Fantastic Four Teaser

This looks better than the last one for sure! Although, boy, am I sick of movies based on comic books — Qalandar.


9 Responses to “Fantastic Four Teaser”

  1. Yeah it wouldn’t take much to beat the pants off the predecessors in this series. And this looks fine, but I’m just superhero-ed out at the movies. You lose the sense of these being “events” when they appear to roll a new one out every other week.


    • Agree conpletely. And then the other issue is that more than one of these films take themselves so seriously, perhaps weakly reading Nolan’s Batman (even that franchise laid it on a bit too thick by the end). You have to wonder about people who get insights on the meaning of life and what it means to be human from the Fantastic Four!


    • PS — what’s the right way to do it? Just about anyone would recommend John Byrne’s run on FF, or Walt Simonson’s all too brief run, as masterpieces of the superhero adventure genre…


      • Both examples demonstrate an artistry specifically keyed into the subject. The problem with a lot of these superhero movies is not just their (over)abundance but, increasingly, they appear indistinguishable from one another not just in terms of script, but in terms of their basic tone and stylistic approach.


  2. There should be a blanket ban on making any movies based on Marvel, any Superheroes, Hobbits or Hunger games. All this has become a huge bore. Let’s have some real movies like American Hustle .


  3. It’s weird to say this about an enormously budgeted film that still did reasonably strong business domestically and was quite strong overall, but I’d still say that the reception to Interstellar this year, particularly in the nauseatingly congratulatory light of awards season, was the most disappointing of Hollywood’s 2014. Think this was far and away the best American movie of the year, and one of Nolan’s most relaxed efforts, which helped in making it his single best film, in my opinion. I bring this up because whenever x,y,z superhero movie these days comes out, it’s given the royal treatment in terms of box office attention and made to appear as if it’s an important event, while a big budget sci-fi film that doesn’t owe anything to comic books, bad fiction, toys, theme park rides or whatever, is kind of given the backseat. It’s a shame.


    • You have a point. Interstellar trended well, ended around 187m but really deserved more. Inception some years before this did 260m (I much preferred Interstellar). and it’s also true that impressive as Nolan has been in the past the ‘machinery’ of his filmmaking prevents his cinema from being spontaneous. The best metaphor for all this (within his work) is ironically the Prestige (a film I otherwise like a lot but one that’s hard to completely warm up to for the reasons you’ve mentioned). Interstellar was certainly an exception to all this and I really hope we see more of this tone from him going forward.


  4. Americans are just grownup kids.


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