Images from Lingaa (updated)

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  1. Wow! real lion is comming. When is this movie releasing?


  2. And I was wrong on the release date here. It was earlier supposed to release on Diwali, but is now coming on Dec 12. The Diwali releases are Ai, Kaththi (Murugadoss-Vijay) and Hari’s “Poojai” (Vishal).


    • I was very surprised that two big movies could be releasing on the same date. this makes much more sense.


      • Satyam: True. But while Kaththi isn’t Lingaa, it is still a huge film- Murugadoss is a big name (he is not Shankar, but he isn’t Hari or Lingusamy either) who not only churns out these massive grossers (which is to say that his films are often the biggest grossers of the year and often trend very well), but also films which are otherwise ‘considered’ important(considering the genre in which he operates, he is second only to Shankar) and are talked-about throughout the year (and are reasonably liked by the critics as well- both versions of Ghajini, Ramana, Thuppakki). In other words his films have a real buzz around them (I very well remember how folks were waiting for 7Aum Arivu with bated breath. And he is no stranger to Diwali releases either- if you recall the Suriya film too was a Diwali release). Finally Murugadoss and Vijay’s last film was an outright superhit (was in fact the biggest hit of the year by far. And it was one rare Vijay which was really liked and was actually good. Atleast among all the few Vijay films I have seen, it’s easily his best) so people are expecting nothing short of a blockbuster (BTW not sure if you are aware, but Neil Mukesh plays the villain here. LOL- his sticks have fallen that low these days). Even the 3rd release (Poojai) is a Hari film (another guy who keeps churning out these super successes) so it’s not a small film by any means. Yes, Vishal is no Vijay leave alone Vikram, but the guy is coming off 2 solid hits (this year’s Naan Sigappu Manithan and even more importantly last year’s Pandiya Naadu. BTW i would URGE you to watch Pandiya Naadu, it is the best Masala film I have seen in just about forever. Suseenthiran, one of those Tamil new-wave directors, made it. And I think the more cutting-edge sensibilities and the old Masala words blend seamlessly for a change here).

        BTW I just hope that “Lingaa” isn’t a ‘filler’ sort of film which is done by an Rajni as an afterthought after the Kochadaiyaan. This certainly lacks the vibe of a regular Rajni extravaganza. And more importantly unlike the other films if the actor, this one has been completed in no time. I do adore Ravikumar’s Padayappa (the only Tamil films of Rajni which I have seen are the ones which he did since Thalapathi and among all those ones, Padayappa is my absolute favourite Rajni performance and film) but some of his recent films have been poor.

        BTW notice how forget working with someone like Bala, even someone like Murugadoss isn’t working with Suriya anymore (he has a Venkat Prabhu film coming, but I seriously doubt whether it will be a good film).


        • many of your points are fair ones but remember that Shankar who could have any star for this sort of project chooses Vikram (and again) for a reason. Secondly there is no one in Tamil cinema (actually no one in Hindi cinema either) who can quite put on a show the way Shankar can in every sense of the word. He’s a marketing behemoth. Plus he’ll probably have the best screens and so on. Both films can certainly do well but if I were advising Murugadoss I’d advise him to delay his film a bit. Since after all he has never taken on Shankar before let alone in this sort of combo.


          • Hari might be a bigger crowd puller than Shankar and Murugadoss in B and C centres. And I say this with all seriousness.I am pretty sure Poojai is coming out for Diwali. I have a feeling Katthi might delay a bit. In any case Tamil BO can accomodate 3 big films. It has happened many times before.

            BTW agree every bit on Pandiya Naadu. It was my most favorite movie after Soodhu Kavvum last year.

            On Suriya , he lost it when he rejected a GVM movie for a Linguswamy movie…The success of Singham has made him too conscious about his mass appeal and he is not doing the actor in him any justice


    • Thanks Saurabh for telling about its release date.


  3. A very generic poster. I am pretty sure I have seen many South heroes with same poster. Hope the movie is better. Ravi Kumar has lost his touch for sometime now so apprehensive a bit.


  4. Seems like a good choice by Vikram here. The director’s Goli Soda (which released earlier this year. Haven’t yet seen it, but it is supposed to be a Masala version of Pandiraj’s fantastic “Pasanga”. In fact the cast of Goli Soda has the same child actors as Pasanga and Pandiraj did the dialogues here) was very well received.

    “Actor Vikram and actress Samantha are working together for the first time for cinematographer turned director Vijay Milton’s upcoming film. Titled as 10 Endrathukulle, this film is said to be a road movie.

    The latest update from the 10 Endrathukulle crew is that a song featuring the lead pair was shot in a set erected near Sriperumbudur. The shooting of the film is going on swiftly in the outskirts of Chennai.

    10 Endrathukulle also features Pasupathy and Jackie Shroff in important roles. This film is jointly produced by AR Murugadoss Productions and Fox Star Studios”.


  5. An objectionable even grotesque “phallic” title but seems rajni fans will still lap it up regardless ….


  6. What an innovative poster! In the Enthiran and Kochidayaan posters he was looks straight ahead but now he’s looking to the left! This seems like a 1980/90’s poster of his, also shooting started around the time his last film released so this isn’t a “grand” film like Enthiran or Kochadiyan


  7. Man, wish he hadn’t done this one. At least at this point in time. I’m all for 80s Rajini but c’mon! Having said that will try and check this out!


  8. Lingaa is set to flop and be a big shock to industry. It has already fallen to 62% public rating on BMS.
    Flop means big opening and the drastic fall, it might still fetch big number but not as per rajni standard. It wont do even half what robot did at BO. It will be a losing proportion for distributors.


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