Images from Roy (updated)

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  1. tonymontana Says:

    Where did this come from?


  2. Looks nicer than many upcoming films. Simple and unpretentious.


  3. Really like what ranbir is doing here.
    After successes and one blockbuster, THATS what a número uno/aspirant for the top spot at the prime of his youth should do !!
    Go for the jugular,,,
    Not to disappear and hide for two and a half years after delivering the biggest earner ever …


    • apex, After 3 Idiots I think Aamir did many things like producing Delhi Belly, promoting Peepli live, acting and producing in wify’s flick Dhobhi ghat, did Satyamev Jayate, did Talash, got a new son etc. etc. He was not at all hiding. Recently he also did ads for eradication of malnutrtion, visited Sadhu Vaswani at Pune for social work etc.etc.

      I think you are missing him badly!


  4. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Apex: Sanjana has got it absolutely right. Acting is not the best contribution one can make to cinema. Aamir has not been idle. Not in the least. Producing near-perfect films like Delhi Belly and Peepli l.ive take a bit of bandwidth. Something like Satyameva Jayate, even more. Of course for Ranbir this is the time to try different genres, and he is doing it. That’s good.


  5. That was definitely a creditable diversification for aamir esp satyamev jayate. But there seems a ‘hesitation’ bordering on ‘lac of confidence’ of getting it right again…
    While this hesitation actually motivates people into creating enter work (as in Aamirs case mostly), it has also impeded his flow of work. There is an exggerated ‘fear of failure’ here–for eg after three idiots, it took him close to three years, to come up with a talaash. And he has yet to sign another film after talaash (d3 was signed before the talaash tepid response )

    It’s easy to ride on a success for long–more difficult to go with the flow like ranbir is doing now (though a failure or two may bring his pace down)–but the point is that of the goings good (-as n ranbirs case, why to slow down)– only a deep seated insecurity &/or complex can explain that in Aamirs case–however to give him cared to, aamir seems to have used his inner demons to his benefit and maintain a certain exclusivity and focus…


    • I dont think it is fear of failure. It is being choosy. He has to choose the scripts which satisfy him rather than only boxoffice. If there was fear of failure, he would have done another 3 IIdiots type, full of masala. The way Salman did Dabangg 2.


      • Sanju-it’s not that simple–will go thru this later..get me the coffee..plz
        But unlike Salman or srk, Aamirs USP has been good selection..
        The day he starts doing a dabang2 or 3 idiots2, aamir will use that usp…
        And without that, aamir isnt/wasn’t as big a star draw (though big enuf) than the fan hysteria that Salman or srk elicit …
        Aamir knows that limitation (& stays off multiple releases minimising overexposure n brand erosion)
        Anyhow may expand on this later


  6. Dharn Raj Dharn Says:

    I think all actors of present era feel insecure after some sort of success and hence try different geners.It was only Bachchan who never cared about that and made the boxoffice to dance at his tunes.He is still doing so.All the Khans,Kapoors and Kumars look puppets in front of him.This is the reason why there can’t be another Bachchan in the industry.


  7. rajeshroshan66767603 Says:

    Bhai Dharan why you have to bring Bachchan in all the posts?


  8. Ranbir is doing parallel lead and not cameo in Roy

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Aug 7, 2013 – 15:43 hrs IST

    While Roy is being made by Ranbir’s childhood friend Vikramjit Singh, certain reports in the media suggested that Ranbir will be doing somewhat of an extended cameo in the movie. However, now denying these rumors, it seems that Ranbir will be doing the role of a parallel lead in the film. The film’s core member says, “Roy is a two-hero film like OMG! Oh My God, Raajneeti, Dostana, Sholay where both the heroes play important and lead characters. Arjun and Ranbir play parallel leads.”

    Out of a 65 days shoot schedule, Ranbir will be shooting for 45 days. The source adds, “If he is present for the maximum days of shoot schedule, you decide if that qualifies as a guest appearance. Arjun Rampal also has more-or-less the same number of dates along with Jacqueline Fernandez who plays a double role.” Also, Ranbir and Arjun are quite excited to work together post the super success of their film Raajneeti.” Producer Bhushan Kumar too confirmed the report.

    Roy is a love triangle where there is a conflict between two heroes, namely Ranbir and Arjun. It stars Jacqueline in double roles and is slated to release on June 20, 2014.


  9. Director Vikramjit Singh’s film “Roy” will see Ranbir Kapoor in a lengthier role and he reportedly has a 45-day shooting schedule for the movie.

    There were reports that Ranbir will make a guest appearance in the film and setting the rumour to rest, a core member of the film’s team said: “Ranbir has 45 days of shooting in ‘Roy’. So you decide if that qualifies as a guest appearance. And Arjun Rampal has more-or-less the same number of dates. Jacqueline Fernandez has a double role.”

    The source further added: “It’s a love triangle among Arjun, Ranbir and Jacqueline. The dramatic conflict is between the two guys…something like Ranbir’s dad Rishi and Rakesh Roshan’s equation in ‘Aap Ke Deewane’, though very different plot-wise.”

    Further probing revealed that Ranbir was very keen to have Arjun on board for “Roy”.

    “The two got along famously during ‘Raajneeti’ and had sworn to obtain themselves more time together at the first opportunity. ‘Roy’ is a two-hero film and Arjun suited the other role to perfection.”

    “Roy” producer Bhushan Kumar confirmed it’s a two-hero film and Jacqueline has a double role.

    Indiaforums article


  10. Trailer:
    [post created]


    • So the “super thief” bug has bitten Ranbir and now the last movie of all top 5 stars are about thieves.

      This movie just looks boring to me. The look of the movie is dull, Arun Rampal is atrocious as is Jaqueline’s hindi. It was much better in Kick, don’t know what happened here. Ranbir seems to be decent. Also I hate these types of films where there’s nothing Indian about it. Dub this film in english and you have a hollywood movie. Everything from the cinematography to the design looks like a hollywood wannabe. Don’t think that Ranbir has a complete role here as it’s a “dynamic role”. I think this is releasing the same day as Badlapur, totally watching that film over this.


      • Re: ” Also I hate these types of films where there’s nothing Indian about it. Dub this film in english and you have a hollywood movie. Everything from the cinematography to the design looks like a hollywood wannabe.”

        I tend to agree — no need to be xenophobic or anything like that, but the films these days tend toward a generic cinematic idiom, and the world of cinema is poorer for the lack of diversity. [This homogeneity also has a class angle embedded in it: these films are made by and for audiences who are comfortably “globalized” in outlook and experience, so this idiom is not presented as “one among many” or as “an option” — which I would support — but as the only way, or at least the best way, to make films. By itself this phenomenon is neither new nor problematic, but what makes it problematic in the Indian context is that the system doesn’t afford equal opportunities to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and their stories don’t get told (even when they are told they are told for the benefit of the globalized audience — witness Shraddha Kapoor’s deliberate mispronunciation of English in Haider, that jarred me into a keen appreciation of just who this film was “for”).]


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