Lingaa trailers (updated with Hindi trailer)

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20 Responses to “Lingaa trailers (updated with Hindi trailer)”

  1. the one thing you have to give K S Ravikumar is that no matter what year or decade it is he keeps things basic! Will check it out but the Shankar film is the one I’m truly waiting for.


  2. Doesnt look good to me, btw link is not working.


  3. Super – there is only one superstar in India – R A J N I – onscreen he becomes a god – no other actor has this charishma (No Big B and no one else) – the man is ageless when it comes to onscreen essaying of larger-than-life heroes


    • Yes he is the second biggest superstar of the country after Hrithik.But one thing takes him above Hrithik is his age.It is not easy to deliver at boxoffice at this age and there is is unmatchable.Look at Bachchan’s career in last two decades and compare that with Rajni, there’ll be hell of difference.Hrithik’s international pull gives him some brownie points though.


      • u must be joking – comparint THALIVA with HR??? even Big B or whatever name will not match to his onscreen larger-than-life image – and MIND IT 🙂 it is not just his talent there is some invisible power at work with rajini with the kind of work he does quietly for people and the kind of humility he carries……watch this intro scene in Chandramukhi – – no other actor can carry such absurd action sequence with aplomb – but I saw this movie in a theater – and the entire theater audience was on their toes whistling / shouting / cheering…………never in my life I’ve seen such a euphoria


      • Has WEED been made official in India too?


  4. Um, Sonakshi is playing Rajni’s granddaughter in the movie, right?


  5. Rockline !! LOL


  6. Wow, saw the hindi trailer, didn’t think its such a big scale film. What time period it is set? Looks like period film and also kinda futuristic. Should do well in its regular markets.


  7. Looks cool. Agree with Master, didn’t know it was a big scale film considering that they started filming after Kochidyaan released in May. 6 months to make such a grand looking movie is commendable.


  8. Looks like another one of those crappy products that poor Rajni has to churn out every now and then to please his blind fanatics


  9. Cutting Rajini down to size
    The Hindi-dubbed Lingaa has been trimmed by nearly an hour after it’s Tamil-Telugu versions got a lukewarm response.

    Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa’s Hindi edition will not see as much of the Thalaiva as the Tamil and Telugu versions.

    The film starring Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty released in South India on December 12 and has reportedly suffered heavy losses across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

    As a result, the makers are editing the Hindi version of the film and have reduced its runtime from a little over three hours to two hours and 28 minutes.

    “The audience in the North does not worship Rajinikanth. There is no need to show him as a ‘God’ on screen. We have edited out all his OTT scenes,” said the film’s director and co-writer K S Ravikumar, who also helmed Rajinikanth’s 1999 Tamil superhit Padayappa.

    And it was only Rajinikanth’s scenes that were left on the editing table. “Except two songs, no sequences featuring Sonakshi and Anushka were edited out,” added Ravikumar.

    “Keeping all the commercial aspects in mind, we shortened the songs from five and a half minutes to a maximum of three minutes,” he added.

    Eros had purchased the film’s distribution rights for a whooping Rs 200 crore and planned a worldwide release of 5500 screens for the film. They are optimistic that the film will pick up over the holidays. “We are hoping that the holiday season will bring in the crowds,” said Ravikumar.


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