Federer, Sampras, Bachchan in conversation!


7 Responses to “Federer, Sampras, Bachchan in conversation!”

  1. Nice moment in the end with everyone dancing to khaike paan..


    • Bachchan seemed rather somber throughout..


      • AamirsFan Says:

        perhaps he is thinking the same thing all of us are thinking…”what the hell is Amitabh Bachchan doing here?” this was awkward as can be. no need for any ‘bollywood’ personalities to pop up in a venue like this. maybe have leander paes or sania mirza be up on stage with those two stars. or even have sachin be there because at least he played for a professional sports team.


  2. I don’t normally watch long video clips but am glad watched this one.
    Indian interviewers tend to be more free wheeling. Can look a little disorganized but is more interesting and less staged that way.
    Pranav seems to know AB quite well.
    I think AB in typical AB fashion was very cautious not to steal spotlight away from Sampras and Federer.


  3. Agreed..he was really cautious and that appears as not engaging enough.


  4. This was so incredibly awkward! Why was Amitabh there? (He may have been thinking that himself ) If they wanted him to be part of it he could have conducted the interview himself – I’m sure he’s more than up to the task. And the dancing at the end was also really weird!


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