Images from Badlapur (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..


6 Responses to “Images from Badlapur (updated)”

  1. This films looks very interesting.. looking forward to it. I think Varun spans over 40 years span of life. Sriram Raghavan back to his original style and scale after that Saif’s big budgeted Agent Vinod.


  2. That picture looks like it is from Inception!!


  3. Liked the tag line- Don’t miss the beginning. Seems to be inspired from Face Off


  4. tonymontana Says:

    Did anyone else notice that Saif, of all star actors, robs directors off their natural talent when they start working with him on his Illuminati Films.
    Raghavan made his worst film in Agent Vinod (though I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly, not as good as Johnny Gaddar or EHT but still fine on its own), Imtiaz fumbled with Love Aaj Kal, Homi Adjania came up with Cocktail and Raj & DK, whose repertoire consisted of the wonderful 99 and Shor in the City, came up with the dumb Go Goa Gone and Happy Ending. He should let the directors come up with their own work instead of manipulating them into making cinema that goes according to his sensibilities as a star.

    Glad Raghavan is back to his old ways. This should be, by the look of it, one amazing flick


    • Interesting observation. And “instead of manipulating them into cinema that goes according to his sensibilities as a star” is very unfortunate given that this is Saif Ali Khan we’re talking about who has zero credibility imo as a star.


  5. tonymontana Says:

    A very intense second look. Nawazuddin looks set to steal the limelight


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