Images from Tevar (updated)

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  1. this poster makes it look like an alien movie! Obviously the sort of thing that will attract attention but it’s absurdly wrong for an Okkadu remake.


  2. [added to post]


  3. I don’t know what it is but every time I see this guy, my immediate reaction is, Abhi could have easily done this movie and wonder why Abhi wasn’t taken.

    So far he has had a good inning between ishazaade, gunday, 2 states, arungzeb and now this one.


    • He’s always been a poor man’s Abhishek. He’s very much in that mould. But the rest isn’t surprising. Abhishek once he got very successful decided that he didn’t just want it to be business-as-usual. There was some bad luck here as well. A lot of prestige projects he had didn’t work out. And some of it is his fault too because he didn’t course-correct in time. But the answer lies herein. Just about any star after a flop or two, certainly after an important one, is likely to try and sneak in a hit somewhere, shuffle the order of the remaining assignments, do something suddenly in between and so on. Because Abhishek was never committed to that sort of thing he took his time. But even today most of the stuff Arjun Kapoor is doing Abhishek wouldn’t do anyway (rightly or wrongly). Now for instance with the Tevar director he’s doing his upcoming home production. The latter got delayed a bit and the director did this in the meantime. But at no point was Abhishek doing the Okkadu remake with him, this despite the fact that he was once supposed to the same with Santoshi (many years ago). In this sense even the multistarrers though I dislike them for various reasons seem to exhibit a certain psychological consistency on his part. Because he never takes this sort of thing on completely on his own. Even when he was in much worse shape. Now his home production is supposed to be masala and so forth but I suspect it will be much more refined brand. And perhaps the script is something he’s really liked here (as has been claimed by him). But either way the continuing uncertainty he exhibits in certain ways reveals how even though he knows he has to do things to get back in the game in a big way, that he is also not willing to completely settle down on this career course. Whether he can thread the needle, whether after all this time he can exhibit the sort of judgment that would allow him to do this remains to be seen but either way it’s not surprising why he doesn’t have some of those films you’ve mentioned. Because if at any point in his career he’d decided to go down that route life would have been a lot easier! And it’s not just about commercial films but the ‘different’ as well. You can do the latter in a cynical way also, in other words films that are a bit different but also completely acceptable to key demographics. This is a point I’ve made before. A film like BMB is hard to pull off because the margin for error is greater, on the other hand it’s not D6 either which no one could pull off anywhere (even if as ‘flops’ go it wasn’t the worst performance imaginable, nor was Raavan for that matter.. in other words neither film did a Besharam or something..) or it isn’t a film which with some script tampering could suddenly be made safe. So when evaluating the different one must look at this which might work with the right treatment and that which cannot work in any sense as it exists. For all sorts of reasons. Dil Se is another such film. The thing people usually have a crude sense of these things. when such films fail there is always talk of ‘script’ problems. The writing might or might not be flawed but that’s usually not the reason why such films fail. Much as at the other end safer subjects never have to be married to flawless scripts! Speaking as an Abhishek fan I am not that interested whether he does a certain kind of disposable film on his own or with someone else. Either way I want him to get back to a more meaningful mix. Unlike many other fans I am not just in it to have him become very successful doing just about anything so that I can crow about it online! My aims have always been rather more serious here!


    • Abhishek has done these kind of films which has flopped. Arjun has looks similar to Abhishek..just the way Harman resembles Hrithik. While Harman couldnt succeed due to Hrithik’s high bar, Arjun seems to be succeeding due to low bar.


  4. At the SLAM show, SRK looked burnt out, ( although he did get the maximum applause), Deepika just came for a few songs and was listless, the others were just props, Honey Singh could not make it, so the real entertainer was Abhishek., and he did not disappoint …as an added bonus, I had the good fortune of shaking his hand as well..


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