Garm Havaa Returns to the Big Screen


“Garm Hava is a showcase screening for its director and surviving crew members, the restoration financer (Pune-based businessman RD Deshpanday’s Indikino Edutainment Company) and PVR Cinemas, which set up Director’s Rare to support independent-minded cinema. Although it’s encouraging to see a multiplex chain devote a few shows to this seventies classic, Garm Hava will have to stand firm against the newreleases. By the time word gets around that it is running somewhere in a cinema with enhanced picture and sound quality, it might have to make way for the next week’s films. Still, it’s still heartening that Garm Hava has emerged into the darkness in a cinema hall, rather than directly on DVD.”


2 Responses to “Garm Havaa Returns to the Big Screen”

  1. PS — here’s the address of the Matterden CFC mentioned in the article (Garm Havaa is on at least through Thursday, but in general this is one of the few cinema devoted to showing films that aren’t current):

    Deepak Talkies, 38 NM Joshi Marg, Delisle Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India


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