Outlook Picks the Best “Southern” Songs of 2014



3 Responses to “Outlook Picks the Best “Southern” Songs of 2014”

  1. After reading this article I decided to take a chance on the soundtracks of “Thirumanam Enum Nikkah” and “Cuckoo”: haven’t heard the latter yet, but the former is a very strong album, and very polished for such a new composer. Gibran seems heavily informed by ARR, but then, there are worse fates. So far, I like the traditional, almost throwback Tamil feel of Kannukkul Pothivaippan the best (this is clearly the most musically “serious” of the six tracks), but Chillendra Chillendra, Yaaro Ival and Enthaaraa Enthaaraa contain some very fine instrumentation; the “Khwaja Ji” qawwali also features an addictive “background” rhythm that elevates it beyond mere ARR-clonery. The album isn’t perfect (Rayile Raa was quite disappointing, not so much bad as “off”, pitched a bit too loud — perhaps it’ll work better once I see the film), but definitely worth checking out: one of the best I’ve heard from 2014…


    • After a quick listen, I have to say I am glad I got “Cuckoo” as well: it strikes me as a much more traditional Tamil film album, but has a light, at times almost jazzy vibe (I’m thinking of the “Enda Mapla” song), and is great fun, without being catchy in any trivial sense. Definitely recommend this…


    • My favorite track of Gibran. He was signed on to do 3 Kamal films back to back.. Kamal evens hums a tune in this teaser (of an upcoming documentary )


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