Best Bollywood Adaption of Shakespeare? Pick One Only


Pick one only, and feel free to add your own if you remember others:-)!





8 Responses to “Best Bollywood Adaption of Shakespeare? Pick One Only”

  1. I voted for Angoor. Lightheated and evergreen. Can watch it again and again.


  2. Definitely Angoor. Whilst I love the Vishal movies, Angoor is in my top five favourite movies of all time.


    • What are the other four?


      • Ah, well it changes, but probably Anupama, Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan, Lekin and Mughal-e-Azam.

        But a top 10 would allow me to add Pakeezah, Miss Mary, Sujaata, Golmaal and Pyaasa.

        However, DDLJ is the movie I have watched more time than any other and that perhaps should qualify it as my favourite.


        • Nice choices.

          My top 5. Angoor, any Amol Palekar film, Abhimaan, Aaradhana, Madhumati.


          • nice. madhumati is very close to being in my top 10. which amol films do u have in mind? the ones he directed? or u mean those middle-of-the-road simple movies he acted in, in the 70s.


          • Mostly those middle of the road simple films. And I also love Farooq and Deepti naval’s films. They represent middleclass so well


  3. Voted for Angoor. Like it because of it not only being well made, but fun. Haider is too dark eve though an excellent adaptation.


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