “law”. It should be irrelevant and eventually will be.

          I was quite surprised how liberal Mumbai was to it in person. I thought or had a pre-determined judgement that it something frowned upon. But on the beach, walking in the city I saw more gay couples than in London! And very public. To me it didn’t bother me. Having a friend who was gay, it didn’t bother me hanging out with him and we went to a gay pub so he could pull and all his heterosexual friends could look on. A role reversal.

          It used to be something “huge” on tv in UK when a storyline involved homosexuality. Now every show has it…its normal…basically its life…its allowed and its accepted. In fact it is no different to anything else.

          I think because homophobia exists there are certain issues. i.e. having children or adoption. Because society can be mean, the child is in danger of discrimination. In that instance there may be a debate to be had. But that is only because of the way society is not grown up enough.


          • The reason why I brought up nudists is because they can also argue about their right to express.

            and I don’t think Sexuality is private..what one does in the bedroom is private but the relationship that comes out in the society- that’s not private. A same sex couple(married/unmarried) would out open in the society. So basically it is about freedom and freedom of choice.

            So if a nudist says, it’s his right to roam naked on the streets- its pretty much well within his human right to be whichever way he wants as long he’s not harming anyone else.


        • IMO, dont think full on nudity is permitted in any Western country. Any person walking nude in Manhattan or any other city in the Western world will be arrested and prosecuted. Nudists have their own private communities, which essentially are private estates where entry is by ticket or invitation only. Nudist Rights cannot be compared to LGBT rights. The Gays/Lesbians are not fighting for a right to “sex in public places”, rather in India, they are fighting for the right to have sex! Period.


          • NyKavi,

            I said in the beginning its not an appropriate comparison if you look at it from private/public angle.

            The point I’m trying to make is about right to express and freedom of choice. How will you justify to a nudist or a marijuana smoker that what he’s doing is criminal. Is someone’s nudity causing anyone any harm? Is smoking Marijuana in your own house causing a problem to someone on the road (unless he’s driving under influence- which then is the same as driving under alcohol- but still alcohol isn’t banned)

            The thing is- it’s very convenient to take sides when it comes to such things and say well LGBT is a bigger fight that nudism or marijuana, but when it comes to fighting for an ideology (right to choose or Freedom of expression), then the same people become who they are fighting against.


  24. omrocky786 Says:

    गुलाबी ठंड ने दस्तक दे
    दी है उतर भारत में
    लेकिन ……
    जब तलक केजरी बाबू अपना मफलर
    नही निकाल लेते तब तक
    सर्दी की पुष्टि किसी भी प्रकार
    नहीं की जाएगी …….
    _____आज्ञा से


  25. Much awaited and teaser doesn’t disappoint 🙂

    [post created]


  26. Bang Bang Crosses 328 Crores Worldwide

    Bang Bang continued to remain steady over the third weekend. The film collected 173.42 crores at the domestic box office so far, thus taking it Gross India total to 249.72 crores!

    Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie ‘Bang Bang’

    The film has been going strong and maintained a good pace over the third weekend too. Mainly the poor performance of the new releases gave Bang Bang an even better chance to remain steady. The film is the second highest grosser of 2014 but the film will not be reaching the coveted 200 crores and thus will not be able to beat Kick.

    The Siddharth Anand directorial has made 78.3 crore (about 12.75 million dollars) in the international circuits so far. Bang Bang thus made a total worldwide gross business of 328.02 crores so far.

    The point is that I’m NOT a ‘ Hritik fan’ in the sense that there are srk fans and Salman fans and aamir fans and abhishrek fans here

    I appreciate good stuff from ANYONE

    what HR has shown in the face of physical and other familial stresses is remarkable
    Aamir in such a stage (without any physical ailments) went on a thre year break!
    Instead HR fought back

    THIS Is what enthused most about HR During K3 & BB
    and as usual I don’t spare anybody (just like HR in the pic in this link)

    Spades are called spades
    And dodgy matter is gunned down 🙂


    • BANG BANG–The SOLO release correction


      When comparing with other solo releases head to head–the reduction of 1200 screens and single screens in the first weekend and first two weeks can be DEADLY to ANY film

      And HAIDAR has done CREDITABLY to STEAL 65 crores odd domestic nett from bang bang –(though technically it was more since by would have had more coccupamcy rates in first week/end)

      Well done Haidar

      BUT FOR COMPARISON TO other SOLO like ETT, kick, krrisj3, d3 –Haidar two weeks will be added
      Three weeks onwards not added to be fair
      Not all get more than two weeks free run


      Bmag bang breaches 175 plus 65

      DOMESTIC NET 240 CRORES Behind only krrish3 and d3
      And still counting


      Ps: Satyam : the ‘crores’ has been corrected in the HNY Box office bulletin
      Y r u not letting it in now –as I said –be a man
      Cheers 🙂


      • Apex, putting up these posts 3 times every day won’t change the reality on this film. You did the same for Krrish too. These kinds of piece where all kinds of numbers are conflated, which run like ad campaigns, which are often ‘placed’ by ‘interested’ parties and then disseminated.. all of this might be fine to make brownie points online but this stuff doesn’t change anything about a film. With even worse results we’ve seen such pieces other films. Hrithik has had two disappointments in two big films. Everyone knows this. Whether you want to accept it or not is of course upto you. But there’s a whole fan world of denial where I’m sure you’ll find enough company! But these comments are worse than junk. Wish you’d say something half-sensible for a change, you weren’t this crazy once!


        • by the way on your HNY comments again you’re saying the same stuff again and again and putting up these massive comments that are also incredibly silly. So yes unfortunately only so much clutter can be allowed on any given day.


      • Actually if not for Bang Bang, Haider would have done 65 + 175…


          • Satyam: Your thoughts on the Byomkesh trailer?! Also hoping to hear something from you on Haider as and when you get around to watching it.


          • I’d agree with the sentiment expressed by many. It’s well-done on its own (at least in that ‘designer’ sort of way) but utterly dissonant with the subject. I’m a great fan of the stories and this version seems to be very far in a tonal sense.


          • “seems to very far in a tonal sense”-

            Don’t you think though that Dibakar Bannerjee might be going for an irreverent, subversive element with that sort of tone? I am only saying that because whatever his faults might be, the guy is a sincere filmmaker who knows his craft. And he is very well-acquainted with the source material


          • Perhaps.. I don’t doubt his sincerity in any case. Nor am I arguing for a straight adaptation. These are often the most boring ones. However every kind of ‘irreverent’ adaptation is not valuable for that reason. It might otherwise be perfectly watchable as a film but an adaptation needs to be ‘in conversation’ with the source material which is then very different from saying that it should be a ‘respectful’ version. Now sometimes they are directors who use the source material in a very loose sense and this is always explicit. That’s fine too. But if you’re going for a proper adaptation it’s fair to bring up these questions.

            On a related note I didn’t the contemporary Sherlock Holmes versions either (neither the current British show nor the movie). Again they might be fine on their own terms but they’re something other than Sherlock. And one of the problems here is that the Shakespeare analogy doesn’t quite work. With the latter the text is rich enough to sustain any number of possibilities. But Sherlock or Byomkesh are not quite the same. They’re literary or semi-literary works that are rooted in these very important cultural archives (the detective ‘arriving’ at a certain point in colonial history is an interesting and by now much explored subject). The Byomkesh author for instance always insisted that his works were cultural histories of Calcutta and the mysteries were incidental. This sounds strange but reading the works it’s clear where he’s coming from. An entire history of Calcutta (and more) is contained in these works. If you don’t find an adequate approximation of this cultural history elsewhere you’re just left with the plot which is not profound enough (even if the characterizations of the original are superbly done.. even if there’s some wonderful humor always at play.. they’re not quite Tagore or something in that high literary sense). I didn’t like the Doordarshan version either. Not a bad Byomkesh (lead) and watchable on its own but it seemed like the most dumbed down version of Byomkesh imaginable. Because once again that entire cultural archive was lost. Of course this is also true for some ‘high’ literary works. Not every kind is as universally ‘adaptable’. To sum this up I love the Byomkesh stories, I’m a great fan but precisely for this reason I haven’t come across a good version yet and this includes a few of of the Bengali ones I’ve seen.


          • After Charging a whopping 50 crores for ‘Mohenjo Daro’, ‘Bang Bang’ Star Hrithik to be Paid More per day
            By Parismita Goswami October 21, 2014 19:00 IST
            11 4
            Ashutosh Gowariker’s period movie “Mohenjo Daro” starring Hrithik Roshan seems to be overshooting its budget.

            Hrithik Roshan Varinder Chawla
            It is known that Hrithik has charged a massive amount for the film – a whopping amount of ₹50 crore – as the actor has chosen not to share the profit from the film and instead take home the hefty amount.
            There were also reports that with such a massive amount, Hrithik could be the highest paid actor in the country and “Mohenjo Daro” the most expensive film.
            Now the buzz is that Gowariker and his co-producer will have to pay extra money to Hrithik if the shooting exceed, reported The Times of India.
            Hrithik has apparently allotted 150 days to the makers to complete the film and if they fail to complete the shooting of his portions within the limited time, they need to pay him extra money on a daily basis. The buzz is that the “Bang Bang” star has implemented the special clause in his contract.
            According to a source close to the actor: “Hrithik believes that five months of working days are enough to complete the film”
            Apparently, the honey eyed actor has other projects in hand and wants to start filming his father Rakesh Roshan’s next project by next year and hence has given “Mohenjo Daro” makers the deadline, said another filmmaker close to the actor.
            However, this is not the first time the actors have implemented such a cause.
            Earlier, Kareena Kapoor Khan had also made a similar clause when Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted her to cast for “Ram Leela”. But as Bhansali didn’t agree to such a clause, Kapoor chose to opt out of the film, which was later replaced by Deepika Padukone.
            Kapoor had earlier said: “I had allotted 100 days for the shooting in August 2012 as per contract, but Bhansali wanted more days to shoot.”
            Meanwhile, “Mohenjo Daro” is a period drama that dates back to the 26th century BC. It is a love story set during the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. Newcomer Pooja Hegde will be seen opposite the Bollywood hunk. The film is scheduled to release worldwide on 22 January 2016.


            Ps: this is the apt treatment for the eternal delayer ashutosh
            This should keep him under check
            Well done HR


    • Saw this, great interview. Very honest by Abhi- especially the part about feeling embarrassed coming home around 2010 when he had a couple flops in a row.


    • Thanks – really enjoyed watching this. You may remember I was pretty critical of him during the Dhoom 3 publicity as he appeared uncharacteristically petulant (and slightly rude), but that’s precisely because the Abhishek in this interview is the one we are used to and appreciate – well-spoken, thoughtful and honest. So rare in an industry full of the conceited, bitchy and obnoxious brats we see on KFK (eg Sonam, Salman, Priyanka, Kareena, Emraan, etc etc) or the weirdos like Hrithik and SRK.

      I also like the interviewer’s style here – he asks pretty open questions then steps back and lets Abhishek take over.


  27. Suicide Squad 2016: Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy and Will Smith in the same film? Don’t mind if we do…

    Sunday 19 Oct 2014 6:00 pm

    Get excited, because four mega-stars are rumoured to be joining the Suicide Squad cast for the 2016 movie.

    According to Empire, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are all considering parts in the 2016 adaptation of the DC Comic series.

    Planned as the first film in the series after the smash Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad is gathering hype and the studio is apparently in pursuit of the mega-cast to star in it.

    The movie is so far looking a bit empty in terms of details, despite being due for release in 2016. But could this wish-list cast actually happen?

    Well, Ryan Gosling’s film diary is looking a bit thin between the Untitled Terrence Malick Project and The Nice Guys (oh, and he’s got a new baby to support). And Will Smith isn’t exactly shy of the odd blockbuster or two…

    Margot Robbie is a favourite of Warner Bros, having been cast in not one but two of their films of late: first came The Wolf Of Wall Street and then Focus. And yes, that’s Will Smith in the same movie:

    But what of Tom Hardy? Well, he’s already been in one superhero movie (as Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises) so we have hope. Warner Bros., make it so…

    Another report on the film-

    looks like the Hollywood biggies are jumping on the superhero bandwagon just like Indian actors have jumped on the southern remake bandwagon. This superhero movie theme is on fire right now. As long as they keep making quality entertaining stuff (see Guardians of the Galaxy) then I’m all for it!!


  28. Bang Bang And Haider Third Weekend Business
    Monday 20 October 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang grossed around 4.75 crore nett in its third weekend which takes its total business to 138.50 crore nett. The daily weekend collections of the third week are as follows.

    Bang Bang
    Friday – 1,20,00,000
    Saturday – 1,50,00,000
    Sunday – 2,10,00,000

    TOTAL – 4,80,00,000

    Haider grossed 2.25 crore nett over its third weekend. The total business is 48 crore nett. The daily weekend collections of the third week are as follows.
    Friday – 50,00,000
    Saturday – 80,00,000
    Sunday – 1,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 2,30,00,000


  29. Classifications 2014 – Bang Bang 10th
    Tuesday 21 October 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bang Bang has dissappointed at the box office and its all India distributor share will be only 75 crore for Hindi version which is low for a film of its budget. Kick is still the only blockbuster of the year crossing the 100 crore share mark. Last year saw blockbuster films like Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, Krrish 3, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and even a small budget film film like Aashiqui 2 became a blockbuster. A feat which no small film has been able to repeat this year.

    Last year there were 17 films which had a classification between All Time Blockbuster and Semi Hit and so far this year there are 14 and although this is similar, this year has seen smaller hits.

    This is partly why business is down with 2014 grossing 2000 crore nett from 156 releases till date while last year was 2800 crore nett from 184 releases. Another 800 crore nett has to come in the last ten weeks just to match last year’s business and a lot depends on Happy New Year and P.K if the 2800 crore nett mark is to be crossed. The classifications of films in 2014 till date are as follows.

    All Time Blockbuster

    1. Kick (share – 118 crore)

    Super Hit
    2. Singham Returns (share – 77.5 crore)
    3. Ek Villain (share – 50.50 cr)
    4. 2 States (share – 48.75 cr)

    5. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (share – 56 cr)
    6. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (share – 35 cr)
    7. Queen (share – 25.75 crore)
    8. Heropanti (share – 25 crore)
    9. Ragini MMS 2 (share – 23.50 crore)

    Semi Hit
    10. Bang Bang (expected share – 75 crore)
    11. Jai Ho (share – 58 cr)
    12. Gunday (share – 37.75 cr)
    13. Mary Kom (29.50 crore)
    14. Main Tera Hero (share – 26 cr)


    • Most of their classifications should be pulled down a notch. Calling kick a blockbuster or Singham Returns a super hit is ridiculous as is much else here.


      • I think it also exposes quite the true box-office standings of some of our Bollywood stars. If an Alia Bhatt-Arjun Kapoor starrer (2 States) and a Siddhartha Malhotra-Riteish Deshmukh starrer is doing almost as much a Bang Bang or Singham Returns, it is a pretty telling statement on how overhyped the term “star” has become these days. Of course we had something completely bargain-basement like Grand Masti doing more than most of these star-films.


        • agreed completely. And once again a lot of these ratings are quite crazy. Not just with BOI but most places. Films with new stars and much smaller budgets are put into the same categories of profitably as much bigger films that didn’t even do especially well even judged by today’s standards! And these numbers are just thrown out and one is supposed to just take them at face value. X film has a distributor share of y crores etc etc. The question that some of us have been raising for more than a decade still stands. What is the verification for these numbers? Just putting them up there on a site isn’t good enough.


  30. Kept wondering for a long time about who the character of Dr Hilal resembles to in real life. Narendra Jha was given a very different styling from his usual TV appearances. Then I came across this picture of Safdar Hashmi. Perhaps a co-incidence or a silent tribute by VB?



    ‘Bang Bang’ Shoots To Top Of 2014 Chart As #1 Bollywood Film In North America: Box Office

    by Nancy Tartaglione
    October 19, 2014 9:30am

    Hrithik Roshan-starrer Bang Bang has advanced to the top spot among Bollywood films in North America for the year. With a gross now of $2.56M, it bested the previous 2014 record holder, Salman Khan’s Kick, which earned $2.47M during its summer run. The Knight And Day remake that co-stars Katrina Kaif went out day-and-date on October 2, scoring the biggest opening weekend of the year for a Bollywood title. From Fox International Productions and Fox Star Studios, Bang Bang is still playing at over 100 theaters across the U.S. and Canada. It would have to go a fair way to beat last year’s Dhoom 3, which topped out at around $8M. However, it will have a clear path to add coin for another week in North America before Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year bows. It also has beaten Roshan’s own 2013 actioner, Krrish 3, which grossed about $2.2M. Other Bollywood pictures to have hit it big in North America in recent years have included Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ($3.8M), Chennai Express ($3.8M ) and Ek Tha Tiger ($2.3M). According to Bollywood Hungama, Bang Bang bested both Yeh Jawaani and Ek Tha Tiger in total overseas box office in its first 11 days of release. It now has an offshore cume of $13.2M.

    RelatedHrithik Roshan In ‘Bang Bang’ Takes Aim At India, Global Box Office Records: Video
    Siddharth Anand directs the film about a chance encounter between an unassuming bank receptionist and a charming yet mysterious fellow, which results in a series of ditched planes, car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem.

    Ps: lots of random comments are being thrown in above
    Remove my moderation & I will answer em ol 🙂


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