Sachin launches autobiography

some initial bits missing from the youtube but available here


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  1. this was a great watch. Specially when Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and Sachin were on stage.



    Manisha made some interesting observaions on autobiographies.

    However, somewhere along the way, the ‘Dil Se ‘actress changed her mind because she found it hard to be “truly honest about her experiences in Bollywood.” She was overheard telling a leading columnist and book author at a Diwali party that she had shelved her book because the whole exercise would be pointless if she couldn’t be honest. She also realised that if she did bare her heart out, she might invite negativity — something that she wasn’t interested in. Apparently, she wanted to give her account of being a cancer survivor, but understood that readers would be more interested in her Bollywood journey.

    The eavesdropper added that though the columnist asked her to reconsider her decision, Manisha seemed adamant. So one guesses, if at all someone writes a biography on the Nepali beauty, then her life may unfold on pages. Otherwise, she has put a full stop to her self-written account. The actress confirmed the development.


  3. Like

  4. Though generating controversies prior release are the way these books sell nowadays, but I am amused to read all these Chappell stories circulating and how he relished on the divide and rule policy etc…. Now Chappells along with Imran Khan were probably the best captains of modern cricket and the results they achieved from their mediocre sides is proof of their disciplinarian /taskmaster credentials.

    Of course Chappell was naïve in trying to shake off the aristocracy of Indian cricket and he paid a price by getting dumped with quick exit but I believe it was a bigger loss for Indian cricket, because champions are not born with just skills, but a certain amount of discipline and dedication is required.

    One of the reason Dhoni became my favorite was due to keeping all these troublemakers like Bhajji , yuvraj , zaheer at bay who were doing nothing but fronting for Tendulkar and pampering his bruised ego for not captaining the side.

    We watched the nasty side of Gavaskar the minute Kapil started getting more limelight than him and immediately ‘gutbaazi’ started in Indian dressing room with Shastri and all those people. We witnessed part of that (albeit behind doors) with Sachin during Ganguly’s heydays. But they found a tough nut to crack in Dhoni who got all these ruffians out and replaced them with a young vibrant team.


    • Zaheer — troublemaker? He’s arguably the best and most successful pacer India has had in the last 20 years. Of all Pacers in world level teams, he was quite a gentleman and less of a troublemaker than anyone else.

      Yuvraj — The most contributing guy to both of India’s recent world cup wins.

      Harbhajan- India’s most successful bowler in past two decades.

      you speak as if you are the real MS dhoni and knew everything behind and in front of the doors. This is what blind fanaticism can do.


      • “India’s most successful bowler in past two decades.”-

        Umm.. no, not even by a long shot. Kumble gets the palm very easily (don’t even think there is a comparison to be had here). And Ashwin should overtake Harbhajan in no time as far as the wickets column is concerned.


  5. The problem is none of the above listed wanted to hang their boots in a dignified way when their hay days were over , instead of making way they all resorted to bullying the juniors/ younger crowd and all sorts of issues cropped up including groupism which is coming out now with support from above listed players.

    Sanjay Manjrekar hinted this in many of his columns earlier and ultimately shut up to save his commentating career. Ashok Malhotra is on tv regularly and was pretty outspoken about these things until BCCI came out with a scheme to honor senior cricketers who missed out on the money before and started to shower benefit on former cricketers.


    • I agree. While Sachin himself was dignified, the chamchas of him tried to create groupism and bad blood. It was evident when India won the world cup. They predecided whom to sideline.


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