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  1. Happy Ending Has Average Opening
    Friday 21 November 2014 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending opened to an average response of around 30-35%. The opening was very similar to last week’s release Kill Dill with circuits like CP Berar and CI opening a little lower but big cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore opening a bit better.

    The film is a rom-com unlike Kill Dil which was an action fare so there should be better evening growth at metros than Kill Dil as action films tend to grow less in metros. If this growth comes it should have a slightly better first day than Kill Dil. The business in single screens is poor.

    The other releases of the week like Titoo MBA, Money Back Guarantee are total non starters. In the North, Chaar Sahibzaade continues its extraordinary run the theatres showing it in Delhi and Punjab had better figures on third Friday than first day of Happy Ending. Another Punjabi film Happy Go Lucky released but opening was below the mark.


  2. Kill Dil Has Low First Week Total
    Friday 21 November 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kill Dil had a low first week total of around 29 crore nett as the film fell on weekdays after a mediocre weekend. The film is okay in terms of economics as it will generated a 21 crore worldwide share and the rest of the 19 crore apprx cost should be covered by other revenue avenues but theatrically the film found no appreciation.

    It was a similar performance all over with Delhi/UP being bit better than the rest with a 6 crore nett approx first week. Mumbai grossed 8.75 crore nett apprx and East Punjab was 2.75crore nett approx. The other circuits gave a low contribution.

    The film may not even hit the 35 crore nett mark in terms of lifetime business..


  3. These are extremely poor numbers. I think the audience money ran out or may be savings for PK has begun. Never expected Kill Dill and this one do so bad on numbers…..…Narayan Narayan as KRK would exclaim !!


  4. On that Deepika- HR link Apex posted in the previous box office thread – No wonder she was shouting ‘Bang Bang’ on twitter recently and the song became her anthem ……….We recently read HR has just got his pad readied and this must be a paradise for the Deepikas of the world with bang bang title song playing in the background with all the action going around !!

    But what’s with HR attention seeking filmfare cover ‘Separation is worse than death’


    He comes across twisted if you go by the comment section….!!


  5. Only film i am watching in theaters in PK. There’s no other movie between today and 19th Dec that would make me spend…Action Jackson etc etc…nada.


    • One rockshow a day keeps the…..
      some such thing.


    • LOL Modi’s such a show off.
      Anyway in 6 months he’s been out of the country 5 times had a visit once, and will be away to Europe soon after he’s finished his speeches at election rallies. For which he returns to India.
      Students in Varanasi being lathi charged. Situation serious and some hostels asked to be vacated. Their MP is missing.

      And there are Indians who are thinking India has suddenly progressed and the prestige has increased? What logic there?
      Travelling around to ‘white nations’ or developed nations increases prestige?


      • OG, I meant that in jest. Not sure anyone can blame him for attending a UN, an Asean and a G20! Its not like they were forced bilateral summits, these were all multi-lateral events attended by scores of other heads of states. He was resourceful enough to expand these opportunities for building some bi-lateral bonhomie with other world leaders. There is no way that Obama would’ve accepted his invite unless there was a personal connect/rapport. IMO he goes the extra mile to woo all these leaders. eg: presenting Obama with a video and pictures of Dr Martin Luther King’s speech and visit to Rajghat in the 50s. Or, using cricket to woo the Australian parliament. Also, one cannot blame the Indian diaspora in those countries for going ga-ga over his events.
        It does look like Obama wanted to escape home and get some foreign earned respect for his bruised psyche.


      • And as of now there is a SAARC going on in Nepal. Is it Modi’s fault that all these events have been organized within a space of 3 months?
        But its even more ironic and hilarious to listen to leaders of other parties criticizing him, especially those who travel out incognito. Or those who send party MLAs for foreign ‘study’ trips!


  6. Yeah Miss Dhoni: I had predicted this earlier –since then PC, nargis, katrina kapoor & now–

    Both have v strong well paid PR machineries but inspite of that these reports are ‘leaking out’

    OMG! Hrithik Roshan smooches Deepika Padukone publically

    Mumbai: In a stunning revelation, it has been reported that Hrithik Roshan, who recently got divorce from Sussanne Khan, was spotted smooching Deepika Padukone at a public event.

    Yes, the two were seen having a very intimate time at the party.

    The report was confirmed by a person present in the party, who said, “The two were seen in very comfortable condition in each other’s company. It was really a very passionate kiss, which lasted for a considerable period.”

    The partygoer went on claiming, “The couple even left the party together.”

    Well, it seems that Hrithik has finally found a company after completely getting heartbroken following the end of 14-year-long relationship with wife Sussanne.

    Few days back, the leggy lass was spotted hanging out with Duggu at Aamir Khan’s Diwali bash. The two were seen having quality time together. So, this might be another step in the relationship of a very hot looking couple.

    However, the reports are not ear-friendly for Deepika’s alleged beau Ranveer Singh. This is also being said that the buzz might spoil their relationship!


    Ps: I won’t say I’m disappointed…lol

    Ps2: wanna catch cocktail sequel ‘happy ending’ but may have to wait till next week due to some ‘reasons’…


  7. Xhobdo:

    Exclusive new song Sun Zara in the melodious voice of Papon

    from the film ‘Bhopal A Prayer For Rain’

    The official trailer of the much anticipated movie ‘Bhopal A Prayer For Rain’ starring for the first time Mischa Barton, Kal Penn and Martin Sheen in an Indian film. The movie is a social thriller based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.


  8. Happy Ending First Day Business
    Friday 22 November 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending had a poor first day as it grossed 3.75-4 crore nett on day one. The collections are similar to Finding Fanny despite a wider release. The wider release is a bit irrelevent as these types only have an audience at premium multiplexes. The collections outside these multiplexes are hardly anything.

    The film may do better on Saturday evening but that will not help the overall picture as the film should have started to grow from Friday afternoon if it was go anywhere in terms of box office.

    Saif Ali Khan’s last film Humshakal’s opened to 10.50 crore nett and that had tremendous negativity around it so for Happy Ending to be around 4 crore nett is just too low. It was exactly one year ago that another rom-com Gori Tere Pyaar Mein suffered a similar fate.


  9. Satyam, I suggest you change the blog’s tag line from Truth or Cinema to Politics or Box Office 😉 On a more serious note, you should write more full-length pieces on films. Anyway, here’s my own little note on some films I’ve recently enjoyed:

    Interstellar- Interstellar begins very promisingly. The depiction of an agrarian future where environmental catastrophe has significantly dimmed the scale of human ambition is poignant, particularly in context of the arguments about human ambition and excess that have gained prominence after the recent recession.

    The contrast between the bleak existence of the corn farmers and the audacious ambition of the NASA is brilliantly set-up. Coop meets with disapproval for daring to dream big and he is thought to be selfish for not focussing solely on the everyday banalities of survival in an increasingly inhospitable planet. Yet, he has the audience sympathy, even when he leaves his distraught daughter to embark on a fool’s errand that he most probably won’t survive. This is because we nurture passions that extend beyond the mundanity of everyday life and Coop and the NASA champion these passions in a world that has turned hostile to such ideas.

    However, once Coop goes into space the film goes downhill, with a lot of maudlin pseudo-scientific nonsense about love and gravity and a disappointing demonisation of the same grand ambitions it initially seemed to encourage. This is not to say that the film isn’t engaging: it is very gripping, even during its most implausible moments and it’s well worth watching, especially for the spectacular beginning portion.

    Imitation Game- this a biopic of the great and (greatly wronged) war hero and mathematical genius, Alan Turing. There has been much talk about the calculative nature of the film, and how it does a disservice to the man it portrays. I agree with the first criticism, but disagree vehemently with the second. Yes, Imitation Game is decidedly Oscar bait. It’s message of diversity and tolerance is transparent, and this includes a historically disproportionate emphasis on Turing’s relationship with Joan Clarke. Yet, the film succeeds magnificently in making the viewer admire it’s highly eccentric and curmudgeonly protagonist. Upon leaving the cinema, I was filled with awe for Turing and indignantion for the disgraceful way in his homosexuality was punished and his heroism ignored.

    My strong emotional reaction to this film was in no small measure due to Cumberbatch’s masterful performance. I have been largely immune to his charms in Sherlock, but Cumberbatch succeeds in bringing alive Turing’s tortured genius in a most elegiac and elegant manner. He is easily my choice for best performance of the year.

    I enjoyed this film thoroughly and recommend it heartily to everybody, for its superlative lead performance, for the powerful, important, dramatic and intriguing story of its hero and for the evocative period setting it successfully recreates.

    Gone Girl- I thought this was a gripping, well-executed thriller with a sensational leader performance. I do understand the concern over its propagation of troubling myths and archetypes. However, Rosamund Pike was so fantastic in such a colourful role that her vivid, menacing presence distracted me from the less salubrious implications of the film and allowed me to enjoy the twists as they unfolded onscreen.

    The movies I’m most looking forward to watch next month:

    The Theory of Everything- a romantic drama about Stephen Hawking’s relationship with his first wife and how his illness affected their marriage. This looks utterly charming and stars Eddie Redmayne in a much-raved-about performance.

    Big Eyes- a Tim Burton film based on the extremely compelling life story of an artist who was exploited by her husband who claimed her works to be his own, starring the fantastic Amy Adams.

    PK- just to see if Aamir and Raju can pull off what currently looks like a hot mess


  10. Happy Ending Saturday Business
    Sunday 23 November 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending could not grow much on Saturday as collections were only up a little when they had top grow 60-70% from a film to have a chance. The writing was on the wall on Friday when it did not pick up and the Saturday figures just confirmed its fate . The first two days collections are as follows.

    Friday – 3,75,00,000
    Saturday – 4,25,00,000

    Total – 8,00,00,000

    The film will probably do a weekend of 13 crore nett approx which is just a little higher than what The Shaukeens grossed a couple of weeks back.


  11. Thanks for the lovely reviews Amy …must say I didn’t expect imitation game to be much good..(as for gone girl…)
    Happy ending is doing exactly as expected –it caters to a v niche segment of multiplex viewers only
    Needless to say, I will be catching happy ending soon –irrespective of its box office fate
    I will miss DPad & diana in this sequel though,,
    @ paapaas –thanx for the appreciation–plz join my fan club ..


  12. I give a Fcuk bout box office damn it (in such ‘edgy’ stuff lol)
    We r not talking HR here (but a fading saif)
    Hope this doesn’t get taken off from theatres by the time I watch it.
    I’m anyhow not expecting the flair & quality of ‘cocktail’ here but should be a lighter mellower stuff (besides seminal saif here…)

    An ordinary sounding song initially but it’s actually not a bad hum

    Liked the loop around

    Kuch bhi nahi hai
    Kuch phir bhi hai
    Tumse milke dil ko ye laga hai….

    Ps: contd from my exchange with miss dhoni -my only ‘conflict’ about the HR-deepika kissathon is poor ranveer–he’s a good guy…


    • @”Ps: contd from my exchange with miss dhoni -my only ‘conflict’ about the HR-deepika kissathon is poor ranveer–he’s a good guy…”

      Blondie Apex there is a tweet from krk , incidentally today which sums up Ranveer state of affairs at the moment.

      “KRK BOX OFFICE @KRKBoxOffice • 3h3 hours ago
      Deepika strictly asked Ranveer Singh to not talk about her publicly. http://krkboxoffice.com/news/ranveer-avoiding-questioning-about-deepika!.aspx …”

      “Kamaal R Khan-KRK @kamaalrkhan • 3h3 hours ago
      Now a days poor Ranveer Singh is in problem. Girlfriend Dhamkaa Rahi Hai. Media Dara rahi hai. Koi nahi Bhai Bollywood is with success only”.


  13. Flop after flop after flop after flop for Saif Ali Khan. I think Kabir Khan and Katrina can save him Phantom though.


  14. Happy Ending Has Disastrous Fate
    Monday 24 November 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending has had a disastrous fate at the box office. The film grossed just 13 crore nett over the first weekend. The low collections outside the metros are no surprise but the premium multiplexes in places like Mumbai city, Delhi city and Bangalore atleast should have shown good growth from Friday afternoon.

    These theatres are up compared to how they started but the growth is nominal like it is for a mass film when this is the target audience for the film. A similar film Finding Fanny also faced rejection like this but that rejection came on Monday, here Friday evening sealed the fate of the film.

    The last major release which was a disaster like this was Gori Tere Pyaar Main and coincidently it was releases in the same week last year. That film grossed 14 crore nett and although Happy Ending will beat that its no consolation as the costs involved are also higher.


    • Woeful performance. I thought this would have a better fate than Humshakals but thought wrong.


      • something surprising here.. it’s one thing for a film to underperform but Saif has some history with this genre. He’s done well with it more often than not. Here people didn’t show up even on day 1.


        • I hate to say it but it is some sort of Karma at play here….and krk has nailed this –

          “Kamaal R Khan-KRK @kamaalrkhan • Nov 21
          Why r ppl not agree to watch films of Saif n Emraan coz they both don’t like to watch Hindi films but they want to earn money from bollywd.”

          Lol but this seems true because to my utter astonishment I had watched Emraan on KWK and then Saif on some TV channel deriding Hindi movies and how they are not interested in watching them.


        • Weekend after weekend of sub standard releases from Bollywood has affected even those viewers who watch almost every new release.
          and when a big movie with superstars and great hype like HNY, Bang Bang etc release and audienc goes in hordes to watch but comes out disappointed, it affects their perception of mainstream cinema. Now a really good commercial film with content is the need of the hour, which Hirani can provide.

          Why HE didn’t click with the audience – decent promo but unpopular music which is death of romcoms. Saif looking old for the role , heroine not having much to do, mixed reviews. Trying to spoof romcoms but falling in the same routine.


  15. Abhishek Bachchan turns down endorsement offer worth Rs 10 crores
    Sat, November 22, 2014 6:30pm UTC

    Abhishek Bachchan’s alcoholic act as Nandu Bhide in Happy New Year has been much appreciated by all. But little did he know it would land him another job; that of endorsing an alcohol brand.

    A source close the actor reported to a daily, “A leading alcohol company approached to him last week. At the meeting, they expressed the desire to have him endorse the brand. They even mentioned that his role in his last film was the driving factor.”

    The source also revealed that Jr Bachchan was offered around Rs 7-10 crores for the endorsement. Abhi, however, denied the offer politely since he wasn’t particularly happy with the concept and also because he wanted to give out any wrong message to the youth.

    Abhishek confirmed the report saying, “I personally don’t believe that any revenue is good revenue. There has to be an endorser-brand fit that raises the product’s equity. I need to personally believe in the brand before taking it up. I wouldn’t endorse a product I don’t use.”


  16. Abhi and team made a smart move to get ATB out of this release period, otherwise he too would end in this lethargic box-office zone and be looking at 30-40 cr lifetime gross….


  17. Satte par Satta ho, doogi pey dogga, gaur sey dekha jaye koi faraq nahee albatta….LOL!! ( as retweeted by big B himself)……


  18. Superb…….
    Social media, Arnab Goswami, Swapan Dasgupta- all had a role to play in getting Tarun Tejpal’s invite withdrawn


  19. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/music/news/Anup-Jalotas-wife-passes-away/articleshow/45269401.cms

    Anup Jalota’s ailing wife Medha died in the US on Monday due to a liver failure following a second heart and first kidney transplant, the Bhajan singer’s official spokesperson confirmed. She was 59.

    Medha was admitted to a hospital in New Jersey two months ago. She received a donor and the surgery took place on Monday, but she couldn’t survive it, Pritam Sharma, the spokesperson, told IANS.

    Her last rites will take place in New Jersey on Tuesday, he added.

    Medha, neice of former Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, is survived by an 18-year-old son Aryaman. She was earlier married to acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who mourned her death on micro-blogging site Twitter soon after the news of her demise came.

    “Probably the bravest person I ever knew. Medha Jalota. Rest in Peace Medha, You showed that life can be lived and loved despite all odds,” Kapur posted.


  20. Happy ending

    Checked happy ending yesterday –being late is not uncommon for me so missed the first 20-25 min or so
    Due to this lingering moderation crap here, I post much less often and bother much lesss to explain or reply — but few words

    In brief–Yes this is an audience friendly genre, but the treatment, flavour style was different from what the ‘multiplex’ crowd wants or is used to in Bollywood (& I could sense from the promos)
    as expected–it never reached the ‘heights’ and ‘depths’ of one of my faves ‘cocktail’ due to various reasons but that for maybe later
    There were pacing, narration, and predictability issues galore BUT

    DK raj or whatever are good & fresh
    Govinda used every second of his screen time to come up with a brilliant perfomance (actually people like him can’t be ‘judged’ by reviewers etc-he’s above them–he can manufacture moments out of the blue)
    Montoo aka ranbir shorey was ROFLOL

    Look, I ripped apart saif for bullett raja and humshakals (& have never cared for his ‘langda tyagi’ hyper celebrated deals since there are better people to do that shit)
    But I don’t blame saif for trying out such ‘different’ (for him) stuff

    But here saif was nearly back to his best albeit in a mellower note (though he lacked focus and effort &was uneven at places- a bit too laid-back 4 his own production)
    Infact I will still say that saif is UNTOUCHABLE in this genre and space even now (in the history of Bollywood ) and I’m not exaggerating …
    There’s not even a comparison with ANYONE

    There were those subtle nuances and moments
    I smiled seeing them –as if the target audience as only ME lol

    Fcuk the box office-U have passed in my test in flying colors here

    The only thing I blame saif is his alliance with kareena –now he will pay the ‘price’–good I came late and missed Kareena !!!

    Ps : a special word of praise for Ileana DaCruz
    She matched saif as much as was possible —
    Ileanas best performance to date–more on that later
    She brought to life a vivid and human character called

    Aanchal Reddy …

    Here she lights up a rather average composition with saif (good vocals & guitar tho)

    know the box office and reviewers and all others won’t agree here at all–infact this will be a disaster …

    But have I ever cared for that …

    The only thing bad about this is that this will perhaps now be the last outing of saif in this genre –

    A sad goodbye to saif –cheers buddy


  21. Love it!!


  22. Controversy’s favourite child Veena Malik has now gotten herself into a what we may call it as the biggest controversy of all times in her career. She, along with Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman (owner of Geo and Jang group), have now been sentenced to 26 years in prison by an anti-terrorism court for allegedly airing a blasphemous programme.

    The duo have been accused of airing of an apparently sacrilegious programme on Geo television in the month of May, which had played a religious song while staging a mock marriage of Veena Malik with her husband Assad Bashir Khan. Besides Veena and Mir, Judge Shahbaz Khan has also sentenced Assad Bashir Khan along with TV host Shaista Wahidi for 26 years each.

    Besides this, the ATC has also imposed a whopping 1.3 million Pakistani rupees as fine on the convicts and has ordered that their properties should be sold to raise the said fine, in case they failed to pay it. In its 40-page verdict, the court has also asked the police to arrest the convicts.


  23. Ajay Devgn hits out at fudged box office figures business
    By Faridoon Shahryar, Nov 27, 2014 – 11:25 hrs IST

    “I’ve heard people saying that how can a film’s collections can be like this because when we went to the theatre it was a shit film and the theatre was empty,” said Ajay Devgn in a Bollywood Hungama video interview. Ajay was reacting to Aamir Khan’s reservations about inflated box office figures that have been doing the rounds in the film industry.

    “Earlier the figures were being inflated but the media used to keep quiet about it. Now even the media has started writing about it. Apart from media, now even the audience knows when a film’s collections are inflated. I don’t think people can fudge Box Office figures any more. There’s a lot of confusion that for a same film, 8 different figures are floating,” Ajay said. Don’t you feel that there should be a registered body within the film industry that gives out official Box Office figures and everyone follows it? “Eventually it will happen I guess. It should happen! In our country there are so many small centres which makes it difficult to collect figures from everywhere and put it all together. But that body has to be created and then they have to be in touch,” Ajay said.

    The ‘coveted’ 100 Crore club is no more coveted, especially if the budget of a film and the price at which it is sold to the distributors is astronomical. Ajay gives a better perspective by saying, “There is no such club as 100 Cr club where we have coffee or a drink together. The budgets have gone up. People were talking about 100 Crores but there are films that are not a success even at 100 Crores. A film should do business depending on what is spent on a film.”


    • some of us have talked about this stuff for years but people would continue to spread the fiction and sometimes downright nonsense about producer costs and distributor costs and what not (any film could be any kind of success of failure at any gross using this ‘magic’.. all unverified and unverifiable numbers of course even at this level!).. now even industry types have started saying this. Saif was among those who alluded to the K3 stuff. But more recently Aamir talked about it rather openly at that HT summit (the video’s on this blog) and now it’s Devgan. And they’re being precise about it. Aamir for instance said that people pay for pages in newspapers (this is a fact incidentally and happens routinely) where stars themselves decide the content. In any case they say a big film has been launched and they keep throwing out all sorts of numbers, then even before the film releases they call it a success and after release they throw out other numbers. Aamir says rather sardonically about this that they don’t even need to make a film! They can just run these pieces! Today devgan is stating the obvious, that just because a film does 100 crores or something doesn’t mean it’s a success. Again when some of us said this stuff there were all kinds of ‘debates’. But surely Aamir and Devgan know what they’re talking about in this context!


  24. To all the US folks here.. happy Turkey day! the only such ‘holiday season’ I like by the way (i.e. at this end).


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