Images from Masss (updated)

thanks to Saurabh..


3 Responses to “Images from Masss (updated)”

  1. There should be an additional ‘s’ in title, its Masss 😀 .


  2. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Suddenly came across this piece .

    ‘When the word “crossover” for most of the Indian filmmakers has come to mean films centered on yuppies in metros or NRIs in London or New York, with dollops of romance, song and dance, tongue-in-cheek humour, and celebration of affluence, here comes a powerhouse of a film that dares to crossover in the other direction.
    Pitamaghan, the third outing after Sethu and Nanda, from Bala, the newest auteur in Indian mainstream cinema, is dark, very dark, with oodles of blood-curdling violence and no ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel. But it is also strangely uplifting, shaking you up from your placid existence, energizing you with its powerful poetry of primordial passions.
    The film’s opening sequence hits you with a sledgehammer blow and sets the tone for the rest of the proceedings. A woman, obviously pregnant, staggers onto a cremation ground and stumbles. Minutes later, the burly cremation attendant lifts up a baby boy in his hands, the placenta and the umbilical cord shining with fresh blood. The woman barely manages to take a look at the baby as she convulses uncontrollably and dies. The attendant lights up the pier and begins to bottle-feed the child, watching the flames crackle.


  3. Hope he is back to form as Venkat Prabhu knows to present the star in a multistarrer mode (like his father Gangai Amaran)

    He cannot be Ajith or Vijay. Like Dhanush, with VIP or Pudhupettai, or Vikram with Dhool or Samy, Surya could do a Singam or Kaakha kaakha, but they cannot sustain in that mode and be relevant like Ajith or Vijay.


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