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  1. Baby Is Below Par In Week One – Mysore Leads
    Friday 30 January 2015 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baby did below average business of 53 crore nett in week one and even this below average business came mainly as two circuits had a fair performance, Mumbai and Mysore being okay but the rest of the country did not perform.

    The mass circuits like Rajasthan and CI were dull, for an Akshay Kumar starrer they can be called a disaster as collections were in the range of smaller films like Ragini MMS 2, Yaariyan and Mary Kom. Mumbai circuit and Mysore had fair figures of 18.50 crore nett and 3.50 crore nett approx.

    In Mysore the collections are the highest week one collections for an Akshay Kumar starrer in week one but when its a big film you don’t want Mysore leading as it behaves differently most of the time from the more important higher contributing areas. North India where the action/thrillers especially the ones for multiplexes do well has not performed at all.


    • wouldn’t be surprised if they are under reporting


      • probably a producer’s total by Bollywoodhungama. Nonetheless it deserves to be put up there because similar numbers have been used for so many other films.


      • I meant BOI


        • yes I understood that. The thing is I’m not exactly surprised by the box office result here. It’s clearly been liked and is stable. But at the low end. Because it could have gotten a stronger initial but Akshay has suffered too much box office damage. Even his comedies don’t get huge openings anymore. But beyond this these kinds of subjects never attract enough of an audience. Even with a bigger initial the trajectory of the film wouldn’t have changed radically. If you get this sort of WOM on a more popular subject pretty much the entire audience shows up. Otherwise many people skip it even though they believe it’s good. The other thing is that in Hindi cinema pure thrillers are not as easily absorbed in any case. To be fair this is true even in the US. Lean, narrative-driven thrillers always do far less than bloated blockbuster types. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know if it’s the Sarfarosh kind of thing where there was strong characterization and a constantly engaging narrative or if it’s a pure thriller with not as much time spent on characterization. You have to humanize your characters, even your bad guys. Not doing so might not suggest a problem with the film but it further limits the commercial appeal. Again I don’t know which of these categories Baby falls into. But one way or the other and even with the addition of stars it’s hard to get too much out of such films. Of course we then have the absurd box office reporting system where such films are also treated unfairly using absolute standards. If you follow BOi for example Jai Ho and Baby seem to be in the same category of ‘disappointment’! Then there are the old pricing debates. Again absurdly and mysteriously producers somehow spend the same amounts on Baby and Bang Bang and HNY (I exaggerate only slightly). It is almost impossible for the latter two to be called a flop and meanwhile a film like Baby has to do at least Bang Bang kind of business to be considered a success. In other words what is an absolute filure for Bang bang is just considered ‘disappointing’ or something and then the very same is a kind of bar for Baby! It’s utterly ridiculous. So distributors somehow have no sense of what to expect from each film and somehow spend more or less the same amounts everywhere. Again people then come up with specific numbers (never verifiable). But once more it’s not about any one number, the whole spectrum makes no sense. Many years ago I got into one of these crazy debates with someone and after unpacking everything that was being said one realized that somehow distributors were only paying a bit more for KANK than they were for Umrao Jaan (new one)! People never have an answer here. Don’t tell me a distributor spent ‘x’ for Baby and ‘y’ for HNY. Tell me he or she made such a decision in the first place. Because I know I wouldn’t!


  2. Hawaizaada Very Dull Khamoshiyan Bit Better At Mass Centres
    Friday 30 January 2015 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The new releases had a dull opening with Khamoshiyan opening a bit better at in mass circuits. Khamoshiyon opened at around 10% on average with circuits like CPCI a bit better due to single screens recording better occupancies..

    Hawaizaada was very dull at around 5% and has little chance at the box office. The other two releases Rahasya and Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru are washouts with hardly any collections. Khamoshiyan will lead out of the new releases but the figures wont be good unless there is improvement later in the day.

    Dolly Ki Dolly has had a huge reductions of screenings so will see a huge drop in numbers while the morning numbers for Baby on day eight are roughly 70-75% down from its first morning. This trend would actually be pretty good if the film had done well initially. The film is looking at a finish of 70-75 crore nett.


  3. Not sure if this has been put up here 🙂


    • AamirsFan Says:

      OK so i saw all 3 parts and laughed out loud in some parts. Basic premise was: KJo is gay, Arjun is an untalented dumbass and Ranveer isn’t Ranbir.

      I’m a fan of roasts…and celebrity roasts in particular, I love the comedy central roasts (my fave probably William Shatner episode) and this is clearly a “ripoff” of that kind of roasting style. Sometimes the crudeness, the sleaziness seems very forced and unnatural….so it just comes off as unfunny. My fav guy here was the guy with the purple tie and the fat dude…they both supplied the funniest moments…other than that it was lame. You can clearly sense the uneasiness with Arjun….tries to over compensate the “funny” jokes with his body language. And ha ha Ranveer is a man whore…that is just hilarious…I’m so surprised he took that so damn well!!…so courageous of him. lol.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        of course if you really want a roast…this is where to start IMO (poor bush had no idea what was really happening lol):

        You will be missed Stephen Colbert.


        • AamirsFan Says:

          And yes roasts (and stand up comedy in general) can be done without sexual innuendo, foul language and just pure sleaziness…but in all honesty it takes a special talent to be that good and to do it in that way. It is very easy, IMO, to just be a smartass, cuss out everyone and just point out the obvious and think that is so ‘cool’.


    • So artificial and American audience-esque. Typical Bollywood and typical Karan Johar. Sad to see Anurag has joined in.


    • Do we need this kind of humour? I felt bad for that black guy. I felt bored at the end of it.


  4. thecooldude Says:

    Wow…talk about a different look. Is this Aamir’s look for Dangal (a movie that has not even been confirmed)?


  5. Ajith has been doing that for past few years already *better than Clooney*. Now Khans will follow.


    • I don’t think anybody follows anybody. Mumbai film industry does not follow Tamil film ind. and vice versa. Each star does whatever seems right to him/ her. You have to be comfortable with yourself. Ajith went in for salt and pepper look because he felt it right.Amir did his collegian’s roles at 40 plus because he had the self-confidence to carry them off. He is normally a slim small person, and like Jackie Chan, can look ageless for some years. But he turns 50 on March 14 — and obviously feels that it is best at this stage, to do an age-appropriate role. Good.

      Even in Talaash, three Christmases back, Aamir played an older leading man, one with a young son. SRK has played such roles too. But Salman has not…his fans perhaps not in mood to accept him as anyone other than ‘ hero’.


      • I have watched some of the famed Dean Martin Roasts (released as dvd set last year)– and did not find them choking with sleaze and sex. A lot of it was genuinely witty, some banality, but overall giod fun. This Indian one is yuck overall.


        • yes those dean martin specials were/are classics. Most of them are readily available to watch on YouTube. I’m not totally against sleaze and sex jokes…but it has to be handled in the right way…by ‘professionals’. The ones above seem amateurish.


  6. Where are the protestors of PK? Have they disappeared so soon?

    I expected them to resurface making it mandatory to watch patriotic movie, offer free tickets, provide free snacks and also vandalise theatres in case they are not exhibitng the patriotic movie until it makes 500 crores!


  7. S26 made tons of profits by selling its remake rights. Baby seems to be taking a step forward. Do we consider this as part of profit making?

    Baby to be remade by Mahesh Kothare?

    Marathi film stalwart Mahesh Kothare has sparked rumours of a possible remake of the recently released Bollywood movie ‘Baby’ in Marathi after singing praises about the Akshay Kumar-starrer.

    After watching the movie, Kothare was left in awe and took to his micro-blogging page to express his appreciation for the critically acclaimed action flick. He said, “Saw Baby yesterday – a brilliant film – the best Bollywood thriller I have seen -excellent performances, superb cinematography, great action (sic).”

    The filmmaker also patted the efforts of the director Neeraj Pandey and confessed, “And above all brilliant direction with a great screenplay – #Baby rocks in all departments – CONGRATULATIONS to the makers! (sic).”

    Mahesh Kothare, who is well-known for his hit films like ‘Zapatlela, ‘Pachadlela’ and ‘Zapatlela 2’ among others, kick-started his career as a director with ‘Dhumdhadaka.’ He is considered a revolutionary figure in the industry and his films are famous for their technical nuances and fantasy concepts.


  8. PK starts Bollywood’s Rs 100 crore online club

    Aamir Khan starrer PK has become the first Bollywood film to gross Rs 100 crore from online bookings, signaling that internet economy is beginning to seriously influence India’s moviegoing habits.

    BookMy Show, the country’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform with over 90% market share, said it has reported over Rs 102 crore in revenue from the sale of PK tickets, as of Wednesday. This represented 25% of PK’s domestic collections and 17% of its gross earnings, including the overseas numbers.

    PK’s box office revenue topped Rs 600 crore, or $95 million, making it the most successful Bollywood film till date. BookMyShow data said PK’s online sales were 50% higher than Dhoom 3, which netted Rs 47 crore through internet sales. The other top internet sales grossing Bollywood films include Happy New Year (Rs 36 crore), Kick (Rs 31 crore), and Chennai Express (Rs 30 crore).


  9. aby Day Eight Business
    Saturday 31 January 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baby grossed 2 crore nett approx on its eighth day which is a poor collection. The drop is around 75% from day one which is pretty decent in terms of business trends. The problem with Baby being the start was low so that sort of fall from its start is not the result it needed.

    There will be a good jump as the new releases have proved to be duds and are unlikely to make any headway at the box office which leave Baby to make the best out of Saturday and Sunday.

    The weekend can to 8 crore nett or even a little higher due to the likely growth it will see but its still a low figure for the second weekend.


  10. Modi isn’t alone with this fashion choice:

    Of course whether one wants to keep some of that company is another matter!


  11. Worth a listen
    Language warning 😄
    Must watch all 3 parts:

    Part 2 :

    Part 3 :


    • loved it


    • This is indeed a pathetic, 3rd rate copy-paste version with a STRONG vein of trying too-hard to be liberal – in these morons’ language – Amreekan.

      Absolutely nothing to add. The only intent is to blast your senses with abuses and profanity. A bunch of losers copying from here and there and peppering it up with abuses. No wonder you have people like the bald on the head and inside Raghu-Ram, Anurag Kashyap, and the hyper Ranvir Singh sharing the stage.

      Utilizing somebody’s unalterable genes DOES not a good comedy make. When you have Karan Johar showing his teeth when somebody comments that he can take more than 3 in him and his mother sits there and laughs, you know how badly these supposedly ‘educated’ and ‘exposed-to-world-cinema-and-culture’ dim-wits need a brain surgery.

      One just needs to look at the Colbert roast posted above to make out the gargantuan gutter-level depths to which this roast falls to.

      And that talentless hack Arjun Kapoor carrying a hang-dog expression 24 hours is the most offensive celebrity to have ever walked on this piece of earth. He makes it clear he is literally ‘shit’ on or off-screen. KRK might be an opportunistic joker but he truly recognized this idiot’s worth as a 2 Rs ‘actor.’


      • Lol,An Jo.
        You are right about trying too hard.
        What I found revealing is K Jo unabashedly lapping up the gay references to him .
        A lot of jokes/ one liners are lifted but some were actually funny.
        Like the one about- last good thing Ranveer has been in is…..
        I don’t know if it is good or bad but people seem to be getting more comfortable with profanity including females. In a way ,I like this discarding of prudity. But , it is all a bit OTT.


        • On the one hand you have these AIB morons, on the other hand you these dumbos..saala beech ka raasata hi nahin kahin be..yeh left right ke chakkar mein center ki vaat lagi hui hai..


          The Central Board of Film Certification ordered ‘Bombay’ to be edited from a song by Mumbai-based musician Mihir Joshi before clearing it for release on television. Several celebrities took to Twitter to express their views:

          Shruti Seth: WTF The CBFC has added the proper noun “Bombay” to the list of things it considers unsuitable for impressionable Indian minds to contemplate. So what happens to #BombayVelvet now that #CBFC has #Bombaybeepedout.

          Satyadeep Misra: Coz ‘Mumbai Velvet’ just doesn’t sound the same!

          Anurag Kashyap: Bombay Bombay Bombay.

          Hansal Mehta: No point expressing outrage over censors and their actions. We voted for these ‘achche din’.

          Vivek Agnihotri: Till date I haven’t used ‘Mumbai’. For I came to Bombay not Mumbai. I just can’t see it as anything else.


      • people paid 4k for the ticket. So it has to be ‘paisa wasul’.


      • Ha ha! ‘Bald on the head and inside’ — indeed. And that hyper Ranvir Singh, trying too hard…this whole Roast affair is absolutely pathetic, not even remotely funny. Illiterate, tasteless, unfunny…these characters need to watch the Dean Martin roasts which came out in dvd format a few months back.



    Best Actor (Female): Kangana Ranaut – Queen

    Best Film: Queen

    Best Director: Vikas Bahl – Queen

    Best Film (Critics): Ankhon Dekhi

    Best Male Actor (Critics): Sanjay Mishra – Ankhon Dekhi

    Best Female Actor (Critics): Alia Bhatt – Highway

    Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male): Kay Kay Menon – Haider

    Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female): Tabu – Haider

    Best Story: Rajat Kapoor – Ankhon Dekhi

    Best Dialogue: Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani – PK

    Best Screenplay: Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi – PK

    Best Director Debut: Abhishek Varman – 2 States

    Best Actor Debut (Male): Fawad Khan – Khoobsurat

    Best Actor Debut (Female): Kriti Sanon – Heropanti

    Filmfare Awards: Lesser Known Facts

    Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award: Kamini Kaushal

    Best Music Director: Shankar Ehsaan Loy – 2 States

    Best Lyrics: Rashmi Singh – ‘Muskurane ki wajah’ (CityLights)

    Best Playback (Male): Ankit Tiwari – ‘Galliyan’ (Ek Villain)

    Best Playback (Female): Kanika Kapoor – ‘Baby doll’ (Ragini MMS 2)

    Best Choreography: Ahmed Khan – ‘Jumme ki raat’ (Kick)

    Best Background Score: Amit Trivedi – Queen

    Best Action: Sham Kaushal – Gunday

    Best Cinematography: Bobby Singh and Siddharth Diwan – Queen

    Best Editing: Abhijit Kokate and Anurag Kashyap – Queen

    Best Production Design: Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray – Haider

    Best Sound Design: Anilkumar Konakandla and Prabal Pradhan – Mardaani

    Best Costume: Dolly Ahluwalia for Haider


  13. Bob Cristo Says:

    As expected..Arrogence by Aamir fans.

    @ They want to ignore the elephant in the room and reward the ants and mosquitoes.

    It is one thing Aamir didn’t got Award. It is another thing to Say Haider (Shahid) and Queen (Kangna) are mosquitoes and ants andd then same moron quips that we don’t get good movie and Aamir is the sole gurdian of good cinema in Bollywood. I don’t thing if we exclude Box office earning then Haider and queen is any less then PK. They are little gem. Yes PK is elephant earningwise but if look into qualitywise Haider and Queen too score over PK in many front though i am not going into that in detail because for Aamir bhakt beside Aamir movie everthing is crap churned out by bollywood.

    @ They never give it to him because he doesn’t show up.

    1997 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Raja Hindustani
    2002 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Lagaan
    2007 – Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor for Rang De Basanti
    2008 – Filmfare Best Director Award for Taare Zameen Par

    Ah ! Such a Feign ignorence ? On one hand we (Aamir Bhakt) don’t give a shit to these award and when our god doesn’t get it start whinning.


    • They haven’t given him a best actor award for 13 years. he hasn’t even received the critics’ award in 8 years. In the last 18 years he just has these two awards! Think you’ve made my point! How many has SRK received in the meantime?!


    • Haider and Queen do not score over Pk. They were good movies but overrated. Shahid did not receive universal critical acclaim for his portrayal. It was Tabu who got most acclaim in that film. Filmfare awards are not National awards. They are popular awards.


  14. Rani’s act for Mardaani was completely ignored. And also Madhuri for Dedh ishquiya.

    Did Jaya Bachchan get Lifetime achievement award previously?

    But whoever got the awards were all deserving thankfully.

    But filmfare awards lost their sheen as there are too many award functions much better managed.

    Once upon a time filmfare was the Queen. Pun intended. that maybe the reason they gave so many awards to Queen.


    • Aamir does not get awards becsuse of his own inflexible attitude. Filmfare used his name and Mangal Pandey image in 2006 Filmfare tv show ads,without his permission. He was being lauded , but still he chose to get miffed. Since then Jitesh Pillaai has tried his best to reach out to Aamir– who says that he doesn’t personally have anything against Jitesh. Actually Aamir has now painted himself into a corner; can’t back off from his anti-awards show stand.After PK success, Filmfare tried reaching out to him, as per a media report. He did not give in– so no wonder Aamir doesn’t make it– to ANY award list– Screen, whatever.

      He did accept a Cine Blitz award once. They don’t have a show; just announce their awards and send the winner award, flowers, chocolates, wine etc. And he attended Chennai’s Golapudi awards twice– once to give, once to receive( debutant director award, for TZP; the G award is specifically for debutant directors).Aamir also accepted a Mangeshkar family instituted award once.But recently, at an HT tv show, he spoke about these two awards as the only ones he respects. What about National awards….? Pig headed paagal star.


      • Haha! Pig headed paagal star! Seems LS is miffed. there maybe other reasons as well.
        Just because Aamir starred in PK, the other parts of PK should not be ignored. Like Best Film.
        I find other artists suffer because the film is never highlighted during awards functions because of his presence. Even his directors must be miffed but they cant do anything as he usually gives them great run for their films.
        Aamir must take into consideration their feelings too.


        • Sanjana– I am a huge Aamir supporter– but occsionally I wonder whether this man sometimes cuts his nose to spite face. And yes, his films suffer because of his attitude; others in the team don’t get the credit they deserve. These award people should not penalize an Aamir film’s core team. Anyway, Kangna and Shahid were deserving winners.


          • If you nominated Randeep Hooda in main category then why not nominate Sanjay Mishra there to make it more interesting? IMO Aamir was best of the nominated in main category but Shahid was second. I don’t think Akshay or Hrithik should have been nominated.


          • agree LS – Fanaa would have been a monster hit if he didn’t jump into narmada thing………..


      • I think he is following ek baar kehadiyato main khud ki bhi nahin sunta.
        In a way I am glad that he is not wavering from his stand but sometimes I feel bad that he is preventing excellence being rewarded by his stand.


  15. Bob Cristo Says:

    @ They haven’t given him a best actor award for 13 years.

    Tell me Honestly..Which on of his act you found Awardworthy and ignored by Awrd show in last 13 Year. Now pls don’t judge everything by SRK standerd Who ,according to this blog, is shit. I also can say Guru, Lootera, Ishqzade, Special 26 and many other films was ignored in Award show. Even i may dare to say in the 21st century (Post 2000) It is not Khan’s but the new crop who has given some outstanding performences.

    @ Haider and Queen do not score over Pk. They were good movies but overrated.

    Now who decides what is overrated and what is geniune Gem. Certainly not you and not me. If we see critical acclaim or Reviews Haider (Shahid) and Queen (Kangna) got as good reviews as PK. Haider courted some controversy in form of one sided potrayel but as a film it was good. And if we set criteria by raking Moolah in Box office then Kick and Cheenai Express was also good and award worthy. I can give one exp where QUEEN scores above PK. It is the message what Queen delivers subtly, without running anyone down, without getting preachy. In a given year there were many performence that might be good they can’t give award to everyone. For me Shahid and Kangna are deserving winner.


    • I am talking about Shahid, not Haider. It was Tabu who walked away with all the acclaim and many critics found Shahid’s act just ok. I am happy for the winners. But I felt bad about the way the awards are decided and given most of the time.


    • And everyone can decide what is good and what is not. You and me too. Not only critics or the jury.


  16. Bob Cristo Says:

    @ I am talking about Shahid, not Haider.

    Oh Come on be honest !…When it was announced that Shahid is playing Haider..Most of the people made fun of him. Some said he doesn’t have personality to play the role. Some said he is too childlike but he surprised all by his Haider act.

    @ It was Tabu who walked away with all the acclaim.

    It was expected. Tabu is seasoned actor. Just because Tabu acted better it doesn’t mean Shahid Failed. Gabbar walked away with all the acclaim, Does it make Sanjeev, Dharmender and Amitabh any less. Shahid stood his ground infront of Tabu, KK, Irfan. Shahid played his comlicated role quite effectively. I think SRK, Salman and Aamir have reached in a state where Award doesn’t matter. So we should feel happy for younger actor. Kab tak buddhon ke peeche pagal hote rahain.


  17. tonymontana Says:

    Highway’s music not being nominated was criminal. Rehman’s rendition of Pataka Guddi was my favourite from last year.


    • Its surprising how they considered giving the top prize to 2 States when you have Highway and Queen in 2014 albums. Anyways, some consolation here :
      Top songs and albums of 2014, hindi film music RMIM awards

      I would love it if Satyam could make this into a new post so that people get to know about more than generic film music.


  18. Saturday Update – Khamoshiyan Hawaizaada And Baby
    Sunday 01 February 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Khamoshiyan remained poor on day two as it grossed around 1.75 crore nett adding to the 1.60 crore nett on Friday taking it to 3.35 crore nett. Basically its two day business is the same as the first day of Alone and Alone was not that good either.

    Hawaizaada grossed around 65 lakhs nett adding to the 50 lakhs nett on day one. Baby manage to show good growth on second Saturday. The two day collections of Baby are as follows.

    Friday – 2,15,00,000
    Saturday 3,10,00,000

    TOTAL – 5,25,00,000

    Despite the growth the film is still not going anywhere with even a final gross of 75 crore nett looking out of reach.


  19. ‘I’ is comparable to Shankar’s Sivaji
    Feb 01, 2015

    Shankar – Vikram’s ‘I’ is nearing the 20 days mark and the film has had a glorious run, particularly in its Tamil version, all over the world. The Telugu version has also grossed well (but the selling rates to distributors were high), while the Hindi version couldn’t make much of an impact.

    In the UK, ‘I’ would wrap up its run with a lifetime gross of around 375,000 pounds, including its Hindi dubbed version. This would make it the all-time number 3 among Tamil films, after Enthiran and Sivaji.

    In the US, ‘I’ released very big in all its 3 versions, and the combined gross so far is around 1.3 million USD which makes it comparable to Sivaji’s gross in the US. The Tamil version alone has contributed a gross of around 790,871 USD.


    • BTW Satyam, ‘I’ has done very well in TN over third weekend and held well there – dropped only around 35%.

      On Telugu version they say the same thing which I said.


  20. V.S. Naipaul in conversation with Farrukh Dhondy at the Jaipur Lit Fest 2015



    Pakistan is India’s rival in real terms only as much as Belgium could rival France or Germany. India’s population is six times larger than Pakistan while its economy is 10 times bigger. Notwithstanding problems of poverty and corruption (which Pakistan also faces), India’s $2 trillion economy has managed consistent growth whereas Pakistan’s $245 billion economy has grown in spurts.

    India is expanding by most measures of national power while Pakistan has been able to keep pace with it only in manufacturing nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Pakistanis are often not told of the widening gap between the two countries in most fields including education, scientific research and innovation.

    In the aftermath of the recent Obama visit, Pakistan’s ire is focused on US support for a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council and membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Pakistan cannot realistically expect either for itself but would like to deny them to India as well.

    Instead of breeding competition with India in the national psyche, why not concentrate on addressing institutional weaknesses, eliminating terrorism, improving infrastructure and modernising the economy?

    Read on.


  22. ***I normally do not post articles that has the puke-inducing. artificial, SHOBAA DE..unfortunately, sometimes they end up in worthwhile programs..this is one such..***

    Gautam Chintamani, Yasser Usman in conversation with Shobhaa De

    Rajasthan Patrika Series


    • Loved after 40 minute mark. I think talking too much about fall of the man (which is unidimentional and always talked about in the same breath as his stardom) without going thru’ other aspects is pathetic. Interesting bit about his “fan” advertisment which was last ad before he passed. Bachchan ho yaa Khanna, they both try to “hold on” to their fame. Bachchan by giving darshans and buying into his own hype (aaila, I will be killed now) and Rajesh who ignored every other aspect of his life (wife, kids etc) and focused on his own downfall.



    A mischievous title ignoring all the other titles for a good interview.

    The usual gang took this opportunity and bashed aamir as communal bigot for doing pk.


    • A mischievous unnecessary inclusion of Aamir’s name in the question– and I wish Amitabh had not made that remark.


      • I think the interviewer wanted to get such a response and so the unnecessary question.
        Years back aamir made some stupid remarks about Black which must have hurt Bachchan deeply. Aamir forgot it was only a film and Bachchan played his part sincerely. Just like PK. Recently he made some unnecessary adverse remarks about Mardaani done by his best friend Rani Mukherjee. If aamir goes on like this, he will lose goodwill and friends. Surprisingly he never finds anything wrong with his friend Salman or his films.


        • I don’t think he criticized the acting but execution by the director.

          Nothing wrong here:


          • I watched Mardaani on tv. The scene where they kick the villain is stomach churning. I just switched off. Why didnt they give the same treatment to the madamji played by Mona ambegaonkar?


          • Yes and there is nothing wrong either in the question or the answer by Amitabh. The question was about how marketing is important in today’s days. Amitabh’s ‘unintelligence’ is reflected in the selection of scripts be it during his hey-day or even now. And he can hardly be considered an intelligent marketeer.

            Aamir is shrewd, intelligent, and a cunning marketeer, followed closely by SRK. These are things that, unfortunately, have become necessary in today’s go for the jugular society.

            LS & Sanjana take umbrage to anything that is ‘supposedly’ said against Aamir & that is not the case everytime. That BLACK issue is an old one. Much water has flown under the bridge since then.


          • The mischief lies to highlight only that question and answer. While Bachchan answered about so many questions and why Shamitabh was named like that. The journalists indulge in distortion and create ill will among stars in this way. their favourite target is usually Aamir for obvious reasons.


          • He is not a critic. Why should he comment or criticise other films?


          • Everyone can have an opinion. We do, why not Aamir or XYZ. It is merely an opinion. You may agree or disagree or don’t care.


          • Aamir actually praised Rani’s performance after watching it. But he also gave his opinion that Mardaani was a violent film.


          • Well, if we criticise a film, it will not be all over the media.

            How many people can take criticism from a celebrity with a straight face?

            The good thing will be in small print while the bad thing will be in bold print.


          • wasn’t his Ghajini U/A and had ten times the violence of Mardaani?


  24. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Rajinikanth starrer Robot was a huge success and now the film is all set to have a sequel to it. Shankar is all set to direct the sequel called ‘Robot 2‘ and the film is expected to be not only one of the costliest films in Hindi Cinema but also that the film’s visual effects will be of extremely high standards.

    Well, the interesting part is yet to come. Guess who will be playing a villain in this film? It is none other than Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan. The actor is known for his niche choice of films and since he had earlier showed keen interest in working with Shankar, the actor will start shooting for Robot 2 in early 2016 after he finishes shooting for Dangal.

    With Aamir Khan and Rajinikanth in one film, the trade pundits are already going crazy thinking about the kind of money spinner this venture will turn out to be.
    ( I am delighted. After Hirani, it si Shankar who excites me most among mainstream directors. AAmir couldnt have chosena better project after Dangal.)


  25. “Satyam”– why did u block my innocent comment on AIB roast and baby?
    On one hand u were vehemently against those random sporadic nonviolent protests against PK –inspite of which people made it the biggest money earner of all time showing their magnanimity!

    On the other hand, u r blocking normal comments
    Height of zealot fanaticism –and who all are u trying to ‘protect’
    It’s your reasoning and intellect that has got ‘compromised’ and ‘polluted’ by this shameful ‘censorship’


  26. Mammootty’s next-


  27. ‘I’ rightfully bags the ‘Superhit’ tag. Will it go on to get the ‘Blockbuster’ status is something which we have to watch out for.


    • Maharashtra government has ordered an inquiry into the three-part AIB Knockout videos.

      “Officials of the culture department will examine the videos for the content. If found vulgar, further action will be initiated,” cultural affairs minister

      “Officials of the culture department will examine the videos for the content. If found vulgar, further action will be initiated,” cultural affairs minister Vinod Tawde said.


    • lol…now this is dumb. OK I thought AIB roast was lame…but come on…let it be lame.


  28. Aamir Khan invited by Harvard University for a lecture on PK




    The pounds dropped off her and Vidya’s slim appearance in Paa was given the thumbs up by star-watchers and industry insiders. But the actress paid the price for the regime.

    “I was constantly exhausted while I was on the medication and once I stopped I gained double the weight I had lost. I went from doctor to doctor and imagine my surprise when I was told that I was absolutely healthy.”

    The actress realised that her nutritionist had fabricated the story of a medical condition to make her consume the weight loss pills. Her goal was to become the nutritionist who made `Vidya Balan thin’.

    “My weight loss meant she could set an example and get more clients. I have since become wary of doctors. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody.”

    Vidya Balan: A fat girl always feels like a boy will not like her


  30. CG: Fahadh’s next “Haram” (Mariyam Mukku seems to be a washout though, was getting terrible reviews. Sad because the trailer of that film too looked very interesting)-


  31. About the AIB –it was good fun and a relatively ok attempt to ape the American roasts

    But there were some crucial problems–

    In the indian setting–there was a FIRST to it—Usually u don’t get a -listers like kjo, ranveer singh (nearly an a-lister) & above all, the likes of Deepika clapping on –(won’t bother about arjun kapoor since he’s a nobody really!)

    And obviously I am the last person to have a problem with such stuff (to be honest)
    But there’s a ‘proportion’ and a certain ‘restraint’ in a public show with aunties and moms & family crowd & even minors there.

    It’s NOT a “blokes or gals in a bar” setting here..,

    the REAL issue I had here was with DEEPIKA
    who had problems with her cleavage EXACTLY COINCIDING with her fannys opening weekend !
    Later when fanny sunk without a trace (no pun intended) deepika became quiet about the cleavage

    But I still gave her the benefit of doubt

    Soon she came out and unleashed ‘LOVELY’ onto unsuspecting audiences in HNY

    and now there she was happily enjoying and clapping publically at MUCH MORE lurid jokes !!
    And ditto for sonakshi & Alia
    But moreover – deepikas fakery and pretence has been exposed

    Deepika is not in a position when she can’t say ‘no’ to Lovely or sitting in AIB or heck even a small timer film maker& actor in Fanny!

    The only thing left for deepika was one of those LIVE (sex) ACTS !!
    I’m DISAPPOINTED to see deepikas flip flops !

    Ps: similar double standards are held (usual suspects here )

    On this blog also –There are Guys/Gals who are the ‘epitomes’ of ‘liberal’ forward thinking and freedom of speech et al -are actively happy & fine with PK & AIB (rightly) but u smell a rat at their relative silence at flicks like ‘baby’ & similar POVs.
    They are relatively quiet when kids are butchered in Peshawar and artists are killed in France though…
    This ‘inconsistency’ IS a problem !


    • No stars, no big names, first time female director
      Its a big prediction to make
      I won’t be surprised if the first weekend breaches 40 million $

      There’s a girlie tinge to the sound but liked it
      Infact this should shoot up on the charts & iTunes

      Ps: think little was expected from this cast but dornan & Dakota r doin somewhat better than expected …

      You’re the light, you’re the night
      You’re the colour of my blood….



    Mumbai: In face of a raging controversy and the possibility of a government inquiry into its expletive-laced, no-holds barred “roast” of two film stars, organiser AIB said late on Tuesday evening that it was “pulling off” the programme for now.


  33. Good Interview:



    Hetal Gada and Krrish Chhabria, lil’ stars of Nagesh Kukunoor’s Berlinale entry Dhanak, recount their days in front of the camera.

    Nagesh Kukunoor’s upcoming film, Dhanak (Rainbow), will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival which opens on February 5. It is the only Indian feature selected for the festival and will compete in the Generation Kplus category.


  35. CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani says: “The Maharashtra government officially changed the name of ‘Bombay’ to ‘Mumbai’ in 1995. Still, if filmmakers and song-writers continue to use the unconstitutional name for the city, we have no choice but to delete it. The city is called Mumbai, not Bombay. People like Mihir Joshi, who have probably grown up in the city, should know this. Making films and writing songs are a social responsibility. You can’t change Geography and History just to sound trendy.”

    Kashyap’s film may be the exception for the rule.

    “If a film is a period drama, if it is set during a time when Mumbai was called Bombay, we may consider retaining the old name for the city,” Nihalani says. “But in the contemporary context, ‘Bombay’ won’t be allowed at all.”


    • BS! The name change is for official purposes. Citizens can say whatever they like. What do we call the country? India, Bharat, Hindustan?


      • I wish someone makes a movie called “Bombay, Bangalore and Madras” just to piss off these idiots.

        And couldn’t they find someone with a little more class than Pahlaj Nihalani as the Censor head? Look at the B-grade films he has produced….these are the type of movies that should get banned for being too shitty.


        • Here I’m pleased Kashyap called his film Bombay Velvet. the book it’s inspired from is called Mumbai Fables. Found the latter objectionable but also strange. You’re writing a history of Bombay, of the stories and legends of Bombay and you title it ‘Mumbai’, a name which has no history. Amit Chaudhuri made a nice point with respect to Kolkata. He said that even though natives always called it Kolkata this still did not justify the name change because in the English language it was only ‘Calcutta’ that had a history not ‘Kolkata’. All of this quite apart from the fact that the British founded many of these cities (in their present form! since some like to argue that a few fishermen living somewhere is a city! Of course no part of the earth was simply unpopulated!) or the way they currently exist reveals a colonial history.If one took the ‘British’ out of Bombay one would have nothing left!


          • I have never understood the name changes that have happened it India. I don’t know why there is such a denial of history in our nation, it serves no purpose.


          • some name changes are a part of any history. But to do it in such a programmatic way is disturbing. And it’s been done for very long. And you’re right. I’d take it further. The denial of history always has dangerous consequences.


  36. Kerala Chief Minister Refuses to Accept Superstar Mohanlal’s Refund Offer for Flop Act
    South | Reported by Sneha Mary Koshy | Updated: February 04, 2015 16:13 IST

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It wasn’t exactly Katy Perry at Superbowl half-time. Mohanlal, superstar of Malayalam cinema, lip-synched for a nearly two-hour-long performance at the inauguration of the National Games on Saturday.

    After being roasted on social media, the 54-year-old performer had yesterday offered to return the Rs. 1.6 crores that he was paid, along with his band. This was the debut act for Mohanlal’s band, ‘Lalisom’.

    But Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy today said he will not accept money from the actor.

    “Won’t accept money from Mohanlal… No question of taking money back. The money paid was part of legal contract. Personally, I am very embarrassed for the way Mohanlal has been targeted for his performance,” Mr Chandy said.

    The actor has said that the fees accounted entirely for the expenses of the event, which include paying for the performers, and transport.

    Even superstar Mammootty came out in support, asking Mohanlal’s fans to stop the overboard criticism, saying was not correct for any performer to go through.

    The opening ceremony for the 35th National Games in Thiruvananthapuram cost more than Rs. 10 crores, causing deep embarrassment to the Congress-led coalition government.

    According to a report by Indo-Asian News Sevice, PC George, Chief Whip for the government, has called for a CBI probe into how the money was spent.

    Jiji Thompson who is the senior-most bureaucrat in the state and therefore played a central role in coordinating arrangements for the sports tournament, said, “This is a prestigious event and more care should have been taken. I just cannot ignore the various reports that has surfaced in the media about the conduct of the event. We will see that similar lapses should not take place when the closing ceremony is held on the 14th of this month.”


  37. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    The censor board says they won’t allow the word ‘ Bombay’ to be used in a song because the new name is ‘ Mumbai’ . Really? So will you allow the use of ‘ Hindustan’ ina song? Isn’t the new name of the country India / Bharat? “ I love my India’ , yes. “ Bharat humko pyara hai’, yes. ‘Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani’, no? ‘Hindustan ki kasam’, No?


    • Unfortunately the censor board has always been one of the most politicized govt institutions. We’re just seeing the latest chapter in this long and sordid history. Ramesh Sippy had to change his original Sholay ending as the censors felt it was too dark! And having seen it in recent years it is in fact the better ending. These days of course it’s more about such chauvinistic issues.


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