Badlapur trailers (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Paapaas…

thanks to Raj 5 & Xhobdo…


14 Responses to “Badlapur trailers (updated)”

  1. Raj5:

    Background music and Varun’s look reminds me of Haider. But for Varun- from SOTY to this in less than 2.5 years is impressive. Kudos to him for trying different things even with his limitations.


  2. Just once I would like to go without seeing a ‘six pack’ in a hindi movie trailer. Holy crap! But other than that; good enough promo…agree with Raj5 on Varun testing his limitations. I’m always for actors going against the status quo.


  3. Excellent promo this one. Varun is a joy to watch in his movies and I am sure this will be great too. Its amazing how well groomed these youngsters are these days. They act like seasoned veterans. Loved the song playing in the background too


  4. Excellent Promo. Wow Varun way to go man. Song/music however was not needed


  5. Puke-inducingly violent. It seems they haven’t discovered guns.: Butchering away with any sharp or blunt objects one can find..I am faint-hearted so might stay away from this..but hate to miss something by Raghavan..

    Varun Dhawan is jokingly bad because of his voice modulation. It seems like he is reciting a poem in front of his 7th grade class-mates. High probability of Nawaz taking him to the cleaners..

    The ONLY authentic delivery by Dhawan is in the last frame. THAT is how a typical Marathi manoos would speak with that casual shake of the head: Murder Keli. Not the Honey Singh tainted, fake, ATTA MAJHI SATAKLI..


    • FYI, he said Order keli and not Murder keli..seems like an interesting movie, will watch it for Nawazuddin


    • A bit harsh! Generally I am agreement with your thought process on this blog, but not this one and we need to give this kid a chance to come in his own.

      Promo seems great and looking forward to this more than that Tevar crap with that burly / plumpy Arjun.

      Story based movies are always welcome esp. so as Indian filmmakers still haven’t learnt the art of ‘ treatment’ in a coherent manner unless there is something solid to fall back on in terms of storyline.


  6. The full song “Jee Karda” is quite addictive. The use of Shehnai and some Ghazal Style of singing in bits towards the end sounds very nice.


  7. tonymontana Says:

    Phew! Whatta song.. Have listened to it quite a few times already


  8. They ruined the song with this dance video.. This song didn’t need dance steps or a beardless Varun..The trailer video was perfect for the song.


  9. tonymontana Says:

    Releasing this friday. Looking forward to it


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