Happy 2015!

Have a great year folks! Don’t let this song and video detract from the cheer..!

13 Responses to “Happy 2015!”

  1. Udane ka man kare man kare ki zor zor chillayein….

    happy bhaste of time
    i mean….
    happy new year(wa)


  2. Have a great year ahead to every one at SS!


  3. Happy New Year to all here.


  4. Happy New Year Satyam and all

    My song for the occasion:


    • Salim, nice song choice 👍


    • speaking of doosra aadmi though it has many well-known songs my favorite bit among these is the brief segment that starts here around 3.20 with Shashi Kapoor:


      • I’ve still not seen this film – but I’ll watch it at some point for the awesome soundtrack (with the track you’ve posted being my favourite). Rajesh Roshan made some really melodious songs (unsurprising giving that his father, the great Roshan Saab, was the most melodious composer of Hindi cinema).


  5. Wishes to Satyam and all the bloggers here.
    Just saw on TV HongKong celebrating new year.


  6. Wishing a Very Happy New Year 2015 to everyone at SS


  7. Happy new year!! God bless to everyone..:-)


  8. Happy New Year SS. Hope 2015 is a great one for you.


  9. Wish everyone happy and prosperous new year 2015 .. stay safe ..


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