Special Jaimala by Amitabh Bachchan (Vividh Bharati)

10 Responses to “Special Jaimala by Amitabh Bachchan (Vividh Bharati)”

  1. Someone from Bachchan’s blog alerted me to this. It’s an absolute treat! Bachchan from the 70s!


    • It’s probably from ’74 or so.. because he talks about Abhimaan having been made ‘recently’.


    • Coincidentally, on 91.1FM in Bombay a few days ago (on a show called “Sitaaron ki Jawaani”), I heard a great Bachchan interview with Ameen Sayani, from (I think) 1972 or 1973, right before Bombay to Goa was released. It was quite thrilling: the deeper baritone I associate with the later Bachchan was already there, pre-Zanjeer, and it was remarkable how confident, even cocky he sounded. Moreover, Sayani and Bachchan both talk a lot about the “before” and “after” of Amitabh’s celebrity, and the idea is that Anand, Roti Kapda aur Makaan etc. made him a recognized name and an established young actor. Now there is always some sycophancy when an actor is right there in front of the host, but it was still disorienting and fascinating – and underscores the extent to which Zanjeer might retrospectively manufacture the myth of the complete and utter failure that Bachchan was prior to it…

      Aside: at one point Amitabh talks about driving around Bandra in a friend’s Jaguar and routinely having people yell out “Rajesh Khanna” or “Jeetendra” in the car’s wake (as such an exotic car was rare in Bombay at the time); on one occasion and just for kicks he apparently stuck his hand out and waved when someone yelled out Khanna’s name, but unfortunately for him the car had to stop at a signal a short distance away – when the groupies caught up with the car one took a look at Amitabh and apparently said “Ye saala to chakka hai”. It was quite remarkable to hear Amitabh say this sort of thing – but he said it in a sneering way, as if the joke were on that poor soul, because now, of course, Amitabh was somebody (and this before Zanjeer!)

      All in all, we probably lost years of good copy because of the media ban. But it was just thrilling to be surprised by this gem…


    • Thanks Satyam for this treat ..
      Aside- Agar yeh aaj key zamaney mein hota toh people like Mihir Sharma abd Sid Vardrajan would have twitted- AB starts with Ganga song, so communal !!!! lol


  2. And it’s remarkable how even that early in his career, when he’s just become so successful, that he’s incredibly humble about it and more or less says the things he’s been saying ever since.


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