Deven Verma passes away..


Veteran Bollywood actor Deven Verma passed away today, December 2, early morning in Pune due to kidney failure.

He was 78.

The actor has worked in 149 films and was known for his comic timing in movies such as Angoor, Khatta Meetha and Andaz Apna Apna.

Verma had won three Filmfare awards. In 1976 he won it for 1976 Chori Mera Kaam, in 1979 for Chor Ke Ghar Chor and in 1983 for Angoor.

He was last seen on the big screen in 2003 film Calcutta Mail.


11 Responses to “Deven Verma passes away..”

  1. thanks to An Jo for the news (even if regrettable..).


    • he was also effective in some of the more negative roles he did whether it was Anupama earlier on or Bemisaal later on. A certain weak type who has to do something slimy or whatever without being an actual villain.


      • Satyam: Something for you (you might recall that snake scene from Besharam), absolutely brilliant tribute (doubt one can better this)-

        “The pleasant-looking youngster from the Shashi Kapoor-Manoj Kumar generation who might have, with a slight change in fortune, become a matinee idol, but instead settled into respectable second-lead parts in films like Devar. The talent that made him one of Hindi cinema’s finest and most atypical funny men in the 1970s and 1980s, most memorably in the work of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterji and Gulzar – films where Varma provided a counterpoint to the louder comedy elsewhere in the industry. People who haven’t seen the best of those movies closely, who look at them from a distance or only have hazy impressions of them, think of the “Middle Cinema” as safe, bland and non-transgressive, but that’s an unfair assessment. And while I won’t discuss that subject in detail here, it’s telling to look at the function Deven so often performed in those films: sutradhaar, vidushak, naatak-rachita rolled into one.”…

        ….”But then he speaks, and what he says is so casually outrageous you feel you have been plucked out of the universe of this sweet middle-class film and deposited on the border of Groucho Marx Land. If you can imagine a roly-poly Groucho with an earnest look on his face, saying subversive things as if accidentally.

        Ghisi-hui, purani, bekaar si cheezen – jaise tumhare pitaji” (“Old, faded, useless things – like your father”) he goes in Kissi se na Kehna, explaining the meaning of “antique” to a girlfriend. In Bemisaal, he congratulates a doctor who has opened a new clinic with “Bhagwaan se praarthana karta hoon ke shahar mein beemaari phaile aur aapka nursing home safal ho.” (“I pray to God that illness spreads in the city and your nursing home is very successful.”) And in Naukri, to a lover demanding a compliment: “Tum woh noton ki gaddi ho jinn pe income-tax waalon ki nazar nahin padi.” (“You are a stack of currency notes that has eluded the gaze of the income-tax officials.”) But it isn’t enough to put these lines down on paper, where they can seem like PJs: you have to watch him say them in such an effortlessly genial tone that you want to pinch his cheeks and give him a Parle G biscuit. The “jaise tumhare pitaji” comes out as if the analogy has just occurred to him and it is perfectly natural, not rude at all, to voice it. As Raakesh Roshan once noted, “When Deven says something, it automatically becomes funny. But when one of us says exactly the same thing, no one laughs.”…

        …”It was pleasing to find that even at age 77, his sense of humour, his shabd-phenk, was intact. When talking about his own directorial ventures, for example, and his run-ins with money-minded distributors who wanted films to have generous doses of “punch” and preferably an action scene involving a snake, “which the whole country can understand – there are no language barriers, it’s a pan-Indian scene”. Mentioning his 1978 film Besharam, he said, “Oh, that was a failure”, but then added, sotto voce, widening his eyes in that trademark style that made him both Fool and foil in so many fine films, “Still, it probably got seen by more people than this new Ranbir Kapoor Besharam did.” Talking about another film he had directed, the Asha Parekh-starrer Nadaan, he recalled being told by some Punjabi distributors – crass, lowest-common-denominator types – to please “put some sex” into the film to help its prospects. Varma looked at me, his face a mask. “Maine socha, ab sex kaise daalein? Asha Parekh! Kuch samajh mein nahin aaya.”


  2. a true Natural comedian. Fantastic actor.


  3. RIP Deven Verma Ji, Prayers


  4. RIP Deven Verma……His best was Angoor and worst was Besharam!!


  5. AamirsFan Says:

    Aap toh mahapurush ho! RIP.


  6. RIP. Belonged to a generation that is fast slipping away!


  7. Cant forget his Angoor double role. Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma with their double roles made Angoor an evergreen comedy.


  8. RIP.
    Angoor and Devar stand out as two films showing his versatility as comedian and villain.


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