Action Jackson trailers (updated)

thanks to An Jo..

thanks to Saurabh…


12 Responses to “Action Jackson trailers (updated)”

  1. thecooldude Says:

    Same crap…different actor. Prabhu Deva just copied and pasted RR trailer and replaced Akshay with Ajay. Yawwwwewn


  2. this is the Dookudu remake.


    • I’ve watched (or rather: have been bored by) ‘Dookudu’ and don’t see any similarities here (and I’m not talking only about the impossibility of seeing Mahesh barechested:D)


      • I thought Dookudu was pretty poor too. It’s been called a remake everywhere. Don’t know otherwise.


        • Might be a very loose remake (you are right that most sites have mentioned Dookudu). The Mahesh film I quite liked recently was “1 Nenokkadine” (my favourites of his are Okkadu and Arjun)- it was more a slick thriller than Masala and this was precisely the reason why it flopped inspite of it being a far better film than Dookudu or Businessman. BTW Mahesh has had 2 back to back flops (I think the recent Aagadu also tanked) now.


    • i am not sure it is the Dookudu remake…


  3. Rehash remix..i was about to say what the cooldude said.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    yeah.. crappy, though Devgn is looking better than many of his recent films


  5. This looks extremely B-Grade. Especially the video to the new song “Gangster Baby”. I’m not providing the link cause I’d be lowering the standards of SS by posting it. At least Rowdy Rathore/RRajkumar had an Indian-ness to them, this doesn’t. I genuinely hope this one flops.


  6. No remake this one… this is 2nd original film of Prabhu Deva in Hindi after R..Rajkumar.


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