Baby trailers (updated)

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  1. SUPER. Mesmerising. Intriguing.


  2. Awesome trailer. Hard-hitting stuff. One of the very best hindi movie trailer I’ve seen since quite a long time.

    Am a bit surprised no one has bothered to comment on it yet here. Come on folks. We don’t need only SRK or AB Junior-related stuffs to bring a meltdown here!

    That said, I think Neeraj Pandey seriously is one of the most promising directors to have emerged in Bollywood during the last few years.


    • Agree. The Wednesday is my most loved film of this decade, Special 26 is most special and Baby is just what India wanted to see this Republic day. Even Obama is coming to India to watch BABY FDFS 😀


  3. Jay shah always asks why One praises Akshay Kumar. Answer is in this trailer- Aadat Hai 🙂


    • I do not understand why my name gets mentioned everytine you want to gloat on Akshay. Your fixation in trying to convert me to Akshayism is nauseating. If my opinion means nothing stop calling me out. Just focus on Baby – no need to sell Akshay to me or focus your comments on mine.


  4. ‘Waiting for Baby Trailer’ is been trending for many days in social media specially Twitter. It is been a record of sort as can’t remember when last time such trending took for a film which trailer is yet to be released. Trend got more storm when film first look in ‘Baby Sizzle’ released which was a runaway Hit in internet. No doubt film is one of the biggies of next year. So, we have received lots of question on Baby like ‘how is the buzz’, ‘what will be box office collection’, etc etc. Moreover many are asking whether there will be any positive impact of ‘Waiting for Baby Trailer’ trend on film final outcome.

    To set record straight no one can judge audience report just on social media trending. In recent past many trends gone viral, but film become dude at box office. But in case of Baby it is not that as film has honestly generated good buzz in net world and it has reason. First, film promo that is released named ‘Baby Sizzle’ is an immediate impact on viewers as it was slick. It makes you asking for more. Second Baby director Neeraj Pandey has given good films in ‘A Wednesday’ and ‘Special 26’ in recent past. Third, of course there is Akshay Kumar and his fans are eagerly waiting for a film which becomes a huge success at box office.
    Source:Adda Today


  5. Very Good trailer. The background music is quite good too.. Looks like a good action thriller. Good to see Sushant Singh after some time on the big screen after quite some time. Akshay’s scenes in the trailer are quite good especially the last one.


  6. I don’t think this is half as good as the Badlapur trailor. Liked a Wednesday a lot but Special 26 was seriously underwhelming for me


  7. Looking good……i got a sense of a movie like Pukaar (1998) when its trailer came out when Danny was the villain and Anil Kapoor as hero. Wednesday was an ace film and so was Special 26…Baby will go past 100 crores.


  8. Very effective trailer for sure
    Wednesday for all its brilliance was a fence sitter. This some seems more ‘nationalistic’.
    So , one can exclude misguided liberals, non Indian ‘Bollywood fans’ and a size able section of Indian Muslims from potential audience. Though it will be different, there have been several films on the theme which again will be a factor as far as BO goes.
    Personally, can’t wait for the movie to come out.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      damn i hate the labels. but anyways as a Pakistani born…i thought the trailer was one of the most crisp and effective one i’ve seen in a while! the india/pakistan ‘thing’ is a whole other argument/issue but as a stand alone film…i’m looking forward to it.

      Perhaps if it were blatantly against Pakistan like say a “Gadar”…i would probably skip it..but this one i’m watching for mainly because of the director.


    • It has been really long since a film has been made tapping the frustration of an average Indian on the cross border terrorism. This is one issue which we are helplessly watching. Hence when In promo the terrorist says that Indians knows only to talk but do nothing, it comes as a slap and then in next scenes when Akshay bulldozes another terrorist with Tabadtod ghoonsa, it seems to be something every Indian wants to do but cannot.
      We all are waiting for the day Dawood or Afzal is given a treatment similar to Osama Bin Laden. If this movie tries to touch that cord, it will not only be a winner but would do a temporary thirst quenching deal.


  9. I think this being a nationalistic movie makes a perfect sense to release on Republic day. Looks miles better than crappy Jai Ho last year.


  10. tonymontana Says:

    Finally something to look forward to. Reminded me of Holiday but looks far more sophisticated, polished and well-directed.
    What we need is a no-nonsense, to-the-point action film. and trust Neeraj Pandey to deliver one


  11. This one seems straight up and confronts the issue directly and somewhat in Gadar mode , so shortfall from any section of the audience may get compensated with overzealous nationalist doing repeat shows for some thumping. 23rd Jan is a Friday and after the normal weekend, 26th Republic Day is a full fledged national holiday which on a good day can easily yield 30 cr alone…

    The weekend has Obama in India so national sentiments will be a bit high so this may add up to the hype and strike gold….
    But it has to overcome the Akki factor which keeps a good section away.

    Incidentally, Special 26 was so hyped but it was a very flat movie for me and except for good filming never found any substance.


  12. Akki is getting competition now on Jan 23rd and for the light hearted Dolly Ki Dolly is a viable alternative.

    The promo just out seems fun watch…. Sonam seems in D6 mode


  13. Not sure if others have friends who track forthcoming films and have discussed this promo. Based on whatever little I have chatted, I think BABY has created a very good impact and after a long time – since Rowdy Rathore- an Akki film is in every ones’a wish list. If this gets UA certificate, it is going to open to huge numbers. Jan 23 is not a holiday but jam 26 May break the single day collection if WOM is as brilliant as that of S26


  14. OK I am wrong as per BOI.

    Q. You have said that the reaction to Baby promo is decent and not great as its made to be then what about Badlapur which is being raved about?
    Ans. Badlapur is less than Baby
    D. Varma


  15. Baby is any day a first biggie of 2015. Akshay has to be serious to promote it with a proper marketing strategy. Its just 16 days left to get atleast a 19-20 crore opening day.


  16. I finally saw Baby, and am sorry I missed it in the cinema: it was very gripping, very well done, and with an eye for detail; the script was tight, and just about everything was tied up in the end. Akshay was fantastic, as was (in a brief role) Taapsee Pannu. Great to see Danny after quite a while; wish Rana Daggubati had had more to do though. All in all this is the best Akshay film in years, and easily better than Holiday. The film managed to stay away from a lot of the dumb jingoism that films around this theme fall prey to: in baby (as in D-Day) people are doing their job, and don’t really have time for naaraybaazi! It was pretty restrained, and the restraint fit the mood of the film. Wish more directors would use Akshay the way Neeraj Pandey has (Special 26 was stagey and not very cinematic, but Pandey is one of the few who seems to prefer Akshay sober).

    PS — wonder how the filmmakers managed to convince Pakistani actor Mikail Zulfikar to show up here, and playing an agent (Ashfaq) of the Indian intelligence agencies to boot 🙂


  17. akshay is doing airlift after v.k singh’s rescue operation in gulf and baby has huge tone of covert hangover or one say similarity along the line with asif ibrahim and ajit doval manneriesm with danny’s and akki character

    is it neeraj pandey or akki but one say they have an eye for detail


  18. I do agree as well that Baby probably ranks as one the best movies Akshay Kumar has ever done. I found it better than Holiday. I found it as one of the better movies of the genre.

    I think Pandey is very good in this kind of genre. Looking forward to his next directorial venture.

    The problem for Akshay Kumar and movies like Baby, Gabbar or Airlift potentially is that while these are movies are based on interesting themes, they are bound to be affected by Akshay’s poor choices. I think Brothers and SIB were downright poor movies and these for e.g, will most definitely affect Airlift’s opening even if the latter turns out to be a better deal.

    He makes 4 movies a year. 2 turn out to be good stuffs and the other 2 are poor. The good stuff ends up being undermined by the poor choices.


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