Filmy Aces Exclusive Interview with Mahaakshay Chakraborty


Filmy Aces is very excited to publish it’s first interview exclusively with none other than son of legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty, Mahaakshay Chakraborty We are very grateful at Filmy Aces to Mimoh for providing us the time in his busy schedule to answer some of the questions below…

Mahaakshay debuted as “Mimoh” with a lead role in the 2008 film JIMMY directed by Raj Sippy, playing a DJ, who is falsely implicated in murder charges. He was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. He then starred in the action flick, The Murderer, which is still waiting in cans to release. Since then, he has had a box-office blockbuster with Vikram Bhatts HAUNTED-3D where both the film, and Mahaakshays performance were appreciated. Since then he has been appreciated in both LOOT and ENEMMY.

1) Filmy Aces: As an actor what precise changes did you make after JIMMY with HAUNTED 3-D, LOOT and ENEMMY which worked better?

1) Mahaakshay: Well, I guess you know what all went wrong with Jimmy so I had decided that if I do want the Makers and the People to like me again I had to do a complete image makeover and my look in Haunted was given an ‘OK’ {two thumbs up} from the audience and maybe that worked. In Loot and Enemmy I have light beard/Heavy Beard Look. And I do believe that as an actor I should always keep experimenting depending on the role that I take. And maybe that is what works. The complete look and presentation of the actor when he completely submerges himself in the character.


2) Filmy Aces: Any more horror films after HAUNTED 3D? You seemed to not have gone back to the genre after the big success you got in HAUNTED 3D.

2) Mahaakshay: Well, as of now I haven’t been approached for any Horror Films yet but yes, if given the opportunity I would love to return to the genre ’cause my 1st success was in fact a Horror film and I, personally am a huge horror fan. I am very much into zombies and slasher flicks and if I don’t get sleep in the night, I make sure I fight my insomnia by watching scary films. 🙂

3) Filmy Aces: Has it been hard living up to the expectations of being Mithun Chakraborthys son? Or has it been easier given that you’d already be “known” before your release and have grown up in the industry through-out your life.

3) Mahaakshay: Well, to answer your 3rd question, I am blessed to have an identity even before I got my own. It is truly a blessing to be one of the four children of Mr.Mithun Chakraborty. He is the best dad any child can have and I treasure every moment living this life. But when it comes to my profession it has been a major setback because no matter how hard I try, I will, by default, be always compared to my Dad who you know now holds the recognition of a Living Legend. But I guess that is the pro and con of coming from a Film Background.


4) Filmy Aces: Aside from your father, who are some of your favorite actors (in any cinema), and why? Which actors and their performances have been your greatest source of inspiration.

4) Mahaakshay: I am huge fan of Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan. For me, they are the symbols of perfection, immortality and super stardom and I make sure I see all of their films. But besides Dad’s, mine, Hrithik’s and Salman’s, I don’t watch films ’cause I know if I do, I will get sucked in the loop hole of comparison, envy and jealousy.

5) Filmy Aces: Any plans of remaking any of your fathers films? At a time like this, it would be simply fantastic to see a remake of SURAKSHAA, WARDAAT, KARATE, BOXER. Which of your fathers films would you love to remake and act in? And which are your favorite performances? I would love to see a COMMANDO remake with you in it..

5) Mahaakshay: No plans as of now to remake any film but yes, if given a choice I would love to work in all the remakes of my Dad’s films. The ones you mentioned have been Golden and Silver Jubilees so my answer would surely be a Hell Yes! And I love Action films a lot and because of that in my spare time I practice Mma {Mixed Martial Arts} as much as I can so I will agree with you that Commando would be a good choice for a remake. And as far Dad’s performances go, well, it will be hard to pick ’cause Dad has been evolving by leaps and bounds in each of his films. But even then if you ask me, then it would surely be Phool Aur Angaar.


6) Filmy Aces: In a era of so many debutants with Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana, Varun Dhawan, Siddarth Malhotra, what do you think really sets you apart from the competition? Your father managed to cast his own niche in an era of so many high profile actors including Amitabh Bachchan and managed to hold his own…

6) Mahaakshay: All the names that you have mentioned have recently been very successful and when it comes to the to reach the top I think I am right now at the last position. But that doesn’t bother me. You see, when you accept the realities of life, you actually become free. And by last, I don’t mean that I have lost. It’s just that right now, no one is betting on me. But I am my father’s son and as he fought all foes and rivals back in the day I think one day I will have my arsenal ready also. We Chakrabortys don’t quit so easily you see. 🙂

7) Filmy Aces: Which actress would you most love to work with and why?

7) Mahaakshay: PRIYANKA CHOPRA! In Caps Lock! I love that woman! No, wait. I worship her! I am head over heels gaga about her and yes, she would be my first and last choice. Now and forever. 🙂


8) Filmy Aces: What genre do you feel most comfortable in? Comedy (Loot), Horror (Haunted), or action (ENEMMY)?

8) Mahaakshay: I am still very young when it comes to film and in the Industry {8 years and counting} so I don’t think I can right now where I am comfortable in. I guess I am still exploring.

9) Filmy Aces: What did you think of the AGNEEPATH remake not featuring your Dads legendary role?

9) Mahaakshay: I loved the Agneepath remake. {Hrithik was in it, remember? And so was Priyanka!} And I think the makers thought thorough and through and came to the conclusion that they didn’t want the Krishan Iyer M.A. Character for a reason. {I may sound too diplomatic here. I know.}

10) Filmy Aces: What is the one goal you have in mind as an actor in Indian cinema right now?

10) Mahaakshay: The one goal is too work, work and work. Night and Day, 24/7 I just wanna work. I have a dream you know and in that dream I never stop. I love this business. I love the blood, sweat and tears which comes along with it. I love the Fame, the Attention and the Money and I want it all. {Not to forget the women} 🙂


We would like to sincerely thank Mahaakshay for taking his time out for this interview, and look forward to having him again on Filmy Aces. Don’t forget to FOLLOW Mahaakshay on Twitter HERE

– Prashant Harish Hari


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